: Irelia's new kit looks ... intense.
Top lane is about to get a huge powerhouse, Fiora, Camille and Riven are happy, a nice foursome approaches.
: So since Cass can't buy boots
It's all about the alignment. You see, Cassie is a mean lass, since she's evil, the developers want her to suffer. But Nami, not only is she a good lass, but she's also a popular follower of rule 34, as a result, she's favored by many at Riot.
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: Kayle is one of the last champs that can go anywhere. You want to play her bot lane? Go for it. You're gonna get some weird looks, but she's just fine down there.
Kayle, Teemo and Lulu are 3 champs that can play all 5 roles. Submachine Lulu is cancer.
: Teemo has a whole lot of new toys with the new runes. Press the attack can cause his poison to deal more damage. Lethal Tempo gives oh-hit Teemo players a hard on. He can reliably apply Fleet Footwork and it sustains him in lane while helps kiting and chasing throughout. Teemo can also apply Electrocute pretty well, and Dark Harvest, while more of a jungler rune, isn’t bad per se. Of course, Teemo can apply Comet and Aery across the fucking map thanks to his shrooms. Phase Rush is also easily applied. As for the inspiration tree, Spellbook let’s him have the threat of ignite up more often, and he can easily proc Klepto and Glacial path. This isn’t even going to the normal tier runes. The point is that Teemo players got a lot to theory craft with, as they can use a lot of the runes.
Never expected Teemo to become a powerhouse. Let's see if Riot has more reasons to tweak the runes now that Teemo can abuse so many of them.
: One thing that might be contributing is the Arcane Comet keystone, which triggers on basically his entire kit, but most notably his mushrooms. Start with a trap that you can't see (and thus can't reasonably dodge or counter-play around), which does a large DoT, but which also applies a strong slow. Now add Arcane Comet being able to trigger on that mushroom **_from anywhere on the map_**, and the slow from the mushroom basically guaranteeing the comet lands, and you've got some ridiculous damage potential with near zero counterplay. Now add in the fact that Arcane Comet can trigger from each and every tick of the poison damage, meaning that if it's on cooldown when they hit the mushroom, but comes off cooldown before the DoT expires, it will still fire off and probably hit. I don't know if this is truly unbalanced from a pure numbers standpoint, but it's certainly some of the most infuriatingly toxic gameplay ever to crop up in League. It's absolutely maddening to play against Teemo currently - so that's going to account for a lot of the bans he gets. Even if he's "balanced" to play against, he's gone over a pretty severe line in terms of being obnoxious and frustrating to play against. Personally, I think Arcane Comet needs a maximum range beyond which it can't trigger.
Thank you for explaining a bit his current situation. So, as expected, it's not the champ himself but the new runes which have broken many champs. I never expected to see the day where Teemo would be a top ban, it's unbelievable.
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Hasadab (NA)
: So I guess 2 shotting turrets is okay.
What caused so much dmg? Mind breaking it down?
GigglesO (NA)
: Lets take a poll, who thinks dying instantly is fun?
It is fun if it's the enemy, otherwise, nope. :3
: wait hold on the electrocute works with lethality? no wonder i was getting nuked by zed and jhin
EVERYONE is NUKING. They need to buff everyone's armor and MR. The damage is insane.
: It became faceroll to win, whomever deals more damage in the least amount of time wins. No strategy is required anymore.
IT'S NOT THE CHAMP! It is the runes. Take a moment to realize EVERYONE IS NUKING, even a support is nuking.
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: I'm not even sure what to say about this. "Broken" doesn't cover it.
Mind you, this isn't a Xayah's problem, her numbers are fine, it is the fucking runes. Everything, EVERYTHING deals too much dmg, ADCs especially are hitting like a truck. Riot needs to buff everyone's armor, MR and hp. Go play ARAM and see how the snowballing is out of control.
: I actually love the updates; game finally feels reaction based. Once people get more comfortable learning the game again I'm sure all this rage of "I cant win lanes anymore" will go away.
This game cannot and will never be entirely reaction based, you'd have to make basic attacks skillshots like in Smite. Damage is too high and that is because everyone has little armor and MR. If they want to keep runes the same they need to buff EVERYONE'S resistances.
NoctNoct (NA)
: New Runes is unbalanced, dmg is too high
They need to greatly buff every champ's armor and mr. Right now, everything dies too quickly, and turrets now die even faster.
: Thanks Riot.
I wonder if Riot will publish the amount of newcomers and quitters since this update up to 3 months from now. I'd like to see if more people quit, if more came or if it stayed the same. This is a huge change for the game so chaos was guaranteed. But I agree, the BE earn rate is now crazily bad. And since the exp required to lvl up increases as you do it'll take even longer to buy one lousy champ. Horrible. It's clearly designed to make you buy RP.
: I feel your pain i am sitting on 900k and most of the stuff i don't have the desire to get
Worst of all is, when you level up the exp required also increases, making it even harder to buy champs. Can Riot allow people to gift champs with BE? You can help so many people that way and use that BE.
: > As you level up, the **experience required to level up increases!** Great! > So those hours increase! This part is really concerning. So if someone gets to a high level and dumps that BE away it could take someone even weeks to level up to get a fraction of a new champ
Yup. Getting new champs as you level up will become a nightmare. One easy fix for this is to let people gift champs with BE. There are tons of veterans who already own every champ and have ridiculous amounts of BE, I'm sure they wouldn't mind gifting champs with BE to anyone who wants.
: > [{quoted}](name=Myrkrvaldyr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E2ldsxJV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-09T02:07:55.312+0000) > > So you actually need more exp for further levels? How are people supposed to save money to buy champs then? Unless they allow people to gift champs with BE people's champs pool is going to be very very poor. They made the game more unfriendly for beginners. By paying with RP Riot has gone full EA
But why? This game makes a fuckton of money a year, Worlds 2017 proved once again that company is rich as hell. Why so stingy?
: Champion Capsules Are Utter Trash
So you actually need more exp for further levels? How are people supposed to save money to buy champs then? Unless they allow people to gift champs with BE people's champs pool is going to be very very poor. They made the game more unfriendly for beginners.
: its time we talk Ahri
Ahri main, too. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Myrkrvaldyr I only really agree on remaking her W. That ability is bad. She needs some nice damage there or perhaps some sort of cc that comboes with her ult or Q. Although we have to wait to see how well she does with the new runes. As for her Q movement speed, I like it mainly because it has allowed me to chase low health targets and finish them off, which wouldn't be possible without the MS boost, or if her W weren't so crappy a full combo would be better. Depending on what she becomes with the new runes her passive should be reworked. But that heal only helps her early game. Perhaps a new passive could be a juicy MS boost and % AP damage boost if she lands her E and both hits of her Q. I mean, the idea is to make her rewarding but not so easy that she can carry a bronze player up to diamond without effort.
: This Blue Essence Shop is COMPLETE SHIT
Did we really get 10% of what we spent? Why so stingy, Riot-kun?
: Yeah I just played Hecarim, Rammus, and Ezreal in the jungle. Ezreal was fine (OP with dark harvest, but his jungle clear was pretty same), but Hecarim cleared a lot slower, and Rammus took way more damage (I actually executed at krugs, despite basically maining rammus jungle this season). Certain champions clear a lot slower, and pretty much all melee champs that don't have a lot of sustain take a lot more damage in the jungle.
However, they cannot afford making jung mobs weaker or those who can still clear well will become broken. In my opinion, the champs that are clearing more slowly should have small buffs that only work on mobs, not champs, that way they clear faster.
: Riot somehow managed to make the game MORE snowbally
I've only played two games so far, both ARAM, but the damage is really high, especially for ap champs. Shaco almost one shotted everyone. Either they should nerf everyone and the new runes or increase everyone's hp, mr and defense.
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: Making new evelynn go back to that mark on ulti cast is a huge mistake.
That execute had better be strong enough to actually execute or she's gonna miss so many kills making her a joke of a champion.
: no one likes to supp ever....you think i enjoyed playing supp on my main accoutn for pretty much all of season 6 ? thanks for having the teambuilder ranked instead of the blind pick ranked liek it used to be..... supp is easy as fuck to play, boring as shyt to play, people will say its important.....umm no its not i cannot make the adc build right....gets a triple killl right off backs and buys beserker greaves.........yah
Support is very important. You're still low elo, that must be why you don't see how important and game changing a good support can be. Watch pro matches, it doesn't have to be from tournaments, just see the games of top challenger players, watch the support closely and see how much they matter.
OHminus (NA)
: What to do when you're autofilled
I strongly believe it should be mandatory to know how to play every role decently, that way, no one would complain about autofill.
: There is a good reason why AD are crowding out AP champions in mid lane
Let us just wait for the runes rework and see how chaotic things become. We might see AP champs rule again, we might see balance or we might see AD utterly dominate. I've always believed that there should be more items, both AD and AP should have roughly the same amount of items, give us a lot more variety to avoid having many champs building roughly the same thing. To me, there are too few items.
: If you did not make it, it is cause you did not deserve to get plat, according to LoL standards. Every player has went through this phase. If it is really close for you to get out of gold, then it is because you belong there. Nothing bad about that, you can step up and eventually get out of it. But saying you could not make it because of that one player is bullshit, really.
: Yea solo queue sucks. League of legends is meant to be like ranked flex full 5 man queue. Only then, will the ranked system be fair imo. That's what riot was trying to do with dynamic last year.
Ranked flex puts challenger players against gold players, if you think that's fair you got a problem.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: I'll say just one thing. I was stuck in Bronze I with around 50 LP. I always got total monkeys on my team and I had around 50% winrate. Then I quitted playing for like a full month (not just ranked, but LoL altogether). After that month I sat to play again. Guess what. The **SAME DAY** I got to Silver V without a loss. And you know why? 'Cause I got people, who may not have been smurfs, but definitely knew what they were doing. I didn't get carried either, we were **A TEAM**! And now, after like a dozen games I'm stuck with the same idiots, just a division higher. But when I make a post about how the matchmaking is shitty everyone uses the same few excuses as to how I don't deserve to climb and it's somehow **my fault** when I'm **ONE** out of **TEN** players and statistically I have **NO CONTROL** over the match unless I'm a high ELO smurf. P.S.: I also played around 10 games with an Alistar support before that and we had **ZERO** losses. If I don't deserve to climb and have reached my highest why am I going on a winning streak with him? He's not a smurf, so he's carrying me; in fact he drops his ranks if he plays on his own. Explain this to me. I'll wait.
: Is eve going to lose her versatility ?
So long as she doesn't lose her perma stealth passive I welcome the rework. But I do agree that if she loses her versatility she'll become boring.
: Evelynn's Reworked Kit
If Evelynn loses her invisibility passive I'm going to die. She must NOT lose that passive! It's what makes her Eve, what makes people pick her as a jungler. If she can no longer perma stealth what's the point. I'm all for extra effects on her passive but I hope they didn't get rid of the perma stealth.
: I just played an Aram game where I was the ONLY player.
I've never seen bots in aram. I guess your aram elo must be very low to encounter them, I currently have over 35 wins compared to my losses, I usually see plats, golds, and even diamonds from time to time, but never a bot. If bots only show up in low elo that must be the reason why Riot continues to ignore the problem.
: Tanks are extremely strong right now.
Melehan (NA)
: New champion guess
''put him in a cage with a wolverine who's high on angel dust'' I got that George Carlin reference.
: About Nashor's Tooth....
'more fancier', like 'more fancier', right? which looks pretty fancy xD, it's the _most beautifulest_ thing!
Mhihnj (EUW)
: 124k mastery thresh but i still miss one or two hooks sometimes. The moment I miss one, The missing pings start spamming like crazy. And if I hit a madlife hook, nobody notices
Because it's easier to notice mistakes than good plays. Rare is the occasion when a team mate praises your good plays.
GemCrash (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Myrkrvaldyr,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=L2TQclE3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-14T18:36:49.068+0000) > > Try Smite, Warframe or Overwatch. Perhaps your talent lies in one of those games. what talent exactly does warframe take? I mean you kinda need to aim but...
> [{quoted}](name=GemCrash,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=L2TQclE3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-14T18:47:37.548+0000) > > what talent exactly does warframe take? > I mean you kinda need to aim but... Patience to grind? xD Not everyone has the talent (virtue) of patience!
: RIOT The Multi-Billion Dollar Conundrum
to take in account veterans of the game **who** have been playing for years whether on and off throughout the year ''veterans of the game'' is the subject, 'whom' is used for the object (accusative/dative) or after prepositions. Don't add it randomly thinking it looks cool if you can't use it well. Sorry, I couldn't stop my inner grammar Nazi. As for your thread, I find it strange that they don't have a proper phone support. To me this means the people working at the company are still very young and are working in the same way most people treat their product: like a game.
Jikker (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AzuriIl,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=I866r067,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2017-06-14T10:03:27.720+0000) > > so you only play ARAM now ? For the most part. I play norms from time to time, but I've really lost track of the meta and I'm too busy to get back into it. I also play bots for first win or with my husband
> [{quoted}](name=Jikker,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=I866r067,comment-id=000a00010000,timestamp=2017-06-14T15:14:52.042+0000) > > For the most part. I play norms from time to time, but I've really lost track of the meta and I'm too busy to get back into it. I also play bots for first win or with my husband ARAM is love, ARAM is life. 99% of the times, at least in my over 1k games exp, people are much nicer. It still upsets me to get mercilessly stomped by a bs team comp, but such is the life of ARAM players.
Kraythax (NA)
: After spending $100 on the game, I find the community is a TOXIC SEWER.
You've had bad luck, man. I haven't encountered that much toxicity in ranked or in general, and that's saying a lot considering I'm still in Bronze xD. But since you don't enjoy the game anymore it is sensible to quit, if you still enjoyed it just mute everyone and play, ARAM is a good option.
: Why I quit league of legends after 6 years of play.
Try Smite, Warframe or Overwatch. Perhaps your talent lies in one of those games.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Patch 7.13 notes (parody)
10/10 Riot would hire again.
: {{champion:62}} I'm basically a one trick Wukong. I initiate from stealth and escape with stealth. I do more in a team fight then Rengar, and don't have to rely on camo. Not really sure why it'd be ridiculous to think Rengar escaping with invis over camo is OP? Hell I even get a clone to block skill shots on my way out.
: The problem with draven and what needs to get nerfed
Tyler1 must be raging hard with his champ getting banned so much xD.
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