: Or why not make it so where you can visually see Qs duration like with a little countdown circle under it
while i wouldnt mind that, that's basically something someone who plays the champ would get used to, i know by now when its fading but i wish the E effect was there more.
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Rylalei (EUNE)
: Regarding the future of Akali and the board's "Riot doesn't listen to us"
They need to nerf her passive base damage, remove the heal from Q and put it back on the passive for a cooldown, so that if she wants to heal she should poke and follow up on it for a fair trade, makes it possible to deal with her not shrugging off all your poke during laning phase. I don't hate akali and have always played her enough, the shroud is not a problem.
TDmorty (NA)
: Neeko Emote so... tiny
yeah it felt a bit lack luster when i was using em
: i made this same exact post and i got downvoted to hell so i deleted it, Plat armor looks like Silver armor with an emerald in it. Its very dissatisfying. Armor doesnt even look good unless u climb to diamond or higher.
it's okay, i agree with you, even when people downvote me i keep it anyway cause a lot of downvoters can be people who got butthurt by your post.
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y0r1ck (NA)
: I think it's ok. The camille reacted really well, and the person posting the clip played it really poorly. If he flashed later, or even walked away sooner he could've made it out.
how would he know, he had no vision of the jungler. and no it isn't fine, the person using their ability missed their skillshot but due to bs they can still flash it into them. it doesnt make sense and creates almost no counterplay on many characters. The only way someone could dodge it is by knowing that the enemy is going to flash it into them and use their flash to avoid it or some sort of mobility spell.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 28
Please stop with the compensation buffs when you're nerfing a champion, why does viktor need ratio buffs, it is so unnecessary. His damage isn't really a problem, in many of my games against him the problem has been how low of a cooldown his Q becomes and the massive amount of movement speed he has off of it. I really didn't get why you buffed his ultimate ratios either when you nerfed iceborn guantlet viktor because in no way did that impact his scaling for the ultimate.
: > [{quoted}](name=Azir Is Not Good,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kv5WmJwA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-28T06:09:07.566+0000) > > I find the issue with Camille is that her E is TOO far ranged. her E can land 2/3 width of mid. You flash or you die. Even playing on the side you have warded won't help - that jungler is too strong. Honestly you die even if you flash. https://streamable.com/3ydzx Her E works with flash, so even if she misses she can flash on top of you anyways lol. Like, ganking with her is one of the easiest things to do in this game.
I hate that mechanic in league it really should be fixed with all champions.
Chubz101 (NA)
: Wouldn't make any sense for a scaling rune to be capped so low at ten stacks doesn't do enough to be in the domination tree. Where every over rune is for burst not just sustained damage.
true the stacks probably could cap a lil higher, but it still scales off your champ building AD or AP correct? so it could be outscaled by electrocute in the domination tree which would be fair because electrocute does more damage but doesnt reset, but dark harvest will have more teamfighting potential and that could be the difference in that Rune Tree.
: This "League of Dark Harvest" meta is just like the "League of Thunderlords" but worse.
They could probably limit the stacks as a test. A cap of 10 souls?
Rioter Comments
: What about a death recap like that?
Actually wish they'd fix death recap
: Petition to add black light paint to KDA Akali shroud
I would love if it we're actually purchasable as a chroma
Jaspers (EUW)
: Ban Rate shows something is unhealthy for the game/champ, not how powerful they are.
Akali needs the Nerf to her shroud which extends the duration of it, it denies her ability of safety and turret diving, nerfing the cooldown is an okay way to start but this should have been the first thing done. As for her damage a good fix would be a Nerf to her passive damage along with the shroud as they both imo, after playing her a good bit make her so strong. If both are done at the same time I don't see a reason to make the damage need that high in numbers, take off a small Amount from both ad and am ratios.
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
Will dark harvest be looked at if these Cannon minion changes come through? it would allow players using it to scale in much quicker.
: To be real the Fiora and Janna buffs are not that big , the Liandry rework was a mistake and should be reverted kinda worried about the Pyke , Thresh , Darius ,Kha buffs
> [{quoted}](name=Noor Sakata,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TGe2Bb6o,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-09-26T20:41:21.495+0000) > > To be real the Fiora and Janna buffs are not that big , the Liandry rework was a mistake and should be reverted > kinda worried about the Pyke , Thresh , Darius ,Kha buffs as a darius main, i expected him to get nerfed with him having such a high ban rate and also wanted it too just so i can play him again after his banning dies down from him being weaker lol, they should just nerf his outter Q damage
: @Meddler Your comment on Zed, would greatly appreciate a reply Best Zed NA
It'd be fun if his ult mark damage was not based on pre-mitigation damage, cause that's stupid and means he can do it's full damage to champs with damage reduction such as irelia W is completely ignored
Andevar (NA)
: Thanks lol Always hated tabbing out at the start of a game only to hear a friend tell me we're being invaded. Then staring at a black screen as my team gets slaughtered
its the worst for me, i get tabbed out randomly sometimes from background things and then i have to wait to tab back in while i was in the middle of a fight late game.. ;-;
: Or just play in borderless screen ?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 10
I really loved playing rek said, but haven't touched her much since her update, while she does feel nice still, I'd say one thing that maybe doesn't feel as right would be that she doesn't seem to scale to well imo, maybe cause she isn't beefy like she used to be but still sorta can be, I think nice buffa to her would be increasing Hp and Hp per level and armor bases, her damage is there otherwise due to her building it more often and giving pure damage buffs maybe too much with how well the ult does.
: I touched on it on another post, but we're doing some short term work to siphon out some damage from runes. One of the directions we're currently testing with Electrocute is decreasing both the damage and the cd (get the proc more frequently, but with reduced payout). We're not going quite to TL levels, but that's a rough model we're shooting for. Just going to go ahead and drop the current list in here for you guys to discuss. This will also be on the PBE tomorrow. Electrocute Damage :: 50-220 (+50%bAD)(+30%AP) >>> 30-180 (+40%bAD)(+25%AP) Cooldown :: 50-25 >>> 25-20 Cheap Shot Damage :: 15-40 >>> 8-40 Sudden Impact Lethality Bonus :: 10 >>> 7 Magic Penetration Bonus :: 8 >>> 6 Celerity Bonus Movement Speed converted to Attack Damage :: 9.6% >>> 6% Bonus Movement Speed converted to Ability Power :: 16% >>> 10% Scorch Damage :: 20-60 >>> 10-30 Cooldown :: 20 >>> 10 Notably, there's some runes like Aery and Comet not included in this list which are cited pretty frequently, they likely also need more work in terms of gameplay that isn't just simply some number shifts (we're still talking about them though)
I feel if you Nerf scorch to 10 damage people will just go back to using gathering storm only.
wildfox99 (EUW)
: {{champion:142}} ? she literally plays ping pong with the STARS
OP isn't counting targon champs because they're literal God's, not a real mage
Psyrix (NA)
: Nah, Annie has been described as a prodigy, similar to lux, but Syndra was suggested to have unlimited potential, her power was said to grow with each passing day (before the guy started blocking her) and then resourced once he was killed.
Also in syndra's splash she literally holds an entire temple above the earth lol, but syndra's abilities can still keep growing
Kythers (NA)
: i agree, smurfs ruin games, and smurfs being a thing makes it a lot harder to detect boosting players should be locked to one account
> [{quoted}](name=Kythers,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XcTBFM0d,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-07-22T04:30:33.791+0000) > > i agree, smurfs ruin games, and smurfs being a thing makes it a lot harder to detect boosting > > players should be locked to one account i can agree that locking people to one account would be a way to stop it but at the same time it doesnt seem like the best option, i really dont know how riot would be able to pull of a way to fix smurfing but hopefully someday they can
Meritas (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=YumaS2Astral,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XYf1I911,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-21T14:10:53.027+0000) > > Reducing Brand's base damage would nerf him as a support, since he would be less useful when behind, which isn't what you want on a support (a support should be useful even when behind, in contrast to a carry, which should scale well, but you can shut down and prevent him from scaling to begin with). Why would you nerf Brand as a support? That's literally defeating his purpose.
brand was not designed as a support i believe and was originally a mid so it isnt nerfing his purpose its helping him in the place where people stopped playing him cause he stopped working as well there
: Brand should have its base damage nerfed and its scalings buffed
But isnt his ult a 25% ratio because he can hit you with the bounce for a total of 75% damage? that's pretty strong, because the whole mechanic is to have it bounce for maximum damage not to let him nuke you with just 1 touch of it
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Antenora (EUW)
: Seriously giving Akali TRUE stealth?
Who cares about her getting true stealth the turret will still hit her immediately upon her revealing herself and most of her opponents in Midlane have AOE spells which can still hit her, you can still see the spot she's standing in just like usual her heal only works if she has full energy
: A reminder that the DIANA E BUG is still a thing and even more prevalent than ever
There's also the bs that your flash can completely cancel out your ultimate damage depending on when you pressed it
Nosnide (NA)
: Does Udyr deal too much damage right now?
It'd be fair if he did the damage he does if you were truly able to play against it, literally the same as a juggernaut but the problem is he dishes out the damage instantly and even if you do get a bit of distance from him his Q damage over time just murders you, where as other juggernauts most of the time if you manage to disengage they have no way of getting back to you.
: > [{quoted}](name=MysticFlameHaze,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xQEkTpUU,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2018-06-10T19:00:52.620+0000) > > i wish it were a different ability completely, but they did actually nerf the range with the revert didnt they? dunno. If so it's not noticeable.
think it was either a 75 or 100 range nerf for the break
: Her chain has had so many problems since they refuse to reduce the range on breaking the chain and fixing it's hit box like it can hit you when it's nowhere close to you.
i wish it were a different ability completely, but they did actually nerf the range with the revert didnt they?
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Kaìju (NA)
: His shuffle is the problem but they refuse to remove it. He can't be a carry champion while having utility like that.
yeah i suppose that would fix him but id feel sad with it gone
Kaìju (NA)
: Some champions cannot be viable in some scenes, Azir cannot be viable in public play because it would mean he is far too strong in organized pro play. It's the same reason Yi stomps in gold and down but won't ever see pro play. It's just a fact that we have to embrace as a downside of merging pub and pro, we can't balance the game two ways. In the case of Azir the only way to play him really is to just be better than everyone else, not much else can be done.
its sad but that's true, it obviously means they missed the mark still on his rework, and should honestly dedicate to fixing their problems when they know it occurs very often instead of deciding to do ryze again for the fourth time?
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Dessem (EUW)
: TIL Riven has gotten a mythic+ skin four consecutive years
: Size comparison - Every champion
rek sai isnt that big, neither are trundle and volibear
: Almost certainly. in terms of who or what tactics I definitely don't know currently, but we'll be paying close attention.
Do you think this could cause a problem for kindred seeing her first mark spawns on the rift scuttle, that it may become hard for her to obtain the mark? Such as enemy jungler and whichever lane is closer comes down to it due to it being shown to everyone, which in my opinion can lead to an early fight where one side may lose both players over rift scuttle or lose just one causing them to fall a good bit behind. Snowballing can occur very easily now a days in my opinion.
: Interesting and new items? LOL her build was basically an akali/katarina build. I agree that new LB had more skill expression/counterplay and was arguably more healthy as a champ but cmon man her optimal build wasnt unique to her as a champ.
i know it wasnt unique, i just mean't new to her champ and the way you'd play her could switch to different types of builds with the rework
: I doubt they'll be reverted. They're good as they are
katarina is the best she's ever been
: She still lacks damage imo (not to the point where her being level 6 meant death to the opponent), but when I tried her, I felt like I couldn't deal damage at all with the good ol Q+R+W combo
you sure? i delete people so easily as reverted leblanc
: the rework was harder to pilot and had more room for skill expression, she was arguably better than before. because of that riot over nerfed her, than her play rate went down than more tanks showed up in the meta so her win rate went down. riot reverted her, which at this point in time was a buff but then they also nerfed her e range and w speed. shes a lot easier to play now and i think shes going to be nerfed again. shadow of the rose was a underappreciated ability, it had many uses
I agree, while pre rework lb was fun and easier to play, reworked leblanc was much more balanced for gameplay sake and her build was interesting and new, now its most just back to, get as much damage as you can and QRW them
: Playing reverted lb made me realize
she extra useless now again later into the game than the reworked leblanc though, i didnt mind playing either and its nice to get the damage off right away, but farming as her is so garbage. I'm mostly kinda sad that i would have preferred if they just did a bigger rework on her than a complete revert
: Irelia is mathematically poorly numbered
I don't see how so many people have problems with her early game, all of you treat her like yasuo, when he was op. And play her cause she's OP and not cause you know how to play her. Her early game is so ridiculously easy to outtrade an opponent. You say she has no base damage but you forget they gave her a passive that allows her to do more damage and it can be activated by killing minions with Q. The nerfs she really needs would be a missle speed nerf on her E.
: To start off, you're 100% correct in expressing frustration when you feel the game **you** play is negatively impacted by balance decisions that are made focused on the highest levels of play. You're opinion is one that's certainly shared by a large group of players, but it's also only one of several of the demographics that make up our playerbase that we're trying to serve with both solo queue and the professional scene. Let me elaborate: Group A - Just wants to play League doesn't care about the pro scene Group B - Enjoys League, tunes in occasionally to watch the pro scene (usually for big things like playoff finals, MSI, Worlds) Group C - Enjoys League, watches LCS religiously (every weekend they make time to watch every game or atleast the games with their favorite teams. Group D - Used to play League, doesn't anymore, but still watches the LCS because they like the pro scene Group E - Never played League before, but I friend told them it was pretty cool and got them to watch a few games. *These groups are not all encompassing, but what I'm trying to outline is that the number of people that care about there being some amount of focus put on pro play balance is far greater than just the players that actually play professionally. Now, more direct to your point, I have a desire/goal for a future where we don't have to make as many changes to champions based on their performance in pro play nearly as much as we do now. Right now we're beset by two conflicting goals, we (Riot) really want pro play to be as exciting as possible, and professional teams really want to win, more or less regardless of the tactics. Why these conflict is that the path to victory is often one of min maxing for risk/reward - which manifests as choosing more generically strong champions with less pronounced weaknesses, and then out macroing the shit out of your opponent. Why choose Zed when you can pick Ryze who's proven to have far fewer weaknesses when playing in a low ping, highly coordinated environment as an example? In order to make Zed a more likely pick in pro, we'd likely need to buff him drastically to overcome his weaknesses/counterplay - which is a surefire way of putting him in crazy territory for our average solo queue warrior. Since that isn't really a great option, we need to find another way. We're currently putting some brainpower in how we could help shelter pro play from specific points of imbalance, letting us put less focus on pro play in regards to balance and focusing more on the regular game. It sucks to have your champion heavily nerfed, especially when it's for something you don't care about, we totally understand that, and ideally we can find a world where that can become less of a thing that we need to do. Potential avenues could be exploring changes to the drafting phase beyond 10 bans. There really isn't much to talk about yet though. At the end of the day we highly value League as a spectator sport, and we'll continue to make changes that we believe help achieve that. We just need to make sure we're doing our diligence when we're making big changes that could impact the way the players actually engage with the game and make sure the cost is worth it. I stand by our decision to remove trackers as an example, as I firmly believe the value in terms of "quality of game" we get both in pro and normal was worth the cost of removing that one item. To close off, we simply can't shackle ourselves by only making decisions that all players will find agreeable, as doing so would mean we should probably just stop making any meaningful changes to the game period, and that's not a world that I think we should be moving towards. ps - the archangels change is only archangels. Once it's upgraded to Seraph's you get the full 3% ap again. Right now it's simply too good as a rush item when it's intended to be more mid/late game scaling power spike.
what if your team was able to make two patches solely based around the unprofessional scene to see how it would impact things?
: Hmm. This may be a FoW thing, in that case. I'll pass this along to the proper teams and have them take a look, these types of issues are a bit out of my wheelhouse. ;-;
thank you very much! i do appreciate your time to have this looked at, i can be frustrating when i have very small windows to react to something that i normally should have been able to deal with.
: Hey MysticFlameHaze, I took a look at this and it looks like everything is working properly. Here's a quick view of what I'm seeing on my computer vs what your clip is showing - https://imgur.com/4lKwjbW In both cases above, this is what's intended. The full-on VFX don't and shouldn't display until the Super Mega Death Rocket has traveled a bit of distance, at which point, additional VFX kick in and you'll see something like this - https://imgur.com/aWvgIDM To put it all together, this is what the rocket looks like from initial cast and after travel time - https://youtu.be/pYGPrPqE1A4?t=1m54s Hope this helps!
I completely get what you're saying, but if you look back at the clip that i shared, Jinx launched her ultimate from outside the fog of war, behind the enemy tier 2 turret, at that point the flames VFX on the back of the rocket should have shown up already. Because when i view the video you shared of what the jinx ult should be like at the starting phase is correct, but it shows the flames on the back within a screens distance from when it launches. I do believe there has to be an issue of the effects being delayed upon entering a players screen. Edit: ACTUALLY, if you look at the team icons on the left of the clip i posted, jinx had only just respawned meaning she most likely launched her ult from about Nexus range to tier 1 mid turret. At that distance the effects should be completely visible.
: is it possible this is due to the effects setting being low?
No i run everything on high, and im not the only one this bug is affecting, i have confirmed my friends cant see it either and my brother on his computer is experiencing the same issue
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