: I missed you all
Oh so you're an architect now? I guess that means you make all that fancy European architecture in the intro to worlds intro and similar structures. {{sticker:poppy-wink}} Nice to see you're around on the forums again. Since you're not directly in PB anymore, I guess you won't be doing anymore of those spicy call outs when people post edited chat logs?
: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
In aram, if you pick up a healing thing, theres a visible circle showing the radius of the incoming heal. If you scroll your screen away so that the center of that circle is no longer on the screen, you can't see the radius of the circle anymore. You should be able to see as much of the circle as is on your screen even if that excludes the center, particularly if theres action around towers you want to be focused on, while still standing on the edge of the circle (which is tricky if you can't actually see the circle edge).
vyoda (NA)
: What's a "good" elo??
Important to distinguish between good in an absolute sense and good relatively speaking. Relatively speaking even being gold can be good, since you're better than the average player. The problem is the average player is pretty bad in an absolute sense, so you're probably master+ before being good in some absolute sense. (And even challenger players aren't necessarily at the pinnacle of league good-ness, since theres lots of more subtle stuff in organised [i.e. pro] play to learn, and room to expand their champ pool.)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 30
I thought teemo shrooms could already bounce multiple times (e.g. leading to silly videos of a line of shrooms all the way down midlane)?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
How are TFT numbers holding up? My impression and the analysis of of a few streamers I respect is that it's neat for a bit, but once the honeymoon phase wears off it can feel a bit too slow and/or RNG to really keep a lasting audience. (These feelings mostly apply to the autochess genre in general, not just TFT.)
grarrrg (NA)
: Swimbananas DOES still exist! '#missthevideos
Fun fact, she streams sometimes if you want an unofficial fix.
: {{item:3089}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3030}} or {{item:3152}} a veigar that facing squishies except only alistar built anti magic. vs {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3001}} (with ult damage reduction also) aka a support anti magic build its the most realistic i can come up with.
Ah, the realistic support build that has no support item ({{item:3401}} ).
: I was 80lp how is that loss protection im not deranking?
Loss protection has nothing to do with your LP; it's separate from demotion shielding. Loss protection is a thing on riots end whenever theres technical issues (usually accompanied by disabling ranked temporarily). When they enable it, any games in progress give 0 LP losses and half LP gains.
: Best way to do it.
I would prefer using your phone to take a picture of your monitor showing the post.
Ryushiin (NA)
: Can u report ppl for what they say in post game chat?
Pre and post game chats are included in reports, so stuff that goes down in post-game can still be reported, and riot will be able to determine who said what and who is in the wrong. (In many cases things end up kind of heated and both sides end up crossing lines in punishment land, but as long as you've behaved you should be fine.)
: Malphite changes coming to PBE
Regarding the passive bulking up malphites size, make sure all auras adapt to his changing size. Having an awkward situation where sunfire aura doesn't actually reach outside malphites model would be unfortunate for example.
Shahamut (NA)
: Why does Rank determine who I can queue WITH but not who Im matched AGAINST?
For most accounts, rank is usually a pretty good indicator of their mmr (to within a tier or so anyway, which is within queuing restrictions). Queue restrictions are there to make sure roughly equal mmr skill people are playing together, so in normal circumstances allowing a silver to queue with a plat would mean a large mmr gap between you, which is not desirable. Those on exceptional win/loss streaks might find themselves with an MMR beyond 1 tier of their rank, and hence a silver ranked player might find themselves in a plat game, but they're in a special circumstance where they've proven to the system that they can play at a plat level, so it's not a problem. (Sometimes the other direction happens too, where it's not a silver in a plat game, but rather a particularly poor playing plat player in a silver game, or a mix of those.) In an ideal world ranked queue restrictions would be purely mmr based so the low ranked smurfs could queue with their high ranked pals of a similar skill (and *not* play with their similarly low ranked but unskilled pals they may be attempting to boost), but people could manipulate that to figure out what peoples MMRs actually were, and riot would prefer to keep that secret.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: She can autoattack you say?
On-hit yuumi sounds OP. I hope they don't end up needing to tune rageblade around her.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 13
Is there still work being done on a longer term solution to support items? Its pretty feels bad to miss out on frostfang poke gold if the adc isn't around (e.g. dead), or similarly when out on a solo warding mission and bumping into the enemy jg.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 15
Feelings on enchanters these days, particularly now that late game crit marksmen are potentially having a revival?
: Ranked 2019 — /dev Update #1
Regarding losing LP for provisionals, I have noticed that LP dodge penalties apply to them. I don't see this as a problem, but neither do I see the negative splashing thing to be a problem. It's a small penalty for dodging/not trying your best, but LP is ultimately cosmetic anyway as long as MMR is still unaffected and matchmaking remains based on that. Still, seems worth noting if splashed LP losses are being considered for removal. (FWIW, in previous seasons one could dodge in placements without any LP penalties, so consistency might point to the LP penalty not applying this season during provisionals either.)
Xaafira (NA)
: it was seriously considered.
So when theres a big pile of iron 4 people at the end of next season, might we see wood league in 2020? edit: ~~What year is it again~~
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
What are you feelings on enchanters these days? Do they need a buff, or will they come back into relevance as a side effect of marksmen work and/or nerfs to tank supports?
: Updating our discounts for 2019
The discounts are remaining just for RP costs correct? You experimented with having BE prices go down with a sale once or twice which I quite enjoyed, but seem to have returned to only discounting RP prices. (BE emporium is nice for getting normally RP things for BE, but it's not quite the same as a sale discount...arguably it's a better thing, but it's a different thing.)
: Ranked Changes - Update & Known Issues #2
>Starting next week, players who completed their placements in 8.24 and ended up miscalibrated (e.g., Bronze rank but playing in Platinum or Diamond games—sorry Rush) can open a ticket with Riot Games Support and one of our agents will help make corrections This seems like a distinct contrast to the usual stance of "We *can't* change ranks for any reason in order to maintain ranked integrity." While I appreciate that the ranked reset will make it mostly moot, and it's probably only a couple weeks where some people might be adjusted while others aren't, it still makes me slightly uncomfortable, particularly where not everyone impacted will even be aware that they have this support option. Since rank impacts duo eligibility, some people might be able to duo/not duo and have that effect their preseason mmr (which historically has had some impact on the new season mmr), and so there be some minor ripple effects from any changes here. Not intended to be a 'loud' complaint since all ranked stuff should average out over enough games regardless, but it is something I wanted to point out as something making me uncomfortable.
Meddler (NA)
: Not really my genre, so while I'm enjoying the hype and a lot of people at work are extremely excited for it probably won't play much myself. If doing so would definitely have to start with Piranha Plant though.
Whats your genre preference for your own personal play?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 28
>Presence of Mind and Absolute Focus - Are both looking pretty strong, but sufficiently we think they need to be acted on at present though. Do you mean *not* sufficiently, as you put it in the category of things not in 8.24?
: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 11/16 - 11/22
Just figured I'd say that it's interesting to hear the root causes of these sort of things (e.g. something expired and left a blank thing, you were running a big query at the same time as something else that borked stuff, etc.). The community sometimes likes to meme about how "small indie company can't afford servers" or similar, but it's insightful to hear what it is that actually does cause things to go wrong.
: > [{quoted}](name=CQR Pixie ,realm=NA,application-id=6WpmgL9O,discussion-id=fZcEfRGm,comment-id=000500000001,timestamp=2018-11-17T05:11:31.553+0000) > > (deleted; saw you deleted yours) > > Yeah sorry about putting you in that rough position, I know you're coming from a tough spot so it was generally directed at any Rioter who could say a bit of something here or there for frustrated players since I know I'm not the only one. I appreciate you responding to the post and being understanding too. I'm glad to know that Riot is aware of the issues with the client and are working on a fix, hopefully it'll be done before season 9? > I actually am super excited about those two champion reworks because I like Morgana but her visuals honestly made me feel like not playing her. The champion reveal on 11/19 is the biggest thing I'm ready for though! > I've also heard Nexus Blitz is back on PBE with legend of the Poro King after I wrote this post. Since I have PBE I'll hang out there till it hits live for sure. I'm reeeeeeally excited for the christmas skins (if any). > I completely respect you personally having to keep it all private as an employee but I really do hope someone who's responsible for that stuff gives us a heads up so we're not bored out of our minds. Again thank you so much for trying! No worries Pixie, It was a huge info dump, and I could very easily have just said 'My area of information an expertise is the operation and maintenance of the NA LoL servers, and related stuff around that' ... which makes it very hard to talk about anything else with any authority that makes sense. But I wanted to give you some explanation and it got a bit longer than expected (long week). The end result is, I wanted to tell you we're not blind to a lot of things, just sometimes it's not the fastest to get launched. I'd love to tell you about a lot of that, but I'm not the best person, nor is this the best place sadly. Buuuuut if you do see issues with random games or connection problems or server quality, you know who to talk to!
I have a question you can totally answer, although it's not server related. As a rioter without "Riot" in your name, how do you feel about players identifying you as a rioter in solo queue lobbies and similar? (I actually bumped into you in solo queue ~~a week or two ago~~ 19 days ago and recognized you as a rioter, but didn't want to be 'that guy' and say anything about it if you didn't want to draw attention to your rioter status.)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 7
The minion/jungle spawn thing being earlier is something I hope doesn't happen. People being alt tabbed/afk is frustrating when invade situations happen, but sometimes the extra minute lets people having issues connecting (or forget to buy initially but have someone point it out to them quickly) get to lane without repercussions. Often times when someone doesn't connect at the start I'm left hoping they don't connect at all so /remake can be used, but it feels (probably due to negativity bias) that people frequently do connect before 1:30, and so are still late to lane and hence handicap the team. Theres also some champs like zyra/heimer/shaco who might want to use that early time to set up plants/turrets/boxes. Bard also might be inclined to get some favourable chime spawns, and probably a few other champs with pre-laning tasks I'm forgetting.
: I'm level 150 and I'm in bronze 3 LOL
Being ranked at all playing under 10 ranked matches a year is quite the feat.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 24
You mentioned last week you might dig out some odyssey data, anything to share there? Liss passive sounds like it could have some utility in the support position between slow utility and strong base damage, so I wonder if between her cc and engage potential she might start showing up in that role. Was that possibility something consciously thought about, or is it something that might just accidentally fall out?
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
So bulwark and botlane... Do bot lane towers function identically to other ones now? It sounds like it. Does 'first brick' gold adequately address concerns around lane swap tower trading type situations from once upon a time? Is there now double the incentive for supports to back off when towers/tower plates are about to fall? It seems to me that putting the local gold on the carry was usually the right strategic choice to begin with, and now it looks like they should back off to avoid the tower bulwark kicking in too.
: Miss Fortune is one of the only ranged champion to one shot Zyra's plants with an auto.
This is one of the contributing factors to why MF support is specifically a zyra counter thanks to her passive allowing that and not a solid support in general.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HPcbpREU,comment-id=003d,timestamp=2018-09-06T22:26:54.695+0000) > > Hey zerk! > It's been a while since I saw your ~~spam~~ posts. Kinda miss them. > > What have you been up to during those silent summer days? I do tend to go on a tear don't l? If thats too annoying please ppl lmk. I don't mean to be, I just like chatting :). I've been good! Traveling for work / fun and getting stuff done. It hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns, but I've had some really meaningful & thought provoking convos that I cherish.
> [{quoted}](name=Bazerka,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HPcbpREU,comment-id=003d0000,timestamp=2018-09-07T04:47:40.989+0000) > > I do tend to go on a tear don't l? If thats too annoying please ppl lmk. I don't mean to be, I just like chatting :). I've been good! Traveling for work / fun and getting stuff done. It hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns, but I've had some really meaningful & thought provoking convos that I cherish. I like in principle that you (and any other rioter) dares post, and trying to be nice is cool and totally is something you should continue with. That said, red tracker becomes less useful for finding 'official' nuggets of info with more casual riot posts along these lines does get somewhat more difficult. I don't really have a good solution for encouraging more casual riot interaction without clogging red tracker within the current forum framework though which is unfortunate. (Maybe in the future there could be a way for rioters to mark specific posts as "speaking officially" similar to reddit and only those would be in the red tracker, but I'd be cautious there about it getting underused and some slightly more casual but official-information-containing posts being missed.)
Reimυ (EUNE)
: Or the system could always just let me go to plat 4 from plat 5 without playing completely meaningless promo games?
If your mmr gets high enough, that does happen.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22
Do you think theres things learned from Nexus blitz that could be applicable to SR balancing (e.g. with buffs to game pace, mages are particularly strong), or are the modes distinct enough that trends from one may not apply to the other? How is life as design director treating you? Do you feel you've really had to make any tough decisions beyond those of your old role yet, or is it too soon to say? (Come to think of it, who makes the final call on the future of nexus blitz when the 4 weeks are up? Does that ultimately fall to you?)
: Well, the Morellonomicon still exists.
True, but item name homages are a bit more subtle and those who don't know better may not even realise they're tributes, so people would think they're just plays on necronomicon/biscuits/homewreckers (probably others I'm forgetting) instead of people references. Explicitly talking about Phreak as a person on the other hand would leave people going "Wait who? I don't get it." for someone who is not familiar with Phreak. He might be public enough that it's just an opportunity to go look back at old vids or whatever (plus I doubt Phreak has plans to part with riot anytime soon, but who knows) so maybe it's k, I just think I understand cutting the line.
: Rank rewards
It uses end of season rank for rewards, so you can drop during preseason and it won't matter, but not before the season ends. It's extremely difficult to drop tiers however so I wouldn't worry too much about losing streaks causing you to have a tier demotion. You'd need to be playing at a gold 5 level to demote from plat 5 to gold 1, so if you have any business whatsoever being plat than you should be fine. (Also note that end of season ranked rewards have not been announced yet, so may not include a border. Next season they are currently planning on showing a border that displays you current rank during that season split (as opposed to previous season border), so there will probably be something other than a border as an end of season reward this season.)
: {{champion:34}} I've watched a friend fall asleep playing her. Hardest champ to play because staying awake is part of the skill curve
People who are actually good at using her wall are pretty spicy. Totally ignoring wall can be effective since plenty of waveclear and burst, but really great wall placements can feel pretty unfair.
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
When eve was reworked there was a delightful animation of her homeguard run animation that had her rapidly running on her tail thing. It was deemed a little bit too silly to actually be the live run animation, but did it ever sneak in anywhere as an easter egg type thing? And can we have more of that? https://youtu.be/c2qnH_aWgcs
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 15
Out of curiosity, will there be any rewards for playing in the nexus blitz alpha? Both in terms of end of match rewards (XP/mastery points), and extra rewards (icons/BE/etc.)? I'll probably play it for a bit regardless, and adding unique rewards might bias the number of how many try it, but it's possible the extra incentive(s) could result in more data as people who didn't think they were interested discover they actually do enjoy it.
: Please, PLEASE bring this one back. I love NewNu Bot but it needs just a _few_ more of its older quotes back. That shouldn't be too hard to do, right?
I'm a big fan of the Phreak reference... but what happens if Phreak ever ceases to be a rioter (or even just changes roles so he's not so player facing)? It's not really a line that would make sense anymore so doesn't necessarily have the same potential longevity as other more in-universe lines. (That said, I haven't listened through lines, so maybe theres other explicit references to real world people out there that'd indicate that's not a concern.)
: Ghostcrawler Lane Swap / Queue Dodge / Whatever
Looking forward to the future game set under the seas of Runeterra informed with advanced marine biology knowledge. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 10
Congrats on what sounds like a promotion as you fill Ghostcrawlers old role. So if I understand correctly, you're lead of league of legends design on the whole instead of just lead of gameplay design?
Meddler (NA)
: From memory: * Goes on the non Flash key * Can be swapped between hotkeys on Nexus Blitz * Can be removed entirely on SR (it's a suggestion, not a requirement there)
How does it decide for those who don't have flash as one of their summoners?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 10
For the automatic smite, is that getting put on D or F by default or is it going to try to be smart about it? (e.g. replacing not-flash if they had flash as one of their summoners previously.)
: The game is primarily in C++ Most of our tools are built in C++, with some Python. A lot of the game is built on in-house tooling, so I wouldn't be able to show it to you, but we have an editor that's like a much less nice version of Unreal/Unity. We use a variety of different tools for deployment orchestration, deployment, and builds. (Jenkins, Cooker tool, and some others). Not sure what else you'd like to know :D
Since you didn't peddle it, I'll point out that https://engineering.riotgames.com/ exists and has some pretty in depth blog posts about the underlying tech. I find a lot of stuff there interesting as an analytically minded non-software developer, so software people would probably be downright giddy reading it if they haven't already discovered it.
: Should I main support?And why I want to.
Playing adc for a season or two resulted in me seeing a lot of really bad support players, which resulted in me swapping to being a support main since I felt I could do it better (and it got me diamond, so I wasn't wrong). Seeing a lot of relatively bad adc players happens as a support player and it feels pretty bad to set something up but have the adc not actually take advantage of it (or even simply cry as cs they mess up last hitting stuff), but I still feel like theres more decent adc's out there then there are decent supports, so if you have support skills then it's a good plan. (Make sure you actually are a good support though...part of the reason I feel like theres so few decent supports is the number of people who assume it's easy and never really play it, and then play it very poorly when they're forced to since they have no idea how to pressure without inting and also maintain proper vision and so forth.)
Ifneth (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Scathlocke,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=LUoUJ79w,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-08-08T18:19:56.522+0000) > > I'm sure there's an internet rule that predicts this very question... :-P > > The Ascended are humans who were gifted with celestial power by the Sun Disc, changing their form to a cultural ideal of what they think they should be (assuming they have the strength of will to go through with it properly!) So, therefore, I imagine that if an "Ascendee" decided they should still have genitals afterwards, then they will. > > (Unlike the darkin, who eventually learned how to craft themselves into whatever they wanted!) > > Ewww. I feel sullied and unusual, now. You should just have said that they lost them, along with their romantic and sexual feelings, during the Ascension. Then said Canon.
But instead they most likely have something more closely resembling a cannon.
: League of Stats
Do grades go past A+ (to S-/S/S+)? I looked up TF blade and a handful of pros and mostly saw A's. It's possible they're playing solo queue to practice stuff they're not great at, and they're legitimately performing below a S grade level, but at the same time these are like the top 0.0001% so if they can't manage S grades I don't see how mortals can.
: Question for High Elo Players: How do you close out games so fast?
Not really high elo (I tend to stop at D5 and then switch focus to my steam library), and nor am I a midlaner, but a big thing lower elo people do is focus on kills much more than objectives which doesn't really close out games. Whenever you can do so safely, shove stuff into tower. Then see if you can roam to herald/drag/top/bot or get some deep vision so you can spot the enemy jg (which in turn facilitates doing those other things). If you can't do those things, smack the tower a bunch. If you get a tower, rotate to another objective. Repeat. Often times chasing a kill is a waste of time, even if you ultimately get the kill. If you've gotten someone so low they have to back, they can't contest you taking an objective and thats where the real progress to winning comes from.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mysticman89,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=puQ8IZhW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-01T03:33:46.614+0000) > > That's not QoL, that's a full on buff. Probably one that would leave him OP, especially in pro play where people can zone very effectively and have coordinated ganks around small windows (such as someone being tagged by a braum stack or someone having their mobility on cd from dodging it). Why exactly do you think it would make Braum OP to have his Q become a passthrough skillshot? It wouldnt become any easier to land, it would just make it so braum can actually be useful outside of reacting to enemy engages and punishing people way out of position. His current state is just... aweful. Its slow. Hes a less mobile, less useful rakan almost.
Well since he's already viable in pro play, making him (more) 'useful' is likely to push things from viable to OP. I don't really understand how you can think making his q only hit champions wouldn't make it easier to land. At most levels of play minions will be in between Braum and his target most of the time.
Paroe (NA)
: So! Braum has a cool new skin on the PBE. Can he get a badly needed QoL buff?
That's not QoL, that's a full on buff. Probably one that would leave him OP, especially in pro play where people can zone very effectively and have coordinated ganks around small windows (such as someone being tagged by a braum stack or someone having their mobility on cd from dodging it).
: Riot Direct AMA!
I'm fairly sure you're one of the assorted rioters I've randomly run into in-game previously, so cool seeing a rioter I recognize. Would have been last season so almost certain you don't remember me, but bumping into rioters in ranked is pretty rare (plus you were on singed and singed players are quite distinctive). Do you have feelings on support singed (or even maybe bot singed in this wacky meta), or does singed belong strictly top lane? (Also, this thread is exploding the red tracker.)
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