: I just got this issue as well, however I fixed my issue by running the league client as Administrator. Maybe that would help?
Thank you Kittie Cat Yes, running as admin worked for me, hope it works for you guys too... thanks for the responses everyone
: it's happening to me as i'm reading this i can't move at all or type to tell my team what is happening.
did you happen to have just purchased a Razer mouse ? That's the only thing I can think of that would have affected my play, I was getting notices to update my Razer mouse to " synergy " or some crap..., but I installed it and still nothing...mouse and keyboard still work just fine until the rift loads
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: Upcoming Nidalee Gameplay Update
I don't like it already. Javelin toss is a dodgeable skillshot. Why punish Nidalee players because other players are too bad to dodge ?
: NA Bracketology
Did Reginald write this article....why all the TSM glorification ?
: Crushed Dreams and Broken Hearts
What ? No picture of Cryalot

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