: lmao riot don't care
> [{quoted}](name=O for Orianna,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=PQXy7f7m,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-06-14T19:02:39.663+0000) > > lmao riot don't care Accurate.
: > [{quoted}](name=NAFB,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=yvrBYy7P,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-06T15:05:38.138+0000) > > I know how it works. I want Riot to fix it. there is nothing to fix this is a mechanic in the game since ever if you are good enough you can use it effectively blitz and thresh otps use this mechanic the most
You are missing the point I think. I am fully aware that this has been a 'feature' for a long time. I am fully aware that you can use it to pull off cheese BS. I want it to be fixed. Imagine if someone threw a spear at you in real life, and you got impaled if you sidestepped it and then immediately stepped back. THEN imagine they threw the spear next to a wall, and you poke your head out after it passes by, and it hits you in the heart somehow. It is a dumb 'feature' that has been left in because they either don't know how to fix it or are too lazy to fix it. Edit: Just because it has been broken for a long time, doesn't mean it should stay there. That is a very stupid way to think about things.
: > [{quoted}](name=NAFB,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=yvrBYy7P,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-06T14:29:58.605+0000) > > Correct. The skill shot that went past me, and then attached to me from a teemo away through a minion. imagine the hitbox as a ball or an arrow if your champion hitbox makes contact with the skills hitbox in any direction the skill will land there is the case of a the mushroom effect on all skillshots as at the end of the ability range it's no longe "it's shape" but a slightly larger circle but in your case you just walked back into the hitbox
I know how it works. I want Riot to fix it.
: you walked back into the skillshot
Correct. The skill shot that went past me, and then attached to me from a teemo away through a minion.
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: iron inquisitor kayle missing textures
Imagine selling artwork that isn't finished.
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Jero1248 (EUNE)
: Invisible Nunu 9.9, Still here?
: Smite Bug?
Very clearly bugged. +1 Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/400a3e4de73a72b0553f349feda0b1df GIF: https://gyazo.com/7aba0929c115d9d6ff3758349182225b For future reference though, the clip is a bit long for the bug shown.
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=NAFB,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=pvK4yUVs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-11T06:41:44.552+0000) > > I'm not seeing the bug here. Are you complaining that R still casts even though he is about to be CC'd by condem? he was already in stun, how can u use something while stunned? you can't but this game has no idea about that.
You can cast things while stunned all the time, especially if it is a movement spell. See Galio E, Ezreal E, Vayne Q, Trist W, ect while getting hit with a CC. It is most noticeable with a Blitz hook or Thresh hook. Pyke R is unfortunately among those movement spells. I do not think it is healthy for the game to have an interaction like this, but it is something that Riot has fostered and encouraged for a long time. "Spell Buffering" is a very large part of pro play too, being used to tank incoming CC like an Ashe arrow, and then still being able to retreat.
: Huge inconsistency with Hecarim R+E combo and Poppy's W
Have not tested, but sounds Riot. +1
: Matchmaking gave us 'two bots'
+1 to this bug. Its either a bug in matchmaking, or a bug in queing. Either way it needs fixing.
: This 15s video shows why I love this game
I'm not seeing the bug here. Are you complaining that R still casts even though he is about to be CC'd by condem?
: I never expereience this bug on blitz. it would be nice tho lol.
The most recent patch (or maybe the one before it.. not sure) supposedly fixed it on Blitz. It still remains a problem on the vast majority of skillshots though, just maybe less severe than this example.
Krayzie (EUNE)
: You didn't even notice that this mission doesn't work XD How delusional are you?
Krayzie (EUNE)
: Fight for your house mission doesn't work
Please tell me you are joking. read the bottom right of the mission...… https://gyazo.com/010f2ba20413bef9384bc80ad95a6283
: two other notable bugs are that Sylas says the wrong line when stealing Pyke's ult, the other part is that if Pyke dashes through a Yasuo's windwall with his E then the phantom won't dash, not even hitting enemies on the near side
I have not gotten clips of either of these, but good to know. Will post if I do.
KerrkNg (NA)
: Bot Banning?
Try doing the same thing you did last time. Buy a new one that someone botted up to 30 for you.
: Fiora Ult Healing Enemy
Looks like Fiora is healing from her ult to me. Aatrox is only getting green numbers when he attacks, and his heal is straight busted atm.
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AnCa (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Nautilus ult interation with kai'sa stealth bug
Losing vision during cast time is not a new thing. Didn't even eat the ult cd. Not a bug.
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: > [{quoted}](name=NAFB,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kYbpOduy,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-04-08T14:34:58.382+0000) > > Oh you mean the champs that are fun to play and your team can get too? Good idea! /s They're only fun to play because their kits allow them to pretty much unfairly dominate most matchups in ARAM.
URF is one of the most asked for modes in this game. Not ARURF. Wonder why... oh that's right because people like to play the dominate champions. That is what ARAM is for: Fun.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Well, after 8k arams, I can assure you I don't play aram for those champs, the exact opposite. My aram goal now is to get all champs to M5. There would be no reason to unlock all champs in all modes since that would be a huge FUCK YOU to the face of anyone that owns the champs already. We got fucked enough by investing 500k IP in runes and rune pages the former of which disappeared and the latter of which became useless. Also, if the mode is not random, pools don't matter since you can always pick the one champ u want to play
Much faster and more efficient to play the champions in normals to get M5, but I wont tell you how to live your life. Yes unlocking all champions in all modes would be a fuck you to the players that already have them, but Riot says fuck you to new players currently, and Riot tell us to go fuck ourselves on a daily basis. While I agree with your point, I still am of the opinion that it would be less of a fuck you to have all champs unlocked by default. Yeah the picking your pool of champs is not my preferred solution, but I think it would work. Kinda defeats the random part, but is still for fun mode. The "pick your own pool" would have to be a certain size, and would be so tedious to set up. Logistics are never Riot's forte as well.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Well, let's either A) unlock all the roster for everyone B) let everyone limit their roster to what they want to play C) Keep all the 57%+ winrate champs permabanned on a patch to patch basis If we don't do any of those, bans is the next best option
A) Good idea. This should be done in all modes imo but that's just me. B) I guess that would work. It IS a for fun mode. C) This is not a very good solution in my opinion. You play aram FOR those champs.
: No, you ban the champions that will fuck you five ways till Friday in the gauntlet that is ARAM. Champions like Lux, Veigar, Illaoi, Vel'Koz, Heimderdinger, Sona, and Zyra who can, with little to no effort, turn the tide of a team fight by either trapping you in a tight box and wiping your team with massive skill shots and zone effects. Remember, if you're banning the "good" champions, that applies to you AND your opponents.
Oh you mean the champs that are fun to play and your team can get too? Good idea! /s
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: I've given it long enough: I don't understand the hate for Akali
Let's jump right into this post, shall we? > Like, she's almost everything the boards will ever want from an assassin, let alone a rework from the insanely flawed design she had before. This is a terrible way to start a post, first of all. But more importantly, this statement is correct. It is what the assassin player wants. What people hate is playing against her, not as her. Also old Akali sucked too, but was weak enough that most of the time we didn't have to see her. > She can actually be peeled. This is false. She has 4 dashes (E1, E2, R1, R2), and if she hits one skill shot, one of those 4 dashes can follow you anywhere you go no matter what. > Getting rid of old Akali was like trying to lose your own shadow. Also true, but that hasn't changed. > Counter-play is heavily apparent in just about every part of her kit. This is 100% false, and since you gave no evidence, I will also not give any. Moving on. > Her passive and Q can be out-ranged. Only temporarily. This argument is like saying you outranged Master Yi. Yes, you start out far from Akali, but then she gets right next to you. In addition, that Q slows, making getting back out of the range harder. Also that Q heals her for a massive amount. I'll throw that out there now in case you don't mention it later. > Her W can be walked away from. True, but I rather run. But also if you are walking or running from her (assuming she is merciful and lets you do that) then you are not killing her. > Her E can be side-stepped. Yeah so can every other skill shot in the game. Weak argument that doesn't apply at all. She doesn't even need to hit it though. She can use it as an escape dash. > If she tower dives with W, you can just hit her with your hard cc Sort of true, yes. You need to hit the invisible target with hard CC, but then even if you hit her, you still can't kill her.... because she is both invis and un-targetable. People have a hard time hitting CC on normal targets. Good luck hitting one that has a few dashes, and you can't see. > She has less overall mobility than she used to. False. Before she has 4 targeted dashes with limited range. You at least knew where she was going to pop out when she dashed on you. Now she has 3 dashes with limited range and can go anywhere, and 1 infinite range dash that is targeted. > It's more free-form now, but her overall ability to fly in, re-fly in, and re-fly in one more time and murder someone, only to re-fly to someone else, is greatly reduced. Fluff. > As long as she isn't fed too hard, her burst pattern is significantly slower than just about any other assassin in the game, save Pyke. Thank god for that. This is the only reason her winrates are low (Don't tell Riot plz). Doesn't make her any less frustrating to play against though. > Her difficulty curve makes sure that you have to be pretty dang good at this champ before she's actually a threat. Her low elo win rates are through the floor, while her higher elo win rates aren't offensive for solo queue (they reach to like 50% or so in Diamond on lolalytics, give or take 1%). See previous point. She isn't that hard to play though... she just doesn't have high damage. Not any different from like a Lee Sin. People at low ELO play him simi-successfully (mechanically) all the time. The problem isn't her damage (any more). The problem is that she is so frustrating to play against. (See previous points) > She's actually able to be played in pro games, where most assassins that aren't 1-shot machines don't get play. Because she is broken. When an assassin can be consistently played in the slow careful communication-filled meta that the pros live in, something has gone wrong. > So we can say things like "But her shroud's annoying" Yes. > or "she beat me last game and I just don't like that", This is not a real argument. Stop stawmanning. > LB: ... Agreed. Another stupidly unbalanced champion. I actually hate her only slightly less than Akali. Also played at the pro level btw. Same issue as before. > Shaco: ... Invis is a broken and unfun mechanic. Akali has it too btw. I have said it for years and I will continue to say it. > Rengar: ... Oh another invis champ? Surprise surprise. At least this one has a warning indicator. I think his R needs a rework, but I don't think he is a broken champion. Occasionally overturned, yes, but the warning indicator makes him WAAAAY more fair. > Katarina: ... Are you a Kat main? Seems like you agree that Kat is not broken. > Pyke: ... Actually he is one of the most banned champions right now. Invis (again) and a HUGE execute. He needs some tuning, but the design is... ok... at best. > Fizz: ... Fizz needs a rework for sure. There is no possible way to balance this champion. Broken design means feast or famine. > Nid: … I don't see any problem with Nidalee. She seems like a fair design. Numbers/item shifts will put her in and out of the meta like anyone else. > Zed: ... Zed is not the worst of the offenders, but he suffers from a similar issue that LeBlanc does. He can teleport to 3 different spots instantly (LeBlanc has 4) and does a massive amount of damage. I think he is ok as he is, but only because there are bigger problems here. > We can run down the list all night, You forgot Yasuo, the most banned champion of all time. The king of crit abuse, insane mobility, constant CC, constant shields, and projectile blockage, all wrapped into one guy. Fun champion though. I would recommend trying him if he isn't banned. 50% ban rate btw. LOL. GJ Riot. Out of 140 champions too. > but the point is that Akali's design manages to avoid ALL these pitfalls. Nope. She more untouchable than Fizz, Zed, and LB combined. > She doesn't operate on polarizing one shots (unless she's fed since any damage champ will 1-shot when fed so don't bring it up), True > she has an appreciable and rewarding skill curve, We went over this already, but I'll give it to you. Doesn't change the discussion at all though. "They are hard to play so it is ok to be broken." Old Azir says hi. > she doesn't just give away everything about what she's doing before doing it, she isn't a confused fighter, and she isn't just a "solo queue" design. I don't understand what you are trying to say here. Very few champs give away what they are doing before they do it. Zed and Nunu are the only ones that come to mind. Fighters are not confused at all. They go in and they fight. Akali isn't confused either though... she also goes in and fights. Only confused one is me... reading this. "Solo Queue design" is a buzz word, and means nothing. Unless you mean not viable for pro play? And then it is just up to meta to shift in pro play to a faster tempo. Then assassins would be real good. > Like, what more COULD you want from an assassin design? Something fair to play against. Preferably without invis. > Sure, her numbers are always up for tuning, Numbers DO need tuning here, but not in the way you think. She needs more damage to be able to do her assassin role. You see the problem here? > but the core foundation of the design seems more than sound. See entire previous argument. > It seems like what Riot was aiming for with Evelynn's design, Zed's design, and the assassin rework as a whole... Ah Eve. Another broken champion design. Its almost like invis has no counter play, and is not healthy for the game. > So what do people want? Again, something fair to play against. > Is there an assassin design that embodies "proper" assassin mechanics in the game? I think Camile, Ahri, Diana, Elise, Hecarim, Jarven, Jax, Kayn, Lee Sin, Nidalee, Quinn, Twisted Fate, and Xin Zhao all have designs that work as assassins. Some of these, due to items, meta, and numbers, are not built as assassins, but they all have the kits for it, and are all simi-fair.
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Aeon123 (NA)
: Quick Update on Rotating Game Modes
Why though? If you played anything other than a long range CC mage you lost in 15 minutes. Long range CC mages are more fun in regular modes where they actually matter. Edit: To be fair though, I think most of the gamemodes suck and are for people that have limited skillsets. URF, for example, takes almost no skill at all. I think that is why it is so popular.
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Broporo (NA)
: 2017 Ranked Rewards Help Desk
This countdown is way too fast. Every time I refresh the page it goes back to the real time left.
: LF x1 competent player
Hm... add a random that I have no idea about? Nah
Maduks (NA)
: Lf gold player to grind 3v3 to gold for end of season
I have never played 3v3 but I'm plat 2 support player in solo que if you want me ^.^
DSNatsu (NA)
: LF > Higher Elo friend to help me out, give pointers and play some norms w/me.
If you are looking for the support role, I have coached in the past and will be starting up again soon. If you are not the support role, might I refer you to the website I am based out of where you can find both free and paid coaching in any role and any champ. https://www.leaguecoaching.gg/
: Need a 5th for flex
Would be willing to play. sent request
: doing 5 man premade tp mission
Added you in game if you are still looking for people
: Patch 7.19 notes
Just played a bit of Janna. She is even stronger than before. Gj riot.
: Rip vayne and Janna 2017
Vayne is going to be a god. lol And I havn't tried Janna yet, but I have a feeling she is still strong.
: Riot support tanks don't want Zeke's because it doesn't have health and since you nerfed Knight's Vow into an enchanter/early game jungler item and it's not a decent choice on support tanks anymore; we're now forced to prioritize high health items because it's what we scale off of and it's what Locket scales off of, and with Locket not having health or CDR it just further makes Zeke's a bad choice as Locket is far more impactful and essential to not getting reported. lol If you put a Kindlegem into the recipe it would make the item a Hell of a lot more appealing and if you converted it to give 400-500 health instead of focusing on resistances it would definitely be worth taking. Likewise if you added CDR or Health to Locket it would take a lot of pressure off of Warden itemization who without a doubt have the worst itemization in the game and have almost no viable choices for what to build, forcing them to build the same thing every game with little room for variation.
What you don't understand is that Riot did that on purpose. They wanted to get the game out of tank meta, so they f**ked support tanks by gutting their items and making them almost worthless (as a damage soak) until 3 items. (And those 3 items HAD to be locket, ruby sightstone, and an hp item... usually the support tank item or righteous glory.. which is now more expensive) They don't want tanks in bot lane right now. That's why they overbuffed coin and ardent. That's why zekes sucks. That's why knights vow is... mediocre at best. That's why face of the mountain got nerfed twice in a row even though few champions bought it any more.
Beamer (NA)
: LF Support main to improve with
Sent a request if you are still looking. You are in game atm though so I assume you found someone. Good luck!
: LF Support Main for Tourny Team
I would be interested. I play all sups at a plat level. If not, good luck in the tourney!
: Looking for a support for Gold team
IGN: NAFB 3 best champs: I play all supports at a plat level. My favorites right now are Thresh Blitz Morg Peak rank: Plat 1 Current rank: Plat 4 What your looking for: A team that takes the game seriously. A little bored of my friends that troll me. We are currently in a tourney so you must mesh well: Good luck in the tourney mate, even if I am not picked. :)
: Top G/P Premier Compete League Team LF Top and Support (Prefer Plat5+)
Title says support too? so yolo. In game name: NAFB Season 6 + Season 7 Ranks: Plat 4 Top 3 champions: I play all supports at a plat level. Favorites right now are Blitz, Thresh, Rakan, but subject to change. Do you have Discord?: Yes Have you played on a competitive team before?: I've played in online tourneys. Does that count? Past tournament experience: Over 50 different online tourneys, but they put me on a team, didn't bring one with me. The teams were mostly fair based on ranks.
Ipicku (NA)
: Creating Ranked 5's Team gold+ in solo and flex
Role: Support Ign: NAFB Age: 24 Rank/division: Plat 4 Reason For Joining: I need some friends that take the game seriously. All my friends troll me when we duo or flex. What you want to improve on: I'm not really a leader. I know what to do a lot of times, but not great at getting the team to do it. What you believe you can help others improve on: Honestly I can't help anyone other than maybe an adc. I can help them with laning and learning how I play... and I can help with other support players I guess. About yourself: I am a pretty consistent player, and when I play my goal is to make sure I have as big of an impact as possible. I play the lane fairly aggressively, and if I get ahead, expect me to be mid and top a lot. In the past I have coached low level supports on lolcoaching.com, and most of them are still my friends today, and all of them said they found what I said to be helpful. But then again, I don't think they would say otherwise so maybe not the most reliable info. Even if you don't want me for the team, add me if you want a serious player looking to improve. I can always be a good rando if you need someone to scrim or whatever :P
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: > EMPOWERED ACTIVE: Savagery's total physical damage is increased to 120 - 392 (based on level) (+ 240% bonus AD). I repeat Savagery's total Physical damage. Total. The 120 - 392 +240% bonus AD is the damage of both strikes combined.
ah ok that helps a little
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