Tedbear (NA)
: Those could've been the laner's secondary roles
Even if they were, why is it fair that 5 people get their primary roles vs 3 people not? In high elo that is literally just a lost game instantly.
: Ive played 23 games in a row now without getting autofilled and only encountering one of two autofilled players. Dont know what your talking about. Thought its alot worse in Normals apparently, got placed as my secondary role first lobby, and then again after a dodge (member of our team had left, that member being the one my first selection was)
Ask any high elo player that has been challenger before, autofill is literally the worst thing this season. Almost any challenger player would rather have 20 minute queue times than unfair autofill. It should NOT be 3 autofills to 0. Not to flex my rank or anything but literally it is just pathetic to play.
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: well there an obvious reason this bug hasnt been fixed. Nobody is building liandry's on zoe
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: Doesn't matter really. Mute both the yapping dogs. Report if feel warranted. Move on with my life.
I understand all kinds of toxicity are bad. I was just curious on which one people would be more willing to report, or rather, which one would warrant more of a punishment?
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: With so many emotes in the game, to have a larger emote wheel would be nice
People who downvoted this are people who saw it was like, 130 upvotes 0 downvotes, and thought "I'm gonna be that dick that downvotes it"
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: It is just me or does Riot prefer we watch rather than play the game ?
Well, Riot as a company has to make sure it survives. Drawing viewers will help the game survive. We trash on Riot all the time but a free to play game has to have some way of making money. That's why they make skins, and hextech crafting, other things to pay for, etc. So when they make ANOTHER Lux skin, it's for money. However, they genuinely do try to make the game fun to play. They give you watch rewards and stuff because there's a GIANT FANBASE for it, and having a pro scene is healthy for the game's lifespan. They want to satisfy the viewerbase, and also give missions for people to search out and do. Missions are typically a fun thing and they want to encourage watching the pro scene. It's not like they don't want you to play the game, but they are encouraging watching as well. Edit: Making money as a company is not a bad thing. If they are trying to use that money to go into other things, such as branching out or advertising, paying their employees and hiring more people to get a better game out there, with more exciting new champions or reworks, balancing, etc. They are trying their hardest, even though a lot of people shit on them. And I'm gonna get shit on for this post with downvotes of people who simply thing "grrr Riot bad company >:(", but the truth of the matter is that all of those people who downvote with no response know that I'm right. lol. But if you wanna discuss this, go ahead, type some shit out, I'll read it and we can discuss!
: Can't help but notice you didn't mention any of the mages currently abusing the amount of CDR in the game. {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:25}} . You can't just complain about AD champions when Mages are abusing the excessive CDR WAY WAY HARDER than bruisers or assassins.
There's a clear difference between no cooldowns and being able to throw medium cooldown spells safely. Akali q is basically no cooldown, but her w has a lengthy cooldown. You punish her w not her q cooldown... same with champs like Vel'koz for example. You punish his E and you jump on him. If he holds it try to bait it out, etc.
: Riot's hook hitboxes are actually a line and then circle. They're programmed to check at the end of the hook for a unit they can snag within x distance. This occurs with thresh and blitz as well.
While true, there still needs some adjustments on this one lol. The 1st one hitting Sona and not Jhin is kind of crazy, and should be fixed.
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LaceUpXX (NA)
: I think they should revert GA
It never made sense to buy it on a tank, which is mostly who built old GA. Tank's getting that much HP back and a revival didn't make sense on the archetype. It's also why they swapped around Banshees and Abyssal scepter(mask), because their functions made more sense on the opposite archetype, tanks having an aura to buff their allies and mages having a spellshield. Mages have zhonyas and banshees while AD champs have GA, qss, phantom dancer, and maw. It's not a bad tradeoff considering more AD champs are melee than AP, so they need more defensive items (other than ADC's, which are literal glass cannons. mages are typically more safe than adc's.)
: Is Kill Stealing a Thing?
You seem smart enough to already know the answer and just look for reassurance. So, in your case, no, it's just some salty guy.
Ackelope (NA)
: a champion that is kind of sucky right now? Only if you're measuring by presence in the highest levels of play. In any environment that 99% of the playerbase will experience, she's a pretty strong pick, if a little unpopular, once you get a little bit of a handle on how to play her. I'm not trying to say that OP's suggested change is bad and should never happen under any circumstances, but I feel like your description of her as a sucky champion isn't really accurate, she seems pretty decent.
She's not bad but she's definitely blander and just worse than a lot of other supports in her role. Why pick Janna when there's Lulu or Nami? That's all I'm saying.
: He got hit through the wall because of the lollipop hitbox thing that means when the hook is at the end (and hasn't hit a wall in the case of naut) the hitbox is a circle for an instant, that circle intersected Kayn's hitbox, and so the hook got him through the wall So the hitbox travels like this: = ===== ========= ========(--) This gives some margin for error when you throw long range hooks, but also means you can hook a champ behind a minion as Thresh if you throw your hook right beside the minion, and hook a champion over a thin wall as Nautilus if your hook doesn't quite touch the wall they're behind Honestly this lollipop hitbox thing should go, because it's an issue on all hook champs {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:555}} And also some other skillshot champs
Thanks for the explanation, and yeah I agree it should go.
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yuuum chan (EUNE)
: A platinum players opinion on every midlane champion P.2
Skipping 1 champion at the very end is criminal. That being said, you put a lot of effort into this, hopefully it gets upvoted. Although boards doesn't like to read anything they just enjoy reading complaints about Riven and Vayne. So good luck with that.
: Only mages and tanks should be good anything else is ruining the game 😎
nah mages are the worst too, and tank meta is super boring and you can't kill. Boards just wants the game to be deleted entirely.
Done25 (NA)
: Change Janna's E bonus to Adaptive Force.
Honestly seems like a good idea for a champ that is kind of sucky right now.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: buff jungle exp back?
If you are level 3 when your laners are level 5 you pathed badly. Jungle was by far the best role in the game before the nerfs, it was warranted. People pick out specific games where jungler did a lot but lanes just lost solo so wow jungle sucks, but that happens in every role so I don't really understand that logic. As a mid laner, there are many games where I can do very well but side lanes just lose or jungler just gets outjungled and we lose. It's just junglers being salty that they're not at the top anymore who are the ones complaining.
: SkinSpotlight on youtube. every visual and animation.
That's not the point of the entire post though. The point is that you shouldn't HAVE to go on youtube.
Kadexe (NA)
: Because why should Riot bother if 3rd party YouTube channels do the work for them?
I don't think the skin spotlights is a 3rd party, much like surrender@20. They work together.
: I mean, I've given a solution - make the CD on Vayne's Q higher, and take the bonus CDR off her ult. ADCs should not be spamming spells like freaking RYZE, adcs should be SHOOTING PEOPLE IN THE FACE.
Yes this isn’t a personal attack or anything. Just saying I saw like 4 posts a few days ago with 20+ upvotes which just criticized the balance team and simply complained, and nothing more. If you offer solutions that aren’t “gut the champion” then fine by me.
: So Riven and Vayne are fine in your opinion?
No it's not that there's no problems but when like half of the posts up there are complaining about 3 champs with no solutions it's very redundant, while when I tried to offer some sort of solution to Zoe, a highly hated champion, it gets downvoted with no context. The only comments I got on my post were things saying oh yeah that sounds decent, reasonable, but it got 3 downvotes with no context. Thus, this idea was created. Because in order to get on top of that board, you simply have to complain. This is why that this post is also getting downvoted lol. I'm not just complaining about things everyone hates.
: League Boards gameplay section OmegaLUL
Yes I used powerpoint shut up.
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: Just remove her Q range bonus while moving forward and ulting ;)
: Are Reworks coming out Fast Enough?
I've been reading some of your responses, and most of these champs don't need any sort of GAMEPLAY update. You compared to Ezreal, and Ezreal got some nice animations and stuff, but his W also got reworked. I don't think that champs like Anivia need an ability changed. However, Anivia did recently get some visual updates, and a lot of champions are , too. If that's what you're referring to, then they are doing these relatively recently. I don't recall all the champions but I know that Teemo, Jax, Ashe, Renekton, Anivia, Blitzcrank, and a LOT of others have recently gotten vfx updates. Lee is a good example of this, I think he could get some particle updates and stuff but his gameplay is perfectly fine in my opinion. Some notable ones that you pointed out that I agree with on this list are: Fiddlesticks, Volibear, Wukong, Udyr, Amumu, and Mundo. These are just my opinions so feel free to disagree but these all feel like genuinely outdated kits.
Daralen (NA)
: Yas is broke af
The fact that the entire this is at .25x speed makes me want to die. Please never do that again. I'm not watching a minute and a half of that.
Galiö (NA)
: -For the first 20 minutes, 1 Siege minion is spawned every three minion waves between the melee and ranged minions. After 20 minutes, Siege minions spawn once every 2 waves and from the 35th minute onward, Siege minions spawn every wave to accelerate the game pace by making pushing easier. I was a bit off. I knew it was upgraded around 20 (idk what made me think 15 tbh just felt that way I guess) and 35 is SUPER late game for the every wave thing... hmn That kinda complicates things a little but I like the direction if it gets more refined (not like i have the power to influence change one way or the other anyway)
Yeah I think that if at 35 minutes once every wave, I think that's perfectly fine... 35 is kinda late. Might be up for debate tho. I think once per 2 waves for the first 35 minutes, if anything is a downgrade, which either way is fine with me. She's too strong, she needs some sort of downgrade. I think that this is a good step to go towards.
Galiö (NA)
: The canon 'balloon" balloon drop would help the RNG early game but would be a huge buff late game since Canons spawn in every wave after... was it 15 minutes now? Or 20 when baron spawns..? Idk
Is it every wave at 15? I thought it was 2 later, then 1 around 30. I may be wrong, I would have to check that. However, usually at late game they're spawning close to every wave anyways, the spawn rate increases a lot the later the game goes. I do agree it would be a buff late game, so maybe there could be a weird twist with that after cannon waves start to spawn every wave, change the spawn rates back to how it is now. Thanks for pointing that out.
iiGazeii (NA)
: The W change seems totally reasonable. Cannons are supposed to be mini-objectives in lane that you and your opponent are trying to keep from each other. You're already doing that, and a cannon is way easier to defend than the random mage minion that Zoe can blow up from a mile away. I would even go as far as to alter her spell drop tables based on W rank, so early on, she doesn't get any spells that can win lane for her, like Redemption or Ignite. She'd only get defensive ones like Cleanse, Barrier, etc., and then later she'd get the more aggressive, playmaking ones. Either that, or make it so that minions don't drop full summoners at all, and instead drop their own, smaller versions of spells, kinda like Kleptomancy and its mini-potions. A mini-Heal, mini-Clarity, mini-Ignite, maybe even a free ward or something. The fact that she gets fully-fledged summoner spells for free off a minion feels unfair to play against.
The only problem with that is that she wants to max W last. I will say that redemption healing is not of an actual redemption, but I do agree it's probably the best drop she can get next to protobelt. I think making the drops more telegraphed and consistent is a fair way to balance it, as well as make her not able to hold them as long, so her opponent can shove out the wave and reset. By the time that happens it will be gone (or almost), with what I'm suggesting.
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