: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Hey riot, I actually went back to read the list of stuff from the previous urf. 2 questions: 1: what changes are happening to new shen if any? His rework kinda slipped under the radar as far as urf goes I think. 2: what about execution icons? Those of us that bought them still have them and even though they can't be enabled in normal 5v5 SR could you maybe enable them for rotating game modes? I miss my heartsplosion when my zed ult popped
: no... i would only support this if it was part of a bigger package to show all the support (and other roles) info **on the game page not a 3rd party site that wont load most times **... damage shielded... damage reduced due to armor/mr... baits done ( u get no assist for a bait if u didnt touch the enemy) wards, or any other stats i might have forgotten, that riot sure as hell has
That's kindof what i was getting at, i would prefer just more info in general. i feel like i get numbers like more armor and more MR and riot says theyr working and yeah i feel tankier after a few fights and my armor lessens the damage but i would prefer concrete numbers that are on screen for more than a half second. i targeted it at supports just because it was what was on my mind at the time but a large scale update to the match results or end of game totals screen including "damage blocked, seconds cc'd, armor and MR damage reduction, etc." i feel tankier but don't really have the numbers to back it up.
: Hey all, 1. Yep. He is a demon. We are not using the judeo christian meaning. At this point all I can reveal is that it is an powerful, supernatural, being, with an agenda. Foundations will be revealing more on them in the future. 2. His is tied to the foibles of mankind-- and his current form is especially tied to vices of Bilgewater. This is not to say he has feed on things before man-- only that he existed differently before we provided him with sustenance. 3. Yes. Traditionally there are always rules with demons and devils. The gambler is making a bargain (ultimately with himself). It is the bargain that allows Tahm to create the human misery he feeds on. 4. Tahm Kench is the name commonly given this spirit in Bilgewater. The real question is what is the gambler's name. 5. yep. you pretty much got it. 6. This is an art question. We wanted him to be unique. Both in lore and visuals. We mixed a lot of things to brew him. 7. Ultimately Tahm educated himself about his prey.
If i may add, for those who don't know, Riot has already confirmed the gambler isn't someone publicly know as of yet. That is to say, he's not TF or Graves.
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: No because it doesn't mean much. Ashe would have like a million seconds of cc (yes slows are cc). And red buff applies a slow. It just wouldn't mean much. Riot gives a ton of love to supports (support main here). Comparing supporting now to like season 2/3 and this is the golden age. Supports are banned all the time and also have gold to build higher tier items without sacrificing wards.
I could understand that, i had just gotten off a support game and my friend and i were comparing stats. He had super high damage dealt due to playing Fiora jungle and while i obviously had most wards placed; I felt like aside from a good initiation or a moment where the adc types "TY for peel" or "THRESH <3" in chat, i didn't contribute anything special because anyone can (and everyone should) buy wards. I'm not sure what the solution is but everyone has numbers to check in the EGS so i get the feeling certain supports are kindof left out.
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