: Add Main Screen Ping
Absolutely necessary feature for many players, sure it wouldn't benefit me with my fiber internet speed (humble brag (´ ▿`), but it will benefit others!!
: Kalista needs to be reworked into a Support. She has the free vision, the life saving ultimate, the lane pokes and the mobility to make it work. She has a strong thematic for it. She just needs couple tweaks, AND she could remain viable as an ADC. -Rend only stacks damage from bonus AD with a better ratio, but now also stacks slow effectiveness and duration. At 3-5 stacks, she roots enemies. -Reduce Soul-Marked AS bonus by half, but also apply that same buff to the bonded ally. -Have the Soul-Marked passive damage grant the proc damage to whichever partner has the most AD. -Add some AP ratios but keep damage physical. Howboutdat?
as a jungle primary and support secondary The reason why I like kalista the most of all marksman is because she can secure dragon so well, and I've considered playing her support many times, but ended up not trying it as a result of the release & upgrade of support items. I'd support kalista being put into a box similar to MF, where playing her as support is reasonable. The AP ratios would allow for spellthiefs, which would allow for frost queens claim ghosts to band together with her soul-ghosts to spread vision all over the place.
Slythion (NA)
: Don't twist my words like that, at no point did I say Xayah has no utility. It's extremely rude and a misleading way to take a discussion when you start making up the opponent's argument. I said she doesn't provide the same utility that a Kalista or Ashe does, aka: reliability and consistency, and even *amount* of utility to an extent. Xayah can *root* enemies for 1 second, not *stun*. That's a very very very huge difference and I sincerely hope you made that mistake unintentionally because I dislike people who lie to further their arguments. On top of that, Xayah may have the capabilities to snare the whole team (again, for only 1 second) but is far more likely to only hit the frontline of maybe 2 champions, 3 if she's lucky. Especially because how projected her snare is. Kalista provides a potential multi-target slow, an aoe knockup, the capability to re-position a teammate and/or save a teammate, a reliable engage, free vision, and easy self-peel. Far more utility for the *team* and is generally a much safer adc when she's meta. To compare Xayah to the likes of Kalista in terms of utility is absolutely no contest, idk how you can imagine her being in the same level as Kalista. If you wanted to compare utility, you'd fair far better with using Ashe as an example for Kalista. If you wanted to compare *stacking* adcs, you should use Twitch or even Tristana, as both actually stack something while Xayah doesn't.
I may have gone so deep into what similarities they share, mainly because it's about the shrapnel idea, not really comparing these two champions but they do share quite a bit. **Addressing the strengths of Xayah** **Stacks** Xayah players revolve around the feathers that are on the ground OR the ultimate that puts them on the ground, sure they aren't called stacks, but they act in a manner that you would want more of them down to work with. **Utility** She provides a flexible root that can hit entire teams if fortunate, imagine how many fights take place in corridors or pits, doesn't take too much luck at all.. Also, do you know how long a second is in a mid-late game teamfight? You seem to value a second as if it doesn't mean the demise of a player, or team in this instance. **Kiting** with the root and ultimate, her kiting is actually fantastic. **Underestimating usefulness** Well, you're not very useful on kalista if you get malphite E or nunu E or nunu R or nasus W or lee E, you get the idea (all crippling effects, and we all know what cripple does to kalista) What does cripple do to xayah? not nearly as much as it does to kalista. I'm not even an adc main, I'm the guy that messes ADCs up, I know their weaknesses, and when I see a kalista, it's so much easier to ruin them than a xayah. I said in my original post why I brought up xayah first when talking about a similar marksman. They both utilize stacks for damage and they both have ultimates that work in a way of avoiding death while creating a ruckus.
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: First Blood Tower
Click this and read, it's very relevant: https://twitter.com/YoungGooby/status/812273601088995328
: Enable friend list minimizing pls!
I was JUST talking about this the friendslist is VERY crowded
: The new Alpha client is WAY too heavy on low end PCs.
Just won a game where I had 10 fps the whole game :((
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Victusify (EUNE)
: Retiring Normal Drafts - I beg you Riot, answer in this thread.
Blind Pick is a primitive champion select, I don't see forcing anyone to play it as a moral and just decision.
: Riot wants to make the game more accessible for as many people as possible which mean dumbing down everything to make it easy as possible so that even a newborn baby could reach challenger in 24 hours. And I can sorta understand they want to do that because you need a casual base gamer if you want your game to succeed, but it's just they're doing it so much they take the fun out of learning the game and showing people who reached high tier are skilled enough to earn that rank.
> Riot wants to make the game more accessible for as many people as possible which mean dumbing down everything to make it easy as possible so that even a newborn baby could reach challenger in 24 hours. http://memesvault.com/wp-content/uploads/Laughing-Meme-02.jpg
DoFr (NA)
: lets do to zed what we did to aatrox
yeah i wanna see zed as much as I see aatrox, that would be splendid!!!
: While I know many will disagree, honestly Yasuo's Wind Wall shouldn't block ANY "ultimate" abilities. I know the genie is out of THAT bottle, but if Riot is going to claim that they removed QSS power because champs shouldn't be able to rip away a champ's power with one item, then another champ should not be able to nullify so many "ULTIMATE" abilities with a single NON-ult.
**This post is very vital to me, thank you for this, I can pass now. - Zombie Brand OTP**
: my most hated champ. Probably because he does well against almost all the mids I play. I ban him 100% of the time if i get mid because he's an annoying piece of shit that makes me actually have unfun while playing the game. most yasuo's suck outside of lane (because his lane is OP and he has so many tools to shrug off harass) and have a hard time actually winning the game, so it's not that im scared of playing against him. He's just the single most unfun champ in the game to play against for me. I will gladly play vs {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:48}} . I'd rather play against a whole team of 5 of these champs rather than lane against {{champion:157}} . Yeah, he's that fucking annoying
: Am I the only one who can't stand Yasuo players?
This champion regardless of what team it's on makes my arms itch. as a brand main, hitting Q on his nose but then rejected by a windwall that wasn't even casted in a timely manner, is the soul stealing, heart wrenching, knuckle dusting, most unhealthy content I've ever seen in my years of playing this game. Yasuo mains need to be {{summoner:14}} ed
Rebonack (NA)
: We, the Dominion players, were once the vanguard against the Bots. We put up with them in our games, and when our games ended we put them down with a report. And most importantly, we kept them out of Summoner's Rift to protect the newest, most vulnerable Summoners. But then, Riot decided they didn't need our service any longer. And now there's no one left to stand in the gap.
That was the purpose of the Dominion mains after all; the purpose of guarding our precious noobs from the BOTS. {{champion:20}}
: Let’s talk Smurfs, Snow, and Bans in Ask Riot
I think there would be less smurfs creating chaos in paper tier play if Riot allowed** a secure way to reset your main account, whether it be normal mmr, ranked mmr, level, etc**. (given this feature one time a season, limits, etc.)
: Don't rework or nerf {{champion:45}} . I know the popular opinion right now is that he is OP but he really isn't. He is squishy and easily countered. I'd like it if you would just leave him how he is but just don't ruin him please. I have too many good skins of his that I don't want to go to waste.
> "the popular opinion right now is that he is OP" In what world? I haven't seen a veigar, let alone a strong one since season 4
: Have you COMPLETELY lost your mind?
: New Champ Select Update
The new champion-select and the process of selecting two roles - queuing up is a very good feature and I enjoy it A LOT as a player who started 4 years ago. I admit, I spent pretty much every season up until this season, playing normals and ONLY normals. This season however, I have dropped somewhere around 50 games of ranked landing me Gold III, which is great! I lost my most recent three games in February, and I haven't queued for ranked since then. Why is this? Am I tilted from three little losses? No. The enemy dynamic crew; they are a faction that has dreaded me since I started my three loss streak. They group for dragon **FASTER**, they secure baron **STRONGER**, they rotate **HARDER** The enemy dynamic is a superior authority that me, the single queue player has to overcome in order to rise in rank? I have to order my dynamic queue (3-4 people that don't even know me or trust my orders) to contest dragon or bother people at baron or push towers better yet, if one of them explodes at one of my bad plays – if any (this has yet to happen fortunately) I'll be getting 3-4 WAGONED REPORTS — **ARE YOU SERIOUS???** I want to play SOLO QUEUE FOCUS not "IM JOSHING AROUND WITH MY FRIENDS IN RANKED WHILE THE ENEMY DYNAMIC IS TRYING THEIR BEST SYNERGETIC PLAYS" Most recently I've been taking it to normals to train my jungle strategies, and out of the 20 games I've gotten a very good 16 wins, some of these games there were groups of players taking to destroying my early jungle by muck up my camps and kill me level 1-2 these premade enemies have **SYNERGIZED INVADE TACTICS TO RUIN A JUNGLER EARLY**, I have seen midlaners, toplaners, botlaners, everyone and their mother come holding hands to toss me into the grave, while my ally laners WATCH THEM DO IT WITHOUT COMING TO ASSIST ME AT ALL, NOT EVEN **BAT AN EYE** Like I said, the 4 years I've been playing I've cemented a sportsmanlike attitude and raging is a thing of the past, so I'm not for blaming or anything like that, but I can still mentally note with a little anger that I've been tossed aside by the enemies better teamwork. now imagining a more strict environment (RANKED), premades are trying HARDER to get the early lead. If I am the SOLO Q jungler, with my PREMADE 4 DYNAMIC QUEUE of MIXED ELOS doing my red buff @ level 2 I've got wards, I always ward the bush before I start the buff. I keep an eye on the map, start pinging assist when I see zed leaving lane to come tap me out. I've played League with friends who respond to my assist pings, it usually ends in stalemate or atleast a fair fight, I know this. Zed and Evelynn come into my jungle, slay my red, slay me and Lux is mid freezing lane. I've sit back with my level 1 and a half EXP, my jungle is eaten to pieces by these {{champion:22}} holes and what's more satisfying is now they're going for my other side to kill me there aswell top lane riven ally just watches renekton go into my jungle and zone me out Although this has happened to me, I have still ended up carrying the game despite the trudge. **I have not played ranked since February, and I don't really feel like dropping my LP with my bad premade. Please Riot, add Solo Q back.** - Sincerely Resurrect {{champion:63}}
MECHA TARIC JUST IN TIME FOR THE TARIC UPDATE GLORIOUS MECHA GEMS {{summoner:31}} ~~I'm joking I know it's Mecha Sion but people can dream can't they?~~
She's quite silly indeed, I wouldn't mind chipping a bit more damage off of her other attacks.
Elfezen (NA)
: Linebacker Sion skin
I'm not even a fan of American Football but I can definitely agree that this is a fantastic idea.
lolptwo (NA)
: I tried to use this in my last game and my teammates turned on my and said they hope my dad kills me my mom from abuse. True story. #LeagueCommunity
Wrong lobby at the wrong time, unlucky I'd say. You definitely can't base the community off of a couple of individuals that are likely angst-y teenagers fresh out of a slew of bad games.
: He made our whole team stop fighting :'(
I understand this all too well. When you can bring yourself to sympathize with a player going through this and understand it's a more common unfortunateness than you'd expect, you will then change for the better. I play a lot of high elo games and most of my games the chat is nearly empty, so nobody ever knows what a player feels like in real life. I take the caution that even if a player is trolling, that maybe they're just having a bad game because of real life situations. {{summoner:13}}
Trydact (NA)
: I think it would be cool if Riot memeber would interact with the community more than just comments. I mean like play LoL with us and what not.
If you play League in similar matchmaking rating as the Riot members you wish to see in game, there's a chance you'll be against or even with them! I've come across more than 7 whole Riot members just playing normals on the Rift! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
What a beautiful champion, I just want a lifesize to cuddle with. {{champion:63}}
: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
I'll be slapping buttons with a spatula soon, I love it.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Brand Direction
Brand main reporting in: http://i.imgur.com/e7dzhai.png[/img] Modern Brand from a Brand mains' perspective: Brand is lovely at the moment but I'm very interested in what you guys have in store for him. At the current moment, Brand is demonstrated to be a monster from Unranked play to Gold play, but once you go from Platinum and above, he is much more difficult to manage. The reason for this is the fact that his kit is, while a beautiful thing, a collection of moves that can lead to your death in one single miss of a skill-shot. It's important right now to Max W first, because of the great power it gives midgame. The only problem here is that, in a world of dashes and flashes, missing his W on an opponent that can very easily dash out of it renders him into a moving torch of tomfoolery. It's a blessing that Rylais is in the game right now, because without it, Brand would suffer even greater to these menacing AD dash masters. I've found great success on capitalizing on Dravens that catch their axes, I can throw my Q there and they're doomed, but skilled Kalistas are just waiting to put Brand in the coal casket. What I wouldn't mind with the upcoming Brand update: - Upgraded abilities at Rank 5 - If you're tuning him less bursty more DoT; Brand having a dash (OH BOY WOULD THAT BE COOL) - Kill/assist fire things - More flexibility with his current abilities, leveling up one ability (w) always is not very fun!! Thank you Riot members working on new Brand, I hope he will be a legendary flashing fire man! {{champion:63}}
Rew711 (NA)
: So, this app allows one to to communicate with friends... can it (in the future) allow for spectating? Also, and this one is something I would find fun, can we be able to gain extra IP for walking during the day if we turn on a feature on it to allow such a thing (toggles on for IP, toggles off for no need). This can then be transferred over to our accounts to help buy things with IP. We can gain like 1 IP per every 10 steps we take, so since on average I take about 3,560 steps a day, I'd only get about 356 IP per day.
**shakes iphone to get first win** **shakes iphone to get 10ip for a 6300 champion** The spectate idea is great but don't let these bronzers use their phone as a shakeweight for ip
: Retiring Dominion
I am okay with this decision, but because I am a one trick pony {{champion:63}} , and I love to funnel power and resources into one or two things. I have only won 11 games in Dominion over the four years I've played LoL, and I won't be forcing myself in there to get an icon I truly don't deserve and nor should anyone else. Thank you Riot for your assertive decision to call out one of the elephants in the room. {{summoner:13}}
: Is Minions block getting worse for anyone else?
Minion Block is something I've always found to be a pestering little thing. I rarely get blocked by minions but when I do, it's something that has me questioning. Why are my allied units working **against** me? If they could speak would they respond to my fretting with _"team game bro"_? I'm a mage player so you won't see me buying a phantom dancer or maining fizz JUST so I can shimmy through allied minions. I'm definitely all for the enemy minions being obstacles, but allied minions are just plain silly.
: mages have too few choices for reaching cooldown cap
**I am a ~450K mastery {{champion:63}} and I approve this post and those supporting it.**
Cherysse (NA)
: The AP Problem (In Depth)
I was willing to take you seriously until I saw that you're level 10. You've been **level 10** since Deathfire Grasp was in the game? Unreal, there's something fishy going on here. More fishy than {{champion:105}}
Khaegii (NA)
: I like it how all mana-using AP mages are worthless now {{champion:103}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:3}} RIP all my mains T-T
400,000 mastery {{champion:63}} slave coming through to tell you that your mana-using AP mages are still okay!
Khaegii (NA)
: Just cause sword of the occult wasnt used in the lcs you remove it???? wtf
{{summoner:2}} **Uberdanger mind control drone just passing by** {{summoner:2}}
: Mystery skins return!
Summoner who bought 6 mysteries on 8-2 through 8-3 reporting in, nothing received yet. {{item:3070}}
Solaxo (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Neo Cyrus,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=h3Gqmeeq,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2015-07-24T04:43:58.704+0000) > > I would have quit this game long ago if so many of my real life friends didn't play and would have left with me, they stubbornly refused. Now I'm heavily invested into it. Not only have I spent a lot of money on it, but the time I've spent is also crazy. I've played ranked since season 3, constantly watched the LCS, constantly tried to not repeat the same mistakes of each ranked match until I climbed to Platinum rank this season. > > It's insane to think that the art team are what's killing the game for me. Don't get me wrong, I want to uninstall the game every time I see each patch's balance changes. > > And yes, I'm well aware of what Riot's tactics are, heavily relying on people forgetting and becoming complacent combined with their keybaord warrior shills defending every scumbag move they do. That's why I'm trying to make people speak up and not forget. I honestly don't know what people find so interesting in LC$... "same picks all over again, farming minions for 20 min"
I feel like those who watch LCS primarily try to imitate or gain inspiration from watching the professionals even when it comes to simple things like last-hitting. **I can't tell you how many runeglaive ezreal mids I've mowed down though.** #{{champion:90}}
EmpReb (NA)
: From /v/ with love it it the internet deal with it. The reality is it internet speech and safe places end up censorship places with cliques in charge. I rather have raw brutal speech any day than deal with the worries of triggering the PC police. So bloody fuck off back to tumbler or other safe place.
Absolutely this. One whole {{champion:17}} teeto for you.


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