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: Future of auto-battler genre, and Riot's opportunity
I'd love to see leveling changed to a gold cost option and rerolling increased in cost, to move the gameplay loop towards picking from what champions you're given instead of forcing whatever comp you want and then just hoping you get enough of them when rerolling to level them. I'm in plat 1, and honestly the game in that bracket is just whoever gets the lucky rerolls for their champions wins 90% of the time, because everyone is just forcing the same meta comps. Will I see this change? Probably not, it completely changes the gameplay loop, but hopefully in the future of the genre we see something along those lines.
Barkley (NA)
: We need to know how items affect ability damage.
On what champions does attack damage affect their spell scaling? I'm pretty sure the only thing that affects spell scaling is spell power, and that affects everything except radius/range, duration, and target count. Seems pretty straight forward to me.
: Gold drop math
They need to just remove the gold drops and make items guaranteed. If they keep gold and increase the gold amount, you're giving some people insane early game bonuses, to the point that the general consensus might be that the gold is better. It'll never get to a point where both the gold and the items are considered equal.
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