: We already did that, remember? {{champion:82}}. Pros decided they'd rather permaban that shit instead of ever actually dealing with it.
I thought it was because Morde would strong-arm you into submission, and not through careful play. And you know, hitting Lv6 when your enemies are basically still Lv4, and bop them to death. Not a permaban because it's different, but because that shit is oppressive as fuck and that there was very little to combat it.
: TFW you're not sure if someone insulted you or complemented you in chat
Godbless Valkyria Chronicles. Both the animation and it's biweekly $5 steam sale.
: What's the name of the anime?
> [{quoted}](name=KaiSiCleaver,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=6T2pr5V6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-01-16T17:49:18.091+0000) > > Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation
Knalxz (NA)
: https://tribzap2it.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/quentin-tarantino-golden-globes-2013.gif?w=400&h=225 There's a Phantasy Star Anime!?!?!?!?
Yes. Was announced like three months ago, and is airing now. Two episodes have been released.
: Ah but I do agree with {{champion:203}}. I feel like they should have done similar to {{champion:126}} in that they had a melee form, Wolf, and a Ranged form, Lamb. But with a twist in that Lamb the gentle side of death should be a supportive form with some utility and CC and when you become Wolf being the painful death you get some aggressive skills like an execute and a way to shred the enemies' armor.
I'm okay with what they actually went with, given that there's the fact that the duality of the two intermingle with their kit. Wolf enhances Lamb when they're together(W+Q), and they attack together(E). Their control of death (although less control in terms of gameplay, but eh) is present in the ultimate. Both are present, neither are neglected because they're switching primary, despite that if it was done then it probably open them up to more things to do with their thematics. Ultimate probably could be improved, but eh. It's passable for me. Just don't bother if your answer is "introduce form-changing", because that sure went well with other champions before hand. "But we're talking thematics, not gameplay balance." Well honey, those go hand in hand for the final product. If you have to resort to seven skills, it's better to scrap that kit completely.
: > [{quoted}](name=gypsylord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ioagNZtE,comment-id=000600040002,timestamp=2016-01-12T22:30:41.120+0000) > > Serious respone: > >** I'm totally fine making a kit that has similar abilities to other champs. What's important is that THE KIT plays different, not any individual spell**. And trust me, Jhin is VERY different. > i think it's already the end, isn't it? at least it is if all the designer think like you because what is important is that we use spells that we consider none has ever in the game, when i play {{champion:82}} i can turn the fight into 6v4 and none NONE IN THE GAME can do this, and i smile when i think about it. Your example, you tried to troll but you showed how the champs are in general, about that vi's ulti which is an other cc, an other knock up, an other {{champion:54}} gap closer+knock up but point and click. how will we be able to choose someone? we will just take the STRONGEST, the strongest cc, the strongest mobility, the strongest in general like what happened with the vi/lee/jarvan meta, and you remember what said meddler? he wanted to buff nocturne's ulti blind so we have a reason to pick nocturne over them because he would bring a global blind. i'm sorry but this is just incoherant with your decision, if everyone do like you this will just end up with "pick the strongest one". how could this even happen
Krinu (NA)
: Don't both Trist and Jinx out-range her?
Trist outranges her at Lv 16. Jinx outranges her when her Q is at Lv3, but suffers having less attack speed when using Fish Bones, which is notable when fighting early levels. Big picture bois. Not just about range or a singular statistic.
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kyoki Shinkuro,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cZrkXdEq,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-12T19:58:49.309+0000) > > If your trap gives a small root or an AoE-Slow zone doesn't really matter, especially since his traps are invisible and you can actually bait enemies into them - instead of having to hope some dumbass actually steps into them. > > Also, movementspeeds from crits, that's his passive. I doubt he will need a disengage spell as badly as Cait does, especially since he could just AA->W->E to buy himself some time. > > There are few things that Cait does better than him, but the few she does probably do not weight up the advantages and versatility Jhin can offer. You haven't even seen his base stats yet. He could be hit in that department to compensate for his insane range. If anything, this is the death of Varus, who is basically the worse Jhin from the looks of it
I'm not so sure about it. The biggest turn off that Jhin has that Varus/Cait doesn't is the fact that we're not entirely sure if his basics are going to be worth anything. All we know is that when he shoots, it's going to hurt. A lot. But chances are, he's going to be shit once he's out of spells and has to rely on autoing. Also, is he even able to crit outside of his 4th shot because of crit chance boosting something else? (We're not sure there either.) If 1. Jhin's AAs are slow because AS is going somewhere else and 2. Jhin's AAs cannot crit outside of the specific times mentioned because crit chance also goes somewhere else Cait and Varus are going to be much better choice if you want a teamfight oriented game. Also shit's blockable for the stuff that are insane range.
Ligerzz (OCE)
: That's it. I'm transferring to the Japanese server.
Why do that when you can just change the language voice pack. (There's a guide for getting the Korean voices; it'll update again when the JPN voices are up.)
: > [{quoted}](name=ANecrophiliacCat,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2NY4wFuE,comment-id=00040002000000010001,timestamp=2016-01-07T01:01:25.090+0000) > > It's not going to be released THAT early. Need to have him you know; soak in the PBe for awhile. Let people cry OP and whine and fill our marvellous marksman's bathtub with tears. But don't fret; he'll make you beautiful. More beautiful than you are now. > > (Unless we're talking about PBE release. Then uh. You're right.) But who really cares about PBE, not all of us will be able to play him on that server. At least we will see how he looks and plays from those that have a PBE account.
Well, the idea is that if we do see a release, we're getting all the details on him. Hence why I mentioned between the debut on PBE or debut on Live. I certainly don't care about being able to play him when he's on the PBE. I just want to know how he works.
Rozzeta (NA)
: Is there a reason why we keep feeding the troll?
Because on the off-chance that he's not a troll and serious, we wish to expose his stupidity to the world so people can realize that maybe they're not center of the universe and say things that don't actually make sense.
: Actually, I disagree. On Twitter Riot said that the next patch would be next week on Tuesday, and Gypsy keeps saying he's almost ready, so I'm betting on next week.
It's not going to be released THAT early. Need to have him you know; soak in the PBe for awhile. Let people cry OP and whine and fill our marvellous marksman's bathtub with tears. But don't fret; he'll make you beautiful. More beautiful than you are now. (Unless we're talking about PBE release. Then uh. You're right.)
: Obviously it was Blitz's fault ;)
Nah dude. He was laughing his head off in the call while I'm just like, "....Fack."
: Merry Christmas ADC Mains
Mfw I'm watching it, and I recognized my shitty play at 127s.
Totalis (NA)
: If Koo beats skt then everyone should get champion riven
Reading through the comments, yes to that one guy getting a very large reward (like maybe bundling PAX Sivir and/or TF with le Riven), no to everyone getting the skin if Koo wins worlds. If anything, they should adjust it with the next level; whoever has gotten the most right should get the skin. Seriously guys, just because teams do better/worse than you expect doesn't mean "omfg, how are we supposed to know? gib us free skin rito." Just like how we never reached the point tier for free PP Mundo skin.
: You actually went through the effort to analyze that when you knew it was a typo? Read the first comment
That first comment wasn't there while I was typing the reply. Still doesn't change the fact that your idea is terrible. But let's ignore the rest of my reply in favor about the typo.
: Mordekaiser's W passive should've been on a new support item
What, no. This passive should never have existed in the first place. In fact, I'm surprised that Morde wasn't gutted even harder considering the amount of power this ability has. "The item would be bought by any support but would give full xp to the nearest enemy champion if they last hit the enemy, but the bonus XP would only work on melee champs" I have no idea what this even means. So I'm last hitting a minion, and the enemy gets the full xp for it? What? Talk about an unproductive item. And even if it was for the support that's last hitting the minion, that's stupid. "Sure, let's give Leona the ability to hit 6 before everyone else and CC the enemy laners ez pz." And because this item would be balantly OP, EVERYONE is going to build it, and limits the support role to just melee champions. Boom. Congrats, you now have fucked bot lane even harder. Possibly 2v1 lanes even more snowball-y.
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Kakwane (NA)
: Then the cat said: "gtfo me you fucking ducks"
XeroKimo (NA)
: YES BUT I WISH TO KNOW WHAT EVERYONE ELSE WANTS TO KNOW!?! http://www.funimation.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/hey-admin.png
LoLKiru (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Troy242621,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OFljLAIA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-13T00:57:11.694+0000) > > Because CertainlyT designs champions extremely poorly and does not learn from mistakes. In fact, he exasperates them. People have known this for a while but it's getting worse. It's honestly not the live balance team's fault, he makes their lives Hell. > > I'm not sure but I have a feeling he isn't solely responsible, so for fairness' sake, I also blame whoever keeps greenlighting his ideas and whoever else participated. Was going to make note that in a way, live balance is responsible (to some extent) for these things, a similar example if I recall is Riven. Who was noted to be designed with significantly lower numbers in mind but was given higher numbers because live balance. On a side note, they really need to let you accept or decline being soulbound, its ridiculous that you can't (it'd benefit kalista too, i've seen people accidently soulbind the wrong person). Edit: And a downvote for whatever reason despite saying something completely factual! (according to Xypherous anyway) Bear in mind im not saying ANYTHING about Riven's current state of balance, just that she ended up with higher numbers than her designer intended, and that thus many times number changes DO fall on live balance (how much of a say they have in it we don't know) Unless I got downvoted for agreeing with OP that soulbinding shouldn't be forced on you.... in which case I have no idea whats wrong with this board.
Actually, there is a way for you to change soulbounded targets. I believe the condition is that you haven't left the fountain yet, and you can buy another Black Spear and bond with someone else, removing the first soulbound. Once when I was playing Kallista, our midlaner walked in front of my friend (the support) and I clicked on her instead by accident. Over Skype, I'm freaking my shit, our Mid's freaking their shit, and my friend is like, "Dude, chill. Buy another one from the shop and bond with me." Lo and behold, I could. And everything went peachy keen.
Durzaka (NA)
: This guy right here. I like you. Although, i still dont fucking understand why Draven gets to refresh his Spinning Axe hitting a tower, but Caitlyn doesnt get headshot stacks. Feels like those 2 are very relatable to me.
Actually, she did before. They found that combined with her range, it was oppressive to lane against when she just stacks her headshots on the Tower, and then use it on the cowering enemy beneath the tower. So they took it off in Patch 3.07
Kouga (NA)
: Darius isn't really that game breaking. Thresh is fun and unique, but requires coordination and skill - one good Thresh on a terrible team cannot carry a game. And Zyra? When was the last time someone QQ'd about her? But I like the *idea* of Zyra even if I've never found her gameplay terribly compelling. But her theme is really neat. Personally, I love Yasuo, I have ever since his release. Yes, he pushes the game. And yes, sometimes he breaks it. Hard. Like with a sledgehammer. But Mechanics are harder to balance than Stats. And in the end, I think Mechanics are more engaging than just comparing numbers and seeing whose are bigger.
> [{quoted}](name=Kouga,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aFWaxGp6,comment-id=00030001000100000001,timestamp=2015-03-25T18:14:55.544+0000) > > Darius isn't really that game breaking. Thresh is fun and unique, but requires coordination and skill - one good Thresh on a terrible team cannot carry a game. And Zyra? When was the last time someone QQ'd about her? But I like the *idea* of Zyra even if I've never found her gameplay terribly compelling. But her theme is really neat. Personally, I love Yasuo, I have ever since his release. > > Yes, he pushes the game. And yes, sometimes he breaks it. Hard. Like with a sledgehammer. But Mechanics are harder to balance than Stats. And in the end, I think Mechanics are more engaging than just comparing numbers and seeing whose are bigger. Well, as far as I'm concerned, Darius was not broken completely. But back then, he was a menace to play against. Grab, W, AA, Q, dunk. Repeat process 30-50s later. He basically would always have his ulti up because that was his finish; reset that bad-boy, and dunk enemies who's ultimates are still on a 90s CD when they come back to lane. It was just miserable when Darius gets ahead. I won't really say anything about the CertainlyT champions because... Well, they are fun. They're somewhat interesting. But I have to draw the line at Kallista; there's too much in there where she has mobility, high damage, AND utility in the form of vision from W, and her ultimate. In fact, sometimes I feel that her ultimate is a "get out of jail" free card for when your support messes up their positioning. Hard to get kills when Kallista can ulti their support to safely, and then be hard to catch herself. (At the very least, she's a little more bearable with that animation change to her hop, reducing the rate that she moves.)
: You're playing a video game, not participating in the Olympics. Reporting absolutely everyone who says a specific phrase like that, regardless of context, is just absurd. I say shit like that all the time when I lose ("close game" comes to mind). It's just a joke, and usually it's very clear that it's a joke since I chat a lot in-game and I at least hope I don't come across as the type of jackass who would genuinely mean it. If you get some try-hard asshole who flames his teammates and trash-talks the enemy the entire game, and in post-game chat he says "ez," then go ahead. Report 'em. If it's someone who's just being facetious, then fuck off and get a sense of humor.
I already know it's a joke, and it's usually a joke when you're on the losing team when you say "gg ez." But it sure hella isn't funny when the winning team says it. Joke or not, if you win and say gg ez, your sole reason is to spite the enemy team. And I'm going to report you for that.
: Um, I just keep all chat turned off, Why don't other people do this? I felt weight lifted off of me not having to read whatever garbage the enemy wants to share with me, it became easier to focus, and I don't get enraged listening to some 2/13/5 jackass tell me how ez the game was. Seriously, Saw a lilypichu video, she was asked to give any tips and that was her tip, to turn all chat off, and its been a game changer for me.
The funny part is that I can probably avoid a lot of grief that way. But I've also had some really fun games by having all-chat on because the enemy team is very chill and fun to interact with. And I've had more games that way than negative games.
: A few years back they did a kit overhaul on Lee Sin, trying to rein in his strength and there was such revile from the community that they became scared to ever touch him again. I don't know which part of the community it was, though. Maybe it was everyone. Maybe it was China. I wasn't here then. But I heard the stories.
I heard it was mostly from the asian countries, specifically Korea and China. Lee was always big there.
: It amazes me how Riot can make amazing splash art like {{champion:18}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:98}}, and at the same time produce this Katarina abomination.
It's not just Shovel-face Kat; they also produced broke-back {{champion:15}}, broke-neck {{champion:99}} and broke-back Gaga {{champion:127}}
Cloud273 (NA)
: Ezreal takes just as much skill as Draven
Uh, no. I feel that Draven is more complicated than Ezreal Why? Well, we can argue that Ezreal takes more skills because hurr durr skillshots. But what takes skill on Draven? 1. Believe it or not, catching that axe **once** does not get the cost refunded. We're talking about several axe catching. About 50s worth of axe catching if he uses both axes and catches them all. At that point, he breaks even and gains mana. It's more commitment to keep those axes going, and you'll definitely be dropping them if it means that to catch it is to eat hard CC or take a lot of damage. (The other scenario where he drops his axe is if he's slowed and can't reach it.) 2. On top of that, micromanaging. With Ezreal, you shoot a Q and predict where the enemy is going to move. Draven, you gotta micromanage your movements so your axes go into a certain direction. (Stutterstepping while your axe is mid-flight to the target enemy.) If you don't, then you're out of luck; it's going to put the axe landing zone into a bad position where you're going to drop it, out of your way to catch it, or eat harass. 3. Your damage source is on your Q. If you drop your axes, it's going to hurt your damage output. A lot. You can drop a lot of Ezreal Qs; the mana cost is cheap enough that you can do so and miss a couple of times. But when your axe is dropped, then you're going to be missing out on a lot of damage until it's off cooldown. The amount of time spent juggling axes and not dropping them is what defines good Draven players. Even greater so if you master the very difficult skill of juggling **three**. 4. Bloodrush cannot get you through walls. Less escape potential from Draven. 5. Bloodrush movement speed decays. Just enough to move you out of there, or to catch that axe. But there are small windows of slowdown to stop him. 6. Bloodrush is not a blink like Arcane Shift; he's affected by slows. 7. Common use of E is to knock enemies to slow them. Advance use can be predicting where that Corki or Trist is going to move away with Valkyrie or Rocket Jump. **The angle that you toss your E so that it knocks an enemy champion back into an ally's skillshot path.** 8. Possesses same skill with ultimate; prediction on where the enemy will be to shoot your ultimate, with the added thought of how early you have to hit the ultimate button again so it gives the least amount of time for them to dodge the axes coming back. The above are reasons why I think that Draven is more complicated than Ezreal. Definitely, they have their own niches, and reasons to pick one over the other. But to be a consistently good Draven player over getting good with Ezreal? And that Draven and Ezreal take the same amount of skill? Ehhh, less so.
: Step Aside, Frostbutt Irelia...
Y-You mean not only she boasts the largest chest in League, but now the best butt too? rito pls. This does not compute.
Bzk (NA)
: Also she is only popular on the forums. Not in the game where people actually play. As of today she only has a 8% popularity rating, where as thresh has 31%.
As far as I know, Ezreal back in Season 2 wasn't picked that frequently before PFE as well, and Udyr was under the radar at the time as well. Popularity isn't everything, and I think that it's nice for champions that aren't popular getting the ultimate skin.
: > [{quoted}](name=Altricad,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kIFsbdgx,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2015-01-11T18:38:47.264+0000) > > When this guy {{champion:64}} can deal a maximum of 400 damage at ALL levels with his q to monsters. > > and this girl {{champion:60}} can only deal 150 max, something is horribly wrong with the balance team. No kidding, I like how they cut Elise monster damage in half because she could "secure objectives too easily", but they leave Lee Sin like that when his monster execute is even stronger. But hey, it's ok since it's Lee $in, and nobody must be able to get even close to what he can do. It's hard to not think that Riot is totally biased with him when you see stuff like that.
You'd think that they'd cut down on executes like that. I mean, isn't that intruding onto {{champion:20}} , and {{champion:31}} territory in terms of objective securing? For the sake of, "Champions need to be more diverse and have their own niches." Also, meanwhile...{{champion:429}} You're probably never going to steal anything with a {{champion:20}} /{{champion:31}} and {{champion:429}} around.
: That was the reason given to us, not **the** reason. Bottom line is, we're given the worst servers and support of any region.
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