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: Personal Thoughts on RiotAugust
Just another useless rant post by some snowflake who got offended when faced with cold harsh bitter truth. You just proved his point boi. The boards, at least the gameplay one, is indeed utter garbage/useless as fk
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: Oh god, this is Nautilus' wet dream
https://lolstatic-a.akamaihd.net/frontpage/apps/prod/preseason-2017/en_US/e8b9fdc1b422a536983bfd583c13deb77ac2146f/assets/img/gameplay/masteries/courage-of-the-colossus.jpg + {{champion:157}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} permaban!!
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: A few things i noticed in silver
"burn summs just to get a kill or try to" I watched a worlds game the other day. dont remember teams but it was really long game I think +65 minute where they had pussy ass long range poke comp. only trades were some varus just spamming Q from behind 50 tanks but to the point, i didn't see any kill happen wihout burning of summoner spells. every Q elise landed was with a flash at melee range
: A Doran's Shield Buff to fix Top lane Meta
I try to play {{champion:157}} top lane against them ranged champs but scrubs keep banning him. Then here I see complaints of only ranged champs being viable in top lane wat
: ranked.... i've given up
your champ roster... at least learn to play 1 hyper carry champ. bronze is really easy to hard stomp your way out of it. you can easily find 1v1 fights in there and win.
: Have you ever banned a champion not because they are broken but because you hate fighting them?
{{champion:11}} player {{champion:1}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:420}} fk all three of them. Whenever there is an amumu in enemy team, I'm know with 83% accuracy that my bot lane will die every single time this fker shows up anywhere near bot and soon I wont be able to deal with anyone of enemy team
: A Late Night Visitor
wtf is this? is this the usual generic Yasuo bashing bs or is CertainlyT is confirmed somewhere to be guy doing {{champion:19}} rework? I'm in plis if thats the case :)
: Graves is basically a melee carries wet dream
yes riot gut graves plis or something better...BUFF YI. :D Bring the glorious Sated jg back
Rebonack (NA)
: The problem with OnHit itemization is that it has no real identity compared to AD/Pen or AD/Crit. AD/Pen is if you want to make your skills hit like a train. AD/Crit is for making scary auto-attacks. But what is OnHit for? Well... Nothing, really. What I've been saying since Season 2 or so is that since OnHit will *never* be able to compete with crit/crit damage/AD then OnHit should instead focus on providing mixed offense and defense. Crit can have its crazy damage, but if you want to be beefy while still having threatening basic attacks? That's what OnHit should be for. I see Wit's as more or less the baseline of what OnHit itemization should provide a player. Personally, I think a 'new' component item should be created (Recurve plus Dagger) namely, Malady. Malady would simply provide OnHit magic damage and attack speed. Malady in turn would be combined with various defensive items (Negatron, QSS, Warden's Mail, Giant's Belt, ect) to create a collection of magic damage OnHit items that cater to champions who like auto-attacking while eating enemy focus.
On hit is to kill ridiculous shit tanks like a fed/full build {{champion:106}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:33}} if you don't have a tanky support to save ur squishy ass when caught. RIP Sated devourer. Sated {{champion:4}} never forget!
: How to do baron/dragon according to players
what a pleb u aren't even a jungler main :D
Bellows (NA)
: I Hope That the Free Riot Kayle Skin Will Make More People Play Her
Speak the truth and get downvoted :) I never really want to see a Kayle in enemy team, but if her play rate goes up a bit, maybe many more will see what I see when Kayle is in enemy team
Rozair (NA)
: I cant stand how negative we all are towards each other
wtf u talking about feggit start a Yasuo bashing thread and you'll find about 100 people all in agreement with you and upvoting the fk outta it. some might even share their horror stories of being violated by Yasuo on a number of occasions. if you talking about in game flaming, then lemme say, FOR A CHANGE, it'd be nice to have team mates who dont go 0-4 in lane in first 8 minute, helplessly roam around in jungle/other lanes to "do something", fail to do so while enemy laner beef up in an abandoned lane, blame me(jungler) for being shit and then......AFK! seriously I lost 4 ranked games in a row exactly cause of this. Not even exaggerating. legit feeding->ragequit after 10 minutes in 4 games straight!! And I just wondered wtf did I do to deserve this
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: you get hit by a knock up while not hiding under tower? He will use it even if just as a means of poke.
a poke on 80 second cooldown till level 11 is the best poke we can ever ask for. kappa
: We Nerfed Riven and Irelia's ult Cooldown time because they were always up...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NIpmx6pT40 see what Yasuo's ult did to irelia's HP bar then see what irelia's ult did to her own and Yasuo's HP bar just saying. pls downvote
: To win in bronze you have to know bronze
{{champion:11}} You don't need anything else edit: i just looked at your match history. those scores lmfao. NA B4 looks like heaven for kill mongering I guess Bronze is bad. but damn I feel like starting a new account and staying below B4 just to stomp that hard if players there really are that bad to let someone stack up kills like that. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2280209393/211275971?tab=overview fkkk. Even in normals, never had a team that didn't surrender if a single player's kills hit 30+
: Played this for 4 or 5 years, finally made it to diamond. Here is my guide for people like me.
tl;dr main the most braindead easy cc tank support in game and one day you'll get there
: Let me introduce you to an item
Nuke the entire minion wave thing doesn't start happening till like 15-20 minute. At least for champs I play. At that point laning is almost over and I don't think it matters that much if a support is last hitting 3-4 minions. People focus on pushing to get tower or roam to other lanes. but Idk, I mostly play jungler :D
: Is Riot aware of how strong Anti-Tank stats are right now?
people still pretending tank are weak wow are you sure you're playing tanks, or are just too bad? there are good number of braindead tanks present who can just chill and dive 1v5, tank the fk outta enemy carries, cc the said carries, dance while all this is going on, and come out alive as their carries finish the enemy. had a game where enemy had {{champion:99}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:150}} . We didn't win a single team fight. We had a nunu support so we had that going for us too, but even then, the enemy team comp is just pure shit. 0 effort for lucian and lux as no one could reach them. Maybe you all "tanks" should stop starting a 1v1 fight with enemy mid laner when you find them in river on your way to ward dragon or something and then crying "noob team no follow up" or "gg so OP tank so weak rito wth"
Salron (NA)
: PD probably needs to be reworked or removed
I read PD in title and knew Yasuo will be brought up somehow OP delivered. {{item:3157}} does much more. 45 armor should add more than 12% damage reduction and not just from last enemy hit but global, also gives offensive stats and oooh, that active. But lets not move outta circlejerk here. stay focused!
: Let's be honest, Trinity force is probably going to get nerfed
Yup, it's been a long time since {{item:3124}} is a bad item. About time riot does something to make this item worth buying ~an AS jungler spammer
: Hmm...maybe because he scales harder on attackspeed than almost any other champion in the game, outside of maybe Yi. Its forcing him to buy more. This is not a problem. Notice that he gets more out of attack speed now that his base is higher.
jax xin Yi voli trundle aatrox voli warwick udyr all have some sort of AS boost. Yasuo has none. yet his AS nerf was necessary.
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: The story of how I found my main
got pwnd by a fed Yasuo when I started playing wtf damage? saw death recap, said ~900 damage from steel tempest. fking shit champ I thought. then saw him champion spotlight. Next champ I bought :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Celestial Bodied,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iYEROU1Z,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2016-08-20T03:01:10.143+0000) > > You can't isolate this example because there are more variables. A champ can healthily have both damage and CC, but be squishy and immobile. > > Just look at any immobile Mage and you will see it as a common thing. Mages also have a lot less DPS and objective killing power. Nor do those same mages have a perma slow. And team fight power. And CC. And burst. And cross map vision. And insane poke. All on the same kit. there is a reason Ashe has the highest win rate.
mages dont have what? {{champion:63}} {{item:3116}}
: Tryndamere has lost his identity as a champion and needs a rework.
Yasuo crits harder than trynda? wtf? Yasuo crits deal 10% less damage. trynda can get 35% crit at level 1 with just a doran's blade
: Does armor even matter
It'll start to matter once you know learn to build properly
: Need an underrated Carry top laner that scales with your opponent's lack of knowledge and strategy?
stfu man Yasuo beats everything that dares to move in top lane he is ultra OP, has no weakness, is early game bully and late game 1 shotter while building full tank at the same time I perma ban yasuo every game even is my teams first pick and want to play him. im not that heartless to let the enemy top laner suffer the wrath of Yasuo top lane plis kappa
: > [{quoted}](name=cocacolalips,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IKYi2qd7,comment-id=001d0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-19T05:26:31.893+0000) > > Its a matter of match up, not lane. He loses to every bruiser, No he doesn't. He beats Olaf, Garen, Nasus, Rengar, Jax, Fiora, etc. Now, he does lose to some bruisers like Darius or Wukong, but this myth of Yasuo getting shit on by all bruisers top lane is bullshit spread by people who have never played against a good Yasuo top lane. > and he is doing fine against most mages and some tanks as pointed out by your link. For a champion doing fine against most mages he sure does lose games against them pretty often. > Eventually Yasuo does jack sh!t in lane anyway, he is like Vayne, stand back, cs, and win fights later on. Lol, no, Yasuo can certainly play aggressively in lane. His Q and E allow him to poke and trade with many of the slower bruisers and tanks with little retaliation early on. He tends to lose to either champions that can bring the fight to him with big boy burst damage (like Wukong or Riven), or high damage champions who can force him to stay in a man fight with them longer than Yasuo is comfortable with (like Darius).
Yasuo IS a fighter/assassin. As a fighter he lose to some bruiser, does well against some others. I don't see the problem. unless your idea of balance is that a fighter class champion should lose to every other fighter class champion
: > [{quoted}](name=cocacolalips,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IKYi2qd7,comment-id=001d,timestamp=2016-08-19T02:33:18.011+0000) > > You can't be serious, Yasuo gets trashed in lane by every single bruiser and other melee champion, that's why he is played mid and not top, so he gets to fight mages. http://champion.gg/champion/Yasuo He's played more often as a top laner, and has been better as one for a while.
scroll down a bit further on that link, against almost every top lane bruiser he has a negative win rate
Arkayed (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=dominusx,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IKYi2qd7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-08-18T18:58:27.750+0000) > > totally agree everytime i go even in lane as yasuo i switch to bruiser and stomp. Fervor adds WAY too much dmg if you add the arpen from R + they wont ever escape you with frozen mallet slow it needs to go you can even beat Darius post 2 items with it. and i dont think any champ can 1v1 darius except Illaoi Gnar(kite) Vayne(kite) Olaf and Trundle maybe Kayle can work too or a godlike shen W "Nobody can beat Darius!! ....except like these 15 people. But Yasuo shouldn't be able to!"
dominusx (EUNE)
: totally agree everytime i go even in lane as yasuo i switch to bruiser and stomp. Fervor adds WAY too much dmg if you add the arpen from R + they wont ever escape you with frozen mallet slow it needs to go you can even beat Darius post 2 items with it. and i dont think any champ can 1v1 darius except Illaoi Gnar(kite) Vayne(kite) Olaf and Trundle maybe Kayle can work too or a godlike shen W
{{champion:11}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:77}}
: > [{quoted}](name=HateDaddy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IKYi2qd7,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2016-08-18T19:14:20.434+0000) > > Because irelia is easier to play and spikes harder with Trinity > > I also don't think bruiser yasuo would be good competitively. > > And I don't mind normal yasuo, just this solo queue bruiser off build that doesn't lose to anything. Why wouldn't bruiser Yasuo be good competitively? If his early game beats everyone's and if when built like this he had no weaknesses there would be no reason to not pick him. He even has better utility than Irelia does. Also, "easier to play"? Azir is one of the hardest champions to play in the game and was pick/ban in competitive before being nuked from orbit. Yasuo being harder to play doesn't imply anything.
stfu n00b bruser yas OP kills everything not does need get weakness no counters and free farm champs and minions no discrimination for ~7k gold get 2 item and kill nexus aint no stopping nref rito kappa
Offrole (NA)
: The Do's and Dont's of trading stance
such cowardly tactics gtfo with ur pussy ass mechanix. 1v1 me %%%
Veraska (NA)
: post 10 champs you hate, and see if people can guess your main!
{{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:23}} I just hate these fking shit champs. Doesn't have anything to do with me maining any particular champs.
mrnm (EUNE)
: lets see darius? no mobility whatsoever illaoi? no mobility whatsoever mordekaiser? no mobility whatsoever nasus? no mobility whatsoever these champions are juggernauts. the thing in their kits is that they trade off mobility and cc for damage. {{champion:157}} ? this guy is not a juggernaut. he has heaps of mobility, deals damage and is tanky. although he lacks cc just like juggernauts. This champion is currently a darius with a dash.
Things tank Yasuo is capable of: Q standing in middle of enemy team and heal for 80% of his HP True damage on ult, gets reset if finishing blow Stand in middle of enemy team watch some tentacle pound entire enemy team to death, while healing at the same time build 0 damage items and full armor, but 2 shot carries with just a Q cause he stacked it good kappa
: We had AD Kat, Tanky Kat, Bi Kat and AP Kat. Do you think the new spells (Or spell adjustment) she'll receive will push her into a side in particular? Will she keep the grievious wounds passive on her ultimate? You said you wanted to change her Shunpo gameplay, but will she still have the damage reduction from it after using the spell? Is her Q, Bouncing Blade, receiving a minor change or will be a completely different one, without having to proc the mark like Akali's Q?
Bi kat? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Assassin Roster Update - Katarina
When you say ward jumping, do you mean only jumping to wards or all friendly units too including friendly minions/champions?
Unvictus (NA)
: I understand your take on removing Ward jumping as you have new reset mechanics with Shunpo, but I feel if you are to remove it from one champ wouldn't it only be fair to remove it from Jax and Lee Sin too?
then wouldn't it be fair to given resets to Jax and Lee Sin too?
: What about a few changes to Yasuo like this?
I can't say these changes will have any effect on his current play style/builds... but it'll probably have all the bronzeNation rejoicing and partying hard cause "Yasuo nerfed" and maybe the Yasuo threads will disappear finally
Eedat (NA)
: Had a Diamond in my normal game as a Silver BUT....
Yea...it was just a normal game. I feed harder than AI bots in most of my normal games. Fk farming minions, I go for 1v1 in lane straight up. If I die, I tp back and go at it again. I play normals to experiment with stuff, like how risky of a play can I make and succeed etc. I'm guessing many others do that too.
Niaphim (EUW)
: {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3035}} Armor? What is it? {{champion:41}} {{champion:157}} yeah, what does this word mean?
wtf is that build on Yasuo? is that some legit new thing or just our typical everyday baseless Yasuo bashing? cause I see no attack speed on a champ whose primary source of damage is auto attacks
: Tank Yasuo is Cancer
> [{quoted}](name=KingPontus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=geKZL9s0,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-16T06:13:48.488+0000) > > Either a champion is a tank that doesn't do a whole lot of damage or they are more squishy and do more damage. not Both {{champion:106}}
: yasuo is balanced such that he cannot build such things and get away with it, this is why hes getting nerfs but really the problem is triforce
his "regular" mid lane build has less than 50% win rate so Yasuo is balanced in a way to always have that poor winrate? He isn't allowed to be good/viable?
: Daily Reminder that Ignite needs to have its damage buffed from 410 to 420 at level 18
: Whats happening to yasuo right now is the tank ekko thing all over again
Yea Yasuo has 50% max HP true damage, 80% movespeed and 75% slow on every non crit AA/Q. totally same thing as tank ekko
: >lack of an escape, disengage Six minions in lane. If he can´t use them to get in and out, he's an awful Yasuo. >and ranged farming. And his Q3 is what?
: I fully support the damage paths Yasuo can run with.
please explain to me how fervor is doing more for Yasuo than it is doing for any other AA/AS champion. What is this "abusing"? How much increased %damage does Yasuo do than say, Jax/Irelia/Any ADC when using fervor? > [{quoted}](name=GaIacticCat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eTX9EJn7,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-08T16:18:31.877+0000) > >not how he's supposed to be played Fk you :) I'll play however I want to.
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