: Regarding all the hacked players recently
Yeah, a good friend of mine recently got back on the game after a year and a half. We all joked his account would be hacked but when he logged in it actually was hacked. They had unfriended all his friends and used his BE to get new champions. Luckily they didn't do anything ban worthy, but every person left on his friends list had Korean statuses so it wasn't like a sharing situation with people he knew. My friend (and the rest of us) are big IT nerds so it wasn't a matter of him being stupid and having a bad password and giving out account information. We have another friend who was so addicted to smurfing he bought new accounts every so often to feed his addiction. On Overwatch when he did this he had to buy the game (dude has like 7 OW accounts and it's hilarious he bought it full price so many times) but on League there are so many hacked accounts he could buy level 30+ accounts to smurf on for like $5 a pop. Something is definitely screwy and honestly seeing how Riot support treats people who lost their account makes me kinda nervous. Idk why they won't just add an authenticator like Steam has, they've claimed it's in the works for a long time.
: Reav3 commented on the morde main subreddit
"We decided pizza feet were core to his character."
GigglesO (NA)
: Be able to play tanks again. Hopefully riot can help me attain my goal.
> [{quoted}](name=GigglesO,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=O7rbN60B,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-01-23T02:06:57.775+0000) > > Be able to play tanks again. > > Hopefully riot can help me attain my goal. Ornn and Nunu are super fun and not too bad right now if you've never tried them. Ornn takes some learning because he's super jank but the gameplay is extremely satisfying when you get there. Nunu is nearly unkillable because of Consume, Ult shield, and aftershock and is generally fun in my opinion, I had a pretty high winrate with him too.
: What is your goal for this upcoming season?
Most importantly I'll continue my grind for level 7 champions and have fun trying champions I'm not yet comfortable with. I'm nearing the 75 level 7 champion mark and I'll probably make a post about it in the next few months here when I hit it, I did one at 50 level 7s last year and people seemed to like it. I don't play ranked nearly at all but maybe I'll make a diamond attempt this year, I get placed in plat every season so it could be possible.
Dr Dog (NA)
: actually unpopular opinion: i hate both URF and ARURF
The very first time URF every came out and you could run Revive/Teleport, my friends and I basically played nonstop until it was patched. After revive was taken out we had fun for a little while longer, but I got sick of it pretty quickly. It never really held my interest again after that.
: Roadmap hype?
Here we go bois, I'm excited to share yet another year of "where the shit is Mordekaiser/Pantheon/Volibear" with you guys. At least the abomination known as Nunu got reworked so maybe there is hope.
: These are non issues. So minor they never make a difference. Pretending they do is just.. no.
Lol even if people aren't intentionally trying to cheese the system, I saw enough Teemo shrooms and AP Shaco boxes left after their dual was over and another began to know this is an issue. Stuff needs to despawn before Prize Fight and also despawn in between rounds.
Rioter Comments
: @Riot Autofill splash will hurt the game
They said if you consistently lose in your off-lane (where you should be matched against other people of that skill level, mind you) the splash will increase from a little bonus/subtraction and start hitting your main role as hard as the off-role you are currently filled as. So if people throw games enough times, their main role will be affected.
Rioter Comments
: I had two thoughts about why it's different but the TL:DR was that the Raven crest is the current symbol for Noxus while the Darkin crest (It looks like a Darkin to me) is outdated. The first thought is that the Darkin crest predates Noxus and that the Raven crest is more usual, which would be further indicated by the only building with the Darkin crest we know of being the Immortal Bastion, which predates Noxus. The hole in this theory is honestly that we don't know if any other building uses the Darkin crest and the crest is also pretty frequent on armor and flags, indicating that the Raven crest is a lot more recent. Which leads to the second thought: the crests represent the grand generals, with the Raven representing Swain and the Darkin representing Boram Darkwill. With a recent turnover of power, Boram's crest would not only be common but a rallying symbol for people against Swain. Though not so much a hole, this particular theory does call into question why Boram would've used a crest resembling a Darkin, either as a question of whether or not he knew what it was or, if he did know, how he knew (Darkin don't appear to be a common knowledge thing) and why he chose it. ~~Of course it could also be like other people are saying and just be two wolves facing away from each other which would kinda make sense given the wolves probably being Draven and Darius~~
I thought the crest you call the Darkin crest was supposed to be Mordekaiser's helmet, since he once commanded his army from the Immortal Bastion? It has the distinct shape of his helmet in the center and the axes on the sides were an evolution of his emblem as the Trifarix was founded. Like if you look at the Swain teaser, the Noxian crest has glowing red eyes and everything, and Mordekaiser was the original inhabitant of the Bastion when he constructed it to house his bones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-Uqzp1AVDM
King Lego (EUNE)
: While the video gave me chills
I also wish a few more Noxian champions had been featured in the Ionia part. It would be really cool if after they took down Sion a bunch of ravens start swarming them and Swain walks in at the last frame or something like that.
Bultz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Naalith,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=r9k2gfTV,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-01-21T16:10:48.584+0000) > > I was kinda hoping Kayle and Morgana would appear, even if for just one scene. Kayle was super iconic in the old marketing material and appeared in so many places on the site but fell off after she became outdated. Hopefully they do some cinematic trailer for those two rather than in game stuff plus VO again. They won’t be added to anything until their update. It would be pointless to show old models in brand new material and then change it a few months later. They will most likely get a fair bit of marketing after their updates
Well yeah I was hoping they would show their new, reworked models for just a scene or whatever in the video as a teaser. In the old days there were some examples of new/reworked champions appearing in these longer cinematics (Zac and Vi come to mind.)
: Riot needs to stop kissing Yasuo's ass
I was kinda hoping Kayle and Morgana would appear, even if for just one scene. Kayle was super iconic in the old marketing material and appeared in so many places on the site but fell off after she became outdated. Hopefully they do some cinematic trailer for those two rather than in game stuff plus VO again.
: I saw someone suggesting that it could look like the Zaun Underground. Not only would this add the Zaun aesthetic into the game, which is currently lacking, it would also correlate with how Nexus Blitz is meant to be chaotic.
I agree wholeheartedly. I was talking with my friends about how it would even make sense because the wolf camp explodes when you kill it, it could be a bunch of little chemtech robots or infected animals or something.
Rioter Comments
: Kindred skins??
All they would have to do is make Elderwood Kindred, that skin concept has been around for nearly as long as the champion and it's fucking amazing. Super Galaxy is like... okay... but I think they were kinda just thrown into it. I mained Kindred super hard when that skin came out and I was disappointed, I still play them from time to time and wish I had a cooler skin to show off, I usually just use the default skin. Think of what Riot did with Odyssey Kayn. They didn't throw him into a skin line he didn't really fit into for the sake of saying they made a skin. They made sure he fit in well with the skin line and that Rhaast was taken care of and their dynamic still made sense, it was also made a legendary probably just because making a Kayn skin is a massive undertaking to start with. Kindred needs something similar. A theme that really, REALLY resonates with them like elderwood or a legendary.
: Basically, what I see everytime I play League
When you're stuck between Flammatron Prime and a 3 man premade who are defending each other from his wrath.
: Press R to win
There's a litany of ways to beat Illaoi. She's immobile so she has a hard time getting into your whole team unless you jump her, plus CC keeps her away. If she does manage to get in you can CC her so she can't activate W and her tentacles that spawn off her R. If you get hit by an E make sure no one is standing near the spirit because it will proc tentacles the second her ult goes off. Illaoi is pretty good 1v1 and if she has access to your team she will decimate you, but unlike most instakill champions she can't get to you from far away and she also can't lock you down by herself.
: I am really getting sick of ignite.
Summoners are in such a weird place right now. I'm not sure if the game has just been solved at this point but people used to take really diverse stuff depending on the situation, now mid lane is really the only place you can swap your spells out. Flash {{summoner:4}} remains and probably will always be required, even though my friends and I used to say they should remove it in the early days of League that won't happen now and honestly it's the only saving grace in the current meta for non-mobile champions to attempt to not die. Teleport {{summoner:12}} pisses me off because it's basically required top. Top is super fun in my opinion when both people take ignite and actually have a penalty for death, but with teleport they can just come back instantly before you can get your minions to die in their tower. If you take ignite against a teleport, you'll end up behind no matter how many times you clap them. Teleport is also a requirement in high elo/pro play and honestly I'm not sure how I feel about it being in the game. {{summoner:3}} is so bad right now that even enchanters and other such supports don't take it now and just run ignite instead since everyone dies instantly no matter what. {{summoner:21}} exists. Idk what else to say lol. Mids take it if they're going against an assassin in the hope that it saves them. It won't but... you know, it's the thought that counts. {{summoner:7}} probably the most balanced summoner spell? It's tailor made for bot lane and will probably stay there forever. {{summoner:14}} basically the standard because it assists in killing people instantly, or snowballing yourself by doing the last few ticks of damage (so you can then snowball and kill people instantly) {{summoner:1}} I'm not sure anyone knows this spell exists, I see it like once a month. It's basically just good mid lane because every other role has required summoners and even then it's only to cock block Zoe or Lissandra.
: ***
AP Ashe support with Ardent was a good meme for a while when Ardent was really OP and you could use the Stoneborne Pact or whatever the old Font of Life was to proc it consistently. Good times.
: inb4 this is kayle rework
Sylas has a line for Kayle's ult where he just says "Sanctimonious", so it's likely she'll have the same ult or a similar blessing of immunity style one.
: Why most players don't play Ivern?
He's niche by design. Lots of people consider the niche champions useless or in need of a rework but I honestly think they're fine as is. Enchanters aren't that good in general right now just because of the state of the game which compounds on his nicheness, it's much better to just have a Lee Sin or Graves who obliterate everyone instead.
Khâmul (EUW)
: It was my pleasure RIOT
It would've been cool if Mordekaiser's year in review had some tease at the rework, so those of you who have stuck with it could get to know first. Nothing major of course, maybe just a cool lore or gameplay tease.
: > [{quoted}](name=Naalith,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=s1BY0K45,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-01-14T23:15:30.569+0000) > > You should definitely claim it for collection purposes, but I'm not sure if you should actually ever use it lol. Everyone will think you actually spent the $120 to get gold pixels ruining your blood moon skin. I was about to argue with you saying that they're [**sidegrades**](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIJviVCM-xk), but dear lord... Why would they release a >100USD skin where the cheaper version's ult looks so much better?
> [{quoted}](name=Glaricion,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=s1BY0K45,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2019-01-15T01:01:24.784+0000) > > I was about to argue with you saying that they're [**sidegrades**](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIJviVCM-xk), but dear lord... > Why would they release a >100USD skin where the cheaper version's ult looks so much better? Yeah, like the K/DA skins I would consider sidegrades and it's just sort of everyone's opinion or whatever. For Blood Moon though? The whole point of the theme is kind of the dark atmosphere blood red supernatural phenomena, and the Prestige version just kinda looks weird.
: Was re-rolling some skin shards and this happened
You should definitely claim it for collection purposes, but I'm not sure if you should actually ever use it lol. Everyone will think you actually spent the $120 to get gold pixels ruining your blood moon skin.
: so like can we have champion specific icons
I'm not sure why they stopped doing it, in 2017 they made free icons for every new champion besides Zoe. They were super will done and I see the Kayn ones all the time even now. I think they should make them again, I'd love them to be a mastery 7 reward or whatever. Unfortunately most icons now are skin ones which just aren't the same but also aren't free and usually require bundles to be bought.
: How many Prestige Points would you have to get for free to feel good about them?
Besides the fact that the system is absolute dogshit to begin with and should be removed wholesale, if there was some "middle ground" to be had we would have to wait until all the skins are out to see how many there are total. If there's only these two skins? Maybe like 60 to get right up to one then let someone waste $50 on the 6750 RP pack to bridge the gap. If there's one every single patch though? They should probably give people enough for free by the end of the season to make at least one or two.
> [{quoted}](name=SoFunToInt,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0I8v71zb,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-01-13T22:01:19.446+0000) > > 0 > > THIS GAME IS COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY RIOT DOES NOT NEED TO GIVE AWAY THEIR PAID COSMETIC CONTENT FOR FREE AS WELL They don't need to be manipulative assholes overpricing limited time cosmetics either, but we see which side of the fence they fall on.
Moody P (NA)
: thank you for bugtesting our game*
Well the difference is bugtests lead to bugs being taken out of things. Lol.
Saelon (NA)
: Are you saying you don't want to spent 100+ dollars on a chroma for a 10 dollar skin? Are you CRAZY? ITS GOLD!
Lol gold pixels sell for more than real gold apparently.
: Is Riot's marketing team even coherent at this point? People complain about a massive time consuming grind from the pass system, so their fix for it is to tie it to expensive bundles in the shop. Like what the fucking hell Riot. It's sad when the pass with the grind actually looks more appealing because of this bullshit.
> [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nmI9nPm9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-10T19:53:58.339+0000) > > Is Riot's marketing team even coherent at this point? > People complain about a massive time consuming grind from the pass system, so their fix for it is to tie it to expensive bundles in the shop. Like what the fucking hell Riot. > > It's sad when the pass with the grind actually looks more appealing because of this bullshit. "People didn't like when we tried to copy Fortnite and do passes because we can't compete with 100 tiers of unique content on the way to the limited skin, so we decided to go the scumbag mobile game route and have you waste money on loot boxes full of shit you don't want to get one skin for $120." Like honestly, what are they doing?
Infernape (EUW)
: The problem is enough whales jumped at Riot's mission passes for Bland'Sa and Akali. It's far too late now. If people didn't buy those mission passes, I can guarantee you, things would be radically different. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the same whales bought lootbox after lootbox to get prestige points.
Product fatigue has a major role to play in whether a company will continue to run an unpopular/unwanted item. Kai'sa was new and people didn't truly understand the grind yet, Akali is what turned a lot of people off and people got mad at events. If we turn down these new prestige skins (and I think most people would agree they are worse than the base skin anyways) they might quit doing this practice or at the very least walk back on some of the scumminess.
: The cool thing about a capitalist society is that if you don't buy it Riot will be forced to not try and sell them
I'm not attacking capitalism, I'm letting Riot know they won't survive in a capitalist system if they drive away their whole user base.
: Riot is the next EA. Did you know league is now a sport in my P.E class? Everyone calls each other noobs and the bullying is much more serious now.
Where do you live that it's a sport in school, if you don't mind me asking? I think if games are going to be a class at all design and strategy for multiple games should be taught. A single game as a whole class seems a little short sighted to me.
Naalith (NA)
: Prestige skins are a predatory failure.
I'm on my phone right now so this might look messy, but check this out. It's a Twitter reply from the events guy defending the skins. https://mobile.twitter.com/Mortdog/status/1083432048914616320?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1083432048914616320&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fpublish.twitter.com%2F%3Fquery%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Ftwitter.com%252FMortdog%252Fstatus%252F1083432048914616320%26widget%3DTweet
Rioter Comments
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: What the fuck are those neeko buffs
Not putting any of the nerfs into your post, I see.
Sukishoo (NA)
: It's only the 4th one, come back when they hit 20 by Mid-season ;) I personally don't know WHY THE HELL Vayne is getting one. She's been a popular pick off and on but really? Did she need a second Mythic skin? The other two, yeah probably wouldn't get anywhere near as much love if one of them got it, though I'd personally love to see Sej have it. ~~Still want K/DA Ahri and Eve~~
I'm not sure why they chose Vayne either. She has a library of amazing skins and like you said, already has one mythic. Stupid thing is her legendary IMO is better than both her mythics combined, her legendary is a work of art and lots of times legendaries feel like they devalue future skins because of how amazing they are. It takes a really special 1350 (or second legendary) to compete.
: Did you really expect a CertainlyT champion to not be loaded to the brim with stuff that would make him a balancing nightmare?
evree opee chumpp iz certenlee tee, reeeeeeeeeeeee. Naw but for real? CertainlyT has the infamy but I think there are far worse designs that no one bothers to check who designed them. Kai'sa, Irelia, Camille, and Galio are recent examples of champions that have remained broken for a long time and are only started to be reigned in a little bit after ruining the game for months. Zoe was nuked like a month or two after release, Warwick was a great rework, Akali is frustrating but not strictly overpowered, etc.
: Remove Duskblade, Buff Assassins
As someone who plays every class, I'm alright with Duskblade. An upfront burst damage item for the upfront burst damage class? I'm not opposed. Assassins are also the most hated class by far so I don't think people will ever not be mad about them. If the vision passive has to go I'm okay with that. Obviously people will still know when there is vision because of the damage portion but actually clearing wards (and in one hit) is a little crazy. I also think mid laning assassins like Zed and Talon should be nerfed in general, jungle assassins aren't nearly as annoying or binary in terms of being OP or useless. Playing mid as a classic mage against assassins is horrible and there's literally 0 way to win if the assassin player doesn't make mistakes.
QMighty (NA)
: Calling it now, this year is Morde, Panth, Voli and Nocturne. One of those will get announced in the roadmap. Maybe one of them won't be til next year since we won't have as many VGU's this year, though.
Here's the issue with those estimations: those champions should have been done years ago. Sion, Poppy, Mordekaiser, and Nunu (talking original kits here) are in my opinion the most abject abominations in this game. Sion and Poppy got to go first and Nunu was finally reworked (successfully in my opinion) but Morde is just kinda... crying. Also keep in mind that their Tier 1 VGU list includes like 20 champions including Cho'Gath, Corki, Kog'Maw, etc. I really hope these 4 (especially Morde and Panth) get reworked first but who knows. I asked Meddler why so many functional but boring champions like Irelia and Swain get reworked before broken ones a long time ago and basically he said it had to do with the team having an awesome kit lined up, thematic resonance (aka a differential between how cool a champ is now and how cool they should be), and a few other factors. The fact of the matter is they've probably tried to work on Mordekaiser quite a few times but the fact he probably needs to keep his passive and Children of the Grave will need to return in some form means they have no clue how to make a kit in modern League off of it. That being said, I sincerely hope Mordekaiser is the next announced VGU. They've had years and years to think up a good, unique kit and his lore is already written. The dude could become genuinely one of the coolest villains in video games but I think Riot is scared to touch him because his kit is so wonky.
Mc Raton (NA)
: When are we going to nerf Lucian?
When are WE going to do it? Never. The true question you should be asking is when is RIOT going to balance the game. The answer is also never.
: What Intentionally feeding looks like in 2019
Yikes. I have absolutely no idea how this got you banned, and I'm pretty sure every person on the forums has had far worse games in their past where they legitimately were trying to win but were getting obliterated. I know that over the years I've gone 2/13 or 0/double digits before. Of course, I was hard countered or trying a new meme in normals but I would always try to win no matter what even when my score dipped that low. 6/9 and 4/5? Those are like... normal games I have no clue what is happening there. 0/7 isn't even that bad, I would say a game like that happens like every couple hundred games or so for everyone. The only thing I can possibly think of is that in chat you admitted to inting some of your deaths. Maybe after you died a few times and you had flaming teammates you sarcastically said "yup imma int" or maybe you actually did give up a few kills on purpose and said so in chat. This looks like a false positive to me, hopefully you can get it repealed because lots of people just end up with punishments in cases that are clearly false positives.
Weensw (NA)
: Do you guys feel Nexus Blitz was successful enough for it to remain permanent?
Personally? I think it was extremely fun at first but after doing the quests specifically for blitz I felt no desire to play it again. Last time it released I thought it was just trash, so it has improved massively in the second iteration. Perhaps a 3.0 version could hold my interest for longer but there's lots of work that needs to be done. Now that it's been out a month and a meta was starting to form and the wackiness has sort of dulled to those of us who have been playing, I'm not sure I would really ever play it again in its current state.
: Most Badass champs of each role
Top:{{champion:82}} Mid: {{champion:50}} or {{champion:13}} Jungle: {{champion:141}} (Kayn is super edgy which wouldn't be badass on his own, but Rhaast is legitimately fucking cool, and the fact Kayn would take him on actually moves Kayn from an edgy kid into legitimate risk taking badass in my view) ADC: {{champion:429}} Support: {{champion:555}}
: Fun fact: Pyke is the champion who got a second skin released in the shortest time laps ever
Neeko is gonna break the record (for the 3rd new champion in a row) Because there is a high probability she is getting a Definitely Not Neeko skin for April fools. Now that skin would be fucking great so like... positives and negatives, but it would be only 5 months after her release.
: RIP Beatrice
> [{quoted}](name=Der Lindwurm,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Evu1q0Kl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-05T15:54:03.901+0000) > > RIP Beatrice RIP Beatrice. Was completely taken off of the character and wasn't put in Swain's recall, W is her eye, E is her talon, ultimate Swain grows her wings even if he doesn't fully transform, plus ravens follow Swain around and she makes an appearance in his recall. Damn yeah she's gone forever.
: I like the idea more because Orange essence is specifically cosmetic, and mastery is a cosmetic thing. Why is it taking blue essence when that goes towards buying champions and rune pages and stuff?
Well for those of us who own every champion and rune page, leveling champions is about all there is to spend it on lol. Sure the BE shop gives us some stuff to get from time to time, but even then I usually just get a few BE chromas and icons and call it good. OE can be used to get items that we can't get through gameplay generally which is super nice, I can't see why there shouldn't be an option for both though.
Cosnirak (NA)
: Might just be the low frame rate due to the video being slowed down but it looks like it hits something and stops going forward for a moment before the visual actually disappears. If anything it appears to hit the center of MF's E, as if it spawned an invisible minion in its center and your Morg Q hit it. I've played a LOT of Morgana and I've never seen that bug first hand and hopefully I never do.
I think you're right. I thought they fixed all of the invisible minion coding bugs but it's possible that, while MF's E is not coded as a minion generally (it would be pretty obvious if it was), maybe an invisible minion is the marker that spawns the spell effect in. Morgana's Q is right in the center of the MF E when the MF E spawns so it could be possible that for a fraction of a second, there is an invisible minion in the center of the MF E that marks the spell spawning in.
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