: I'm a little interested as to why Warwick's skin design wasn't shown.. I doubt there'll be a singular trailer just for him, but it'd be odd to not include a skin in a teaser where he is relevant. Maybe it's a sign that he's something more.. ? ~~please give me legendary warwick for the love of god i would cash out so hard~~
They probably didn't put Warwick in the trailer because he was the last skin to be decided on and is also the least popular character. Animating those quality of models takes a lot of money and they probably just figured he wasn't worth it, like Odyssey Ziggs.
man of tin (EUNE)
: So I get Jinx, Pyke and Warwick (if he really is getting a skin) because the first teaser said "we can't control the monsters we create", but how do Irelia and Akali fit into that idea?
: People found it in coding or something its everywhere on social media.
Oh yeah I found it. You just have to view the page source and CTRL+F and search Warwick. I think it's the YouTube tags they're under. Hopefully this new Warwick attention means they'll fix his W trail.
: and warwick
Where is the Warwick skin confirmed? I just see those four mentioned in the trailer.
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Swarovsko (EUW)
: Why did rioters stop commenting in this section?
Because like 90% of people aren't happy with the game, but the balance Rioters can't do anything to please the people because pro play and foreign markets make up far more of the money League makes than English speaking "real players" now. If they say they'll fix things but can't without compromising pro play people get mad, if they say they won't do anything because of pro play people get mad, etc. There's basically no winning strategy to make people happy because the game isn't made for us. Lore Rioters show up a lot more often because the English-speaking lore team can interact with us and give us clues and insights on stories, plus the written stuff is super cool. I just wish the game would get back onto more even footing.
: Behind the creation of TFT
I just wanna play Dark Star and throw people into black holes Riot, come on. That mode shouldn't even have that much of an upkeep cost because new champions, items or "real" LoL changes don't even affect that mode because it has a different version of Thresh and its own self contained map and gameplay aspects.
Zeyphel (NA)
: ***
The issue with facts is that you have to back them up with something other than your anecdotes. All I'm saying is support is disproportionately useful in an environment where people have teammates who follow up on plays, meaning most people on these forums won't see the maximum potential of supports whereas other roles allow for a lot more solo carrying.
Zeyphel (NA)
: ***
I wasn't aware that people on these forums all played at pro team levels of play. Support is also probably the most dependent role on your teammates having monitors and following up, I would venture a guess that even solo queue challenger support is not the most impactful role.
Zahtar (EUW)
: Was Nidalee born in Ixacoan ?
I don't believe so. Shapeshifters are the result of Vastayashai'rei and humans interbreeding after the humans ran for their lives to escape a series of Rune Wars, Void Wars, Darkin Wars, remote controller with your little brother wars, etc. The resulting Vastaya are a species we all know, but basically the Vastaya DNA/magic in continued interbreeding with humans needs to become so small that the person is basically entirely human. These 99% human people with very little Vastayan blood can then sometimes learn to shapeshift into their ancestral animal. Ixacoan's people decided that rather than submit to these powers, fight against the evil, or run for their lives, they would fade into obscurity by hiding inside the jungle with their elemental magic. If Nidalee was born in Ixacoan, it would mean her ancestors left the nation at one point which no one should do during a magical holocaust, interbred with Vastayashai'rei at the ends of the world, then decided to come back even though many generations down the line Ixacoan would basically be forgotten, likely even by the descendants of people who originally left the city. I think it's far more likely that Nidalee is of another Runeterran descent, basically any other region (excepting Frejlord, it's far away from Shurima where much of the chaos was happening and its inhabitants are white) are candidates. My guess would be that she's either Shuriman, a small village not incorporated into a nation, or MAYBE an island like Neeko. If she was Ixacoan I doubt it's because she was born there, but rather because her parents heard legends of their ancestral lands in the jungle and died on the journey to find it.
man of tin (EUNE)
: So Pantheon is getting VFX recolors (and a recall for baker) for all of his 975 skins for the rework
Mordekaiser's base skin isn't even finished yet. He doesn't have a respawn animation like all the new champions and his recall is still busted and he glitches into the ground. That's aside from the fact that Riot forced the artist working on his particles to stop after he did the passive on the skins, I really don't understand why they are taking such a hardline stance against Mordekaiser players.
How am I supposed to have fun playing League if I can't say "gg next" at 4 minutes after dying a single time, proceeding to afk, or steal other lanes farm, or sit and type about my shit team though?
: can we do this for pings first? at least put the "enemy has vision here" ping on the wheel.
I wish we could customize the ping wheel. No one has ever used the exclamation point ping in the history of League from the wheel because everyone uses the V danger ping instead. I would rather have that slot be the "enemy has vision ping" than something which is already on another hotkey.
: So we make the list to a total of just one major event over the last five long years. Does this change anything about my point?
Well considering your point is that "we've not once had a lore event," yes. Also we had other lore events in the past before the retcon. We had a Frejlord event that introduced Lissandra, Howling Abyss, and the story of the Frejlord. We also got a Shurima event which had the Ascension mode, the release of Azir, I'm pretty sure that's when Nasus got VU'd, and we got a bunch of lore with cinematics included. Burning Tides is just the most popular lore event we've had since the retcon.
: Considering that we've not once had a "lore event" like what you've described, I think its abundantly safe to assume that we wont... We here on the story boards just consider every lore update to be a kind-of event. But lore updates have nothing to do with the core game. And Riot has been straight forward theres no intention to overlap game events with lore, but they're more than happy to do it consistantly for skins. Tge way I see it, something big would have to change Riot's mindset before they attempt an event like OP has described. That has yet to flourish.
: > [{quoted}](name=Naalith,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rELEXvef,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-07-05T14:14:43.173+0000) > > I got my mastery 7 on her and think she's gonna be nuts when more people figure her out. The amount of utility she has as an assassin is crazy and when she snowballs she basically becomes a one shot machine. Amount of utility? She literally has 2 utility mechanics in her entire kit.. Stealth and Speed boost with River element. lol
Utility can also mean stuns, which she has an aoe knockback, aoe stun, and aoe root.
: Qiyana is fine
I got my mastery 7 on her and think she's gonna be nuts when more people figure her out. The amount of utility she has as an assassin is crazy and when she snowballs she basically becomes a one shot machine.
: "We [want to] reduce[] the rate of change during the season" - New001
Key word reduce. Last season they just let the balance team, designers, janitors, interns, their pets, etc just wander in and roll their faces on the keyboard with no rhyme or reason and it made the game miserable. Every patch one of the lanes or classes was getting fucked over or majorly buffed and Riot clearly had no clue what they were doing. Next patch is looking pretty big, but we're also in July now and Riot hasn't been changing stuff all the time and I bet after 9.14 they'll calm down again.
Morde's recall animation is still fucked up when he glitches into the ground and they didn't even bother to give him animations lots of other new champions have- such as a respawn animation. I'm not surprised they half-assed Mordekaiser, but yeah they should at least fix his skins (Lord in particular).
Stone766 (NA)
: Riot, please DON'T remove Qiyana's jungling capabilities
RIP Sylas jungle. I got mastery 7 on Sylas jungle when he came out building him as a burst mage and it was super fun, unfortunately high level players decided abusing aftershock and going top to abuse melees was a better option. It really sucks, the last new jungler we got was Kayn basically 2 years ago now and there are still no new junglers in sight. Sylas was fun and unique but jungle Sylas was only possible when lane Sylas was OP, now he's useless. I hope the same thing doesn't happen to Qiyana, I'm mastery 4 on her already and probably half of those games have been jungle Qiyana. It's definitely clunky and doesn't feel intended but when you get ahead it's so damn fun.
: Because people really liked how that show turned out??
The problem with the ending of Game of Thrones isn't because of characters being murdered all the time, the problem is that they copied George's ending without copying the buildup. It's pretty clear Bran and Arya are supposed to be extremely important and have way more interesting magical twists at the end of the books, but GoT wanted the show to remain somewhat grounded while keeping their huge payoffs. Kinda lame tbh. I thought the hold the door thing would be the beginning of Bran doing awesome and insane things, but then he just kinda watched WesterosHub while everyone else did everything. If they didn't want to give him any screen time because they thought audiences wouldn't be cool with how weird his powers are, they should've changed the ending.
Spotty (NA)
: my biggest fear in life
It could be worse. They could turn into one of the kids who wear animal tails in high school and hiss at people unironically.
: Riot is smol indie company with only a few servers :-/
I know that massive server load is one of the hardest issues to prepare for. Overprepare and you waste a bunch of money on servers, underprepare and... well... shit like this happens, but come on. It should've been blatantly obvious they needed to invest more to get TFT up and running. I've been having fun in the mode but come on, Riot. Another in a long list of failures by them recently, I guess. Edit: not sure why I'm getting downvoted, I agree with all the responses lol. My friend and I were making fun of them for not just buying Amazon servers all day yesterday.
Sherrl (NA)
: Can we get some form of reward for TFT?
The reward is when you pull out your wallet and spend $120 to get a single tier 3 creature you like. As Riot says, it's just as satisfying as rolling a clutch tier 5 unit and winning off of it :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Naalith,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=YNJOn4yl,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-26T18:36:52.439+0000) > > You get a free one with the missions, but you can't pick the Penguin, lion thing, or the ghosts because reasons. source?
: TFT Free Little Legend
You get a free one with the missions, but you can't pick the Penguin, lion thing, or the ghosts because reasons.
Míellá (NA)
: I mean... They are literally just cosmetics? Not only that. Only the "Special" ones are obtainable through RNG. http://prntscr.com/o70uw6 Not even that expensive either. Even if its RNG, you are guranteed to get one of the kind you wanted. Just with a diffrent skin.
> [{quoted}](name=Míellá,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zuuZr9pL,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-26T16:03:17.401+0000) > > I mean... They are literally just cosmetics? > Not only that. Only the "Special" ones are obtainable through RNG. > http://prntscr.com/o70uw6 > Not even that expensive either. > Even if its RNG, you are guranteed to get one of the kind you wanted. Just with a diffrent skin. "Not even that expensive" bro, they're literally chromas of the base versions. Chromas in this game can be purchased directly for 390 RP and these sell for 490 and you can't even pick which one you get. If that wasn't shit enough, you have to roll the same chroma 3 times to get the actually cool version when there's 54 items (I believe) in each egg. If you want a specific one, which everyone obviously has a favorite, you're screwed unless you get superbly lucky.
: How Do You Get This Neeko Chroma?
You time travel back to December, quit any job/ school/ whatever you do, and open 8 League streams at once trying to smooth talk LPP creators into giving you the chroma. You can also buy it for 10,000 BE when the BE store happens.
: all ur doing is paying for a skin they don't give u any advantage/disadvantage on having them? just don't buy them its like when we had too pay for skins with rp?
It's not like paying for a skin with rp, if you want a specific avatar you have to gamble over $100 to get it if you're unlucky. Plus they're overpriced as hell, 490 for a chroma vs 390 for champion chromas which you can select a la carte. The "legendary" Little Legends are literally just chromas of their other variants and don't do anything crazy like real legendary skins but they'll set you back an insane amount. Just because something is "cosmetic only" doesn't mean it's not scummy. This mode has 0 progression or equivalent to collecting champions but Riot has the audacity to ask for hundreds of dollars just to get a skin you want. If you could buy them directly with no casino bullshit I wouldn't have made this post.
: 100% agree out of the 6 little legends only 3 are availible at the start for you to choose complte joke so now i hav to spend Rp to buy the one i want
Yeah that's another hilarious thing, not only are the variants and upgrades complete ass inside of rng loot boxes, they couldn't even be bothered to offer all 6 starting Legends for the one time free deal. You can only pick 3 and the hauntling, which I imagine is the most popular of the 6, was left out probably on purpose lol.
: When Riot said, "here's a really cool skin for that champ you love, it costs $10" is said, here's $10. Simple, effective transaction. I got to look cool, they got money, and the game stays live. All these God damn loot boxes are preventing me from spending money on the game because I don't know what I'm getting. If I go to McDonalds and ask for nuggets they don't give me a big mac and tell me to pay again if I want the nuggets. The only time chance comes into it is gambling, which this is and this should be regulated the same. If it was regulated better, companies would have less profits from it and would stop doing it.
What do you mean man? You don't like that instead of paying 390 for a chroma like with skins, you have to spend 490 for a LL chroma and also don't get to pick which one you get and also you have to get the same one three times to have the coolest version?
kvothre (EUW)
: Are you on reddit with this? or are you planning to? if not so can i post it there for it to get traction?
I'm not on reddit, but you guys should totally go post it to the relevant places. The mode itself looks fun but this has really put a damper on my excitement.
: >Riot, just quit being scummy. The prestige skins, the paid loading screen borders, the 3000 RP ruby chromas, the grindy events with laughable rewards compared to other games, etc. This game used to be pretty consumer friendly all things considered, instead of slowly inching towards fleecing people more without saying anything Riot is coming out and trying to spin you getting fucked out of money as a good thing. Come on, just let us buy the Legends a la carte and give a slow path to obtaining them for free to play players. This system could've been so cool if it was gameplay or achievement based, but you guys had to go ruin it. Welcome to the tencent business model & why I will forever despise / mock / ridicule both Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck for being stupid enough to sell to them. I've played this game since 2010 and used to enjoy their monetary model a lot .. like https://i.imgur.com/jpLtcDF.png **a lot.** Fast forward to now and my disposable income will forever go elsewhere as predatory marketing tactics are all tencent is known for, at least for those of us in the know. Sad. Shame on Marc and Brandon for being so short sighted. ********************************************************** #Great write up by the way, +1 from this space wanderer.
Wait, that page is still around? My friends and I tried to find how much money we spent a couple months ago and couldn't find it so we figured Riot took it down. Then again, we didn't look very hard lol.
: TT Discriminated again...
Yeah, I don't necessarily play 3v3 or even like it that much (hit gold every year to get the Victorious chroma then yeet outta there) but there's no reason a game mode which is allegedly a smaller Summoner's Rift and just as serious should get screwed over repeatedly. It's pretty dumb. You also can't get tokens in TFT which releases this patch too... an exciting new mode everyone wants to play but they can't grind tokens in. Idk why.
: Is there no way to get upgrades without paying cash? Like, does essence do anything or no? Either way I hate loot boxes, let me buy what I want for God's sake. I only put up with the current loot boxes because I don't have to buy them to get what I want skins wise, they are just a side thing for me to get free items when I can.
Yeah there's currently no way through gameplay, and you can only acquire upgrades through rng loot boxes. It's pretty dang garbage, my friends and I downloaded pbe and are trying to get our Legend of choice and it doesn't look good at all.
: It's free to play WHO CARES god I hate people like you, lootboxes have been a thing FOR YEARS but now after they started putting them into paid games IT SOMEHOW NOT OK TO PUT THEN FREE GAMES ANYMORE and now people will say bs anti player or what ever. If it was not popular to say this and there was not big youtubers saying it people like you would say NOTHING. Like this quote shows me all about you "the grindy events with laughable rewards compared to other games," What other games? Dota doesn't, heros doesn't, overwatch is about the same,battlerite doesn't, vainglory doesn't, so smite? Unlike you I play other games especially modas and I can easily say the amount of free stuff riot gives out is the 3nd most I have seen since most games don't do events. Like people like you need to stop overreacting and come down.
Are you just playing dumb? They're trying to copy a battle pass system with their events but unlike Rocket League, Fortnite, etc., you don't get 100 tiers of cool items and instead grind for a full month just to get a chroma of a skin, and maybe a few loot boxes if you have points left over. "Unlike you I play other games" I'm in the 100s of levels on both SMITE and HOTS, plus I play a shit load of other competitive pvp and single player games. That's why I'm trying to let Riot know not to copy other shitty monetization schemes, it can kill games.
: im pretty sure they will release a way for you to level up the little legend of your choice ingame without RP, meaning you would only have to buy the 1 stars you want to level initially. thats just my humble assumption tho. Riot tends to not be very smart.
That would be cool. Unfortunately they haven't said anything to that effect yet, so I'm trying to urge people to voice up so they can scale back the greed like they did with emotes. Honestly these would require way more work to be fine though, unlike emotes where they just reduced the cost by like 100 RP. We need a non loot box rng way to get these.
teNet (EUNE)
: Welcome to the league of streamers [PBE]
The more Hearthstone players get to watch their favorite streamers play TFT (HS streamers are going ham on this game), the more Hearthstone players will come over to League to waste money on more RNG loot boxes. It's a good marketing tactic by Riot, really, take the one community that kind of accepts loot boxes because they are "card packs" and bring them over here to waste money trying to get a 3 star mole like their favorite streamer.
Ataraxas (NA)
: Ya it could take upto 26,460 RP for someone with bad luck just to get the little legend they want, which is pure BS.
Technically it would only take 13,230 RP because 3 of the species are in one egg and the other 3 are in another egg. Our benevolent Riot Games only wants you to mortgage your house to buy these Little Legends, they would never have you sell your kids as well. I also like that you can only pick your free Legend from the Silverwing, Runespirit, or Molediver. They couldn't even be bothered to let you pick any of the starting 6 lol.
Rockman (NA)
: "DotA compendium is out, I think I'll play a little"
I played DOTA a little bit back in the day when I was on a League hiatus, along with SMITE and HotS. Out of the 3, I played DOTA the least. It seems like it would be an incredibly fun game but you have to so much and it's kinda overwhelming. It's definitely harder to learn than League, and I heard that the playerbase was unhappy with how things have been going over on DOTA the last few years. I would imagine most of the people still around are literal gods.
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Zeanix (OCE)
: I would take Demacian Vice Cait over Arcade any day
This skin line is absolutely incredible but I doubt we'll ever see it again because Riot nestled it into the more popular Arcade event. Plus both of these champions have incredible Legendary skins so people who have those won't really splurge on these, then Riot will probably say these were a "failure" monetarily.
: Little Legends are permanent content that will be usable in TFT and ARAM. If for some reason we end up having to disable Little Legends, which is unlikely, we'll find a way to do right by players who have purchased them.
Like when you gave people who were level 30 since season 1 a fucking emote when the new infinite leveling system came out, permanently making the new leveling system worthless as a means to brag? Or that time you guys said people "got their worth" out of the old runes and rune pages and thought a summoner icon could make up for tens of thousands of IP invested in the old system?
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: I am Carlos said that profit wise they both did not hit the bar (which was set in according to the fact that they both are niche champions).
I love both of those skins and wish they would make more Papercraft skins, but it makes sense why they failed. Nunu and Anivia both have legendaries and small playerbases of mains who love them, with Nunu Bot especially there is no reason anyone would buy another skin on that champ because that skin is so good. That's disappointing to hear, I would love something like Papercraft Bard who throws paper airplanes at people and collects origami figures.
Graggers (NA)
: TFT PBE Queue Storytime
Sounds like live servers on patch day back when this game had a playerbase.
Jamaree (NA)
: See you in a week
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nfk5aGk5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-20T03:10:21.300+0000) > > See you in a week I didn't say I was quitting, the post was about Riot's need to improve the dying game. I mean, if I keep getting people who rage quitting the second they die once (even if other lanes are up in gold) I might quit because it's ridiculous. Waiting 10 minutes to get into a game then spend 20 minutes getting griefed by people who don't want to play is ass.
Rioter Comments
: As a nasus main, I can't deal with new mordekaiser.
Just hit 6 and Q spam, I've seen a Nasus 3 kills down hit 6 and instantly start winning even though they were building armor instead of MR against Morde by Q spamming with ult.
: Nightblue gets a player Falsely banned.
Lol what the fuck. Nightblue is a massive streamer and one of the garbage cans who encourage their audience to go afk after a slight inconvenience and baby rage, which is actually bannable. Instead of banning people who baby rage quit (one of if not the biggest issue this game has) Riot bans someone who is actually trying while Nightblue is afk AND being a dick in chat. Jesus Christ.
: I've been on this for a while, but I just can't get excited for the new Arcade skins this year
It's pretty disappointing. Arcade is one of the skin lines where some of the weirder characters who aren't that popular get a lot of skins. A legendary for Veigar, skins for Malzahar and Brand, etc. Even skins for champions like Ahri usually turn out great, I think Arcade Ahri is a work of art. The skins this year, in addition to being for champions who already have way better skins, are just not that good. The Caitlyn one really stretches the limit on what Arcade is, the Yasuo one just doesn't look as good as his other skins, K/DA Kai'sa seems way more complete. Qiyana's is pretty good but she also doesn't have a catalog of way better skins. Not sure what Riot was thinking on this one.
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