: I Dont Really Use Forums, But Was Wondering Why There Isn't a Fully Fledged Detailed Death-Cap Yet?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
Any thoughts on Lee Sin? I don't think he's super OP but it feels like he crowds out other jungle picks with his safety and insane early kill pressure.
NY64 (NA)
: Should pro play champions lose their identity in exchange they are playable in solo queue?
No. They should just leave champions the way they are so normal people can have fun with them and turn them off in pro if it's that big of an issue. I see people saying Tahm is a success. He's still sub 50% winrate in his intended role and they also made him way less fun to play as by increasing something everyone has (damage) and gutting his unique ability. They could up Zed's Q and E damage and make his ult deal no damage, his winrate would increase because he'd be less combo reliant, but he wouldn't be a success because it wouldn't be satisfying to play him whatsoever.
: It's been 561 days since the removal of Deathfire Touch and I miss it
Alternative forum post: It's been 561 days since the removal of Deathfire Touch, fuck you Malzahar I never want to see you in my game again.
: Pictures from around runetera
A lot of the art from short stories would be cool too. There's a few that are probably too minimalist to be slapped on a profile, but I would pay RP to have The Eye in the Abyss or that one Shadow Isles picture that gets put on everything on my profile.
BigFBear (EUW)
: If you play 2-3 hours(!!) a day you aren't a casual player. You have 5 years of experience. Play ranked for God's sake. If you play ranked you will get in an Elo you belong and you can play against players on your skill level and then you can have fun again. I don't understand why someone who plays lol for 5 years 2-3 hours a day is fearing ranked....
Ranked is a dumpster fire. I've been playing for years and only use ranked to get Victorious skins and very occasionally play it. I was in a series the last few months so I figured I'd finish them yesterday. First game my team is 0/4 at 4 minutes. Second game we have a raging Irelia crying to "go next" when everyone but her is winning and she throws. Third game, after my series failed, was actually a real loss. 4th game the enemy team had a 20% winrate Hecarim, so we won. 5th game was actually a real win. Ranked is toxic, unfun, and everyone thinks they are gods and cry at the slightest inconvenience. I could hit diamond but after 5 games or so I always put down the game mode for months, and just go back to normals where it's possible to have fun even though i play against diamonds, masters, and grandmasters all day.
: You think that's bad? I accidentally unlocked all of the prestige skins by rerolling skin shards and now I have nothing to use prestige tokens on.
> [{quoted}](name=Scarefish,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TAB5AbwT,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-22T12:48:23.779+0000) > > You think that's bad? I accidentally unlocked all of the prestige skins by rerolling skin shards and now I have nothing to use prestige tokens on. Do you own every skin? How is that even possible. The only mythic skin I've rerolled after getting every chest opened since the loot system came out plus extra chests from events is Lancer Zero Hecarim lol.
: I feel like it's a common misconception that Low CS = Playing Badly
So here's the thing: I'm pretty sure everyone here no matter what rank they are has games where they simply cannot farm for shit. Maybe it's because you're being abused in lane, maybe it's because you are roaming a lot, maybe it's because you are just trying to kill your lane opponent. It happens, and missing CS to secure objectives or kill a bunch of people in a gank will almost always be worth. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that depending on which minions you are missing around 15 minions equal a kill worth of gold. Now again, if you miss 15 CS but kill someone and cause them to miss like 21 CS by throwing the minions into their turret and get plates it is probably still worth. Still though, if you're consistently not csing well every game to the point people point it out I would just say it's something good to work on. I do find it funny when ADC or Irelia players flame people for not having good cs because it's literally impossible to get cs while they are on your team but I would say if the game is going into the 30 minute area you should have minimum 200 cs either way.
Frostfel (NA)
: Hue Hue Hue
Hue hue hue hue Bug Splat Error Code: 3C hue hue hue.
: IMO her issue is that she seems so low effort that people think they can play her low effort and still win. No, you have to be proactive in lane and poke well. Then in teamfights you have to be everywhere you need to be at all times. When put on most melee champions, she makes them unstoppable gods because she 1. gives them mobility 2. gives them a reliable long range slow 3. gives them a somewhat reliable AOE root 4. heals them 5. shields them Seriously, putting her on a Yi, Garen, Darius, etc. is disgusting.
Yeah, lots of people thought she would be super easy and you just afk but honestly as I've played her I've begun to respect her difficulty level a lot more. She's not like Bard, Rakan, or Pyke where you need to be insane but she definitely isn't as brain dead as I thought she'd be. She's also so incredibly unique that even someone who has mastered every single support will probably have a rough few first games. You have to manage when to be in W on a teammate, who to be on, in lane you need to decide when it's safe to auto and when you need to be on a teammate. Teammates also need to learn to play with good Yuumis. I see a lot of ADCs who won't move a couple feet to get a Yuumi Q in range, won't be in range of Yuumi's dash so she dies, etc.
: QoL Change: Yuumi should detach from Allies By Right Clicking
I like it the way it is. I kind of instinctively spam right click when I'm bored or between cs in lane, I feel like I'd accidentally fall off whereas pressing W is already associated with spell casting that you only do at optimal times. After a few games of Yuumi you get used to W being your "leave teammate whole Lee Sin kicks him into 4 enemies" button and right click being disabled.
: Anyone have any luck with Yuumi?
I'm on a 50% winrate as her, and 2 of my losses were because of legitimately terrible teammates that would've been uncarryable in any situation. My gut says she's on the weak side but not as bad as people think she is, could probably use heal cooldown buffs.
Jackom1 (EUW)
: Weely reminder that Morde's rework hasn't come out yet
I would say there is a high probability he gets announced in two weeks for the next PBE update. It's right when this current event ends and it gives Yuumi and the giant skin set a chance to breathe. Apparently YouTubers have been getting flown out to get early footage of Mordekaiser which means he is basically done, just a couple more weeks.
Even (NA)
: Disappointing patch releases
Yeah, I can understand spreading out skins but champions should never be held back for any reason. The silver lining is Yuumi has a Battle Academia skin so should be out tomorrow at the latest with the confirmed release date of the skin line.
: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
I don't like it. I don't see the buffs going anywhere near close to compensation for the removal of attack speed on spell cast. E cd buffs are okay but honestly I'd rather see her E have a less crippling cast time than get a cooldown reduction. I know there's debate on assassin vs fighter Diana but honestly this just looks like it'll make assassin feel far worse while barely affecting fighter. Additionally, both versions will lose their lane tower killing potential which just feels bad. Another feels bad is that jungle Diana, her intended role, looks like it'll have to sit around and wait for mana in order to clear more often.
YaraUwU (NA)
: Sooo hows neeko atm? Good? Bad? Tomato?
She's one of my favorite mids, if you land an empowered E you're basically guaranteed to do half your opponent's health at any point of the lane. Late game she nukes everyone too which is fun.
McDockers (EUW)
: When is Yuumi being released?
They usually release stuff at 10 or 11 Rito time. That being said, she has one of the Battle Academia skins which release tomorrow so unfortunately there's a nonzero chance she gets held until then.
: Riot fix your missions
Luckily it is just a visual issue, your "real" progress is kept and every time you finish the win a game for 100 xp achievement it should reset with the correct number. Mine kept going down to 8 which was worrying me but I still got my rewards in the accurate amount of time.
Zardo (NA)
: I think i'm starting to see why everyone gets all these "trolls" on their teams
I don't think so honestly. Sure, there's some trolls that are created as a result of a teammate flaming but I've had plenty of games where someone dies like 1 or 2 times and immediately afks, start typing "go next," or flaming the jungler for not winning their lane for them before anyone has even typed anything. It's ridiculous. I feel like I have to babysit my teammates like a preschool teacher and tell them how good they are every time they do anything so they untilt and quit trolling.
: Watching Annie bot getting decimated from every champion sure is sad to watch...
The problem is Annie is basically the mage version of Garen, supposed to be extremely easy to get new people into the game. There aren't a lot of champions like that and I doubt Riot would want to make Annie viable for high levels of play because new people would lose one of the only characters that is super easy to learn League on. Most of the easy to learn characters aren't mages, either, so it would be double bad.
radetari (EUNE)
: Watch them unironically make 9.11 patch to be all about Little Demon Tristana instead of Mordekaiser
I'm not sure of they'll announce Morde and put him on pbe in 9.11 because Yuumi and Vattle Academia are coming out, plus the event is continuing and I think esports shit is going on? That said I think two weeks from this next patch they'll announce him, when the event ends and everything is kinda quiet.
Kagiretz (NA)
: Forget About Fiddle, Nocturne, Mundo, Shyvana and Even Mordekaiser Reworks.
Well Mordekaiser's lore was updated when Yorick was reworked in 2016, so by your logic he should've been done even before Volibear. That being said, I 100% agree with you that when they went all in on expanding Frejlord and having Volibear be an important character to the region, he should've been prioritized over some of the other reworks that weren't as vital to the lore. Volibear isn't the only example though. Both Mordekaiser and Pantheon were updated in the lore and are arguably the most important characters to each of their regions, even more important than Volibear is to the Frejlord. If it were up to me, all 3 would be updated this year but at least we're getting 2 of them.
: Let's be real for a second: Chromas.
bUt rIoT iS a cOmPaNy wHiCh mEaNs tHeY nEeD tO mAkE mOnEy bY nIcKlE aNd DiMiNg pEoPlE oR tHeYlL iNsTaNtLy gO oUt oF bUsInEsS.
: Where do you live reason why I ask this is (time zone reason): how long till yummi available?
Patches are usually Wednesday, so she will come out then along with all the Battle Academia stuff.
: It's already been confirmed that the updated Pentakill Mordekaiser will look like the one from the Mortal Reminder music video
Lewanor (NA)
: Mordekaiser is the "Lightbringer"
Pentakill Mordekaiser better still have the same helmet shape after they made those album covers, or there will be some high quality sodium thrown around. (We already know base skin Mordekaiser is missing the middle spike, which is fine, but Pentakill must remain the same as the figurehead for the AU band.)
: So Udyr's not on the VGU poll because...
Yeah, I was honestly shocked Udyr wasn't there but Shyvana was. Shyvana needs work but compared to the other 5 champions (and Skarner) her art and gameplay is godly. I'm honestly worried she's going to get it, I would be fine with the other 4 but Shyvana is so popular because she isn't terrible that it might guarantee her update. Plus, lots of eastern countries will vote for her because of the dragon angle. Hopefully Udyr and Skarner have updates in the works and that's why they weren't on the poll. I know they've started Udyr VGUs in the past and canceled them but maybe they found a way to make it work this time.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
I know a while ago you said buffs for Swain were being considered since his days at bottom are over, is that still on the table?
: The vote for a 2020 VGU is up
I was 50/50 for Nocturne and Volibear. Chose Volibear just because the recent lore with him has been awesome. Honestly I'd be happy with any of the options except Shyvana, who has way better art and gameplay than the other champions on the list. Not saying she doesn't need changes but the other 4 are hilarious to look at.
: So, What is Patch 9.10 Going to Look Like?
I think the biggest change is that Vayne (and to a lesser degree, Kai'sa) should drop a little bit due to the Rageblade nerfs and hopefully other ADCs can thrive with Vayne not being so nuts. The conqueror nerf might make a big impact on top lane as well, although I don't know that the gap between conqueror top lanes and non-conqueror top lanes is small enough that non-conqueror characters will suddenly swing back and take over. Other than that, Brand will be a bit more annoying but oh well and there's some other small changes. Yuumi is obviously the biggest shakeup and it will be an exciting time to have invulnerable Twitches roaming around in stealth with access to an 80% slow, a burst of speed, a giant AOE root, and a permashield in addition to the usual Twitch scaling. My friend and I are going to try so many cheesy combos with the new champ, it'll be a good old time all around.
: wow the Drastic increase in estimated queueueue times has doubled since january
Yup. In normal queue my time will regularly go over 10 minutes, in ranked it takes less time but obviously because it's draft it takes just as long to get into a game. Riot needs to learn the marketing thing, this game was built on word of mouth but unfortunately we need new players and I haven't even seen an ad for League that I thought looked like it would draw people in.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Whenever I see Blue Kayn I regularly see him destroy entire teams, even against (wounded) tanks and end up getting a horde of ?s dropped on his victims by people who cannot understand for the life of them where half of Kayn's damage came from. And I legit can't understand it either, even looking at the physical math he SHOULDNT be able to hit as hard as he does.
It all lies in his passive, it basically deals the damage a Zed ultimate would do up front when he enters combat and it's magic damage, late game he deals like 40% of all damage he dealt as another bonus magic damage. I even buy Sorcerer Boots on blue Kayn most of the time. The passive resets when you R too, so you go in and blow your combo which deals 40% extra damage including on Duskblade, then your ult deals bonus 40% damage again and all your procs for a few seconds continue to do the bonus. It has an 8 second out of combat cooldown so if you pick off one person, you can just wait 8 seconds and do it again to someone else, it's super satisfying.
: > [{quoted}](name=Naalith,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=M6E3FYvp,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2019-05-08T21:36:41.853+0000) > I look at how transform champions took a hiatus (rightfully so) for years but Kayn reintroduced the genre of champions with a kit that didn't cause the issues transform kits did in the past, and with Yuumi coming up I think it has proven Riot can still make enchanters even though half the lifetime of the game has passed since one released and it gives me hope a proper monster can be created still. I wouldn't quite call Kayn error free for a champion with a transforming kit... considering how much of an issue it is to find any reason at all to run Shadow Assassin Kayn. I'd argue he has a different set of issues than more traditional transforming champions like Nidalee or Elise or whatever though. Either way I'd still love to see more monster champions though :)
I dunno, I've mained Kayn since he came out and I play Shadow Assassin about 70% of the time. Both Kayn forms are meant to counter different team comps, and they both are insanely powerful against the specific comps they destroy. If the enemy team has 4-5 squishies, Shadow Kayn will absolutely decimate them and has the potential to hard carry. The reason people think Shadow Kayn is bad is because at high levels of play where streamers play, bad team comps are less likely and knowledge to counter assassins is more well known. Rhaast is viewed as the only Kayn form because, honestly, he's the only playable form in a skill bracket where multiple tanks/offtanks and tanky skirmishers like Camille are found on each team. Shadow Kayn would be just as good at those brackets in the event they pick 4 squishies, but high level players just don't do that as much. Just my two cents though.
Reav3 (NA)
: Yes, Yuumi was the non-humanoid I was referring to.
I know that obviously you can't reveal information on TBA projects and even when something has already been revealed you have to be super vague to keep some secrecy, but I might as well ask. Is there any chance that a more traditional monster champion could be created in the near to medium future? I look at how transform champions took a hiatus (rightfully so) for years but Kayn reintroduced the genre of champions with a kit that didn't cause the issues transform kits did in the past, and with Yuumi coming up I think it has proven Riot can still make enchanters even though half the lifetime of the game has passed since one released and it gives me hope a proper monster can be created still. I know those two examples are gameplay examples rather than art examples like monster vs human but I think it would be a shame for the game if monsters are no longer even considered because they don't sell as well.
: What's up with this Dominion-love?
8+ minute queues happen in current game modes as well. Every couple weeks I get annoyed by normal queue times constantly going over 10 minutes and make a post about it. As to why Dominion posts are cropping up, probably a bandwagon started when Nexus Blitz was cancelled. People turned sadness from NB into anger that Dominion was taken away. I will say that even though I didn't play Dominion very often after season 2 or 3, it was instrumental in getting me into SR because I could learn dueling mechanics fighting for the bottom capture points. After I got decent at fighting and felt like I understood hotkeys, learning SR was actually possible. It was a good starter game mode but was deleted at a time when new players no longer existed.
: I don't understand why you need confirmation though. They said they were making a non-humanoid, then released a non-humanoid in Yuumi. They said they had an enchanter support in the works, then released Yuumi. Did you need confirmation that she was the enchanter support? They said they had a Vastaya in the works, then released Neeko - did you need confirmation that she was the Vastaya? They said they had an ADC who had a playstyle similar to Vayne in the works - then released Kai'Sa. Did you need confirmation that she was that ADC? When the obvious is dropped into your lap, you really shouldn't need confirmation.
They said they had "at least one" non- humanoid in development. No need to be so condescending.
: @Reav3: Is Yuumi is the non-humanoid in the pipeline you talked about ?
I wrote a post posing the same question but didn't get a Riot response, take an upvote so hopefully we get an answer. A tl;dr on my thoughts is that even though monsters don't sell as well, the fact we haven't got one since Aurelion (or Rek'sai if you want a more monstrous monster) is pretty depressing and Riot should release one for old times sake, it's been 4 years. Unfortunately, Yuumi is likely to be the non- humanoid. I actually really like Yuumi's design but I really like monster champs so hopefully we get one soon.
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: help me find a new jungler :D
Kayn is an extremely fun champion and one of his forms is basically designed to screw over tanks. The more hp they have, the more damage Rhaast does and the more he heals, which also allows him to heal off tanks while simultaneously landing aoe to kill carries. If you like Rhaast enough, you can also learn Shadow Kayn who is an absolute blast to play as an assassin. If the enemy picks tanks, Kayn can counter them. If they pick too many squishy damage champions, Kayn can also counter them. There's very few champions who counter both Kayn forms so he is almost always a useful pick. Some other fun options are as follows: Nunu is extremely fun if you wanted to counter their tanking by tanking yourself and frontlining for your team. Kindred, although very weird to learn compared to any other jungler, scales harder than most bot lane ADCs and obliterates the enemy when fed. Rek'sai is a diver kind of like Lee Sin and is pretty nuts right now if you wanted to OP abuse. J4 is also a really good diver but I don't play him so can't offer advice there, I just know he is super tanky while doing dumb levels of burst.
: I need your help please read this
Yeah, I was playing with my friend yesterday teaching him Ornn because I love Ornn myself, and at some point of the game he came to upgrade my items. I told him it would upgrade Ludens even though Rabadon would obviously be better for more AP. I also told him it prioritizes Ludens over Zhonyas for some reason even though having resistance late game is obviously way more useful than having extra mana. Another stupid prioritization is Redemption over Locket. I'm sure most supports would rather have higher dual resist than like 50 extra HP and bonus regen. I dunno who made the prioritization list but resistances should obviously take the upgrade over mana or small hp regen.
: Can we have a faction event like Noxus vs Demacia?
: All future champs/Legendary skins should have a "Thank you" voice line for heals/shields.
Ehh, I don't think it's necessary. In HotS it gets really old really quickly, you hear the quote every time you heal them and that obviously happens a ton in a game. It feels both corny and hearing the same line over and over is super repetitive. I feel like healing is super obvious and people appreciate it, it's not like having characterization- breaking thank you quotes will make healing more or less noticeable.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 3
Since you bring up matchmaking times for high levels in pro I thought I'd ask: how are matchmaking times overall looking for the game? In normal queue it's regular for me to have over 10 minute queue times in the afternoon when lots of people should be playing and it's super frustrating. I made a post last night about it - it's annoying to sit down to play League for a couple hours and spend multiple games worth of time just sitting in 8+ minute queues. I'm plat too so I feel like this shouldn't be happening, especially in normals.
: What house did you join?
I picked Faceless, mostly because I thought it had the coolest icon but I guess I probably align more with its "values" than any other faction.
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: Can we give Caitlyn's hextech rifle a name?
: To be fair, Malicious Metal is giving it his full support last I checked and can't doubt him...
Yeah but Malicious Metal thought the Mordekaiser Riot designed was amazing. Tons of champions now get pieces of their kits stripped and their fun gameplay niches removed after a few patches. Morde is going to have tons of unique mechanics they could start taking off and replacing with general damage if they don't feel fucked to balance him.
: Remember {{champion:432}} 's heal on release? yeah... Still not that great but still...
Yeah but Bard is pretty high damage and also has some of the most insane utility in the game, if not the best utility. Yuumi is supposed to be one of the primarily focused heal/shield characters but both her heal and shield is super weak and her only hard cc is on her ultimate. Even her Q, while fun to use and useful for chasing, just doesn't do that much damage. Bard's heal is mainly utility for speed and to allow him to place health down so he can roam but he has tons of other uses.
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