: so Diana is getting ignored again i see
Diana is considered a diving fighter and not an assassin, IIRC.
: http://imgur.com/nPcuMH6
Statikk (NA)
: Champion Subclass List
Saw Gnar in the Marksman category, had to double-check the tanks to see if Mega Gnar was listed. Not sure how I missed it the first time, but glad that distinction was made in the list.
: He's getting a new model like {{champion:14}} and {{champion:44}}. He might not change to the point that he will be almost unrecognizable like Sion, but he will be getting a new model and it stands to reason that he won't look like he does now. at the very least his splash art will need a touch up like how they updated {{champion:18}}'s Splash art after they did her rework.
Though Pentakill Yorick does look okay design-wise as is. For all we know, any changes to it could be on the level of {{champion:38}}, where the look of the skin itself doesn't change, it's just updated to meet the current standards of character models.
: That bit about his Pentakill skin just made me realize they're going to have to update that splash again after his update .__.
I don't expect Pentakill Yorick to change at all, nor require an update of the splash art. No change to his game play should affect the skin unless they, for some reason, change his main weapon to something that can't reasonably be reskinned as a guitar.
: whoa.....sht just got real
Poor {{champion:51}} got kinda shafted there.
: except ekko has....... a speed boost, a slow, a 3 hit damage nuke, another slow, a stun, missing health damage, 2 dashes, untargetability, healing, escape, and heavy aoe damage. On an assassin.
... And? My comment wasn't about how tank Fizz compares to tank Ekko overall, it was how durable they were in raw stats, as the person I am replying to was mentioning that tank Fizz is not as durable as a real tank. Ekko and Fizz, who both have assassin-appropriate base defensive stats and scaling, are about equal in raw durability when they build tank, which is nowhere near the level of defenses that dedicated tanks have. You're gonna blow both of them up a lot easier than a real tank... if you can catch them, anyway.
: Fizz is bullshit. That said, he doesn't have the durability of a tank.
It's more like the durability of Tank Ekko with troll pole on top of it.
: {{champion:268}} Well, this is boring. Time to bring out the liquor. {{champion:15}} Wait, no! *2 minutes later* {{champion:268}} I'm invincibler!!! Shrima... *Hic* izzz eternal...
Well I guess now we know why his ult doesn't last as long on the PBE. He's got a hangover!
Sageace (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Phioxsyn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cEYocR9A,comment-id=000900000000,timestamp=2016-05-20T02:52:21.886+0000) > > likely cast range like the mastery that existed last season Well, since Blue Trinket exists (and it has a huge cast range), I doubt they will reimplement the enhanced trinket cast range mastery again.
I would say a mastery like this mostly benefits the people who don't use Blue Trinket. I mean, if you're using Blue Trinket, you're using it to scout out something from a large distance (like seeing if someone is taking Baron/Dragon) or to try and find a fleeing enemy. A slightly larger cast range would be helpful, for sure, but not _that_ useful to you. However, if you went {{item:3364}}/{{item:3341}} and your warding was limited to {{item:2049}} or {{item:3711}} (not counting Pink Wards which everyone can get), a slightly larger cast range for your regular wards would be more beneficial to you, since you could ward something a little safer without fear of getting fun bushed or you wouldn't have to stray as far away from your lane partner to ward something.
: It’s your turn to Ask Riot
So if that's the situation with the Super Galaxy and Neon Strike skins, is that answer the same for Bloodstone (Lissandra/Taric) and Blightstone (Varus)?
: His been a strong pick for a long time now. Just look at Nidalee shes getting the same treatment
And I totally feel for Nidalee players. A lot of the nerfs that went out today feel, regrettably, appropriate because the strengths of the champions is crowding out other options, but they also feel cripplingly harsh.
: but would you say that he has had nothing but porblems since his release, he was buggy as all hell and still has bugs to this very day in some cases. While removing and changing his kit almost entirely..., his q being hyper nerfed, his passive where cdr=AS was tagged on his W, his W tower damage is pretty crap atm until very late game, his E has all but changed and is the only thing he has that can be "flashy" and "mobile". and now his ult is being changed so drastically.... I honestly feel bad for azir, ffs, with all the changes he has had since release, him freeing xerath and being stabbed in the back, sivir, his actual bloodline seemingly rejecting her lineage... and now all of shurima pegging him as a bad guy/tyrant (taliyahs lore seems like it anyways...), the guy can't catch a damn break...
It was stated in another thread but probably not even half of Azir's kit still exists, with mechanics and power being ripped out of his kit since his release. And to top it all off, Azir is a very difficult champion to learn and become proficient with and while I don't care for the loss of the movement speed buff or being able to nuke towers with your W, what really tilts me and makes it very hard for me to want to try and learn Azir is the crippling nerf to his ult duration. ZenonTheStoic admitted that Azir was one of those champions that you pretty much auto-lose your first few games with trying to learn because their skill floor is so high. This nerf is just going to make that even worse because the 2 second duration is all but useless when you're trying to use it defensively.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Every time I have to face Azir, I die inside, but this? This is exactly NOT what is, or ever was, problematic about Azir.
I die a little inside every time I look at that ult duration nerf...
JMoormann (EUW)
: The Azir R nerfs will only make him more unforgiving and harder to pick up
These Azir nerfs make me really sad. I mean, I know he's a strong pick, but come on...
: When the enemy team counters you perfectly
Anyone else think the guy in white looks like a really young Rowan Atkinson?
: Honestly I'm amazed Karthus didn't get a rework with the Mage update.
The point of the mage update wasn't to just buff people, but to help make the mages that felt very samey have a reason to be picked outside of whichever had the more broken numbers or had bad/outdated mechanics to be updated to current standards. Karthus most certainly feels and plays differently from the other mages that he didn't need to be touched at all.
: Morello once said something to the effect of...
Isn't he currently working on some other game being made by Riot?
: What about league's very own Iron Man? Is he shelved or does his name occasionally appear when discussing VGU's?
I think Mordekaiser is the only champ left who still has Pizza Feet, so I'd be willing to guess he's on the Champ Update team's radar. He probably only really needs something Kassadin level, updating his animations models to match the current standard, as visually and thematically he seems pretty solid.
Meddler (NA)
: Whether this revised Ocean Drake model would be too favourable to poke comps, and too limited for their opponents, is something we've been looking at a lot this week. Current thinking is that that shouldn't be too big an issue for a couple of reasons. The first is that from what we've seen so far the previous Ocean buff was actually significantly stronger against poke comps than on them, so some degree of shifting power back in the opposite direction is appropriate. The other reason is that when playing against a poke comp we're not seeing the same champions hit constantly, so their is still a reasonable amount of regeneration going on, especially on squishies most vulnerable to poke who can afford to spend a bit of time further back. Having said that though there's certainly a risk this skews too far in favour of poke comps. If that happens we'll by looking into either decoupling the mana regen amount from the healing regen amount (mana favours poke, health favours anti poke) and/or shifting the regen to truly out of combat (cancels on taking or dealing damage, with appropriate balancing if that leaves Ocean buff too weak).
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ytmzw3G0,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-05-10T18:25:37.192+0000) > >decoupling the mana regen amount from the healing regen amount (mana favours poke, health favours anti poke) This actually sounds like the best option. If the health regen is always ticking and the mana regen ticks when you've not been hit, this means that the attacking team is allowed to poke from ranged to try and get the enemy team to back off so they can take the objective, but the front-line of the defending team has the health regen to withstand the siege (and forcing the attacking team to back off when they run too low on resources to keep poking) and look for opportunities to engage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1hzVEPf0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-08T21:08:48.371+0000) > > Not always. Usually fizz players would have 35 from {{item:3165}} {{item:3100}} with their build looking like > {{item:3165}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3285}} Or something like that. They dont have to get the ionian boots anymore now that zhonyas gives 10% CDR and they can get {{item:3020}} The point is that the cooldown on his abilities hasn't actually gotten any lower. Ezreal's cooldowns were suddenly too low in the pre-season and so needed nerfs but Fizz's cooldowns aren't any lower than they have been in a long time, so why are they suddenly unacceptable? Ezreal was nerfed in the pre-season because he'd been balanced around getting far less CDR than he was actually getting access to and that needed adjusting because it was inappropriate for him to get as much CDR as he was with the cooldowns he had. Fizz's cooldowns have been tuned around him hitting 40% for ages now and so there's no inappropriate change in that department. What might be inappropriate is the lack of trade-offs he's making in gaining access to that CDR now (i.e. if he goes Morello he can get MPen boots) but that basically just equates to "Fizz is now too strong" and there are any number of nerfs that might be suitable for that problem. You could nerf his cooldowns but they're not necessarily the best thing to look at. This thread is really clearly made by someone who finds Fizz's low E cooldown frustrating and has found what they think is a reasonable excuse to make it longer, but there's been no actual change in that department for a long time to this is just your standard "Nerf Troll Pole!" thread, that could have been made this time two weeks ago or this time six months ago. Patch 6.9 is relevant in terms of Fizz's overall power level but completely irrelevant in terms of how acceptable his cooldowns are taken by themselves.
Ezreal's cooldowns were nerfed not only due to the fact that he had more access to CDR and he still had the cooldown reducing mechanic of Mystic Shot (which was buffed slightly in the Marksman update), which meant he could have all of his abilities up way more often than what he had before. Fizz has more access to cooldown, yeah, but not nearly the cooldowns Ezreal had. Not that I disagree with the idea of a nerf to troll-pole/ult.
Arakadia (NA)
: Illaoi skin concepts!
Oaken might make an amazing Elderwood skin.
Drehirth (NA)
: How mad would you be if you were this Ashe?
: That and it appears that Kensu's ultimate also modified the terrain art work to appear warped around the path. Not sure how that would work with SR, either. https://youtu.be/UOIQ90jSO_s?t=31m12s
That's pretty much exactly how I envision it would work in League, though the particle effect on that looks more transparent than what I was proposing above (using the particle effect of Kassadin's blade as the example). EDIT: Looking at it again, it doesn't look like the terrain art itself is changed at all, only a particle effect placed over where the path is laid.
: Dawngate had a Carry, Kensu, whose ultimate created a path through terrain for he and his allies to use. It created a glowing path that could be walked on to cross any wall. I remember Waystone mentioning that it required a lot of re-writing of the map code to make work properly, so I'll bet "spaghetti code" is a factor in this.
So there is some president for the ability actually working out with the "glowing area" idea. Spaghetti code does sound like it would be a problem with this ultimate, though. If Riot ever wants to do something with this, hopefully they can work the bugs out.
Dinopawz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=javiermetal66,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ftv5EUdw,comment-id=004b,timestamp=2016-05-05T21:42:06.590+0000) > > 1. What does Taliyah think about Sivir and Nasus? > > 2. What does she think about Xerath? Could he be interested in Taliyah's powers? > > 3. How old is Taliyah? Does she have siblings? > > 4. Did she met some new "masters" along her back-to-home-journey? (apart from Yasuo) > > 5. What does she think about Malphite? > > 6. Are Amumu's curse and Rammus's intelligence related? > > 7. If Xerath, Sivir and Taliyah had an Ascendant Animal Totem, which animals would be? 1 - She's never met either of them to form an opinion yet. 2 - Xerath - if she's even heard of him - would be a figure of dark myth, a legendary betrayer from history to her. 3 - She's a teenager, so around 16 or 17. As to siblings, possibly, though I don't think any are specifically called out... 4 - She was certainly looking for one, but that part of her life is a whole area of fertile area of potential stories... 5 - Did I get drunk last night and make you...? 6 - I don't think so... 7 - Vole, Weasel and Badger.
> [{quoted}](name=Dinopawz,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ftv5EUdw,comment-id=004b0000,timestamp=2016-05-05T21:55:31.687+0000) > > 7 - Vole, Weasel and Badger. You mean Badgermole?
Rioter Comments
: i feel like soon rito will put a stacking bar on every champion that has a stack mechanic.
{{champion:75}} {{champion:45}}
: did the change the range? I cant hit anyone.
According to the patch notes, the only things that were changed were the damage and AP ratios of the initial burst, the aura, Tibber's attack damage, and then the remaining changes to make Tibbers stronger. The range of the ability, it's area of effect, and cast time (which, being instant, is essentially 0) should not have been touched. Check it out in a bot game or with a friend in a custom match; maybe you found a bug.
: I dont know how this is better? Im an annie main and I cant stun anyone with tibbers anymore. I don't know how this is good when I'm mid and the only way I can survive a zed ulti is to have my stun up and tibbers him under a tower- every time I try to stun it misses. I was good at aiming, there were times I could stun without seeing the champ- just determining where he went and bam stun. Now I cant even stun when I see them? I'm about done riot.
Unless they gave Tibbers a cast time, you should still be able to flash-stun people as usual with her. Maybe test it in a bot game, see if it's a bug?
Dataless (NA)
: It's going to be freaking hilarious when she meets {{champion:268}} ready for a fight, and he is all like, "Welcome home lost daughter of the sands, your family is safe, would you help me rebuild our empire and protect our people?" The look on her face is going to be priceless.
I want that to be a comic of [Stupid Shurima Roommates](http://shurima-roommates.tumblr.com/).
: Congratulations Riot - You've started a timeline!
Time... line? Time is not made out of lines, it's made out of circles. _That is why clocks are round._
nep2une (NA)
: So I browsed through the Boards, Subreddits, and Youtube comments of those defending Tyler1.
My favorite excuse was someone saying something along the lines of "the way he acted was all a persona he put on for the stream". And I'm thinking to myself... this guy is really trying to sell "It's just a prank, bro" as a defense for this guy's actions?
: > [{quoted}](name=Nahara,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HAEZmOE5,comment-id=000a00000001,timestamp=2016-04-30T07:12:42.320+0000) > > Because the Yi nerfs were for a completely different problem: an assassin able to build near full tank and still murder people. This just further cements the fact that if Yi wants to be hard to kill, he's gonna have a hard time killing other people. Yi could build tanky and deal a lot of damage because of devourer and guinsoo. They are related. Current nerfs and items wipe out cements : "If you want to play a AA jungler go play jax/xhin/shiv, yi can do nothing".
Jax, Shyvana, and Xin Zhao can't really be compared to Yi because while they do all use primarily auto-attacks as a source of damage, those three are divers. Divers are supposed to jump into a team and single out a high-priority target, requiring immediate attention to stop them or otherwise peel them from the target, as they have the capacity to survive a bit of damage. Yi is not a diver; he's an assassin. He shouldn't have the defenses of a diver on top of the kill speed of an assassin. If Yi wants to kill people just as fast, he has to start building like an assassin and have the intended weakness of an assassin: he can blow people up, but if he gets caught, he dies.
: What was the point in nerfing Yi if you were going to remove Devourer so soon after? Did you have completely different people working on these without communicating?
Because the Yi nerfs were for a completely different problem: an assassin able to build near full tank and still murder people. This just further cements the fact that if Yi wants to be hard to kill, he's gonna have a hard time killing other people.
McKeifus (NA)
: Why Boost to a Rank You Don't Belong In?
There's also the ego part of it. Some people think they're better than others and want to prove it, but their actual skill keeps them at the rank they belong in. They think they belong in Chaneljour, but they're not actually any better than Bronze or Silver.
: The plan is relatively obvious: send our little rock-birb on a long and epic hero's journey to defeat the evil birb god from the grave. Plot Twist: Birb God is actually super nice and they become best birb-friends. I know it's going to happen, but I still want to read it xD
Birb God is going to be so happy to make new friends.
: I'm seeing a lot of Diana posts lately...
{{champion:136}} You and Leona embody the same light... typical Targon redundancy...
Meanie40 (NA)
: A third Support selection? Sure, why not....
Not really, but I can see where the confusion lies. "Random" would assign you a role within a team at random, and your queue time would reflect how long you'd need to wait until the system found you a group with that spot open. Thus, if the system assigned you the role of Mid or Top, your queue-time would reflect how long it would take to get that position if that was what you'd queued for from the very beginning. "Fill" would search the list of open parties that need a role filled that has not yet been filled and assign you that role. It's still the fastest queue, because you're filling in for the very next available party, regardless of what role they need, but that role is still probably gonna be Support, since people don't like playing Support...
: Where is our Lucian FPS Spinoff Rito! think about it...take your time.{{item:3070}}
Nah, make it a Bayonetta clone.
: that feel when you're in an elevator and an old man enters with you and does that, then turns to you and says 'I want to see the world, one story at a time, so why don't you start by telling me yours?'
Leetri (EUW)
: As well as it being bad composition, there's nothing more uninteresting than a perfectly centered character. Most visual composition follow the rule of thirds to make it look better.
Which is why the splash artists kinda hate doing them. All the focus of the image has to be to one-side of it, rather than center-stage as it should be. IIRC, one of the splash artists called it "dead space", because you couldn't actually do anything with it without taking away from where the champ is supposed to appear in the in-game menu.
: Why am i hearing champions ward quotes?
Heard this happen with Draven in an URF match the other day, so it's not just Azir and Karthus.
: Just hooked it up internally. Need to test to make sure it didn't cause an issue with the standard level stuff. And if not, it should be in next time URF is available. Cranked his animation speed up to 3x by level 28 (from 2x at 15), as well as the total damage ticks to 14 (from 10).
Garen and I look forward to next URF, thank you.
: ....No. URF is not for practicing new champions, at all. Why? * It dulls your sense of mana/energy/etc cost because you can spam freely. * You play terribly because there's no real penalty to death. * Spam waveclear vs. actual CSing * You don't face traditional match-ups. (Ashe botlane vs. a Yasuo/J4. Yeah, that'll come up a lot)
You might be surprised. Playing Sion in URF is teaching me a lot about how I should play the champ; sure, I won't be able to spam my spells nearly as much and I'm back alive before my passive actually ends, but none of that is really hampering what I'm learning about positioning, needing to hit skill-shots (especially using minions as the missile), CSing, roughly how much damage I'm dealing and how much I can take... things like that. A friend of mine last night was using it to better learn how to play some of the ADCs he's not played very much and even he was learning a lot. The consensus we came to was that URF was like the Sandbox Mode we didn't have that we could play around in without consequence for death, resources, or needing to take it seriously.
Wuks (NA)
: Who are YOUR URF champion picks?
{{champion:14}} I never get tired of prepping a fully-charged Decimating Smash for someone teleporting in; you'd think people would see that and go "huh, maybe I should cancel this teleport". Couple that with my health-based shield for extra durability and my ult on a roughly 30-second cooldown (mostly point-blank unless I can catch someone when their flash is down) and good-times are had all-around.
: I told you guys. But no. Nobody listened. "You just hate URF." "Stop imposing your views on us" "etc" URF needs to come back as all random or nemesis draft. No exceptions.
While I think all-randoms or nemesis draft would help alleviate some of the problems with the game mode... it would also mean I and many others like me can't use URF to practice some of the champs we want to get better at. I love playing Sion in URF not because he's cheese like Zed or Evelynn, but because I just picked him up and like using the infinite resource and massively lower cooldown environment of the game mode to learn him and get better at him.
: ***
I don't really feel like that's saying much, since Veigar scales infinitely...
: Zed got an item-based buff, but...
If Assassins really ARE the next group of champions to get worked on after the mage update, I'm gonna guess that's when Zed will get the majority of the changes Riot wants to make to make him better and less of a headache to deal with.
Cryo00 (NA)
: I didn't know you could cleanse a vayne and darius passive with QSS....
Nitpick: It's not Vayne's passive, it's her W - Silver Bolts. Vayne's passive gives her bonus movement speed when moving towards nearby, visible enemy champions.
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