: > RIOT PLEASE TELL ME WHERE TO EMAIL YOU MY DESIGN, I WILL CREATE THIS SKIN FOR YOU! Seeing as you haven't even shown us any concept art in your post, I doubt you will be able to program a skin into the game FOR the company. Also, God Xerath seems kinda meh to me. Dark Star Xerath sounds cool though.
I didnt say I would program the skin into the game FOR the Company. LOL
: I'm more a fan of a Program Xerath myself.
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: I'd say the only skin themes that really FIT Xerath is either Dark Star or Elementalist. Dark Star could make him THE Dark Star, Thresh's God and "Savior" of the universe. Elenetalist could also work (especially what they did with Pulsefire) where Xerath is Lux's enemy and hes trying to harness all of the elements to rule the world or something. A Star Guardian skin would be garbage looking and lore wise in general, Arcade: Battle Boss is iffy, since he would be ANOTHER mage, it just seems too corny. I do believe Xerath is due for another skin, right up there with Kled and Ivern. Hopefully its better than his other chromas
: > [{quoted}](name=Echo61,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=emrr8eRq,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-28T13:38:17.110+0000) > > Project would never happen because Xerath isnt human. Doing Bard's work. Well done. This retarded misconception that ANYONE can get PROJECT needs to die.
It would be dumb I agree, I just threw some examples out lol
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: New Xerath Skin Please Riot!!!! Need everyone support!!!
I like the comments, All I really want is another Xerath Skin! I'm glad you guys had some input and feedback!
: Go on. Share a couple of ideas.
I did.. Dark Void, Galactic Star, Overlord Shurima, Lunar Guardian, Soul Ascension, Elemental Mage, God Particle, Star Guardians
: There’s not much potential, artistically speaking for a Xerath skin. Most of his skins look like chromas.
This is true. However just need to spark the right mind to artiscally elaborate ideas. I am a visual graphics designer and I could make hundreds of insane Xerath skins. Just need the right idea to run with.
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