: @Meddler Is Dr. Mundo ever going to get looked at?
Thrëat (NA)
: LFM Diamond Flex 5
"looking to be carried to Diamond again"
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Cloud273 (NA)
: Yasuo is like the one top laner that actually has counterplay
: Ive had 2 ekko games in a row where i was 0/1/1 with the most or nearly the most cs and had actually won lane. Then I look at other lanes they all have 5-10+ deaths, lower cs and lost lane. You can say im blaming "MUH TEAM" but im 99% sure doing less is better in this situation. People in silver have this insatiable bloodlust, even im guilty but not nearly as often as I see it.
These are Plat 3's and they don't know how to not die lmfao
Guanxi (NA)
: Very true
1-1-2 lucian with most CS in game 5-28 rest of team I go mid and go 3-3-6 bot lane is 1-19
Guanxi (NA)
: Let's face it, bot lane is in the shitter right now.
I play bot > retarded as fuck team I play anywhere else > retarded as fuck bot lane
: The feel when you find a better version of your main
: Can we stop acting like queue times are more of a deal than game quality
CppL (EUW)
: Fb tower+couple waves of minions and you are like 800gold and full lvl behind enemy adc.Have fun playing against that.
Easy as fuck because I'm better than everybody at league Option 2 is be 3k gold behind from dying at tower
: you played one of the most garbage adc ever but i agree with your statement
ADC with most flexibility. Can't play Jhin because retarded as fuck team won't peel Can't play Jinx because retarded as fuck team won't peel Can't play Twitch because retarded as fuck team will feed every lane Can't play Ezreal because enemy team is too fucking fed Can't play mid because retarded as fuck bot lane will feed before 5 min Can't play top because retarded as fuck bot lane will feed before 5 min Can't play bot because retarded as fuck team feeds every lane before 5 min Can't play Jungle because retarded as fuck team feeds every lane before 5 min Can't play support because retarded as fuck team feeds every lane before 5 min
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Yenn (NA)
: It's 10 minutes. My top lane is 0-4-1. My bottom lane is 1-12-0. This is not okay in ranked.
I thought this was just me lmao. So many shit teams, I think it's bc all the winter break kids are out fucking over games
: You can bully a Draven simply by stopping him from catching his axes. And understand he essentially has no passive once full build. His only strong point is his Q and to be a really big bully Early/Mid game. If he manages to snowball at those two points then obviously he will carry. If you want to beat him pick champions that can stop him from catching his Qs, and an ADC with really good utility and good ranged DPS. {{champion:81}} {{champion:202}} are example ADCs that can do decent in lane against him.
I intentionally make Draven waste his mana by {{champion:12}} W every time he goes for an axe, even if I can't follow up.
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: When Are We Going to Have Legitimate Fizz and Zed Reworks?
Zed's life OP _nerfed_ OK _buffed_ OP as fuck _gutted to shit_ only 1-tricks can play him _'reworked'_ dog shit
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: Have You Ever Wondered, That on NA...
: Got a video, or replay, or match history/ game ID?
I was playing a bots game, couldn't record it. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2392080609/48758593?tab=overview
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: Does the game seem less strategic to you?
Game downhill since 2013, the god era of all entertainment from movie and shows to video games.
: It is actually more like 70% of games will have at least one of them, about 18% will have 2 of them and about 3% will have all three. That does add up to about 90%. but you failed to consider for the fact that they are not limited to one a game.
If I added all the times I had to play with them, it'd still be the same. What you say is true, however that's not the point of what I'm trying to say. If I have to deal with 2 of them in the same game that sucks even more than just having 1, but I wasn't going to do the 1337 h4x0r math because I'm lazy
: They just got off holiday break. This is why they patch every two weeks.
And I guess there's allot of kids on because of holiday break, too...
: > [{quoted}](name=dakota saturn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h2j7GGHr,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-05T04:55:24.315+0000) > > You mean, breaking the rules? > > You know, you can get in-game punishments for being a jerk on the forums. Your responses in the last topic were disgusting and toxic. > > If you act even remotely in game like you do here, no wonder you're having such a bad time in your games. No you can't. The two are separate and are punished separately.
lol he just got banned from forums and his posts got removed xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
: It is actually more like 70% of games will have at least one of them, about 18% will have 2 of them and about 3% will have all three. That does add up to about 90%. but you failed to consider for the fact that they are not limited to one a game.
I didn't fail to consider. I'm just counting in the fact that I have to deal in with them most of the time. My point gets across. 70% is still huge
: Observation: Games are decided by the 10 minute mark
http://imgur.com/a/DIiNw avg game length in my rank
: ***
They are more than welcome to check my chat logs lmao in the meantime, gtfo
: I like how you left out every other part of the conversation. People don't randomly say things like that completely unprovoked. If they do, mute them, because they're crazy. Judging by your reply, it's obvious you were egging him on the whole time. Pls learn to take screenshots too instead of using your phone, lol.
Other part of the conversation is irrelevant what he said cannot be justified in any way. Still being toxic because you're hardstuck in Bronze?
: that would make tower damage inconsistent and frustrating so i don't think it's a good idea.
In the first 15 minutes, tower damage is increased by 15% per enemy champion > friendly champion nearby in the last 10-20 seconds( to keep consistency ) until 15 minutes into the game Kinda like irelia's passive but w/ increased dmg instead of reduced CC
: ***
Removed for naming and shaming gtfo lmao
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: She is a child.... 15 at the oldest. I would guess closer to 14.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: > Fuck this game till you all get your shit together. Waste of my time. Not competitive, not fun. Every corner it's been shit since mid-season S5, and allot of people feel the same.> Totally Agree. Ever since Sated Devourer got introduced mid-season 5 the game has gone downhill. Last season was the worst ever and all my friends quit and they aren't coming back. Honestly it is time for Meddler, Ghostcrawler, Repertoire and Socrates to fucking leave already
They need to go back to what made the game actually fucking good. Nobody asked for a inescapable box of retardation. I remember when Draven came out, that was the coolest shit ever. A champion that takes skill without denying the enemy team anything, rather giving clear strength/weakness of predictable movement. In theory, Draven is the PERFECT concept of a skill-based champion. Not saying he's perfectly balanced right now, I'm saying his concept is on fucking point. They need to stop adding new shit when they cant even balance what they have. They need to take a break from now until mid-season to assess and fix the vast majority of balance issues from itemization, champion balance, clear champion strength/weaknesses, etc. * CRIT needs to be fucking gutted on 90% of crit items. Crit should have diminishing return past 30-50% by not having abundance of other stats on the same item. * Hasn't been done before /=/ "unique". Make something that can be balanced by having clear strength/weaknesses by either having Cooldowns, Predictable movement, vision, lack of self-peeling. {{champion:202}} 's design is another PERFECT example of 'high skill' champion design. His ultimate needs to be toned down a little on the slow, right now it's 80% for about 1s. He has a clear weakness and a clear strength and it's everchanging. I'm too lazy to right more because I have to go to work soon
: Two teams at full build in a 4 v 5? Not winnable unless the other team screws up... Hard.
If it's a 4v5 the game shouldnt take 40 minutes unless the enemy team fucks up hard.
: I don't think I said it's perfectly fine. We continue to evaluate pacing after every early season patch. In addition to greater than usual change, the MMR of games isn't quite as tight because people haven't settled. This often leads to the feeling of more wonky games. Sometimes even shorter ones. In the first game you posted, the enemy team had a Veigar and a Vayne. They were banking on making a long game. They didn't get there, and lost. There's value in being able to stop hyperscalers by ending games. There's also value in games coming to an end when they're clearly out of hand and people just want them to be over (generally the people losing). Picking and choosing small samples of data can also lead to a very skewed picture. Over your ten games on January 1 (per euw.op.gg, not sure if their date/timing is right), your average game time was 30 minutes. Over your last ten ranked games that I see you have a 35, 26, 30, and 25 minute game, though on a whole they do seem fast! You're also climbing rapidly: you were Gold last season and now are D4. You're doing suspiciously well and playing early game champions for the most part. If the system doesn't know your actual MMR you will tend to get more skewed games.
* Junglers are higher level than laners and dive at lvl 3 * Towers do 0 dmg and die instantly * Towers now give bonus gold, which only encourages this shit * These new items give me stage 4 diabetes leukemia {{item:3085}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3152}} I am literally being dove by Ezreal and Karma at lvl 2 without their jungler. No, I'm not bronze or shit tier, I was D5 last season. I can get hit by 1 ability and now I'm fucked and lose my tower at lvl 5 + lose 3+ waves of minions, dragon, and first tower gold. This doesn't rely on me doing some Faker play, this relies upon the other team **SERIOUSLY **fucking up. I've never seen as many games ending before 20 as this season. Matchmaking is so... so... sooo shitty I cannot put it into words. I have Silver 4's on my team while I vs Plat 1's. What the fuck?????????????? They play like shit and feed bot lane so I could just say gg at 5 min because bot lane already has a 3k gold advantage by 7 minutes. Seems the only way to win is to play cheesy stupid shit that isnt fun like {{champion:28}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:1}} Just dumpster all the champs that require use of a fucking brain because bronzies get stomped by them. I cannot continue to play this game at this rate. I want S4/S3 back. This isn't even league, it's just fucking cancer. Rework every single champ in the game into cancer, rework classes into cancer, rework items into cancer. Like **WHO ** the **FUCK** said "let's give {{item:3085}} **CRIT**. Then let's add some champion that's "UNIQUE" by putting in broken shit like a box you **cannot fucking escape**. It's UNIQUE? Right???? RIGHT???? Such a fucking joke. I can list off 25 champs off the top of my head that require perm ban for being cancer or for being broken as fuck. {{champion:51}} is the highest offender and no nerfs in sight. Fuck this game till you all get your shit together. Waste of my time. Not competitive, not fun. Every corner it's been shit since mid-season S5, and allot of people feel the same. I'll check back in at mid-season, if the game's not fixed by then, then fuck it. Too much stress I don't need.
: Can someone explain to me why people say the cinderhulk meta was balanced, when it was just 1 class dominating everything
was before all the cancer champions were released was before all the cancerous reworks were released was before the cancerous items were added to the game {{item:3053}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3107}} was before items were reworked into cancer was when you could actually have more than 1 ward out at a time
DarkPh0enix (EUNE)
: Why doesn't league have a "safe to leave" like DOTA?
if it reaches 40 minutes it's winnable lmao
: Syndra ulti should stop if she dies
: Camille near 58% winrate in Diamond on first patch.
her dash is a instant cast {{champion:154}} jump on half the cooldown
: > [{quoted}](name=This Urgot,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fWlW550L,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2017-01-03T06:28:17.467+0000) > > on a freelo champ Taliyah freelo? Why are not more people playing her then. She is by far not freelo. If you think she is, then please, go ahead and play her.
I have champ mastery 7 on my smurf acct. She does a retarded amount of damage for how much kiting she can do.
: The 3.00 KDA
on a freelo champ
: I'd rather have a Battlecast like this fan concept: http://img00.deviantart.net/9743/i/2015/270/2/6/battlecast_malzahar_by_kimmokun-d958dow.jpg
He needs a good skin, and an OK skin. Meowzahar 750RP, some other skin at 1350
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: {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}
Rioter Comments
: https://i.gyazo.com/083c2c0a82a0b712d0af76b1d4c03113.png You don't have a silver, you have two G1's while THEY have a level 30 and a G2. The golds did better than all the plats on your team anyway.
Quinn was Plat 5 with 0LP, practically gold Zac was retarded Jhin was retarded KDA doesnt determine how good somebody does. Zac would be taking raptors while enemy Lux with no summs and 10 mana is smacking the tower with 2 minions. Free snowball. Instead he gets raptors like a fucking retard. Zac said the same thing: "but muh kda". The average fucking Zac has a 4.0KDA. How can a tank with free GA and 4000u jump die? Fucking stupid Bot lane fed Olaf 11 kills. I am an assassin and just get fucked by Malph and Olaf. I sacrificed my early game cs to gank bot and they didn't follow up, wasting my time.
Dynikus (NA)
: Ranks last season != rank this season. That's one of the worst examples of bad matchmaking I've seen.
Season started a month ago They play like Silvers and their border reflects it. Here's this retard wondering why he keeps dying to enemy jungler https://gyazo.com/daa0735f4c93ec3dd8cefd11d42c1eaa while he dies under enemy tower lmfao
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: elo hell does exist, just not in the form people think To escape bronze you must be good at bronze but this will not help you in silver all that much To escape silver you must be good at silver but this will not help you in gold all that much and so on and so forth.
I can vs Diamond+ easily, just catch contagious autism from Gold- Golds play so stupid, they don't try to sidestep, they don't anticipate me sidestepping, they don't know when to drag/baron/roam. Gives me aids, they are so unpredictable.
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