: Is there any possibility of seeing an AP variant for QSS? Even tho I personally dont play much mid as I'm a support main, it does feel pretty shitty for the situations you need QSS and then have to build it into an AD item. You could argue that banshees is that niche but the only way I personally see that working as a substitute would be if the spell shield was a fast active item similar to sivirs E almost but that probably wouldnt work very well for the game.{{champion:16}}
{{champion:16}} main here.. Crucible is good replacement for QSS in many cases, and the number of games where I get enough gold that I'd be forced to upgrade QSS is pretty.. low. XD
Kroleigh (NA)
: Wow, where to start. > The problem is... you have to spend entire game begging your team for cs and it's toxic as fuck. No, you spend your time protecting your ADC; working to keep the other adc from farming. Dipping into the river to help your jg. Ward forward. And every so often use your trinket to complete the quest / heal. Alt-click your quest completion, let them all know where you are. > Or I ask someone to come with me so I can farm wave to finish my quest No, you are ALWAYS with someone working the macro objectives. You use your trinket when it is up. > so I legit had to flash to get it.. (and of course get ??? Pinged after lmao) NO. You flashed to use your trinket. That hurts the team and reduces the chance of gaining the next objective. Walk up and last hit the cannon, or wait for the next one. > they don't listen to me No. You are not in charge. You are in a cooperative environment. No one way is the absolute only way. > I want to support my team No. It seems more likely you want to carry. All that you are complaining about are not issues with Leona, the trinket or the team. There are problems with Leona: 1. mana management 2. easily poked by mages 3. No defensive, other than locket for adc There are problems with the trinket 1. heal nerf 2. fast lane phase, quest is not complete 3. losing lane, quest is not complete There are potential issues with teams: 1. not an all in comp 2. no collapse/synergy 3. fear of 5v5s All I gathered from your post was that you are gold elo, you don't understand how to play Leona or use her trinket, you don't work with your team; you command them. And you are worried to play against lower ranked opponents.
Thanks for the response. I think you may be right on many points. > All I gathered from your post was that you are gold elo, you don't understand how to play Leona or use her trinket You would be mostly correct to be honest. There's also the issue I'm playing her in normal games, so I'm playing with mostly bronze/silver players still atm, which of course can be frustrating in it's own right at times. I just feel like the relic shield line in particular amplifies that frustration for me so much. > 2. fast lane phase, quest is not complete > 3. losing lane, quest is not complete Yes! I also tend to roam too much and at poor times currently, which causes this to happen even more often, so yeah I mean working on that will help alleviate my issues. But I guess my issue is just how unforgiving relic shield is to this type of situation at low elo, since people get the ability to one-shot entire minion waves with 1-2 spells at a certain point. Like if my team just chilled for a few seconds and let me walk up and hit even 1 minion wave, I could catch up instantly, but they don't. XD It's frustrating. > You don't work with your team; you command them. Tbh, my point was that I shouldn't have to command people to do anything just to be able to ward as a support. > NO. You flashed to use your trinket. That hurts the team and reduces the chance of gaining the next objective. Walk up and last hit the cannon, or wait for the next one. I think not finishing my quest to have wards available reduces the chances of gaining the next objective much more than having flash down, unfortunately. I didn't feel I had time to wait around in lane for the next 2 minutes. > No. It seems more likely you want to carry. Of course. I mean I play to win for most part unless I'm duo with a friend who I'm helping to learn or something. What's wrong with wanting to carry? > You are not in charge. You are in a cooperative environment. No one way is the absolute only way. I mean sure, denying the Leona all her cs is a perfectly fine way to play at low elo, if not the most optimal. Like I say my team isn't going to play optimally most of the time, so that's to be expected as well. It's just annoying for the Leona that wants to get gold or finish her quest. In any event, I probably won't play leona any more unless I have an adc I trust enough to help me out with this I think.
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: I should not demote in other ranks from splash LP
They could make it give you negative LP like dodging at 0 LP..
: Can you demote from splash LP loss
Yeah I just got demoted Silver 2 support 0LP to Silver 3 Support 75 LP by losing a game as mid. So normally I lose 3 LP from splash, but now all of a sudden I lose 25 LP AND have to redo a promotion series for my main role (support)? Wow. That's 20x+ the normal amount of splash, considering I now have to win 3 games as support just to get my rank back. @_@ I guess playing off-roles is a terrible idea for me then. At least until I get better at csing. :/ EDIT: Well technically since I can get support 100% of the time, I guess i can just avoid off-role games if I'm at Support 0 LP.. :/
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: supports are not having hard time at all
Seems like I'm gonna have to get better at landing Soraka Qs. ;o;
Astrid (NA)
: Somehow I feel like {{champion:143}} would work better...
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Grinka (NA)
: Unable to Log in to client (PC user)
I can't even get to launch screen. T_T Patcher crashes :c
: Type of bug : Gameplay Summary of bug: Garens Passive is healing over the max that it should at lvl 16 Server: NA More details: Garens passive is starting at 2% like it should at lvl 16 at lvl one. by the time he lvls to 16 the passive heals 10% max health per 5
lol he was using health potions
: Patch 4.17 Mega Bug Thread
Type of bug: [client] I can't start the client at all.. It just instantly crashes and says a problem ocurred.. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn't help.. Worked fine yesterday. T_T http://prntscr.com/4s8kbz debugging with visual studio 2013 gave me: http://prntscr.com/4s8lig I'm on Windows 8.1 Reproduction rate: every time i try to start client UPDATE: I'm not sure what happened but it randomly open and start patching. XD Yayyy
: Champion Update: Soraka, the Starchild
You guys did wonderful with Soraka changes, but can you PLEASE make it so she can't heal minions?? I was annoyed at this before, but why the fk would I want to heal a minion for 10% of my hp??? Please make sense.. -_- Love the new passive.. hated when people ran away from me while i try to heal them before.. now they cannot escape. muahaha
: Basically I'm just going to say this. I agree that Soraka is, pre-rework, uninteractive and something should be done about it. But I believe this update will make her a lot more difficult to play, for the same amount of reward as a champion such as Sona or Nami or Kayle, who can heal both themselves and their allies (in Sona's case, both at the same time), while providing a movespeed boost, or a shield. All Soraka provides now is a slightly lower cooldown heal with no other benefit that also hurts her. I want Soraka to be fun and interactive to play in lane, but if I'm laning against a Sona, she does what I do (heal), she does it BETTER than me, and additionally can shield her ally, speed them up, add to their attack's damage, reduce my ally's damage, and with her ult, stun one or both people in my lane for a good amount of time. Most of these abilities aren't even skill shots; they just happen when she hits a button or autoattacks. Nami has her bubble (difficult to land but it is a very significant, AoE, and relatively instant cc), autoattack slow buff, ult... Compared to me playing Soraka: I have a difficult to land slow, a difficult to land snare with a mild silence on top of it, and that's about all. Soraka never had a lot of utility in terms of crowd control, and she made up for it with buffs and heals and mana restoration. Now, because heals are "unfun", you are nerfing her healing capabilities, taking away the armor bonus, and removing her mana restoration, without actually giving her that much in return. She still has very little cc, and what she does have is hard to even utilize. Why would anyone play Soraka when they could play a support that is easier and can bring just as much or more to the table?
how is reducing the cd on her heal by 90% and the mana cost by 75% "nerfing" her healing capabilities.. She can heal HUGE AMOUNTS more than before.. it costs health, but DUDE. Before I'd aways cry if my heal was on cd and my team needed heals now im like.. rush in heal, run away.. cds dont matter. xD
: ...Riot, I love Soraka to death, but you just got rid of the only reason a lot of people played her. Soraka was the ONLY support, no, only CHAMPION in the game that could give allies mana, which is a huge thing that made her unique. But it's not only just that. Starcall for instance-- I like that you made it so it won't as easily just cs steal or whatever, but *Soraka is not made to do damage.* That's just not her. She is the "support." She doesn't want to hurt people. And especially considering that you now made it so that she cannot heal herself with Astral Blessing-- what's she going to do if there are no champions nearby? She has no way of healing herself now unless champions are nearby, and I doubt that a Kha'zix will let her smack him with a meteor to get back a little heath before he chops off her head. Another thing now is that Soraka's New E (also known as Swain's W+Silence), aside from it being no longer original whatsoever, is COMPLETELY useless against non-caster ADC's. Lucian (mid-late), Vayne, Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Quinn, Teemo, Tristana, and Twitch will not be affected by the silence at all, and all of them except Ashe have the mobility to easily get out of the stun spot. So you pretty much just got rid of Soraka's E in laning phase against most Marksmen/ADC's. The only other thing I have to complain about now is the New version of Astral Blessing. Yes; The lower cooldown is great, even with the range reduction. BUT, Soraka lost her passive that made Wish and Astral Blessing so helpful-- that targets with lower health get healed more. This gets rid of those clutch heal saves, as that tiny bit of health won't help if Kha'zix/Shaco/Rengar/Any Assassin jumps on you. This really gets rid of Soraka's effectiveness against.... ~78% of the champion pool. She has a really weak heal now (except her ult, but that's a really long cd), no mana restore, an easily avoidable by every ADC or mobile champion root, and no way to heal herself without enemy champions nearby. That's another thing; this new rework will get rid of Soraka's entire lane sustain. Considering that Astral Blessing takes both health AND mana, she'll be using her health and mana to heal her teammates. Okay, now she needs to heal? Try hitting the enemy a few times with starcall. Oh look, Soraka's mana pool is now entirely gone and she can't do... anything but throw bananas. I don't want to sound mean Riot, but you always say that you try to keep a champion close to their theme and adapt them to the current meta. This is entirely breaking Soraka's theme, and while it may adapt to the new meta, I honestly feel that you didn't really think this through too much, especially considering how you've been borrowing abilities from other champions for a while now, including Soraka's new Equinox. (Which was taken from Swain's Nevermove. Some other borrowed things lately are such as Gnar Taking Vayne's Silver Bolts and Sivir's Boomerang Blade, Xerath's ENTIRE new kit (Q is Varus's Arrow, W is Leona's Ult, E is shorter range Ashe ult), and Skarner's New Passive. (Which is just a slightly different version of Braum's)) I really wish that you would keep to Soraka's true theme, Riot. And I know that you probably won't read this, unfortunately, as you don't have time to browse every single comment on here. But truly, as a person who loves to play Soraka, please... if you're going to rework her, try to stay closer to her theme. Because Rooting, having a truly damaging Q, etc... is not Soraka. Soraka tells you how she should be when she's walking, "To Heal and Protect." To harm and to hurt is not Soraka. Soraka is the truly purest support there is right now, and you're reworking a lot of these supports to be Zyra/Annie copies who have CC and fair damage. I don't want that for Soraka, and I'm sure many others don't either. Please, please.... Try to think this through more before you release it. Please.
Got rid of her clutch heal saves? If 1 heal doesnt do the trick she can heal 1.2s later (with max cdr)... lol if anything her new passive lets you get clutch heal saves off easier than her old one..
Dextest (NA)
: You can just search the champion you know
" so I wont have to search "
: Patch 4.14 notes
"we're deliberately playing safe in terms of disruptive changes." "4.14 does mark the release of Gnar, the Missing Link" Isnt that a disruptive change? xD
: There's always a reason you're in a certain division. There are actually some really skilled bronze players I know. It's just that they don't work together at all. I'm in silver 4 because I'm not that great but I at least try to work with my team. In my opinion, there's no such thing as ELO hell. Just my opinion.
: > We've been overwhelmed by the awesome response from everyone on URF mode. We're glad everyone had a blast, so did we! Then listen to the community and bring it back as a ***PERMANENT*** game mode. ARAM is a lot less fun to play than URF. >As we've shown with One For All: Mirror Mode, popular game modes are destined to be re-released at some point. How dare you compare other game modes to URF... Yes, One For All was amazing. Mirror Mode addition was terrible. Have it open to multiple maps including Crystal Scar always. >Before we do this though, we need to improve on modes for a better player experience that equals more fun for everyone. Why? You have test servers for that. So we can still play these game modes, and you can still balance, fix, and maintain how YOU want our game play experience to be. >Given URF's popularity, we want to bring it back, and even better than it was the first time around. We wanna play it too!! \>o</ Then please do it! Actually a much better question is why there isn't a fully customizable game mode option where the player can pick between ALL of these options. URF buff? Check, Doom Bots buff? Also Hexakill with One For All (no mirror mode selected). The point is to let the people PAYING you decide. Watch your profit margin skyrocket with the influx of people.
Cause it'd be more work to balance it properly to keep it interesting (and not just helicopterim killing everyone in sight). xD Plus the random bugs they get on random items at random times in random patches..
: When it does eventually make its return, please remove or increase rumbles heat bar. :)
: you dont know how to utilize the fact that they are bots then, just predict what they do in a situation and just keep their attention while someone split pushes
How to predict when they can use anyone's skills at any time? LOL
AhShark (NA)
: No Game No Life anime reference much XD
: mini map?......i know nothing
I think he means cause the color schemes are so similar.
Shuri (NA)
: Soraka Infuse didn't cost mana? Holy shit.
But her other abilities have pretty hefty mana cost for the cooldowns. So she was very mana intensive anyways. -.-"
: Patch 4.10 notes
With the nerf on Athene's, could you guys take back Soraka's mana cost on her e? T_T She's so mana hungry.. :(
: Patch 4.8 notes
If you wanna let Soraka heal more often, REDUCE THE MANA COST.. The hell? xd
Nekomata (NA)
: that's not how version numbers work. it's not a decimal number, but it looks like one example: after 4.9 will be 4.10
: I would consider that a buff in a way, i mean reducing 20 damage on q is not that big, but buff the cooldown on ult by percentage whenever q hit :O good luck killing them
Ummm Astral blessing is her w, not her ult.. and they reduced her q by 60 damage not 20...
: Patch 4.8 notes
"some mana cost reductions means he should be able to bring Amumu to your team more often" .... WHY WOULD HE WANT TO DO THAT? DX
: i think dragonslayer {{champion:103}} would be sick 2
How's a fox gonna slay a dragon? :P The theme doesn't fit. xD Dragon charmer {{champion:103}} maybe.. But I don't think she'd get armor and try to face one head on O_O
wvAJoker (NA)
: super urf Shyvana {{champion:102}}
URF shyvana made me cry T_T They shoulda gave her ulti more stacks xD
: Rise of the Dragonslayers
SCREW YOU {{champion:102}} HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!
: Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, available now
: you give up his speed bonus+vision of the enemy in exchange for being a little stealthier. for example you would leave it off if you want to ambush someone then when you jump on them you turn it back on so they cant run.
Oooh cause he howls and puts mark on their head? Lol still... every time I play ww I end up playing more than half the game with it off cause I don't notice T_T lol
: The issue wasn't warding baron. He's meant to be a raid boss, if you can solo him at 15:00 then there is an issue. Feral Flare was too strong. If you want the healing back, then put a cap on the stacks. One or the other.
Who had enough stacks to increase the heal significantly at 15:00? lol
: Holy....wow.... The feral flare changes makes me wonder what kind the thinking (if any) was within your balance team. This basically makes the completed feral flare WORSE than before you decided to "completely overhaul" the wriggle's lantern. Personally I would have shifted the heal to either a max % say 10? or have the stacking as it currently is with a maximum limit. Each "balancing nerf" that is done in this game makes me wonder what the balancing teams favorite type of weed is when they do balancing.
But you can just get it late game after you've already stacked it.. so it's not really worse.
: I don't mean to be rude or anything... but you misspelled 'balanced finally for fcks sake...' incorrectly. Just thought I would point that out for you. :)
How do you misspell something incorrectly? There's a correct mispelling???
Hoodrat (NA)
: Still waiting for Riot to give us an option to toggle the effect of {{item:3068}} ;_;
I'd accidentally turn it off once and not notice for a whole game.. and that once would be more annoying to me than all the slight annoying cases of it not being toggleable combined. :/ On that note why is Warwick's E toggleable? O_O
: Patch 4.7 notes
Feral flare wasn't OP at all... (was 14/2 with feral Kayle jungle) &gt;_&gt; &lt;_&lt;
: But Poro is invisible to enemy until revealed. Unless off course it's the pink. {{item:2043}}
: That was not a poro snack :p {{item:2052}} this is
It's the same thing just different labeling to trick you!
: the problem with a poro ward is, what happens if the enemy finds the ward and wants to get rid of it?
: Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, revealed
Leona is a fighter? :/ Her damage is so bad though. lol.
: also, in one for all why didnt i see annie. such tibbers very stun wow
I hope they bring it back XD
Akrasias (NA)
: Can you fix omniscient Karthus bot?
Good players can keep track of the enemy health.. i mean u can see them if ur doing damage to them usually
Doukora (NA)
: Most likely wont make it past the first couple days cause they'll be reported by everyone for A)feeding B)not communicating. C) no teamwork.
But they can just ignore the reports. xD
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