AidanWR (NA)
: I think this is just the bug where Yas's q occasionally doesn't go off
If you watch closely, you can see an interaction with some ability hitting the wind wall on the casters side. In game, the ability did go on cooldown for me and my character even lost the charged q affects that Yasuo has when he has tornado ready. EDIT: Ngl, I never saw the ~~cannon~~caster minion. LOL, that affect on my side was definitely the ~~cannon~~caster minions shot being blocked. RIP me. So, there's a bug where Yas q doesn't go off? I thought I saw things like that happen before but I just attributed it to me being a bad player ((which I am)) and saying whatever. WELL, my bad. Thought I found some trippy bug xD EDIT2: Caster... Not cannon.
: Can't you hide the animation of Yasuo W with Yasuo Q?
Other way around. You can hide the animation of Yasuo Q with Yasuo W, like I did in the video ((I'm the red one.))
Alzon (NA)
: The other Yasuo cast his own Windwall right on top of yours.
He did not. There's no animation from the character nor from an ability cast to signify a windwall cast. On top of that, he would have told me he cast windwall in that scenario, because that was a custom and we were both trying out new things for Yasuo and constantly giving each-other feedback. I would never have recorded the clip and just attributed it to a visual bug if he had said he cast windwall, but he was just as confused as I was.
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