: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nYXkKN1k7M "And a Nary 50 50 "
"I need a Nary" not a "Nary 5050." Nary is still part of my actual name and 5050 is still my family's clan tag. This has nothing to do with the actual problem at hand. Edit: Brian - "I need NOS! My car topped out at 140mph this morning" Harry - "Amateurs don't use NOS, I seen the way you drive, you've got a heavy foot. You'll blow yourself to pieces" Brian - "I need one of these, No actually lets make it 2 and Harry, I need it by tonight" Never says "Nary" to begin with.
: Paul walker says in first fast and furious " Oh and I need a nary 50 50 for tonight, 2 of them "
: Type in Nary 5050 on google to see what the name means(Thought Nary was a brand of NOS(Turbo injection ) First link that comes up : Nary 5050 - North America - Summoners - League of Legends www.lolking.net/summoner/na/39483192 ... currently has one of the highest winrates! Find out why she's taking solo queue by storm in our video guide on how to play her. Update Summoner. Nary 5050. Make of that what you will.
Nary is part of my actual name and 5050 is a family clan tag since the first Xbox came out... I went to check out the link and it's BS. It just goes to my profile on lolking and the whole "video guide on how to play her" is false. I have never had any kind of videos made for League and the statement makes me look like a champion in for the game...
: had to learn ADC and picked the hardest ADC in the game to learn... and then dominated... ok.
She is not the hardest... Hard is a matter of opinion. Champs that I consider hard won't be the same champs that you consider hard. For example, Tryndamere. I can't play him worth a dime. I think he's very difficult. Others think he's the easiest champ. Who's to say I wasn't practicing Kali elsewhere? She was strong and I had a friend teach me how to play her, but since you're merely looking to argue, you can believe what you want. I'm just saying. I've never used scripts or 3rd party programs other than Skype and Curse Voice on my account.
: i like how you're not denying sharing your account.
Is that really the only thing you picked up from my response? No, I don't share my account. Are you happy? You see support and jungle champs because that is what I main. I had to learn an adc and I took a liking to Kalista. I stopped playing adc because I don't like it. It's too much pressure and I don't enjoy the role. I can't get jungle/support every game. I was having a nice streak that week and decided to play her. Then I went back to my old stuff.
: i'm guessing you shared your account with someone, and that person used an illegal 3rd party program. like the person who used your account for a week in november spamming Kalista.
Says who? Who says I shared my account? People can't spam a champ they're having a good streak with?
: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/y5XtpzpL-so-riot-have-taken-my-money-and-dumped-me Dont let them tell you differently, They will undo account bans. They can't make you comply with Terms of Service if they do not enforce the TOS on themselves. Basically they can not have it both ways. Also, you can charge-back the money you spent, since they are not providing the service they agreed to provide when you paid them. They banned a 5 year account of mine for using Curse Voice. Something they also say is ok to use.
How do I chargeback my account? I know they undo bans, but they won't even tell me what I'm accused of. They keep beating around the bush and I'm still as clueless as the first day I got the ban.
: Yea, keep on ranting about how you have 'good behavior' and spent 'all kinds of money'. That right there is why you are guilty of scripting. You WEREN'T banned for bad behavior - and money won't stop your account from getting whacked by Riot. But since you ARE guitly, and you know it - you are throwing out false positives about your account, but it's a true positive on why you were banned (scripting). It's psychology bro. You just convicted yourself. GG bye.
I DO NOT SCRIPT! I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO! False positives have no room in this claim. Everything I'm saying is the truth.
Fawksea (EUW)
: sure you didn't use anything else like mkjogo? and few years ago curse was a bannable offense but not anymore nowadays, i honestly don't know, sorry :\ keep trying to contact support
I'm positive. I don't even know what that is... ;-;
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Mozhu (NA)
: >Tristana will remain stunned throughout her jump and even land stunned, but the jump itself won't be stopped or interrupted Did the change something last time I remembered.. I remembered being snared and Id fall strait to the floor stunned... then again.. hmm idk
Nope. Trist will continue in the air with the snare still around her.
: It's working as intended. Only Knock-ups and Knock backs can cancel it, otherwise, all other forms of CC take effect once she lands.
It's a jump, not an invulnerability move. CC of all kinds should cancel it. I've seen her jump through silences and snares, within less than a second of being hit with the CC. If only "knock ups and knock backs can cancel it," there is a problem. Champs, like Bard and Reksai, can be CC'd out of their "jumps", i.e. their tunnels. Why isn't it the same thing for an ADC with escapes, like Tristana?
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I'm alright with sharing my chat log :)

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