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: Silver and Gold Elo Mentality
you get punished by riot for typing and only typing. since the Nightbitch3 drama, it's better to know this now than later. typing gets results, ya know trolling or soft inting reports get thrown in the gutter because no way to prove they happened. but typing is proof.
HPDave (NA)
: fix your pos
imagine a company with bigger views and ideals appealing to one virgins ideals. lol stfu and enjoy what youre given, not that you;ve ever worked for anything in your life besides being a b-i-t-x-h
Raid3n (EUNE)
: Nerf yi
yi is weak af, just perma invade his ass
: Gold 4 looking for a duo
hey been g4 and g stuck for like a month now, imma jg main willing to duo
: this is bait right
yeah just ironically making fun of the cry babies on this thread
: Too many bots at lower levels
they're learning as were we when at that stage, I remember being 22 years old playing only lux for 1k games in normal, never knowing I could build items, I would save until I have the money to buy the item straight out. I remember having coaches or new friends leave after one game because I didn't know certain lingo or how to this or that. this is a free game btw, maybe instead of complaining just try to teach the newcomers. LoL is getting a movie made for it soon with the ROCK! lol if the next generation are bots, don't try to get em banned but simply try to be a teacher.
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: Looking for TOP, MID and ADC Teammates for Clash
interested in being an ADC for y'all but your name doesn't exist on my client, add me NattyDaddyy
Apulsive (NA)
: NSP LF silver/gold players Top, Jungle, Supp
Jungle main here, i play xin, hec and jax as my mains. but for tanks i play sej, amumu, J4 and grag. Ap jungles i play ekko, sylas and karth. for assassins i play kayn, kha and rengar. incase yall need another jg or whatever my ign is my user name here.
: Was curious to why people think this was ban able
as a jungler i understand your pain in idiocy that i see in everyday of gold elo. only advice i would have for you moving forward is to /mute all at the beginning of every game, their are tons of duos and premades that will go out of their way making you seem like the one at fault. just play your game and let them play theirs. this aint the pros, nor is it ever going to be fixed on a free game.
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: A Critical Error has Occured and The Process Must Be Terminated
I deleted my logs and config files found in the hard drive of my pc. under riot games and in the league of legends file. i then did a full repair in the settings of the game, it rebooted my pc for me and bam it started working again.
: LF jg to play on a semi serious gold-plat team
: Support player looking for a team
I'm a jungle main but definitely am looking for friends to play with. ign: Nattydaddyy
Cupatee (NA)
: Looking to start a Gaming community unlike any others. READ BELOW
this is intriguing, i am a jungle main and have learned about every role without a coach. took me two years since i started playing just to learn wave management. i like this idea because it is indeed hard to like this game if youre always going at it alone or when people give up on you easy. i had to learn every role on my own before i played ranked and decided which i liked best. because someone told me i had to learn more than one role to start ranked.


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