Baa Woof (EUW)
: Is there a way to hide my mastery points?
I have almost 900k on Nautilus and I've never had someone whine and complain if I don't have a good game. I like that mastery is there so I can quickly see how much experience someone has, I don't expect them to carry if they're a one-trick.
: I don't really get the appeal of battle royale games now that I've played them myself. You rarely ever get the satisfaction of coming in first, so what's the point?
> [{quoted}](name=Worst Kench NA,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=e6KObx1v,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-02T09:52:56.115+0000) > > I don't really get the appeal of battle royale games now that I've played them myself. You rarely ever get the satisfaction of coming in first, so what's the point? YOU randomly get the satisfaction. That doesn't mean that that's the case for everybody.
Azadethe (NA)
: I'm of the opposite opinion. In game looks fine. Splash looks horrible.
: because it has weak ganks and poor scaling, unlike Bloodrazor Bork BF Rageblade GA.
Ifneth (NA)
: People say she needs a buff—‘till they see Taliyah make the plays. (Make the plays) Once you learn her, you stop outplaying individual champions and start outplaying whole teams. She plays like nothing else. You want to stay well away from the team as a fight begins, using your rock surfing to reposition, then split the enemy team with a wall. You can then either dive the backline or help your team against the frontline. Even after they removed her bonus damage to minions and increased her full-rank threaded volley mana cost, Taliyah remains a strong pick and important ban in professional play. Having poke, waveclear, roaming, and burst in addition to her gamechanging ultimate makes her kit among the best that Riot has ever made, and it only gets better at higher levels of play. They say she’s not good enough—‘till they see Taliyah make the plays. (Make the plays)
I love Taliyah but those Q mana costs hurt me. :(
Mig89 (NA)
: people still play quinn?
: meanwhile toplane took your papertower toplane and has freefarm and shen has garbage waveclear
What are you talking about? Did you not see that Shen tp'd right back to lane?
Noivern (EUW)
: "Free shit" because of what, them not spending money? You have to put in quite a bit of time and effort to get a chest and 3 key fragments, and time is valuable and not free shit. But okay, alright, let's say you're right. What about me, when I buy 10 chests a month with real, actual money that I make and get 2 champion shards? That means 20% of my purchase's value has just dropped to 0. It's literally wasting your money.
This has been my problem. Most of the money I've spent on League has been on the chests in the past. Maybe $500 worth of chests, and now I have no reason to buy anymore. The value you get from them are SO awful now that it just doesn't make sense. I feel like from the chests I do open all I ever get are champion shards anyway. I get so excited to get my key fragments so I can finally open a chest and then I get another champion shard and it pisses me off. I have 8.5k orange essence and 25 skin shards just waiting to be used, but it seems the only thing I get are more champ shards.
: Honestly, Tyrant Swain (And Swain in General) makes me really hyped for Mordekaiser's VGU
: PSA: If a yorick is splitting
I play Yorick a fair amount and do fairly well with him. I usually play if I'm on comms with at least 1 or 2 of my friends so they know what I'm doing, but I have many times where I'll be at their 2nd tier tower with my maiden, 4 ghouls, and 2 waves of minions pushing and then my teammates will die in the team fight, and then the randoms will made ping that I had teleport. What do they expect me to do? I'm not gonna teleport in just to die with the rest of them (especially when we're pretty far behind in power, we don't have a chance at a 5v5). If a 4v5 does happen to break out, I almost always get at least inhib tower if not more.
: New Champ: Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight preview
I actually love this champ and the design. Seems light-hearted and fun.
: This is correct. The ratio of shards to essence is going down with preseason so for any shards you want to disenchant, you should do that before preseason starts. For forging shards into champions / skins, it doesn't matter when you do that since the value of champs and skins will remain unchanged. Hope this helps.
So you said that you can no longer preroll 3x champion shards for a new one, but will you still be able to do that with skins?
: 3 Mythic Skins in 3 days spending 75$ (Canadian)
I've spent about $500 USD and haven't gotten any Mythic skin shards, though I probably have have used like 30+ gemstones for chests, because I don't care enough about any current mythic skin to save them. But still. My last $100 got me 2 gemstones, and they were the epic orbs or chests or whatever that had increased chances even.
Aenaeus (NA)
: Every plat player I get on my team is terrible
Multiple reasons I would assume. I got to plat playing support, but you better bet I'm not going to play support in any norms game unless I'm doing something super off-meta with a friend. We aren't plat in every single role on every single champ, that's just ignorant to think that. I play with my roommate who just hit gold for the first time, and there are many times he will perform better than me in a normal game when we play together. But the difference? I'm willing to play champs I've never played or only a few times, while he's continuing to play champs he already has over 100k mastery with. Also meta shifts and nerfs/buffs can depend on how someone plays. I used to be a Nautilus support 1-trick; however, they completely gutted him to the point he had the worst win-rate as both Top and Support, so I had to switch. Then I was playing Karma and then they gutted her. So if I'm playing other champions, chances are I'm not on a plat level of gameplay, since I have to change what I'm used to. Changing from a tank/engage support to mage was difficult to get used to.
: Getting your champ banned is not a get out of jail free card.
There was a time I was in flex queue with my roommate, and we were duo bot, and we picked our pick intent, and then my teammates banned with of our champs. And this was when the last 3 picks got the 3 bans. There is no way in hell that I was going to let a group of trolls on my team get free LP from me.
: From what I can tell, if you got the Borders + Icons during the event without having purchased the skins themselves, if you should buy the skins at a later date, they'll have the special edition borders. (note; I myself bought the skins then crafted the SE borders, so this is all hypothetical on my part)
: Dont you think its kind of cheap to hold an 'Event' that alot of players cant actually be apart of to introduce a new standard feature? i mean just release the feature without the damn event and make it simpler... pay only events are coming beware
Every person in the game can be apart of this event. The only bonus a paying person like me got was an initial 6 extra quests, 100 tokens, an extra orb, a chest, and a ward skin -- and all my quests that I complete for Chaos side are doubled. I still only get 2 quests a day like everybody else, but I do gain tokens faster, that is true. But all those tokens go to more Orbs (which gifts RP items). So basically me paying real money is just me being able to be rewarded with "more" real money items. The event is still the same no matter what.
: Why Order is guaranteed to lose
I always vote for good as well. But I guess there is always the exception. I hate both Riven and Yasuo, so that didn't make things too fun. But the thing that got me was that the Order icons look way worse than the Chaos ones. As well as the ward skin. So in the end I picked just out of which icon/ward skin looked the best, and that happened to be Chaos this time around.
inplane (NA)
: {{champion:43}} simply isn't fun to play anymore. She's dull thematically and mechanically. Half of her kit only serves to refresh RE. I don't know what Riot was thinking when they reworked her W. Aren't reworks supposed to make a champion's kit more interesting and interactive? Before, her W was so interesting and had infinite possibilities in terms of what it could've done. Now it's just a "fuck off" skill against enemies and an easier {{champion:7}} E. Her old Q was what made {{champion:43}}'s duality stand out. The pure definition of hurt-and-heal. Funnily enough, it's the only skillshot heal in a champ's kit to exist in the game. Now it's Generic Skillshot #24 that can be upgraded into Super Generic Skillshot #24. Her old E had it's own identity and it was known for a reason. It was a GIANT HONKING SHIELD. It was naturally giant and it had to be carefully placed or it could've been wasted. Not to forget her shield bomb that punished anybody who took their sweet time harassing her. Assassins feared her for this very reason. Now it's {{item:3190}} plus {{item:3069}} that is super abusive. The removal of her old passive is a huge slap to the face to all {{champion:43}} mains and fans. Getting rid of the reason why she's called "Karma" just shows how much Riot cared at the time. They flat out deleted her when her passive doesn't even resemble what it was supposed to be.
Well, Rakan has a skill shot heal now...
: im going to say this once again , karma is saved for a full VGU sometime soon , most likely after eve/urgot rework they will probably announce her to be next or closer , ive asked them twice on their multiple pbe streams whenever a new update comes out , and they said they plan to give karma a full rework sometime next year , plus shes NOT as bad as this guy {{champion:107}} whos currently sitting at 44% so yeah ... at least shes a great support both early and late and a very useful one too , whenever i have a karma on my team im just happy all the time with all those aoe shields / ms slows and roots her kit is just perfect for a support.
Well, Karma is sitting at 44% as well...
: Sounds like Karma mains are garbage at Karma. At the end of the day she's a hyper aggressive support who wants to bully and facilitate frequent fights and aggression.
: This is M&G, go be an asshole on a different board :)
LOL. Saying "why complain?" is being an a-hole these days, huh?
xelaker (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kunz,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=tETriALA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-16T19:04:55.406+0000) > > It's free... why complain? > > Some people want extra help getting champs. you should probably not post on any board ever again...
LOL. Get outta here, kid. All I stated is that there actually ARE people who will use it for champ shards, because it will help grow the amount of champs they have quicker. Don't try making me the bad guy just because I have the down votes.
: All these downvotes just for pointing out why people shouldn't care. That's fucking gross.
Yeah... apparently people don't like that...
: Free? It's free in terms of money, but it certainly isn't free in terms of time and effort it costs to acquire 100 tokens.
The effort? You mean playing the game you're already going to play and do the things you're already gonna do?
: ***
I don't think anything is "free" by your definition...
: how do you complete chaos alliance mission?
You just kill 400 minions as a team in a game. Just don't end the game until your team's CS >= 400.
: Unless the new missions award IP, I won't be doing them.
I don't get the point of this board? You can potentially get champion shards and skins by doing the quests... so why wouldn't you?
Jofeyy (NA)
: WOW You can get a mystery champion for 100 Tokens???
It's free... why complain? Some people want extra help getting champs.
Widow (NA)
: I didnt want to participate in quests, so why did you give me icons I didnt accept it. Go away plz
: No Time For Chaos
Play blood moon Play bots
Stusauce (NA)
: Phreak = NA caster
Phreak is the best sports caster.
: Help me understand "no" votes
This is probably because people have witnessed a 4v5 win... on several occasions actually. I've also witnessed 20k down in gold wins. If it's normal and somebody is playing a champ they want to practice, they'd rather just keep playing to keep practicing rather than ending, and starting at level 1 again. If it's ranked and somebody doesn't want to just give up LP without a fight, they'll vote no. I've had SEVERAL games that I've won after 3 of my teammates voted yes to surrender. Heck, I've even had a game where we had a 0/10 adc and I was 0/6 as support, that I had NO hope of ever winning so I AFK'd in base for 5-10 minutes while checking Tinder and giving people speed boosts as they left the fountain, and we managed to win that game as well. I've just had too many games that under no circumstance should we have won, but we did.
: Ahri ADC?
Anything can work in Norms.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Buying "extra" missions via the passes is a completely legitimate and cheap way to earn extra loot. Those missions are specifically tied to Riven and Yasuo AND you can do both sides if you buy both passes. Each of those missions give you by default: * 100 chaos/order tokens * 1x chaos/order orb * 1 hextech chest + key * 1 nightbringer/dawnbringer ward skin _**2 extra missions per pass give you:**_ Novice mission * Hextech chest + key, 40 tokens Master mission * 100 tokens, 1x gemstone --- _**The total value of a pass is:**_ * 1 ward skin (640 RP) * 240 tokens (506 RP) * 1 orb (legacy skins chest with a 50% chance for bonus loot) - (295 RP) * 2 hextech keys + chests (hextech set is 195 RP x 2 = 390 RP) * 1 gemstone Total cost of loot: 1831 RP (still not counting a Gemstone and double token boost on VS missions). That's a bonus of 531+ RP MORE than you payed for. Your regular missions refresh after 24 hours so for the duration of the entire event, you should be given more missions and rewards to obtain on your own, with no actual cost to you.
Thank you for saying what I've been trying to get across.
: What does Victor's Emblem ?
It will unlock into an icon at the end of the event.
: order and chaos
At the end of the event it'll unlock an icon.
: When you want Riven to win
From all the games I played this morning, I saw probably 70% of the icons were Riven.
Those are quests you had buy with RP.
Avienal (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kunz,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=6K2Kks7x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-15T23:07:11.177+0000) > > There aren't more quests. Then i feel like we might as well of been conned then, from what i understood the 'novice' quests were the regular ones while the 'master' ones were the one thru the passes. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Freaking got my hopes up way too much, least now i can 'understand' the rate of tokens likely. day 1: Icon and 20 tokens. day 2~14(15 maybe?): 30 tokens In total 420, maybe 450 tokens. That basically gives only enough for: -1 Border+icon(280)+1 orb with maybe 30 tokens left over -3 orbs with maybe 30 tokens left over (not enough even for a key frag. Unless we get some quests that award ALOT more tokens, then this event feels like PROJECT all over again. The plus side is 'free players' at least get enough for 1~3 orbs depending on if they want the flair or not.
Of course it's exactly like PROJECT. It gives free players to still get free stuff and do missions, while it also gives paying players more quest and more chance to get other things. I got 260 tokens from my 6 quests from my passes. But those people who don't want to pay money probably don't want to unlock the icon/border either, considering how much it cost in relation to everything else.
DeusVult (NA)
: Is honor live right now or coming later in this patch?
: Is it possible to actually carry with taliyahh like other mages or am i wasting my time?
: Missions
There aren't more quests.
JuhnChan (NA)
: Omg we have missions now?
Learn more by start completing. Or.. you can read here:
: Is that how it works?
Yup. You pick sides just for the day.
: So I'm using Dawnbringer Riven
It's just for the day. Tomorrow if you use the Order icon for your quest then you can do the other Order ones.
: Dear Riot, when and why Nautilus went downhill and returning him to the jungle
This is a lot of TLDR posts, but I agree with you I assume. I have 750k mastery playing Naut as support, and tbh I can't even play him there anymore. The nerfs are hurting him too much in other places.
: buy them all??? I mean no judgment if Ward skins are your thing you do you boo boo just, none really appealed to me enough for their price (with the exception of one, i'll let you take a wild guess which one)
Hahaha, noo. I only bought 3 of them, and 2 were just because they came in a package - speaking of I have no idea why I got the championship ward, haha. But I love getting them in chests. I probably switch between about 6 ward skins on a normal basis - usually whichever ward skin fits my champ skin best tbh. Like I use penguin with my Freljord Taliyah and I use my Riggle ward with Dragon Trainer and my Mecha Zero w Mecha Sion, etc.
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