: But where's valor??
Valor is going to be built last. I plan on making a wire-frame version that can attach to the gauntlet. He's the last piece that's going to be made though :(
: Hopefully this helps. This is the paintover I did on top of her in-progress model when we finalized her design. It's not the best quality, and some of the elements in some of the views should be ignored as we ended up changing them. Mainly the gauntlet. But it should give you an idea about construction and details :) Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see how it turns out! :D
Oh my lord. IronStylus you are the BEST! I will have to make it even more epic now. :)
: You need to walk the walk too. Literally. Get down in that awkward bent leg squat and keep that position even when walking
I've got my sneaky awkward crouch pose ready.
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