: Which Champ is this?
scrapped concept that was shown on twitter. A champ that can just shoot missiles from the base. Like Xerath ults. Im just making this up. Its Veigars Omega Squad.
: Would AD katarina work?
Yeah it's okay. Also some nice AA damage to keep a little DPS if you cant burst or finish someone.
: when you deal 800+ damage a sec. (Burst per second= dps+ burst)
That is still just DPS ;/ Burst only happens every so often so putting per seconds means no sense because it is just for 1 second.
: Which champ....
What is BPS?
Dªy (EUW)
: Now do one of these about Shen {{champion:98}} lol
Dont Forget Shaco{{champion:35}} He was changed in all the wrong ways.
: Sion q getting canceled by Camille ult.
Yeah, it does that to quite a few abilities. Sion does have the Q cancel refund to 2 seconds. So Sion has it better than most.
koshkyra (NA)
: Lethality Sion
He could before the update and lethality was a huge deal. Sion has always had huge damage. Do you not know how easy it is to dodge that ULT?
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: Ah you mortals don't understand the power of Yasuo Support, that's his ultimate form.
Lane against a Thresh, Blitz and let the madness happen.
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: Finally set up a Stream! Watch me try climbing to Masters with Mordekaiser ADC!
: Amumu finally got a friend!!
{{champion:1}} Isnt she his friend?
: I'm so confused at what your problem is.
no definitely not skin this year
: Need idea for final EMOTE for my channel
WHOA WHOA WHOA, i thought you quit??? I need to freaking sub
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: Lady Shyvanna in Pink
She does not seem very impressed.
: Break a champion without changing their numbers
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: Konner, the Travelling Entrepreneur (Yordle Saleman)
Plays this with a Twisted fate, both start coin. TONS OF MOOONEY!!!!!
Joxcab (NA)
: What if there were tradeoff items?
That would be a really good idea, but some champs could take advantage as they just gain from the positive but nothing from the negatives.
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Tomosima (EUNE)
: Which pre reworked champion do you miss the most?
{{champion:98}} {{champion:8}} :I i was level 5 on both of them, then i got reworked. I cant stand playing either any more, especially Shen.
garren9 (NA)
: I'm a Sion main
Isnt he the undead juggernaut...a unstoppable engine of death and destruction with low mobility and high damage that scales from both tank and damage extremely well...I am also a Sion main.
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: Wait....that's Benedict Cumberbatch? He was in The Hobbit? Da fuq, my mind is legit blown right now. http://www.reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/tim-and-eric-mind-blown.gif Also, you shouldn't feel obligated to get that prepaid card! We want people to purchase RP for something they truly enjoy and are going to feel good about, not because of ultimatums or because they feel they need to. Be a master of your own fate!
Who's Benedryl Cucumber-patch?
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: Show me your main's (or any champ's) ult in a gif! (Inspired by robothax's post)
http://33.media.tumblr.com/b30cb8c60e5b4a940effd3b0a5b83761/tumblr_nmr0hhaMrL1r3a7j7o1_500.gif Choo Choo {{champion:14}}
: i don't get it
okay, so it looks like he is being stupid and pouring a empty glass into a can, that wouldnt work. So unexpectedly the can pours into the empty glass somehow. Surprise and wonderment.
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: I haven't felt like the game was any harder for him. Some of the mastery changes were a nice buff and aegis is gone.
Except that his Shrooms are rendered almost completely useless now, and that AP is easier for squishy AD with the new item. And the mastery changes are mediocre as they still arent quite how Teemo plays.
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: Rageblade on a non-on hit user? Rageblade on a melee?
Uh yea, he can push with it, and can stick decently.
Saianna (EUNE)
: Played new Shaco.
Yeah, i have mained Shaco for quite some time, and the new one is...eh, it really feels off. However i have found a build that does seem to work decently. {{item:3146}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3147}} {{item:1400}} Also {{item:1402}}. Its far from perfect but it does seem to keep some of the large chunk single Auto sneak attack, and does decent in longer fights. i planned it so the gunblade and duskblade can make up a little of the lost burst. Give it some time, he willl either be changed and tweaked or we will have to adapt. And yes, i do mourn the old Shaco.
: Thanks for removing the AP on banner of command @Riot
{{item:3089}} If they cant carry, you must carry.
: i have read them... are they even serious lol rip melee supports
Idk actually, the new items definitely give certain gay jems a big power in the bot
: @Riot Medieval Twitch rumors need squashed
He will not, most of the skins that had requirements above just limited availability dont come back.
: {{champion:67}} http://i.imgur.com/T68xF94.gifv
http://cdn.playbuzz.com/cdn/8975ebfa-4c0f-43c7-9298-9133321dc9fd/a3f3b868-9ca9-451b-90a4-bfffb2ffe528.gif Or she will just get slammed
: Pantheon is going mid
I love some Panth mid a great pocket pick when in the right lane. But everyone who just plays it to play it dont know the power and die to mages.
: Hacker or Virus skins? - Counter skins to Arcade or Project skins
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Upvote for Leagues scariest killer.
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: Can we talk about Poppy?
Hahahahhahahahahahahaha, oh please, she is fine. You play her for yourself and get a real opinion.
: Those guns have infinite ammo in the mags or what?
So does 90% of ADCs guns
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