: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16 notes
Nazarith (NA)
: Some of my client is not in english
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jamyooes (NA)
: Can't hover over friends
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Nazarith (NA)
: All my rune pages got deleted..again
yeah it just happened again and im getting kind of pissed
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Mhija (NA)
: Throw Back Thursday - Lee Sin's Great Escape
Crysi102 (NA)
: The way I see it since the Summoners and Institute were taken out of the Canon world may seem a bit silly, but it might help with mentioned plothole. Keep in mind, this is just a head-canon of mine that I felt like sharing since someone was talking about the Summoners and the lore change... We, as players, are sort of like other worldly watchers (maybe the watchers from Lissandra lore? Though I think those watchers are canonically Voidlings of some sort...) and we are playing the game with copies of these legendary warriors that Riot is telling us about in the lore. The way I see it, we could be remnants of the Institute, or even god-like spirits who fight for power (or influence (points)) using clones of unsuspecting fighters that we enjoy. This allows for Summoner's Rift to remain a battlefield for us (potentially being a mountaintop religious location in Runeterra, someplace that normal mortals don't go), as well as allowing the Champions to develop as characters. This also could explain the existence of lore based characters like Kindred or Bard... The characters living in the world might not know if they truly exist, but We, as otherworldly spirits overseeing the whole world from the outside, would be able to see these creatures and use them in our battles for power, influence, amusement... whatever you want to think we're doing fighting with clones of various fighters. **TL;DR: Summoners are just spirits fighting with clones of fighters they choose from Valoran, allowing for Players (Summoners) to fight on the Rift while also having the story happen undisturbed.** I know it's kinda silly, but it's the best way I've come to terms with the lore change. (I really enjoyed the old lore with the Institute and whatnot... I was really sad when I found out it was gone...) I've been meaning to ask someone what they think of that idea for a while... sorry for kinda barging into the tiny conversation you guys were having. XD
it also could explain why they are called CHAMPIONS. these entities (us) have chose heroes from the world of Runeterra to CHAMPION them on the summoners rift. a place that, for whatever reason, they are fighting against other entities.
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Ahrondus (NA)
: It depicting a few of the events leading up to Riot's choice of making a Championship skin for Kalista. So in essence, it is about Championship Kalista.
Exactly lol. look at the reveal videos for the other championship skins
: Looking for a Jungle for Ranked 5s
IGN- Nazarith played jungle for my last team of 2 years before everyone had IRL come in.
cluvie (NA)
: Hey Nazarith - I appreciate your concern with ensuring that our detection is accurate and only catching those that should be detected for elo boosting. As such, when we receive disputes, we investigate each case just to make sure we didn't miss anything while configuring it for detection; it's totally possible we could have, so we want to check the integrity of the system by reviewing cases. For your particular case, your boosting happened early on in the season and had nothing to do with travel between Maryland and Florida. Looks like you made some quick trips to Canada and back though, within ~20 minutes. Please keep in mind that even sharing your account with a friend or even a family member is still account sharing and that any behavior that is found on the account while the sharing takes place, is ultimately the responsibility of the account owner.
Yeah so turns out my friend who lives in Canada was on my account. I'm not sure for how long but the fact it showed me traveling between the two within 20 minutes triggered a red flag. I did travel and play there on his computer, but that was ME, not him. He got on after I left in an attempt to "help" me since I seeded so low... Moral of this story: change your passwords kids, and dont use the same password for everything... So I take back the negative things I said and will be deleting those comments. Thanks Riot Cluvie for giving me this extra information. PS. While I am aware i will not be eligible for THIS seasons rewards. but as for my bronze rewards from season 2 and my silver rewards for seasons 3&4, could i be able to keep those if for nothing else but nostalgia?
Draklain (NA)
: You are not the only one. It took me nearly a month to go from silver 3 to gold 5 on season 4, and on season 5 took me like a week to finish my placements, and still ended up in gold again, even tho my performance wasnt really good (I main mid/sup/adc lanes, but played some jungle, and ended up with an average of around 40-50 creeps per game). What booster would actually take nearly a month to boost 4 ranks? But riot wont listen to anything now. I've sent them graphs with my games, how long I took to actually get promoted... Even compared it with a smurf account I have on another server. I mean, I got out of bronze with the smurf, series to silver 4, and hopefully going up to gold, and I play on that account like, 2 or 3 games per week. On that smurf I'm playing against gold players, even played against a gold 2. The average MMR per match is 1360. I finished season 4 on my main account with an mmr of 1500. I think they believe I boosted because I played a different lane and won the match (even with a bad performance and being carried) and ended up on gold 1 after the series. I mean, seriously, take a look at the attached picture, look at the performance, look at the creeps and k/d, and the system still sent me to gold 1 with that, and now claiming I boosted with a bad performance like that. BTW, my placement history on the last 3 seasons were : S3 - 7/3 , S4 7/3 , S5 8/2
obviously this is an issue with multiple people, and so it ends up being a customer service issue... but what is a drop in a bucket compared to all the people who play this game? im surprised they even care about bronze/silver... if it was gold i would understand.
Tritan (NA)
: third
gundbear (NA)
: Upvoted so Riot sees, I got the same ban and my account is mine and not boosted. Did Riot support actually reply back and said they were going to investigate? I made a post and also submitted a report. Unfortunately Riot support was completely unhelpful and gave me a response 3 days later that was exactly what the first email said: "Your suspension was only issued after an extensive investigation was run to ensure your involvement in MMR boosting. As explained in the email you received in response to your suspension, the following actions have been taken on your account: -A two-week suspension has been issued to your account. -All previous Season rewards (Victorious skins, borders, season icons, season ward skins) have been stripped from your account. -You are ineligible for any 2015 Season rewards While you may feel that this punishment is too harsh, please realize that having accounts boosted, for whatever reason, ruins the spirit of League of Legends competitive play. While you are ineligible for any rewards in the 2015 Season, this does not disqualify you for anything pertaining to the 2016 Season. Keep in mind that if you have any future involvement in MMR boosting, your account will be permanently suspended."
they said they would investigate further and said it might take a couple of days and then turned around a few hours later to tell me that they had indeed deemed that another player was playing ranked games on my account.... so everything ive worked for even BEFORE this season is going to be gone. im so done.
lapengu (NA)
: bump for you... Hope riot sees this and fixes your problem man.
thank you very much, i have a ticket with them and theyre going to investigate the issue further. i appreciate the support :)
: This is what we call a false positive. If you truly haven't been MMR boosting then you'll be fine. The system caught it because of the multiple IP changes coming from your account. Submit a support ticket, and explain the situation. Riot isn't heartless, I'm sure they will understand.
What would i file it under? I filed a ticket initially to find out why i was suspended but all they did was elaborate on the email i received and tell me the why.
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: Ranked 5's Team Looking for Serious Subs
IGN: Nazarith Rank: Silver 5 Age: 23 Main 4 Champions: Jayce, Cho'Gath, Ekko, Diana Role: Mid/Top Experience in Ranked Team (if any): Was part of a team that disbanded after 2 years due to IRL conflicts (top laner is working on his dissertation and our mid laner is about to be a father) Play Style: Flexible (been playing since be4 S1 and played DOTA be4 that on battle.net) Strengths: map awareness, dueling, and intelligently picking fights Weaknesses: being consistent in all games with performance
: Looking for 2 for Ranked 5's. Playing Tonight.
IGN: Nazarith Rank: Silver 5 Position: Mid/Top Strengths: Dueling, smart trades, and map awareness. Weaknesses: transitioning from a strong lane phase into the rest of the game and maintaining that strength.
Nazarith (NA)
: No Pool Party Mundo?
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: would be nice if theyd fix this or at least acknowledge the problem
Nazarith (NA)
: it just did it again when i had 20 seconds left to pick although this time i was actually in the lobby...
just quit the lobby and said i refused to pick...
Nazarith (NA)
: unintentional dodging while duo
it just did it again when i had 20 seconds left to pick although this time i was actually in the lobby...
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Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
After the patch rolled out i tried a game on summoners rift, the lag was so terrible i barely had an idea of what was going on, but after that ended and everything else i tried with my internet worked i decided to try a 3v3 figuring it would at least be better. it was even worse and far more unplayable. i got DC, we lost, and i got a leave on my record. in my last ranked game i played jax and i actually played pretty well. but at one point in the game i got Dc for about 5 minutes. i came back and we won the game but now i am in an extended Q which really just makes me not want to play at all. i understand there are problems with patches and that its not all Riots fault. but dont penalize me because of server instability. if your game is already having problems post patch and people are having trouble playing it, then dont make them experience increased Q times on something that is little more than a first offense when the problem is not with the player...
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Sign me up! Though im not sure what you'll find :D
: I think this may solve peoples problem with Smart Pings
: Match History Beta Now Live
Building Destroyed - the final building states at the end of the game what states?
: people complain cause they have an odd number of rp like yester day one ash them to lower a skin because he was 25 rp off from it thats why they complain not because there berrer then the creanters of dotta they complain because of the skins
reading this gave me cancer
: Regarding the Heartbleed security bug
Good guy gaming company = Riot.
: It would be cool but: A. licensing/rights issues B. I already have grungy Nunu C. I'd rather see 'jungle nunu' where he's a little tarzan kid riding a big gorilla.
: They would never get past the licencing issues.
cookie monster nunu made it, and so did wonder woman sivir. why not this?
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