: Shurima Story Q&A #2
Who is stronger RIGHT NOW in the PRESENT. Between Xerath, Azir, Nasus, Renekton, Amumu, Sivir, Skarner, or Rammus who has, potentially, the MOST power in Shurima?
: Welcome to the new age of security
"Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center." - Program Lissandra
: Welcome to the new age of security
I bet over 9000 rp that they are going to release a new skin series called the virus "champion name"
: Guard the forest soul with Elderwood Hecarim
I have a theory on why Hecarim might be fighting Bard... What if Bard was wandering around and tried entering the forest BUT Hecarim is guarding it so he stops Bard. Then they both fight and Bard turns the forest into the Twisted Tree Line. Maybe Maokai was also in the same forest that Hecarim was guarding so he turns into a ghost too? So... They both turn into ghosts! or something like that lol
: Guard the forest soul with Elderwood Hecarim
What if this was Hecarim {{champion:120}} before he turned into a ghost... I mean look at Maokai {{champion:57}} ... He is the last tree of a forest what if this forest he is guarding is the old Twisted Treeline...
: Good carry champion for ranked and which champ to buy
I already own most of these champs and now I'm heavily leaning towards jinx or cassiopia. Which one is a heavier carry???
: Specify your lane man, If you play top, irrelia can carry, riven can carry, fiora can carry If you play jungle, pantheon can carry hard early but sucks late game of you capitalize on his redicilously early ge you can carry easy, vi can cary, wukong can carry, xin zhao can carry. If you play mid leblank can carry, ahri can carry, yasuo can carry, malzahar does surprisingly good at carrying, katarina, akali can carry aswell. As an adc graves ia really strong, lucian, jinx, caitlyn, if you can master Quinn she is awesome if the rest of the team provides waveclear, vayne good vrs tanks. Now there are many more champions that what i mentioned that can carry games. Yi can carry if the enemy has little cc comps so in special occasions anyone can carry. I'd say if you become more specific we can help you more.
I usually go mid if not then I try to go top or adc but rarely support since i cant carry as a support
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: DJ Sona Q&A on February 24
I personally think if RIOT decided to lower the price to -50% then a lot more people would buy it and they would actually get MORE profit because at only a -25% price a lot of people in the League of Legends community is refusing to buy : I. I would also like a -50% discount personally because I was expecting it because of the two previous skins and now I feel unprepared since all ultimate skins were suppose to be at a 50% discount when they come out...
: {{champion:266}} carries a game? Sorry but never seen that before unless he is ''SO FED''. {{champion:119}} needs skill. I wouldn't spend 6300 IP on {{champion:60}} . Not worth. Get {{champion:254}} or {{champion:107}} or {{champion:421}} if you want a solid 6300 IP jungler champ. Or if you want to get a top laner champ I would recommend {{champion:150}}
Already have rek and I want to look for a strong champ that could possibly carry games so draven is someone might buy thx for the feed back
: Depends, which role do you have the least champs you use.
I only have vayne and ashe as adc role so I moght get draven thx for your feedback :D
: {{champion:119}} requires a lot of skill, but probably is the best snowballing champion as far as damage potential. My computer lags just often enough to where {{champion:119}} is not at all an advantageous champion for me. I love {{champion:266}} , and even bought his Justicar skin. However, if people are able to stun him or keep him away, he loses power to his passive and his damage potential. {{champion:121}} has wonderful 1 v 1 damage, but I don't really play him that often. Never played {{champion:60}} , but want to in the future. Played {{champion:254}} once, didn't really like her then, but I have done that with a lot of champions. Didn't like {{champion:24}} , left him, came back and loved him. {{champion:266}} is F2P this week, give him a go if you still have time or haven't. Tomorrow (Tuesday) there should be a new rotation. See if any of your champions are on there and give them a try. Other than that, I have fun with {{champion:266}} and {{champion:121}} mainly. Wish that I had more events against a {{champion:107}} or {{champion:121}} when I played as one of them.
Atm I'm thinking of buying either {{champion:119}} or {{champion:266}} because they can carry games so what are your opinions??? I am atm in favor of draven aftwr watching a youtube vid tho
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: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
This comes out the day after I played first time Amumu.... I'm so sorry Amumu I failed you {{item:3070}}
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