: What do you guys think of smurfs?
I started leveling my account of a new server, and these silver (at most) smurfs that trashtalk all the new players are probably the most disgusting smurfs I've seen. Those guys are in it for the ego boosts, and I'm sure a lot of diamonds smurfing in gold are the same kind of person. Not everyone's smurfing for that... but yes, some certainly are.
: Revert Dark Harvest.
If we're gonna' talk balance and numbers, lemme talk gameplay: 1: My adc running behind the enemy turret after a stack 2: My adc flashing after a stack 3: My adc dying for a stack 4: My adc ragequitting because not enough stacks 5: My adc trying to get stacks on a lategame hypercarry in a losing lane matchup. I can talk about people getting tons of stacks and being busted and stuff but... I find people NOT having stacks being WAY more disruptive.
: Im not being ironic now, i swear, this is a serious question based on the real things
I keep watching my favourite streamer's league crash, my friend got 5 game leavebuster from 'leaving' (crashes), it's crashed on me about 3 times this patch, and the client literally refuses to open unless I crash out any non-windows process before opening it... oh and what else, I reinstalled it fresh four days ago. {{sticker:sg-janna}} I agree with you, something funky is happening. I'll try defraging too like the top-rated comment suggests, but no joke my PC is literally god tier when it comes to game performance, and only winces with League, and the League client in particular.
: Open the task manager (if it's in the short list mode find the button to show all processes) and check if there's a portion of the client that doesn't close when you close out the game. If you force quit that part you should be able to re-open the game.
> [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=AhoAwXnw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-13T14:46:20.836+0000) > > Open the task manager (if it's in the short list mode find the button to show all processes) and check if there's a portion of the client that doesn't close when you close out the game. If you force quit that part you should be able to re-open the game. Thanks, I do take out the ones labelled as 'league' but I feel like there's something else staying open. I just culled every process I didn't know the origin of (about 3) and it opened fine again, so I presume it's one of those possibly a conflict of some kind.
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: ADC is really fun right now
As a botlaner I pay more attention to counterpicking the toplaner than I do my lane.
: I don't understand adc?
From what I feel, adcs spend a lot of the game not online and trying not to fight. Sure they can trade kills bot because the other AD is guaranteed squishy, but this also means they'll only do about 1K damage every all-in bot, and that adds up to very little. As a personal stance, I think bot+sup are weak right now. It's notoriously easy to win lane lose game as botlane (of course, by the END of the game, your KDA may invert) which is 2 players being ahead. Constrastingly if a top + jungler get ahead each of them can probably, individually, oneshot anyone of their choice on the enemy team. Whereas a fed ADC still can't just approach a 50CS, 0 kills leblanc and expect to live.
darkdill (NA)
: Lovely Arcade Sona artwork (Artist unknown)
So, it's an awesome artwork but the artist's name is actually on the pic, I'm not gonna' say where so you can make a game of finding it.
: How the hell do I counter fiddle?
take the biscuits runes from the inspiration tree get level 2, hard engage on him if above fails, back, possibly sneak up on him when you return to lane, hard engage on him if above fails, get level 6 and hard engage on him if above fails, let him auto-shove your wave... and hard engage on him
: what makes your favorite champion your favorite?
{{champion:412}} Design: Awesome Voicelines: Scary and characterful Kit: Q means you have to play mind games to win. Are they a juker? Up? Down? Are they scared enough to flash, or think they'll outplay you by dashing sideways? Will you hook there? Take the risk? W: Incredibly satisfying to save people who have made terrible decisions E: An interupt and knockup, some of the most powerful CC in the game and allows you to show high skill. Kha jumping on your carry? Bad Kha. SIT. R: Just a reward for working your Q and E effectively but I love the voicelines it triggers. You really feel like a predator that's caught his prey.
Subdue (NA)
: Yasuo was 0-9 at 18 minutes
{{champion:223}} I will carry you! And try not to swallow. Nice positive post!
: I miss nexus blitz so much...
Oh GOD the bliss of that mode! Playing ANY duo-lane champ without having to stick by the side of some idiot for 20 minutes! <3 Blitz' tiny map and close lanes makes roaming, teamwork champions, especially, heaven. I solidly love Thresh too, and have the same irks with soloQ. Same applies to ADCs, in Blitz I can play them with greater impunity, because instead of relying on a Velkoz sup for every fight, I'll be around a whole team. It's just... delicious! I miss it too- I can't wait for it to be back! <3
Ahmodan (NA)
: Falsely Declined Matches
SERIOUS bug started today, my 5-man were only on ARAM but it was basically playing whackamole, knocking out up to 3 of us each queue/lobby. Three of us ended up with 15 minute queue bans.
: lets play guess the champ from their core build
Roaming in from the botlane! {{item:3107}}{{item:3190}}{{item:3117}}
: SO that happened.... Harrassment
Yeah I've been through it too. A recent one, I played Lux with the weaboo skin my friend bought me a while ago, this guy just starts... "OMG an egirl?!""Egirls are so bad!""Rip my team has an egirl we lose!" I've muted him, but he just starts freakin' inting. Oh hell no my team were not happy with this guy. It's pretty rare but srsly stupid when you see it firsthand.
: First we had Dark Star Varus, now there's a Dark Star Rhaast...
Oh heck yeah there's no way this isn't coming. Visually it'd be an absolutely stunning skin for Aatrox.
: [Gameplay] Empty Emote Wheel Bug
Happening specifically on my smurf Didn't realise I'd miss these things but now I can't thumbs up good behaviour...
: Why do i feel handicaped while playing my favorite champion?
{{champion:412}} "Uhuh, yeh, yep, you hit predicts on Lucian and Ekko every time they so much as move? Well f* you because your ADC won't click the lantern and you can't make them!" No W in soloQ. {{sticker:cass-cry}} ~~I'm not even memeing.~~ Also on Thresh specifically like, have you tried building on him recently? Since they disabled relic, going locket/tanky makes even less sense so I just open the shop and stare at it like a dead mop. I know he's had some serious compensation buffs but he's starting to feel like he's a champion imported from a different game. You can win fine it's just bloody weird.
: Fps drop overtime
Riot's aware and are working on the 'FPS issues' My computer can run league at 360 FPS uncapped--- just to illustrate how beast-mode my machine is. It's optimized for professional graphics, 3D processing and video manipulation. Take any videogame and run it in highest quality and watch this beast sail through it. And then there's League. The FPS drops have been building up for a few months. 4 hours gaming I'd drop to around 30 FPS... then 3 hours... then 2 hours... now at about 1 and a half hours it's getting down to 10. F-ING. 10 FPS. I patch today and I open it up to check if league's launching atall- 10 at bootup. I restarted my PC and it cleared whatever the blockage was (I assume it's because I had the CLIENT open for a while leaving it to update) but it was back down to that in an hour and a half of gaming (I _do_ have the client set to close during game so it's not limited to the client). Absolutely bloody ridiculous. I have a work around-- I duplicate my league data onto an external hardrive and run it off that. I have no idea what this is doing or if it indicates there's an issue with my PC, but given it's a common issue and League-specific, I think there's something they can do on their end.
Barcid (NA)
: I would like to remind everyone that Jhin is not the problem
I'm fully aware that it's stormrazor. Everyone wants to play damage and never peel their teammates again, so Riot's made the one class that everyone's trying to oneshot have a chance to run away. Jhin is, SHOCKINGLY, just 'good' right now. 50.5% winrate. 20% playrate is, get this, completely normal for Jhin. Lowest I've seen him hit is 15% when he had a 45% winrate. Riot has this data, which is why he's remaining unnerfed. The fact is, until damage is looked at or until peel becomes an acceptable tactic in this game again, Marksmen either need to run, or one-shot you back. This is the lesser of two evils. And if you think they don't deserve to do either, you're telling all the Marksmen players to just quit the game, because like hell are they going to pick Marksmen just so you have something to one shot.
: So I'm playing Morg support...
The best way to deal with this feeling... is realizing your teammates deserve the loss, even if you feel you don't XD
: I've been 6/0, I've been 0/6
Upvoted even through the burn at the end </3 Everyone has bad games, even pro-players get some pretty ugly KDAs!
: Would it be too strong if the finished Support Item...
No...... it'd be too weak. Those stealth wards from trinket have a use. And as a sup I generally don't worry about hitting full build!
: Supports get hungry to .....
Lasthit the pentakill.
: Jhin should just be classified as a speedster at this point.
Huh... I think I've seen this bug... Lemme get a screenshot. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/299121704200830976/491782376062451713/unknown.png is this right?
: Should there be an ARAM Ranked section?
Play ARAM fresh on a new ARAM-only account place Plat 1 lose 10 in a row because it's set to roll Janna and Tahm kench for 3 days solid derank to Plat 2 roll Jhin and Brand for 3 days and now you're diamond 5 accurate skill measurement
QMighty (NA)
: I'd rather have something that's /not/ orange, personally (since, y'know, she doesn't have anything like that)
I can imagine it'd work with a nice crimson-purple spectrum
: I wanted to believe, I really did... but one of my favorite series is about to go to shit.
I don't really like Moffat's writing so much either, s'y'know what, I'll watch Doctor Who, see how it goes with different writers. Their top 'agenda' is creating family appropriate programming, and the BBC is perfectly strict about that. The most I can see happening is a few 'ignore this woman' quips, bra jokes or a plot or two about The Doctor inspiring some little girl somewhere--- the latter of which is practically a staple of the show. However, I'm not _entirely_ happy with him being a woman (as one myself), just because it's so bizarre applying a lot of the Doctor's typically boyish and masculine traits onto a woman. The amount of self-monitoring the writers and production crew have to apply to themselves to refrain from changing him to conform to more feminine behaviors is immense (and they might, simply, chose to embrace it and lose the Doctor's personality). I feel I'll be wincing every time I notice such things pop up. It's not that it can't be done, I simply don't have faith in most human beings to be capable of it. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.
: > [{quoted}](name=Slythion,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yfVTTKPY,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-09-17T21:21:10.171+0000) > > I don&#x27;t watch Doctor Who but I am curious if the linked teaser was the one they pushed an agenda in. Maybe I&#x27;m being dumb but I didn&#x27;t see any agenda in the linked video https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass_ceiling They weren't even subtle about it. They could have just not brought up the Doctor's gender as if it were a defining part of the Doctor, because, let's be honest, Time Lords have been shown to be fluid in gender. It's not huge. But they decided to go right ahead and make a huge deal out of it as if it was a fucking victory and everyone should praise them for it. They're asking for an applause before they bring us an actual story. And that makes me mad. And they have the audacity to insult their fanbase by insinuating we all created this glass ceiling and they broke it. It's abhorrent and nausea-inducing agenda-pushing at its worst.
Sorry I got the glass ceiling bit but as a fellow Doctor Who fan _you're going to have to tell me **how** it's blaming me for glass ceilings existing_.
: I'm already done with Odyssey
I.. gotta' agree... I've played what... 4 games? Maybe it's because there's a lot fewer characters than Star Guardians have? Maybe it's because the maps don't look or feel atall different? Maybe it's because I couldn't play it for two days because it bugsplat? Maybe it's because the only difficulty that deserves the adfix of 'difficult'y is the top level? I mean I know I have to play lower difficulties to get my augmentations and stuff, so I can at LEAST pick some good ones to use but... fml it feels like grinding... IT IS... grinding.
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: This blows my mind
I knew he was gonna' curve the bullet when he took a second to aim! Jhin's bullets just gotta' clip you with the edge (same as a curved hook on Thresh or Blitz)- and Voli's character model looks a lot chunkier than his hitbox, it didn't actually hit Voli
: How has Graves/Jhin avoided nerfs for the past few patches?
: I miss nexus blitz
Yeah this post is my exact feels. Waited all day to play some league yesterday, chose ARAM because I might be interupted by dinner---. After an hour and a half of standing behind tower on the 4th different character, I put the game down, cried that I had chosen to spend my precious free time this way, and realized _how damn hard I miss Blitz_. It is SO FAR superior to ARAM, quicker, more exciting...! I can't wait for it to return.
: I need a scientific explanation to why iced tea taste like asshole but ppl like it??
Huh... just throwing this out there but maybe you have a taste sensitivity. The same way some people think eating anything from the mustard family (cabbage, sprouts) is like licking a car tire.
: So Odyssey has bugs?
I would complain about the bugs if I could play anything beyond the intro. ^_^
: What champs do you believe are justified bans?
It's elo dependant. Diamond those bans really matter (so kai'sa, right now, is a justified example, maybe graves and zoe) but every other elo you should focus on the strong champion that you fail to counter, or the strong champion that will shut you down in lane. So for example if you have no tanks team, you want to focus on the assassin / yasuo side of the spectrum. If you have no ranged CC, chain CC or a huge CC tank, tryndamere. If your bot is taking a shortrange or lategame lane with poor CC, ban Draven.
: Leona is not someone who I would consider a space ship pilot... like... ever. O.o
Ghøsted (NA)
: "Just stay behind your minions and you won't get hooked"
Aw man he got you with just the edge! Probably literally a pixel! I could see the precise moment he was thinking about trying it though. These hooks are rare. There's also hooks that hit deadcenter and miss, so it evens out.
: To people that hate ADC.
I'm not anti-ADC but here's my stance: I want them to not be burst. > They are burst because that's the only way they can contribute to a burst meta. > Fix the burst meta, and you fix ADCs. ADCs to me are an anchor- they're a reason you need a tank, they damage the tank, they're someone mid or jungle can have fun oneshotting (instead of staring longingly at the Illaoi toplane), and they're someone for sup to work with instead of just throwing some cheesy wombocombo botlane and hoping it counters the enemy wombocombo.
: Okay, about ARAM
Sometimes it can be pretty tilting, but if you're not already in a bad mood, it helps to look at the melee > ranged comps as hard mode- it doesn't always has to be misery, or a loss. As soon as you look at it as a challenge it's much less tilt inducing.
Lagertha (NA)
: PTSD, League of Legends, and Recovery
I read it all, you should be very proud of yourself! It's not weird for League to help. It's actually a lot like a sport, it's a kind of mental excersize, you trust and work with people and have fun.
: About that sona skin
Yeah it's very unsona-ey, the only way I got it was her was- 'Jinx: What do ya say? Sona: ;;' I kinda' hate the ingame model, the T-pose-space sorceress aesthetic will only ever look good upright. Flinging her legs around is mega awkward.
: What do you do when your ADC doesn't trade in lane?
Lose EXDEE I made a joke ~~but it's not really a joke~~ OK but seriously, here's the tips I have (there are other good ones in this thread too) 1: Maximize your trade damage. AA Q AA on Sona? Do nothing else unless you're forced to trade (and try not to be forced to trade) 2: Pick on the ADC when they're going for a minion. Hit them! NO! BAD ADC! NO CS IS FREE! 3: Wait for MISTAKES, don't just 'go up and trade' 4: _Don't go oom_
: > [{quoted}](name=NekoniClaws,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2WK5hmvX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-09T21:14:44.055+0000) > > What&#x27;s it like..? Well professionally everyone either wants you to draw something for free (or near enough), or over the weekend (friday meetings are so popular!) > > Socially? Artists are... artists are..... not balanced people and generally have very little in common with eachother even if we can draw. Also you get to stay at home all day in almost every scenario, which is either awesome or super isolating. > > Motivation is either money, or a need... a need to perform- art can be like an ear worm, you start humming, singing the lines, can&#x27;t help it, it&#x27;s basically compulsive, could even be defined as an addiction. My problem with motivation is that I always feel like im just not good enough, and i get lazy, and even with praise from my peers and friends (I'm in highschool), I still feel like crap about what I do and make, even if it turns out good in their eyes I still feel like its not what I wanted to be, even with the euphoria of making something people legitimately like (ex; im doing a meme of supports and what they are associated with and my friends love the thresh one because its cute, but i still feel like its just a sketch with paint on it)
I'm not going to tell you that's going to go away... and you shouldn't want it to. But stop hating that part of yourself. Self-criticism is a gift--- even if you become so good no-one can tell you any flaws, you will keep improving. Sure it feels sucky to not consider yourself the best artist in the world, but embrace it and use it!
: What is it like in the artistic world?
What's it like..? Well professionally everyone either wants you to draw something for free (or near enough), or over the weekend (friday meetings are so popular!) Socially? Artists are... artists are..... not balanced people and generally have very little in common with eachother even if we can draw. Also you get to stay at home all day in almost every scenario, which is either awesome or super isolating. Motivation is either money, or a need... a need to perform- art can be like an ear worm, you start humming, singing the lines, can't help it, it's basically compulsive, could even be defined as an addiction.
Kelg (NA)
: What are some of your favorite things about your champion(s)? (Gameplay or Art related)
{{champion:412}} 'No escaaaape' 'come closer' 'you are mine' and stuff when you catch somebody and don't want to let them go- so simple but his personality matches the moment of catching a victim so PERFECTLY. (plus his design, flaming skull monster what's NOT TO LIKE? ... and his flexibility... you can play him as a hook bot... or you can play like YOU get to decide when and if anybody gets to move.
: Mysterious Jinx Teaser on Twitter
Hacker Jinx? Cyber-Hacker Jinx? (like Cyber-Pop Zoe?) It's funny, with all the rainbow hair colors in League, watching Jinx in the video I didn't doubt for a second her's is dyed And I know it's just a clip but beautifully animated <3 (also her sharp little canines are absolutely adorable.)
Hello, late clicking on this. All the people telling her to get good so her friends stop being toxic. SMH. People are still happy to flame good players- and are especially happy to flame high ranked players, or in toxicese: 'boosted tryhards'. Step 1: Turn voicechat off. Step 2: If they ask, tell them it's getting too toxic for you, 'even if they're joking' Step 3: Keep voicechat turned off if they don't behave better. You can try insulting them back, 'playing along' or giving them a taste of their medicine. But I did that and now I'm exiled. You know your friends better than me, so feel free to make that judgement yourself.
: Masochism in League
Do a 5-man fill and it is the best experience <3
: So, Daniel Z is allowed to promote gendercide without losing his job?
I'm confused why we're so sure this guy isn't getting fired. They have to give people notice, make plans to hire replacements, give training to them, yadda yadda. Takes days _if not weeks_. I'm also pretty sure there _might_ be some laws keeping them from announcing any firings in relation to this event.
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