: Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead
I agree with having all having the same tiered items, if they're offered. Also, I do get flustered that I don't think I've ever made a 3 tiered champ. Still won once with having a perfectly structured ninja yordle team. Also, when are we going to be able to play towards getting a little champ avatar for the game?
: How 'bout a Toph Beifong skin? They pretty much ripped the what-if kit I made for her directly anyway, they may as well let us look like her while we're playing Discount Earthbender. :D
> [{quoted}](name=Zero Shingetsu,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=hEQZevuc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-03T08:57:01.402+0000) > > How 'bout a Toph Beifong skin? They pretty much ripped the what-if kit I made for her directly anyway, they may as well let us look like her while we're playing Discount Earthbender. :D That might just be a chroma thing
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 4 Feedback and Patch Notes
Yo, so first time posting on Nexus Blitz and I’ve been a big fan of the game mode. I love the quick pace, and the little bit of chaos that ensues is amazing. For the note I have on the subject: 1. There’s a teemo veigar bug where it says teemo then immediately switches to veigar... 2. The sudden death (thanks for giving a heads up, though sometime I miss the message) I... never really like it because if one side is super pushed, then the nexus goes into the enemy teams base... it’s pretty annoying... i’d Play with the nexus’s health personally, and if one team has all their structures down, the enemy team should at least get some reward for that... 3. Scuttle bug sprinting during the event isn’t explained... and makes me slightly mad... 4. WTF give ivern some relevance in this game mode, you can’t just discard his passive... I had a super painful game of beating up jungle creatures... I was expecting just a longer delay till the camps were ready to harvest... sigh 5. An easy way to circumvent paranoia is to ping like crazy... also some hero abilities (looking at taliyah) have super noticeable abilities in the paranoia. Also I personally feel like you should be able to see team mates when they’re in a bush close to you, but eh, keeps the event true to its name. Also, Might need another non fighting event where teams that are far behind don’t have to contest over an area or something. I really appreciate the snowball event (though feel like snowballs should do more damage.... 2% health? :3) Also loot teemo and veigar should stray away from the upper turrets.... also why do the turrets have health? Oooh maybe you could maybe them 5 aa health to disable them for 20 seconds (melee attacks count as two health) 6. Oooh items... maybe a couple more ap ones, but I really liked the additions/call backs to old items :J 7. Why does only the main wolf explode and nothing else in the jg camp? Hahaha, maybe the tiny wolves have tiny explosions? I’d be down for that. Also, jg timers? ;D 8. I can sometimes walk on the top walls of the map (when i’m On the left side and want to go to the top of jg, I find myself not walking on the ground texture 9. I feel like the best reward might be blessing of Caitlyn, and worst reward... I think is ocean drake, though Since im low elo, I also feel like wrath of the hunter buff could last a bit longer as well. I agree with someone above that the chair buff and blitz buff should be on a timer. I really appreciate all the other buffs though :D 10. Just a really nice short game mode that I really enjoy. There’s a lot of forced competition, celebration for new rewards, yea! Thanks for the crazy experiment, can’t wait to see more of it!
: @Riot why do you release so many naked male champions?
Trundle? Idk why the ice troll get sexualized... lol
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xf3NNI3 (EUNE)
: [Champion Concept] Stacia, the Accurate Sniper
I like some of the things here... I like the image of the grenade and then the ult seems pretty fun :D seems pretty ok... but shes handicapped like jhin with her attack speed... you should make the attack speed a bit quicker I think so she can stay relevant... I think starting at .55 and scaling up to .8 sounds good, otherwise she wont be able to do crap in team fights whatsoever...
: I made the q a knock back so that his combos would be "w,e,q,r" "e,w,r,q" or "e,r,w,q" the q also keeps him from being over power towards ranged units who know how to kite :) thanks for your feed back! :) and yeah you nailed it with that katarina darius spin, but its a swipe so if your behind him, you can dodge the attack :) maybe if you land w'e'q' in a certain time frame it could do an extra damage bonus of some kind?
Yea, or have additional effects or damage when you do eq or ew. Maybe the mark dissapears after the next 2 abilities hit, so you have to choose wisely what abilities you use, but the ult consumes the mark entirely... idk, ideas.
Ralimak (NA)
: Ryze, Yorick, then Warwick.
Why... why are we getting yet another Ryze rework??? He just had one done, and he seems pretty popular at the moment.... :l Rito why I think Yorick should definately come before Ryze...
: LOL 5V5 Map Idea: The Tarnished Labyrinth
404 error on the first pick :l but I agree it'd be pretty cool to see different flavors of summoners rift, not the same things over and over again... :P LIZARDMEN it'd be nice to have them back as jg monsters :)
Dankstin (NA)
: Champion Concept: Baza, Gardener of Piltover
aughghghgh loveee the w ability :DDD fun little springing of a trap :3 though 2 seconds might be a bit much, I'd go for one second. for hte q its a little unclear... should all the puddles last 4 seconds? that might make more sense... for red should it say "any champions who enter this zone are silenced" and I feel like green is... too merciful with the reducing damage for each champ hit. would it do damage per second? for her e, would it be triggered like a maokai sapling and go towards an enemy champ if its near...? or do you reactivate the ability to make it blow up...? oh it just... does its rounds.... I feel like you need to make the damage a more meaningful part of that ability or get rid of it :l the way you worded the ability confuses me... so is it like a skillshot that you can take out? OOH maybe its a little plant pet that runs in a target direction that gets that health bar and deals damage according to how much health it has left at the end of the ability. Now THAT would be cool and for the ult, I'd say that 180 seconds is a bit steep... I'd say 30 seconds at most because that pretty much covers the duration of the battle. Idk, I'm pretty hands on with my suggestions, do what you want with them :P gj, I hope Riot sees this :D
Dankstin (NA)
: Ok. A downvote. Any suggestions?
lol me every time I make a post xD
: I created a New Champion....Is it good?
umm you should.. you know, title you stuff after the character otherwise you look like a dumb troll... sorry
: I created a New Champion....Is it good?
first thing I saw: Bontle the turtle bloodlust those two don't seem to go together :l anyways, ... the abilities don't go together and don't create a character. I'd modify the passive to say: "A kill or an assist on a champion resets the cooldown on the last used skill" His q isn't balanced.... you can give maybe a 1250 unit range MAX on it. You realize you said his q takes away 4/5 of the targets hp plus some... right? I do like the w, just needs a bit of love. I'd say that it reflects 50% of the damage taken ot the attacker and gains 30% damage resistance during that time or something so enemies have a reason to attack you in that state.... even then it might be a bit much. you should be able to move in the shell as well B3 his e is basically rumble q and isn't really... unique... I'd change that ability up and create a more cohesive character his r... 500 is a big number dude because that'd equal 2500 health :P I'd bring down stealth to 4 seconds and the health to maybe... umm... 200 plus 30%ap.... its ok, but none of the abilities help out one another in any way... name any champ and at least 2 of their abilities link together or depend on one another. You really don't have that in this character.
: Striphe, The Traveler of Death
I like the e r... though I feel like the e has to have more purpose with the mark then just "hey get ready for my ult" you need the mark to interact with the other abilities as well. the q is alistars e and the w is a mix between katarina and Darius spins :l sorry but not sorry... and the passive is cool too btw :P
BX195 (NA)
: Kastrea, the Demon King.
pretty ok, but she can't be defenseless, she needs auto attacks. I feel like just when Gorlorth is active, those are her basic attacks. I feel like she can just keep hiding and make Gorlorth do all the dirty work... which is meh. Nj though and I think the passive is fine :P if annie can have a stun every 4 spells you should be able to have a one second fear every six :P
: New Champion Idea (Top lane fighter):
I feel like daggers use finess and charging in a direction requires brute strength... the two don't really go we ll together. The ult doesn't seem powerful at first glance... and on second glance its broken xD though I think I really like the ult idea.
: I almost choke with my saliva when i read : LEAP : in the ability for urgot .{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
lol I mean he kinda does it in his dance sorta... so he caaaaaan jump.... just a matter of how far :P
: In a word, no. The chain idea is cool though, just not on him.
I mean, why not...?
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: [GameMode] Summoner Party
yea, could be cool, though.... yea, its cool, weird to impliment but it'd be pretty cool :J though some champs have really compact kits that you can't take much from... like Azir or Orianna. then someone might just make a straight up dash champion... which would be crazy :l so maybe only have one of each ability... a q, a w, an e and then an r...
stelilol (EUW)
: [Chapion idea] - Karin, the hunter of the blade
the w kinda.. what? so is it like a poppy thing... you said Karen loses hp from dashing into a wall, which is kinda stupid... um... please reword that... cuz thats... just dumb... I'm guessing you're talking about the enemy champ that loses hp?
Valtharen (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Aerana - The Essence Binder
I feel like for her w she should just switch all damage taken. Magic abilities are taken as physical damage in the arena and ad is taken as magic damage. I wouldn't play with stats that much...
Icewhisp (NA)
: Galdun: The forgotten undead
really interesting :J nice
: Champion Concept: Vora, the Voodoo queen
I feel like the % damage on her ult is a bit much... actually... nah its good. I like it. I like how you linked the different abilities and side effects together :3 Though the abilities don't exactly reflect the name, like this champ could just be a master of shadow no jutsu and not a voodoo queen... but I really like the abilities though :D
: Idk, I might just keep the second part of the passive and maybe modify the 1st part to somethibg else or remove it. For his w, it is a dash to his sword. So if you Q once to send out the sword and you do not Q it back for the return damage, you can instead dash to the sword with your w wherever you threw it instead of doing the returnactivation of your q. But, if you do activate the return damage on your q, then instead of w being a dash, you will instead get an impowered auto attack. Make sense?
Yea I think so :) thats cool
: Taliyah has a 36.32% winrate right now
I feel like she needs some love from what people are saying about her... I look forward to playing her, but everyone is saying shes weak... but then again I've only seen one horribly played taliya that was hardcore trolling... meh. though I feel like she doesn't have a totally unique playstyle that adds a lot to the game...
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: URGOT Gameplay Survey [Gathering Player Thoughts]
GAH just wrote an effing awesome message and it was deleted... whatever. You helped inspire me to think about some cool different abilities on how he could work. I made a couple of [Urgot rework abilities](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/wyEeob1u-urgot-rework) and you should check it out! I feel like you really helped me see what Urgot was really about and questioning why the abilities were like how they are now (also got me to look at the lore and interpret his abilites based on that)... I really like Urgot how he is now.... but it doesn't seem to make too much sense looking at the lore...I probably needed to look up Zaun a bit more, but I think what I produced are a cool batch of abilities :D they're mostly just suggestions, but I think they could work together. I'm really proud of the passive and w I made :P
: He already has knockup on the Q, I don't see the point on having another. The point of the ministun is interrupting channels, that's all. At some point, your E becomes your main autoattack (and, similar to autoattacks, follows the target), it just works by itself. Damage of Imote's spells seem quite high already to me, at lvl 18 you basically can rotate your spells every 4 seconds to deal around 1000+200%AP damage to a single target, not counting the occasional basic attack with Lich's Bane. Also, both Q and R are AoE, which rotate for 500+90%AP damage every 4 seconds.
> [{quoted}](name=GamerThink,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=lY2w7RVc,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-18T06:42:19.065+0000) > > He already has knockup on the Q, I don't see the point on having another. The point of the ministun is interrupting channels, that's all. At some point, your E becomes your main autoattack (and, similar to autoattacks, follows the target), it just works by itself. > > Damage of Imote's spells seem quite high already to me, at lvl 18 you basically can rotate your spells every 4 seconds to deal around 1000+200%AP damage to a single target, not counting the occasional basic attack with Lich's Bane. Also, both Q and R are AoE, which rotate for 500+90%AP damage every 4 seconds. Oh... You have the words out of order for his q... You said knocks airborne enemies, and not knocks enemies airborne... I think that having the earth be the knock up and the air being a cool mobility and also optional source of damage could be really fun and bring the kit together
: URGOT Gameplay Survey [Gathering Player Thoughts]
Urgot <3 I just listened to his lore, and he seems to want to be in the center of battle while also dishing out serious damage, and his lore says hes definately a bruiser juggernaut. His playstyle isn't that... definitive right now though. I reaaaally don't know how he could use his kives though unless thats for a melee attack.... I feel like his knife has to be attached to a chain or something. Anyways, Here's 4 abilities I thought up and stuff. P: brush off wounds: His bonus AD gives him bonus health and bonus health regen. Also, when units are close enough, he slashes with his knife hand, and this infects them with a reduced damage debuff to the enemy champ. Q: triple cannon barrage: Use your cannon 3 times and can target in a narrow cone (or maybe just an area around Urgot so its like his e, but triple... so basically either a mini Xerath ult or mini Jhin ult). You have .85 seconds to make 3 shots, which reduce the the target's armor by ~8% each (% armor shred scales with ability level) goes through all units. W: Spider pounce (needs a better name sorry): Urgot leaps a short ways, frightening foes in a small area where he lands E: Siphoning chain: the knife shoots out attached to a chain, impaling foes. If Urgot hits more than 2 champions that are impaled by the chain, they are slowed heavily when moving away from each other. Moving tortures the champions, dealing bonus damage when they move when the chain is impaling them. After 1.7 seconds the chain is yanked back so the knife rests back in his arm, dealing more bonus damage. Applies passive debuff. R: ... umm... Urgot's energy ramps up, speeding up his health regen and makes his abilities deal bonus magic damage with respect to his bonus ad. This kit helps him position well at will but also play with his food. Only large definitive strikes can really put Urgot down in the midst of battle with his amount of health regen. This also keeps most of the good parts of Urgot intact, but making him feel more involved in battle. Hes also pushed to go into and initiate battles with his w, and that can make him a great dueler, using w, his passive to reduce his opponents damage with knife hits. his q can also help start or finish a fight. I feel like this kit makes him a gruesome, battle loving maniac that loves toying and swiftly killing opponents. idk, thats the best I can do atm xD just some random ideas that could be fun.
: Sleepy Time Braum?
I really like this idea x3 cuz pillows soften the blows which is amazing... if his 4 hit stuns put the champs to sleep (never gonna happen but) that'd be awesome x3
: Yorick
Yea a Yorick rework is incoming...
: Syth, The Lost Scholar
weird to try and visualize... and that passive is akali's :l though I like the second part of the passive... Idk why hes a scholar if hes playing with swords doh... and what does his w mean :l when do you lose your sword...?
Remnar (NA)
: New Game Mode: Dark Rift
It needs more than just "being dark".... I have to say that now. It needs a basis on why its dark, it needs more explaining. I like how you're throwing out an idea, but I'm guessing this is a stepping stone to something more developed?... well it definitely gave me a couple of ideas :3 Maybe a nightmare themed Rift map, with the turrets having a bright light attached. I feel like this could go in many directions, but having nightmares roaming around the map that are the equivalent to rift herald strength and emit a strong light when they're defeated giving map awareness and a different buff to the champs could be cool. Though this binds the champs to teamfight... so maybe have smaller monsters of gromp level go down lanes or something, but they don't attack each other and just go for the turrets. Or something, I really don't know. Or you could make this void themed with void monsters. and the goal is to steal energy from the opponent in order to get out of the void... I feel like the void is bigger than just... Nocturne's lore... I'm gonna research the void lore more and probably post a somewhat finished product :P
: Rito would have to design ENTIRE new creeps just for a gamemode that would be up for up to a week? Don't think they would be willing to do that. Plus, if its just Ascension on SR, then what makes it more unique. I dunno. Just my opinion.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
They did that for Black market brawlers... they had tons of stuff going on with different minions, and also created a new set of items as well. If they have a strong enough motivation, they'll definitely do it.
: The healing spell is meant to substitute lifesteal. Also, heal summoner is quite common on ADCs and this spell is very similar. With proper build you have (in mid-lategame) cooldown reduced to 1/10 of the original value, that is 2.5/2.5/2/4 seconds for the four skills. Maybe it can be reduced a little more, to 20/20/15/40 -> 2/2/1.5/4. The ultimate is just the same as other spells, but a little stronger. Both Q and E give an instant disable for interrupting spells and not much more, similar to Kassadin's Q. I changed the AA cost to 10 mana, you are right that in early game the mana cost would be too much. I was also thinking of some AD scaling on the E active.
What about making the ministun on the e a mini knockup? I feel thats its essential to the kit if you want your q to do any damage, otherwise you're stuck with an Alistar support every game... it also gives key decisions to the champ and lets his full kit be used. I... it just doesn't work if you offer a part of the kit that you can't use the whole game if you don't have the right team comp, thats really aggravating to think about. Also stuns are basically knockups, they just look different.
: [Champion Concept] Emote, Master of the Elements (an acronym of itself, if you didn't notice)
hmm... Its a little weird having extremely high cooldowns and really low attack speed.... so you literally can't do anything for a while other then wait for your next basic attack. The cooldowns should lower over time, but your ult cooldown is way too fast :l that could maybe be the third level cooldown for that spell, but thats on par with Ez... and if you have your q interacting with knock up, then I would put knockup somewhere in your kit. I was thinking the ground ability was going to do knockup for that reason... and I'm not sure that he needs a healing spell, because thats the role of the support, and doesn't work too well for a really offensive champ with high cooldowns and you're limiting the amount of damaging abilities that make use of your ap. also I don't think the basic attacks should cost 20 mana... you need to be able to farm minions without using THAT much mana... I'd say like a solid 5-10 mana. I do like the abilities though, so nj :P
ThyJebus (NA)
: What if Azir and Xerath become one champion like the ancient egyptian legend of aman and ra merging
hm. this probably never is gonna happenin game... unless they make a game mode around combining champions (that'd be weird but wicked) the abilities would be nice... have Azirs soldiers and moving them, then xerath's stun and ulti shooting sand... that'd be cool :P
Haxten (NA)
: Always wanted a hero/vigilantly champion. I mean we got cops like Caitlyn and Vi but cops aren't the same. Lol
Damn that sounds amazing... yea, though the lore would be... maybe a little bland, and maybe a little sketchy if hes possibly stepping over the line of whats good and what isn't. I mean its definitely doable. I feel like it'd be hard to also be independent from what Garen embodies as well with the ability named judgement.... That'd be amazing though
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: Don't get me wrong, new champions are nice...but when are you going to focus on balance?
I only agree with that they need to focus on the champions that they have because its getting really hard for new people to pick up league because of the 100+ champs out and knowing each of their 4 skills and knowing all of the new items and adding on top of that gameplay and positioning in general... it. doesn't. work. and I feel like thats kind of against what riot wants...
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: {{champion:136}} {{champion:102}} What we're not good enough for you?
Hahaha this was before Aurelion Sol, and yea Shyvana was a bit of inspiration :P I heard "flying mechanic on a dragon" from somewhere and I had to do something with it :J
Rioter Comments
: Elmbark, natures protector
the ult is a little off... its extremely situational and can't be used anywhere like every single other champions.... you have to use it on a turret... I think you might want to scrap this and think of another ability.... I like all the other things though :J
: I understand, they spawn like Zyra flower tho, not bard chimes ;)
Yea I was trying to get that through my head xD
: What if there was a champion that could copy or reflect other champion's abilities?
ooh copying abilities might be a bit crazy... would have to be non ult ( i mean unless it costs the same amount of mana... Um I did a reflect in one of my champs that I created... its for my champ [Adversarius](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/qvZEVTyz-umbero-the-archwizard-of-black-arts)
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