: he'll be out around like 2.
> [{quoted}](name=Pumpedhero,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fnRaXNRs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-14T17:26:23.729+0000) > > he'll be out around like 2. Thank you
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: PSA for Tomorrow: Sett is a Juggernaut
So isn't he supposed to be released today?
: s10 jungle encapsulated.
I resonate with this so much. I have been a jungle main for idk how many seasons and it is a very demanding and thankless role. When I got autofilled jungle the other day I thought it was just because I played jungle more than anyone else in the lobby and that is why it autofilled me to that role. Guess not. The thing is its not just your team that is putting you down because even if by some chance you win despite your team being toxic AF and you go 18/2/12 as a jungler with 180 CS in a 30 min game. You get to that victory screen thinking man I did good I can't wait for that S+ and you get hit with an A just an A. Like riot please ya got to give us junglers something. I play support after not playing for like 6 months and boom S first game for doing hardly anything. Listen I am not hating on support mains, there are way better support players that could of done way better than I did that game and got an S+ super easy. I am just saying the grading system is busted.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Isn't that for like challenger level CS? I think 7 or 8 CS a minute is more than enough especially for an average player, because S ranks are obtained from your performance compared to other players at that level/in that role.
> [{quoted}](name=Hotarµ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=B4ycBkFP,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-01-12T17:26:53.218+0000) > > Isn't that for like challenger level CS? > > I think 7 or 8 CS a minute is more than enough especially for an average player, because S ranks are obtained from your performance compared to other players at that level/in that role. If that is challenger level CS no wonder I am not there I think my highest rank ever was somewhere in Silver XD lol.
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Bhagswag (NA)
: Wait I thought it was like, If you hit a minion with the W, and let's say the minion would be taken down to 24 health, he'll just die instead? If not, lol back at it again.
If that is how it works they should reword it a tad. That would make sense like if you do 30 dmg with a star and the minion has 50hp then it would just die when hit by a star because that would put them down to 20hp and they would just die. But if that is true it should be more clear in the description. But I am curious so I will actually test this theory and if it works I will update this post.
: I believe this was meant to exist when minions actually had magic resistance, so as to ease killing minions a little. Or was it not? If it was, then it could have been removed since there's little use for it now indeed.
Ya now that would make sense if minions had resistances and I checked before I posted this because I didn't want to look dumb XD. But I agree if they had resistance this would make more sense but it would still be a strictly early game passive as soon after your first item you should be able to do enough to get past a minion's resistance I would think.
: Your farm is sub-par, and you only placed 5 wards. The warding is the bigger part.
Ah so it is based on some arbitrary system? In other words if I had not helped my team and not roamed causing me to miss out on cs and placed about 20 wards in base I would of got an S. Good to know that its not how good you do in the game it is how close you fit the metrics that have been laid out by Riot to signify good player.
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Eleana (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Neloc,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EBnBBH04,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-18T00:29:51.106+0000) > > Ya I know but I was just wondering if everyone else was having similar experiences. well, it's kind of anecdotal but I've gotten 1 capsule since getting honor 3 and I'm currently honor 4
> [{quoted}](name=Eleana,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EBnBBH04,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-18T00:34:10.906+0000) > > well, it's kind of anecdotal but I've gotten 1 capsule since getting honor 3 and I'm currently honor 4 Ya I just hate the word "randomly" that riot loves to use and given you can't buy the capsules so it is not like a gamble like the hextech chests. Ah well its free stuff I guess so ya.
Eleana (NA)
: No one outside of Riot knows the appropriate drop rate
> [{quoted}](name=Eleana,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EBnBBH04,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-18T00:22:00.458+0000) > > No one outside of Riot knows the appropriate drop rate Ya I know but I was just wondering if everyone else was having similar experiences.
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: depends. the mastery ranks last i remember are based on how well the community as a whole is doing with that champion. the actual determinant for the formula are cryptic and only riot knows them, but it's a combination of what champion you're playing, what lane you're assigned, and how well you do compared to those that have done what you're doing. that's why support is one of the easier ways to get s rank masteries is because most champions arent played in support and the support role has a more lenient ranking system. if you do well as a support you're likely to get an S because most people probably arent going to do well in that role with an unusual champion. i had a debate back when mastery was first announced where my point was that mastery difficulty is going to grow exponentially to the point where s ranks are impossible for anyone to get.
That is what I thought too but the kayn game in the second link I was qued for support and switched with jungle to play kayn and everyone on the team got an S except me in that one. If support is the easiest and I should of had no one really to compare it to cuz it was reading me as Kayn support then I should of been the top of whatever statistics they use and should of got an S based on that logic. I would think.
: because you were playing a different champion maybe?
So doing good on one champion is different than doing just as good on a different champion? So if I play zed mid and get the exact same stats as a talon mid does that mean I deserve an S more than the talon?
: No, it is to not die a lot and farm, and if peopel are getting lots of kills on that champ, then it is also getting a couple kills, warding is not essential unless you are support (that doesnt mean dont ever ward, you still need the average of about 5-9 per 20 min game)
Then can you explain the pictures above? where I did as good if not better than the Fiora in every aspect of the game including warding and the Fiora got an S and I did not?
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: 1. Control wards last for longer, and even if the Trinket is free, you can still put more wards in total if you buy some on top of what the Trinket provide. It also allows you to have more wards on the field out at the same time, for instance you can control ward the river bot, and use your trinket in the river top. 2. Great :) 3. You're not compared to other people in the same game, but to other Velkoz in different games.
Thank you for the insight. I would think that my kayn games it would be easier to get an S since I am compared to a smaller pool but I have has some really good games with him and I still can't get an S. I guess I will have to try buying more control wards and getting more CS but as a jungler that is hard for the constant calls for ganks and my teams constantly starting team fights XD. But again it gives me a direction to work on and I appreciate the feedback.
: So, it's impossible to know for sure, but for the Kayn game, I'd say too low CS and one too many death, and for the Velkoz game I'd say not enough wards, and maybe one or two too many deaths and low CS (even though I know you're full stuff, I'm really not sure the grading system is that smart, especially since most games end before reaching that stage). But yeah, it's super annoying that we don't have a direct feedback on why we get such grades.
I agree I am just looking for some feedback because I really am trying to be a better player and at my rank (which is pretty low) that is an average time for a game for me. People don't know how to close out a game =/. But I would really appreciate some direct feedback from riot that is like hey work on this or hey do more of this. But the real kicker is that this is champion mastery not game mastery so shouldn't it be how well you do on the champion? As a mid velkoz doing double everyone elses damage and being part of nearly all the kills does that not show mastery with a champion in that role? Just curios and I really appreciate the good feedback from you guys.
: riot doesnt give a fuck about damage dealt you have to have good stats (above average) -wards bought -CS -low death count
Ok I can believe that after that velkoz game. But this leads to some more questions. 1. why buy wards when there is literally a free trinket that wards for you? And what if you are full build? 2. CS i get it, get more CS 3. I had one of the lowest death counts in the game even lower than the person that got an S in the velkoz game. Which was the brand.
: For some reason, cs is more important than kdr.
The support got an S- and I know that 74 CS for a support that got 11 kills and 18 assists is really good but after you are full build why worry about CS other than to just push lanes? I agree that you might be right but it just bugs me.
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: I know TF got one. I don't know WHY he got one. TF shouldn't have gotten one, and neither should OP. I had a minor typo, but I will fix it. Mixed up my nouns
That is my main question like I am ok not getting an S because it was a short game and I did not do extraordinary but my question is how TF could get one and literally everyone on my team could get one but not me? Placed more wards than TF, killed more wards than TF as well so I just want to understand =/
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: Dynamic queue and the future of League
Wow Riot is trying to make a team oriented game more team focused by putting in a mode where you can have a team you can communicate with instead of just some random trolls/assholes on the other side of the internet? That is just crazy putting a focus on working with a team in a team game wow I can see why everyone is upset that is just absurd. Riot really needs to rethink their goals I mean everyone knows that in team games it is the skill of one individual person that wins games. Really Riot I can't believe you are trying to make a team game out of league of legends I am appalled.


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