: Riot refuses to listen, sorry mate. Maybe post it on reddit they might care a bit then.
Reddit is filled with riot ass kissing. Any type of criticism is ignored and there's only posts about streamers, skins, or anything not related to the actual game being trash.
: don't bother trying any other mobas they are in a worse state that lol and that's saying something but gl dude
This is so true, lmao. League is cancer but other mobas are some how even worse.
: ***
Upvote. Someone finally calling him out. My brain hurts whenever I read his comments. Literally acting like a child who cries whenever someone criticizes riot.
Karvv (NA)
: Returning player thoughts, and why I will most likely immediately quit again.
Part of the reason why it feels so infuriating now because the game is in a horrible state. Glory days are over, streamlining, significantly watered down player expression, incompetent balancing, lack of communicating with the community consistently. Better off getting out and uninstalling while you can.
: wait this this work with the aery rune?
: Thanks. It's a shame i'm probably still going to get downvoted to oblivion for speaking the truth instead of giving Riot the most sumptuous review/feedback blowjob. Thing is, while being brutally honest with my thoughts... my only intention is to improve the game I grew to love, from the company I used to love and respect. Well, at the very least I can give you kudos points for not being a mindless sheep. Best thing anyone can do right now is divorce themselves from this abusive relationship and wait for the next big game. All i can advise is a game in pre-alpha called Spellbreak.
LMAO! Yup. It's just riot apologists trying to convince themselves that League has no major problems. Honestly feels great where people call out the crap when they see it but you did it in the most entertaining and just ways possible. Definitely going to check that out man, thanks!
: What a load of nonsense. Towers for many MANY seasons where perfectly fine until they were changed to promote shorter games for the eastern market. All players wanted on the western side was for towers to be reverted to back before they were tinkered with. But ofc, this was just another one of those changes under the disguise to "Keep the game fresh" A.K.A change for change sake and to provide shorter games. Towers were ALWAYS an objective, there was NEVER an instance when they were not. All you are doing now is giving towers a pointless shield to make it look like you are doing your jobs when towers never needed a gimmicky shield in the first place, yet another instance of change for change sake. As for low MMR games dragging to long, they have always dragged too long and it has nothing to do with the towers. It's got everything to do with a failure to educate newer players on how to close games. Jeez... It's only in recent times that the worst tutorial in video game history actually got changed. But still, there is NO MENTION in the tutorial on how capturing objectives and causing pressure is what really wins games. So all that low MMR players do is run around like aimless chickens chasing down kills until the minions close out the games for them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Removed by Moderation> As an example because I don't have the time to write down the entire list, is a thread on this forum currently pointing out the sheer amount of contradictions over Itemization ALONE. <Removed by Moderation> It's not just me who thinks it, it's repeated multiple times by streamers who have since quit the game completely over the sheer incompetence of the company, and those who still play do so because it's their only source of income. C'mon, stop kidding yourself. When a LOT of veteran players no longer want to play after 8 years because playing 1 single match is actually more painful then going through chemotherapy and would rather drink bleach than play another match, I can tell you now that's not a good sign of the staff doing a good job.
Jesus. Single handedly the best comment Ive seen against all the BS Riot spouts. As someone who has played for 6 years I agree with all points 200 percent . A single match of this game is painfull. So painfull it slapled me out of my addiction. All of the changes have shifted this game to a shell of its former self and I cringe whenever someone acts like the game is fine. Only reasons streamers continue to stream League is because its their job, if they coudnt make money they would leave it in a heartbeat. Such a big company working on one game, and they refuse to listen to their playerbase to make the smallest of changes. Incompetence is an understatement. They just dont care! They can take their time fixing and reverting all of the crap theyve done to a fun game, im done with this company.
: if you have quit the game stop posting on boards you dont add anything when you dont even know what you are talking about in terms of balance and reworks
> [{quoted}](name=UnboundHades,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7bLMw22y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-20T05:21:49.723+0000) > > if you have quit the game stop posting on boards you dont add anything when you dont even know what you are talking about in terms of balance and reworks But im not talking about balance or reworks, this is the general discussion side, and I have every right to post anything related to the game regardless of how you feel. How about you stop posting in this thread as the only one being off topic is you by bringing up things that arn't relevant to the topic at hand? Funny how your doing exactly what your advocating against, hypocrisy at it's finest.
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: League Feels Bad. Why? Three areas of change that have been Ruining League of Legends slowly. Stop!
Agree with all points 100%. I was addicted to this game to, and the changes where so bad it killed my addiction. Not even the state of the game that pisses me off the most though, it's riots incompetence with the way they communicate with the community.
mirAcIe (EUW)
: 4 most well designed champions in League of Legends
So much for the eve rework. RIP old eve.
Rioter Comments
: There IS one good thing out of the recent patches
It was so bad that it made me uninstall the game :)
Cocho (NA)
: we can say whatever we want, but he has designed some of the most played champs in lol
> [{quoted}](name=Cocho,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cMIw8E8A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-13T02:12:05.107+0000) > > we can say whatever we want, but he has designed some of the most played champs in lol Sure is popular , as they are one of the only played champs. Not really much to compare to since only a certain amount are viable this season. If a champ doesn't have dashes and shields it's considered "outdated". His design philosophy directed the game away from simplistic fun designs to toxic kits overloaded with complexity and "outplayness" that break the game only for the sake of it being flashy and cool. Say what YOU want but he's definitely one of the reasons why the game is in the current state that it is, unfun.
: how exactly is this unpopular lol, from what i know there are plenty of people who agree with u
Im talking about reworking champions in general. Not one or two of them I don't like.
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: Yeah, I really preferred the old Evelynn, especially when I could go AD with her.
Foreal man! You could build ad lethality burst with trinity duskblade, on hit, liandray botrk for tanks, liandray gunblade rylai's for sustain and ect. That with the combination of the old rune system was so good. Now how you can build her? Only boring ap and her gameplay is so clunky.
Xavanic (NA)
: How is evelynn good?
Because she got reworked into an extremely clunky champ that everyone applauds because "muh sucubus" design. Pisses me off, old Eve was fun as hell.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: This is happening because something happened to the balance team. More than likely the masteries system has created a plethora of underlying issues.... or at least its a completely new thing to consider in balancing and perhaps they dont' know how to properly balance around it yet. Or... perhaps it just straight up doesn't work. Basically, champions used to have internal balances with runes and masteries. This allow us as players to balance our champions. Similar to how laners balance their champion according to how they play their lane. If you know you can't win the early levels, or easily lose them, you play back do your best to farm and survive. You are actually balancing the game by playing that way. This allows riot to create champions that are stronger and weaker at different times in the game. These are good things. Perhaps without that rune and mastery balance padding, its become far more difficult to balance the game. Perhaps it even may not work still and it hasn't been realized yet. Its a complex thing. Either way, its obvious that he balance team, items, champions... whatever, is not balanced. I don't think its ok to balance the game over a season and constantly have the game in a crazy state where certain things are strong/weak. Its always been that way though. However there hasn't been a point where I think dmg was THIS crazy, in combination with other factors out of hand. There are some videos by people smarter than me by far, explaining riots model of constant change and never actually balanced. Its just more out of control than it ever has been perhaps. If nothing else it FEELS completely out of control.
On point. And you don't need to be "smart" to see what works and doesn't. The old rune system balanced the game in so many ways and made it possible to play champs in different roles by covering up weaknesses or emphasis on strengths. For example if Riot nerfed Garens movement speed you could still use movement speed quints on him. If a champ was to squishy you could put in defensive runes. If you wanted an early game champ to scale you could use scaling runes and so on. They allowed for every champ to be viable. Now that the old system is gone the game has been significantly less fun, creative, strategic, and balanced.
Naalith (NA)
: I hope Riot has learned valuable lessons from season 6, 7, and 8
Was going to like until you said that runes reforged was better. Not in a million years, how someone can think picking around two streamlined optimal paths in the new system versus dozens of them in the old is beyond ridiculous.
TheWeegan (EUNE)
: Not so unique mode
This legit is a really cool idea. Unfortunately Riot doesn't like fun or gamemodes so we will never see it happen.
Galiö (NA)
: Tbh I didnt get a quality game in since the Galio rework. If I enjoyed league 9/10 pre rework galio i am a solid 4/10 now. (And this is a meta I actually like)
: But but but 50% winrate uuuuuhhhhhhhh im coming - meddler
: You sound like someone Riot would employ.
A yes man the somehow justify BS whenever shade is thrown at riot? Yup.
: can you just revert the goddamn jungle to earlier seasons?
How about revert the GAME to an earlier season.
mack9112 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GarySeagull,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ee7608tk,comment-id=000700000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-30T21:55:42.357+0000) > > Actually I was trying to be nice and was going to write a bit of an essay on your idiological stance but 1. I could not be fucked and 2. I got invited out for a couple of pints of sweet sweet lager. > In short = it was not worth my time. > > But basically i was gonna say that your idiological stance on the subject is what got World of Warcraft in the state it currently is. > Trying to &quot;Appeal&quot; to the newest generation is what effectively killed WoW. > Cause lets face it, no one plays wow anymore unless they are pathetic, addicted after 8+ years of playing or just generally have nothing better to do. (does this sound in any way familiar?) > Anyway, on record &quot;Appealing to a larger Audience&quot; actually degrades the game. Every. Single. Time. > > The best and only right course of action is to adhere to your core audience. > You know the type!, they tend to like a slow and methodical match where skill takes priority over the 20min clown-fiestas that are decided within the first 5 min. > > Those games will never truly die, they are like super-massive stars. They will die but collapse into a blackhole and devour whats left of the entire genre. > Then we will all move on over to the next popular genre and this will all repeat. > So far &quot;Battle Royal&quot; is a good candidate. > But lets face it, &quot;Battle Royal&quot; is not going to trump Moba&#x27;s. The only Reason Fortnite is getting as much attention as its getting is because its a decent game and League of Legends is in the dog house. But the trick is the core audience of video games change over time. We grow up get older and instead of binge playing a game for 8 hours a day we go get a pint of lager with our friends you know what I mean ? All I'm saying is the next generation of gamers don't like mobas simple fact they want immediate action.
"All I'm saying is the next generation of gamers don't like mobas simple fact they want immediate action." Lol, your ignorance is unreal. Don't even bother @GarySeagull, this guy has no idea what he's talking about.
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: I make it a point to completely ignore anything titled "Why i quit". It's honestly become a buzzword to generate views and controversy instead of providing fair criticism. The very first few minutes of the video where he said "Riot makes changes for the sake of change", i immediately tuned out knowing full well he is going to start talking out of his ass. And on top of that, he said that he didn't play League for quite a while and now i'm supposed to take his word that he knows what he's talking about, without actually being kept in the loop of League's changes and having played the game during that time? Give me break. People quit all the time. Let's not pretend like losing a streamer/youtuber means that League is not fun anymore. I watched League YTbers way back in the day and many of them simply vanished without a trace/changed the type of content they provide on their channels.
Let's not also pretend there are no glaring problems with the game. While people do "quit all the time", there ARE _alot more people quitting then usual_ and that does warrant being looked into. You seem to just cherry pick whatever you like and dismiss any type of viable criticism someone can make; and that type of attitude pisses me off because we can't have a proper discussion on the subject. How about not using the term "let's not pretend" to everyone else, and use it on yourself first?
: Most people won't understand the salt until its their turn for a complete VGU The lack of complaints & rant threads along with a low ban/pick rate made me think Malzahar was always going to be there for me after work... Until low quality mass class reworks were a thing. I'll never forget patch 6.9 nor the silence from repertoire on the subject for 1.5 or so years afterwards :/ And it doesn't help that the way Riot does things is to do extreme things to make everyone unhappy, so that when they dial things back to what they probably actually wanted, people would be relatively happy... With only the most dedicated mains crying in the corner. I wouldn't be surprised if this current Atrox is just a ploy to purposefully make him hated, so when they do QoL buffs, AAtrox will be forgotten just like every other VGU champion, referenced only in arguments a couple years from now and being told AAtrox has "always" been cancer which is why he was changed. Because that was what my experience watching pre-rework Malzahar's reputation get ground into the dirt simply for being similar to the cancerous reworked version of him was like.
So much this^ Nail on the head dude. Remember how Galio's rework was all the craze? Now no one could care less but the ones who actually played him feeling like crap.
: RIOT really overestimate how long people are going to take their shit, if they keep forcing this godawful meta they will be bankrupt in 2-3 years max. I have never seen less people online and I have never had less fun, season 7 seems like season 2 compared to this shit. Edit - and yeah for the people who think they are balancing for LCS, LCS has never had less viewers and less interest overall, also the games are fucking garbage
Stew52 (OCE)
: They just need to roll back their damage creep.
: > [{quoted}](name=gileskd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BOr4b7n8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-30T23:00:58.272+0000) > > list of champions that need a rework > 1. nobody > > all a rework is, is introducing a brand new champion, that has 1 or 2 things in common with the old champ before deletion. > they fucked up taric > they messed up galio > and I have only seen complaints about the &quot;NEW&quot; AA batteries trox. > > -say no to reworks- I honestly think Taric's rework was an improvement, gameplay wise he gained a higher skill ceiling. Tarics visuals and lore are very good too, his personality stayed the same too and atleast from what I remember people were satisfied with it when it came out. The only complaint I really saw was that the ult was just added on, and I did like the old Taric ult but it was really underwhelming. New Taric ult is interesting and adds onto his thematic more as a protector.
Disagree, different champ now. And regardless of it being done for "muh balance" it's less fun to play making it worse by that alone. Don't have a problem with visual updates though.
: When your teammate picks Aatrox & claims he's M7, so you think it's all good
Same face when they pick Aatrox at all. Horrible rework.
: Aatrox AMA today.
The whole page is just circle jerking. Any hard criticism is frowned upon eh? What a joke.
Eggbread (NA)
: We Could Seriously Use a Game Mode Where We Can Guarantee What Champion We Play
LOL, Riot doesn't do permanent gamemodes. Why? *insert apologist reason that makes no sense because anything that criticizes riot is bad here*.
: im one of this top 5 nasus players last season in the world and i agree yes the cdr and the letality reds and armor and magic resist was so vital for nasus to function now he is trash :C
Played Nasus a lot as well back in the day and can confirm this. RIP old runes.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Fewer, actually. Your only real options were "Who am i laning against, and do i want AR or MR runes". Even scaling runes were predetermined; If youre facing AD you get AR and scaling MR. AP? MR and scaling AR. Such choice.
Nah, you don't know what your talking about, even with those specific builds you could still balance it by lets say half mr and half armor. There were combinations of mixing things together, many possibilities versus today. Fortunately people like Vectros are in the majority and can use common sense.
: A 4 month player knows this game better than the monkeys on the balance team. You literally hit the nail on the head with everything you said. The fucking pathetic part is that Riot will not even acknowledge a single one of these things as an issue.
Amorith (NA)
: "You don't have to play the game in order to balance it". -Medder and Ghostcrawler
: The deletion of old runes and the re-named mastery system was the start of the end in my opinion. That's where all the damage started to get out of hand.
: People do move from games. People also become so attached to certain iterations of the game that they refuse acknowledge anything past that iteration or anything that isn't 100% like it. People also stick with games no matter how it changes. There are all sorts of people and most do move on to other games until something brings them back to previous ones they used to enjoy. You can compare fortnite with league all you want. I see league still in the top 3 on twitch all the time, sometimes even beating fortnite. Freaking dota2 is also sometimes beating fortnite and league despite barely being a thing most of the time. You can be mad all you want, doesn't change that what Riot said is a fact.
People do move on from games but it doesn't apply to the large amount of people leaving . Riot is consistently making this game worse. The MAIN reason as to why people are leaving is because of the horrible balance changes, not because players grown out of it. YOU be in denial all you want, that is FACT. And fortunately your ignorant viewpoints are in the very small minority, thank god.
Azadethe (NA)
: I'd love to know how you think they should play 5th dimensional chess and solve this issue. Too many variables. Too many possible universes of outcomes to calculate. Too many possible constants from which to originate decision trees. Not even joking. Chess has some "estimated" 34 million outcomes, but that's excluding repetitive trees and repeat actions. It's closer to infinite. And LoL is far more complicated than Chess. To expect ANY team to balance a game this complicated is what's truly ignorant. They can calculate one or two possible culprits within ambiguous proximity and make a shot in the dark. I mean.... there are at least 80 champs Taric alone would "Gold Funnel" for. it's not Yi exclusive... Then you have to look at Yi and his other synergies (someone mentioned {{champion:10}} ) Then you have to look at Yi's Synergistic partners and then look at their synergies with other champs. --------------- But then you kind of have to ask.... what's so unhealthy about this strategy? Most of the champs involved are sink or swim champs, and often, if they sink, they are forced to play a support role if they ever want a chance of winning. Just look at Udyr. If Udyr doesn't get those early game 5-6 kill snowballs, what happens? Udyr Split pushes the rest of the game and makes attempts to peel team chasers. He doesn't transform into a carry if he didn't start out as one. I have tons of times on Pyke where a team feeds, and I can't legitimately get into a carry role, because they have fed tanks/lots of damage, so I become a support. If they really kill this behavior, it's going to lead to even faster snowballs, where champs feel useless even earlier.
The example you used does not make the slightest bit of sense. 1. These are the people developing the game so they know the in's and outs by building things from the ground up 2. You don't need to think of every variable to fix a problem if it occurs, sure it may be more ambitious then it seems but no where close to the realm of "complexity" of millions of equations your implying, literally every other modern video game ever is more "complex" than chess and the devs of them don't have problems fixing their freaking game. 3. It's a team full of people who work 6-8 hours a day, no excuse. Don't know how you came up with something so baffling off the mark.
: I've put in a request for Riot to delete my account. Just wanted to say goodbye.
Good choice man. I Quit as well. And it wasn't because I've "been playing for a long time" the agenda the Riot post before was pushing, but rather the game has gotten worse. Tell me if you find anything that's a good alternative.
Seilleas (EUNE)
: Id rather have Aatrox stay like he is and wait for a decent rework
Not going to happen. Riot doesn't care. Nothing will be done. The Aatrox we loved is gone and a shell of his former self took his place. Objectively one of the best champ designs. The way I dealt with it is just not playing this game anymore.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Nenthos,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KuOu41Xi,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-19T01:11:50.841+0000) > > Because it isn&#x27;t a permanent game mode. People have fun with urf and compared to the crapfest that the game is right now they uninstall. URF is consistently the mode with the biggest drop off in playerbase with each passing day after its released. Making it a permanent mode isn't going to fix that
Oh your right my bad, they need to fix the core game first.
Cocho (NA)
: In an article they said that when they give us URF, people quit the game. These other alternative URFs we've had is to try to lessen this. https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/12/ask-riot-urf/
Because it isn't a permanent game mode. People have fun with urf and compared to the crapfest that the game is right now they uninstall.
: riot do you really need to rework champions and remove the old ones? can't we play both?
Agreed man. Old Galio, Eve, Poppy, Zac, Xin, Fizz, Taric, Yorick, Shen, Irelia, Maokai, and now most recently Aatrox... Probably the worst one yet. While I think it's great when they enhanced the visual aesthetic (Poppy, Tristana) when they start heavily changing their lore and gameplay changes it ruins the game for me. If they want to make such huge changes why not make an entirely new champ? They all feel so clunky and less fun to play. Not all champs need to have 10 passives (Kled) and super high outplay skillshots (Yassuo). I cringe whenever I see a "rework" trailer now. Aatrox literally a Riven/Swain clone. Only reason im playing now is because urf is back on the pbe, once it's gone im uninstalling again. Missed having fun with this game.
: They are consistently killing the game with every change. Before it was more simple, top lanes were primarily fighters, bruisers, and tanks. Fighters did a lot of damage but had little defensive stats, bruisers were a mixture of damage and tankiness, and tanks were low damage, sponges for their carries. Now we have tanks one shotting people, with fighters getting heavily out traded by people with no damage items. We had adcs that could carefully dominate a fight, but had to carefully position as to not get easily caught. Now we have champs like xayah who is an ADC with an AOE stun, and a moveable untargetable. Its like they are trying to make every champion be an "extreme outplay high skill character" but are instead just plugging in overkitted champions one after another, example: Pyke.
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