: When is the Season over?
lmao 4 ranks in 12 hours. gl
Cherysse (NA)
: HI RIOT! What do you think about removing Clairvoyance and Clarity?
clairvoyance < blue trinket clarity = you suck with mana management.
: Pushing to gold
lmao i think its funny how many people use this technique nowadays to get free carries lol. "plat smurf looking for other plat smurfs"
: The things that really differentiate pro-level play from low-tier ranked..
> Try to kill Katarina when she ults she's easy to burst lol. also most people have some hard cc to stop ult
: lets look at the most pick champions in the last month
those are all tryhard champs lol. people see these as champions that can carry games 1v5 so they spam them in soloq towards the end of the season to rank up.
: Need new people to play with
: over the last month in ranked play
those are the tryhard champs. so it makes sense with everyone trying to rank and all
lmao zhonyas instead of RoA and void instead of mejais
: Need duo for one final push to gold
: New Team LF Competitive Players
IGN: NeonPike Preferred role: ADC Comfort champs: {{champion:51}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:42}} Comfortable alternative Role (if any): Comfort champs: Current rank:Plat V Highest rank:Plat V Why do you want to play on a competitive level?: because it's been my dream to compete in league Competitive experience? Y/N: I play in many online tournaments and have taken 1st place 3 times (EVG Tournaments) Macro shot calling experience? Y/N: Y(I ping structures and objectives, will start talking since it's more serious) Micro shot calling experience? Y/N: Y(i ping my support when to proc relics and where to ward) Experience facilitating discussion? Y/N? What was it?: N (i talk with my friends who ask for help with league strategy) Rate your ability to adapt to change (1-10) and Why?: 6 I read patch notes and in order to progress in solo q I need to be aware of changes What do you feel would be your greatest contribution to the team?: my damage What do you feel could be the teams greatest contribution to you?: giving me the opportunity to compete Time Zone?: CST Time availability?: Weekdays after 6PM CST
: What can be done (Visually/Artistically) with Pantheon?
you can delete him. easy fix artisically
: They are open on both teams though. Frankly I don't play the champions who are permabanned right now. But the teams are usually not the same the enemy midlane from one queue could now be the 2nd pick in you team. But when you ban their main champion you just hurt your own team.
does it matter? its better to stay detached emotionally from the game and its players so you can play better and focus on improving. "oh no i banned the guy who was supposed to be my midlaner's champ"< really? you'd rather focus on that than realize you gave your team a huge advantage by banning out that guys main champ?
: so I should stop worrying about you? 1 person can't carry a team of trolls? are you mental???
i carry trolls all the time. why? because im good and dont let stuff like that get to me. if you want to climb you should think the same way. trolls only make you lose if you let them get to you.
Ventus277 (EUNE)
: Meh , i use karma as a synonym to bad luck , my bad ( english is not my first language ) ;p
: If you can't counter pick then flex or unorthodox pick.
i play adc only. never had a problem with blind picking caitlyn lol
: There should be a way to give honors when you leave the post game lobby
well if you didnt take the time to honor them to begin with, they probably werent impressive enough to honor lol. also, honor doesn't do anything anyways.
: When Someone Dodges it shouldn't Queue you with the Same People
quit making it mean so much to you. simple solution. also, if they target ban your or something you can pull out something even more op? there tends to be 7 champs that stay permabanned so if they use one to target ban they leave open those "overpowered" champs
: Looking for Diamond Top and ADC.
platinum level coach? seems kind weak imo.
: d5 looking for team for ward
: Riot is Evil!
how does that make them evil?
Ventus277 (EUNE)
: Bad Luck (Karma)
what did you do to get bad karma? or are you misusing the term?
: Riot is pissing me off
or, you could stop whining, get better at the game, quit worrying about the trolls, and win.
Ayrborne (NA)
: Jungling (5's and SoloQ)
play elise. gank lanes. win. build tanky. the only offensive items you need are liandry's and sorc boots
: "wp both teams ^_^"
i'll stick to saying "gg easy" Kappa
: Supports cant do much to tanks, did you know?
lulu and corki lanes make it hard for leo to go in because of the poke leo will take from lane. unless you are willing to all-in at 50% hp
: Leona is Freelo
must not be many morg players in bronze V.
: LP Gain/Loss
wah wah wah, whine whine whine. you lose more when you duo queue because more than likely your mmr goes down with whoever you duo with. thats why you lose more. also, if you lose more than you win then youll lose more lp than gain. people win games with afks and trolls all the time. must be something that you cant do.
Rohirrim (EUNE)
: Won game got no lp
3v3 isnt serious. so probably no one cares.
: LOL Report System :)
i think its sick that you enjoy punishing people. really, you'd rather punish than nurture and aid?
: A Bronze I against 2 golds and a platinum in solo que (not ranked)
who was on the rest of the enemy team. and who did you have on your team? also, they mightve never played normals before so their normal mmr is bronze level.
: very very unbalanced matchmaking
you rank up by being good. you want to rank up? get good. others have done it. you can too.
: riot games plz
im not sure if im allowed to ask but what did you get banned for?
: I hate to say this because I play nunu a lot but..
the nunu bot skin gives you a psychological ability that messes with everyone. maybe it is pay to win :o
: Why riot is a bad company
literally every online game has those TOU.
papayoou (EUW)
tbh i would just smurf
: Tahm Kench nerf ideas
only thing i would nerf on kench is the shield. its so annoying having to kill him twice.
: yeah that's true, I don't believe having 1 guy going 23 and 6 and having 3 people on your team go 2-9 and your 5-3 is gonna help u improve honestly
it does. add him, ask him for advice, learn. easy. learn from your games rather than just looking to win.
: creating bronze and silver rank 5 team
Neonpike Adc Bronze III add me I actually do want to play for the ward skin
NokaTeH (NA)
: LeaveBuster possible update?
if it distinguished between the two, i could just unplug my router to get dc'd, not receive the leaverbuster penalty, and still affect the team negatively.
: again, improving is climbing, and I don't agree, not to say I cant beat them again, but your still missing the whole point of them steam rolling other laners who cant hack it, so stop taking what I say out of context to try to prove a point, your points invalid, the whole problem to begin with is theres smurfs, like stop trying to p[rove a point that's invalid, smurfs should not exist they do but yes imma gonna address it and point out why they shouldn't be
improving =/= climbing. improving leads to climbing.
: MF playstyle change
there is a refund button under the account tab in the in game shop. you can refund the rp and use it to buy a different skin.
: Yes it has occurred to me, it also occurs to me there are multiple smurf accounts, it has occurred to me that 68 million a day play this game all servers. its also accured to me ppl do smurf to rollstomp noobs, just like some smurfs just want accounts with victorius skin to make money off the account for having vic skins, a lot occurred to me thinking why ppl smurf, regardless they shouldn't it just ruins the game for people trying to improve at there lvl. yes I know there goal isn't to stay in that elo obviously, but there is a lot more of them then you let on my friend, I mean alot
> it just ruins the game for people trying to improve at there lvl. actually, it ruins the game for people trying to climb. not for people trying to improve. if anything, you get much better playing against smurfs and much faster than playing against people in your elo. so if you are losing and complaining instead of trying to learn their strategies and strengths, then you aren't making an effort to improve and climb.
: Demotions?
i think your mmr has to be bronze V to be demoted? they best way to tell though is to see what your win:loss ratio is. if you have more losses than wins then i would start to be a little concerned.
Z P (NA)
: How is it that I cant curse when talking to friends in-game?
you are wrong. there is no need to curse. also, the baby community will report for anything these days. especially if they lost.
: well the problem is they shouldn't be in that elo to begin with, stop dancing around the entire point and saying I'm whining,
did it occur to you they are climbing and trying to leave? you more than likely are never going to see the same smurf again. its not like they just intentionally stay in whatever elo youre in just to roflstomp noobs.
: Well its not that I cant beat them its that they lane against others who cant handle it and go like 2-13 and carry the game cause they are beyod my teams skill lvl, that's completely unfair, anyway say I'm whining all you want, I know I'm right
well then, if you "play a plat level" then you should roflstomp your lane opponent, win lane, roam map, take objectives, and win. but sounds like giving up and whining works just fine for you too if you want to lose.
Aurrock (NA)
: Silver life :(
the less you care, the less tilted you'll be, the easier it is to be in the carry mindset, the easier it is to climb. quit complaining. if its a troll, just move to another lane, win lane, press advantage, win game. easy
: Want someone to spam norms with and just have a good time.
1) how come i had to change the names for one of my smurfs and your name is still gucci? 2) add my smurf @Quim and we can play
: Dealing with Trolls
that wouldnt solve anything. trolls wouldnt troll when they see someone with "riot" in their lobby. also, people still win games with trolls. i wonder why you cant?
Terozu (NA)
: A way for people in LPQ to check their games remaining.
it tells you at the end of every game iirc. but yeah i agree it would be nice.
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