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: All mistakes can lead to defeat. Just do your best to make sure it's not your problems that cause a loss. Again, you're spending too much time worrying about your allies. It's not about your allies. Just look at how focused your posts here are on your team, rather than on you. If you can't fix the mistakes of your allies why are you so focused on them? You're literally wasting your own time.
How am I supposed to win if my allies don't let me? I've been beat over the head with the whole "Focus on yourself" thing. It's not like I don't. I do. I realize my mistakes, I'm actively trying to improve. But it doesn't seem to matter if I don't have a team that plays well enough to win.
: Very close! You should be thinking: ""How much better could I have played as ADC?"
: Why's that? He didn't say anything about how you should play. All he said is you shouldn't waste time worrying about how well your team members are playing, and should instead be focusing on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. You can't fix the mistakes of your allies, but you can fix your own. Focus only on what you did and how you can not make those mistakes in the future. The fewer mistakes you make the better you will do, and the better you do the more close games you can tip the balance on in your teams favor. It's not about being perfect, it's about trying to be perfect. The difference is one is impossible, where as the other leads to constant self improvement.
I'm not trying to fix the mistakes of my allies. I'm just saying that it makes no sense that people expect me to be able to play well enough that the rest of my team's mistakes mean nothing. It's a team focused game, and saying "Worry about your own game" just sounds like a silly cop-out answer to me. So, once again, it make any sense to me at all.
: They mean stop complaining about the team and focus on what you can be doing better. Whenever you describe a game as "Even though I made a few mistakes, my team...", you're doing it wrong.
So if I'm carrying the team and we still lose I should be thinking "How much better could I have played as ADC to prevent every other lane from playing horribly?"
: Like others have said, pretty much focus on how you are doing in any given match, and make sure you're always doing your best regardless of how well or horrible your teammates are doing. There's too many variables in every match to give you specific advice. There's no magic trick to being able to carry, it's just about doing better than everyone else. Instead of looking at a loss as "this guy did or didn't do this or that" look at it like "What could I have done that would have prevented something bad from happening?" or "What did I do that helped me do so well?" Odds are you're never going to be paired with the same players in a match more than once in a while, especially if you solo, and the only thing you can control is how you react to any given situation. Edit: and to expand a bit, if you focus on your teammates, more often than not it's going to create a vicious cycle where you only see negative things happening. If anything, if you find yourself looking at others mistakes, just think of it in the frame of "What could he have done to prevent that from happening?", and keep it to yourself, and use it to improve your own play.
I just played a match as Lucian. I went 14/5/5, and we lost. How much more carrying can I do when I have the most kills and almost the least amount of deaths in the game? I cant solo objectives if my team wont help me. I cant push alone if my team wont group. I cant defend a turret by myself. I can't think for everyone in this game.
: Stop blaming your teammates and focus on your own game.
Doesn't make any sense, sorry. I'm not saying I play a perfect game, but comments like this make it sound like I'm supposed to.
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: *vent* I HATE MY TEAM
As a fellow bronzie, I can relate. People always want to forfeit too early or say "gg" after first blood, or shit on their team when someone dies twice, or refuse to group or chase until enemy team respawns or just generally play like it's not ranked or something.
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FrankerX (EUW)
: well ok that can happen. but i had to leave 3 games in a row last week and still never got a leavebuster. so for 20min leavebuster you have to leave REALLY A LOT :D
I understand that, I said that the last restriction I've had was months ago. I haven't AFK'd in so long I received the message that my account had returned to good standing from the Leaverbuster system. So it's a little annoying that this one time that wasn't my fault ends up with this. But it's only 5 games and 100 minutes, whatever, I guess.
FrankerX (EUW)
: you just have to restart the client not the whole pc lol.
Normally that's true, but I couldn't exit the client at all. It went black and trying to close it just made it go into the background and cover every other window except for the task bar. ctl+alt+del didnt work either, because the task manager was also hidden under the client. So I had to restart.
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kdizz (NA)
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
I get chat restricted and banned and decide to disable all chat and try not being so confrontational, then this happens. It almost makes me feel like there's no point in even trying to better myself. What's the point if it's gonna be three whole months, not even taking into account the fact they already reset your honors and pretty much hold the permabanhammer over your head for a good half a year. I understand there needs to be punishments, but for _months_ after? Why bother playing?


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