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: I like your suggestions, and I agree that there needs to be more than what's currently available as far as game modes go. I personally don't have the patience to play ranked (only 3 matches so far this season), and so Unranked Draft was usually my go to game mode. I got tired of that because of trolls and people simply not caring or wanting to try at all because "it's just norms" and then wasting 20 to 50 minutes of my life, so I moved on to ARAM. It's slightly more fun and relaxing to play a faster paced game mode where you automatically gain gold and experience at an increased rate, and I also enjoy the challenge of adapting a champion's build to overcome random teams. To get back to your point, I agree wholeheartedly. A mute feature or chat filter is not an excuse for players to flame others and behave poorly. Having a mute feature and report system available does not need we need to "suck it up" or "grow a pair" and just deal with the abuse. You are 100% right that Riot needs to work harder to promote a community that is friendly, helpful, and welcoming. Instead, League of Legends is notorious across the internet for having one of the most toxic player communities among all online multiplayer games. I strongly agree that having more game modes or restricting certain game modes to having player accounts of only certain levels would help create a friendlier atmosphere to players of different skill levels and intentions (i.e. players who want a seriously competitive unranked match to just something to kill a half hour and have fun). Unfortunately, doing so would make for longer queue times, and these tend to be quite long already for players of certain ranks. It would also limit a player's ability to group with their friends (like if a Diamond 1 wants to play with their level 5 friend who is very new to the game), causing further strain on the Riot developers and also the player community. I'm not trying to make excuses; I agree with you 100% and Riot DOES need to work harder to promote the player community that you and I seek. I do believe that Riot wants this kind of player community as well, but the problem is getting there. We only see things from our side, which is that we need to log into League of Legends simply expecting to run into trolls, flamers, and outright unpleasant players. However, with constant communication perhaps we can help the devs to reach some kind of middle ground, and that's exactly what these forums are here for. Anyway, tl;dr I agree and hope that Riot can somehow implement other game modes to promote a friendlier atmosphere for players of all intentions and playstyles.
You bring up a good point about queue times. It's definitely something that would have to be considered when adding or changing play modes. And thanks for answering thoughtfully. I think it's a worthwhile conversation to have. I've never played ARAM. I'll probably give it a shot. Hopefully, the people at Riot are hard at work looking for ways to help. In the meantime, I'll leave hoping that we all remember that the community we are talking about is us.
yesnobanana (EUNE)
: when i said "king of pro challenger shit" i didn't mean to insult you. I mean if you play with pre 30 players they _will_ flame.
Figured as much. All good. I agree too. It's why I wrote this. Because I think we can all push it in the right direction.
: Your right about it not being a solution. But if you want to play the game the solution is to mute someone who is raging at you and report after the game. I just don't give a damn if I get raged at so I don't even bother muting.
Yeah, it's about trying to create a better environment in game. I know it's not exactly easy, I know. but I did have some thoughts on the subject. Ultimately, I play a lot of multiplayer games and when the community is awesome, the game is better. I am trying to raise the issue and give some suggestions in the hopes that Riot might find a way to improve their community's dynamic. I do report often.
: Mute everyone Just enjoy the game. You'll find when you type less and play off instinct and use pings, it will actually help you play better.
Yeah, I don't usually type at all unless someone talks directly to me. I feel the same way you do about pings. You can play the whole game without words. That said, what I am trying to do is raise a concern about the issue and maybe propose a few ways in which the hostilities can be mitigated. I'd rather find a way to improve the community so I don't have to mute players. Tall order I know, but I figured I'd chip in. Judging by the replies in this forum though, it seems like most people have settled for the current environment as unavoidable.
yesnobanana (EUNE)
: First off,that's not called "playing for years" second off,everyone below 30 thinks they are some king of pro challenger shit. so don't be mad you'll get over it.
Well, what would you call it? I call it playing on and off for years. Does that sound better? I don't know what that last bit means in relation to what I wrote. Do you mean that everyone around me is going to act like a "king of pro challenger shit" or are you saying that I think I'm a king of pro challenger shit. I've no aspirations to be anything other than an on and off player run of the mill player. And I do agree there are a lot of "king of pro challenger shit" people out there. That is in fact the point of writing this. Figured I'd let Riot know they've been overrun. I'm not angry. I'm just trying to help make the experience marginally better.
: Unfortunately in this world, muting is very much a solution. This is not isolated to a video game. People have been douchebags to each other since the dawn of time. Everyone has to feel superior for some reason instead of working as a whole. Sometimes the best way to avoid bad things is to do just that AVOID them. If that means muting salty fellow players in an online video game, so be it. Most people are the way they are and are not going to change, so if you are going to put yourself in a social situation (with a HUGH pool of random people that are from all backgrounds), you are going to get some bad ones. Just like you don't read bad posts, you don't have to "listen" to bad people.
Not really. At best, it's a patch. Not if the problem you have is a toxic community. Not every gaming community is this bad. Not every community is this beset by douchebags. I do believe this can be improved on. I think Riot thinks so too. That's all I'm trying to do.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Grow a thicker skin then and a pair. Life is ful of angry people, learn to not bother
yesnobanana (EUNE)
: WAIT how are you playing for years and not lvl 30? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
As I said, I play very rarely. Started a long time ago, but it hasn't been continuous.
: /mute all during the firsts seconds of the game and you might enjoy it. I personally dont care if someone yell at me the whole game, because i just dont bother, i'm even a bit happy since it means there is a high chance i can get him banned at the end of the game. But for people who can't stand it or are bothered, you can still just /mute annoying people.
Yeah. Mute seems to be what everyone recommends, but that's hardly the same as creating a welcoming community. I'm trying to recommend ways to improve the experience without just keeping people from talking to each other. And you're right. It shouldn't bother me. But it does. I can't have fun when someone is throwing tantrums next to me. And though it might be somewhat unavoidable that some people will be hostile, this is a pervasive part of the community which deserves attention. I do try to report often, but it feels like a losing battle.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Sorry, but I didn't read whole, just some parts, so correct me if I say something wrong. You got flamed and want to stop playing because of it? Why care so much what other say? If LoL gives you joy play it, if not don't, it's a game after all. Use the magic command "/mute all". They don't say anything valuable anyway. Belive me. You can communicate only with pings in LoL. I could somehow understand you would be mad after a losing streak in ranked, but you play vs AI or normals as you are not 30lvl yet. Of course you don't know every champ, mechanics etc. You have to learn that. Don't worry
I just wanted to play with my brothers without being insulted. I'm not particularly angry, just trying to provide some feedback on user experience. I also didn't lose. Haven't lost a single game. (We are playing dumb bots). I just don't like hostile people and thought I should mention that in the Behaviors forum in the hopes Riot would like to know that I've had a lot of bad experiences with hostile players. Also, muting people is not really a solution. I'm trying to constructively suggest ways in which things might be improved that don't require isolating yourself.
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