: Can someone explain why rivens passive doesnt work on towers
I asked Mobalytics and it sounds like youre right. Theyre saying it gives her to many options to close the game. i just didnt think fiora was specifically a split pusher
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: Your Shop Returns
I have to say that this time I am disappointed in discountbot :( usually he is on absolute point for me however this time not a single thing worth it. He keeps giving me Kitty Cat Kata and I do not want it. I like the project skin more; However tempting that skin may be but at least I play her semi-regularly. The rest I dont. Like I got a lux skin. I hadnt played her for like a year until last week just to get her to rank 5 and i got a skin for her yet again (offers every other rotation) and a taliyah skin which i just got the character and only played her twice (needs a new skin by the way rito) and swain skin....i never play him other than to try out the rework which I have to say is pretty cool. Deathbloom Kha is okay but i have the other 2 epics so eh and Syndra Justicar? Come on Discountbot were my Assassins (minus kha) and Riven? Because of past performances i still give discountbot 9/10 but this time i feel like {{champion:32}} Is it just me or does it not seem as well geared to the player as previous visits? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Client issues patch 7.9
Ive been noticing that a lot myself which I think I mentioned in the overall post but a little bit ago I got into a game where my bot fed 6 deaths and 10cs on ashe in 10mins and 7 deaths on support swain while i was forced to jungle which was dumb and outside the point, the point i was about to bring up was the fact during that horrible game the client kept popping up after the game launched. Like it kept wanting to tell me the game was in progress so it would make my game minimize so I could see it pop up and have the blinking orange light on its icon at the bottom of the screen. It kept happening every 10 seconds until finally I had to close out of it and when the game ended i had to relogg in and lost my chance to report those players. I don't know what happened with this patch but the client has so many bugs because while it wasnt the greatest thing in patch 7.8 at least I wasn't dealing with bugs all the time or multiple ones! Riot please please at least mention you aware of all the issues with the client so that I know you are working on this pop up one and all or any other ones we run into.
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: This is gonna be a broad reply but I generally like to play any champions as long as they can teamfight well with a couple of exceptions ({{champion:17}} ) but as you can see, every role has those kind of champions. I do find myself favoring Marksmen, Mages and Tanks above all else though. It is at least good to know that just because I main 2 roles doesn't mean that I play those roles all the time and never anything else every once in a while even if they are my main focus.
Since you said that you are favoring Marksmen and then mages second I would suggest ADC then MID for you. The nice thing about this though is that these lanes tend to be class cannons so you will blow stuff up but in return can be easily blown up yourself. Now ADC does require you to play super well and if you want tips on adc watch Anklespankin on youtube. He is a adc main and one of his last few videos he has had a challenger telling him what he should be doing i.e coaching and that could help you a lot. Then mid because mages tend to be there. What is also nice is that there are a handful (not a lot but some) of champions that are played mid that can be played top very vell {{champion:8}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:91}} so if you get to top by autofill you could use them there and if you want to be cancer {{champion:17}} works also though you play teemo not to win but to annoy the enemy more than anything. So in short based off your reply I recommend ADC and MID for you. The meta changes for adc are annoying but if you want to play twitch and he isn't op just make sure that you get the op adc banned {{champion:236}} and then you can still play what you want.
Sombremo (NA)
: Any champions like Azir or Zed?!
well he isn't very high in skill cap but is fun and has out play potential with his W {{champion:62}} boy is he a lot of fun. I like full damage wukong and he can be top jungle and ive played him mid. He destroys most mages early because his base damage is high. But i also start with {{item:1036}} {{item:2031}} But honestly you should save all your IP for lvl 30 so you can get your tier 3 runes for your AD page AP page and ADC page. Runes are super expensive. Youll spend like 12-15k ip for all the runes for those 3 pages
: Indecisiveness is a bitch. (Need help deciding on what roles to main and maybe some general advice.)
Realistically you need to main 2 roles for ranked. Being able to do everything okay is good but its important to main 2 (Focus those mainly not 3 just the two). Right now I am struggling with the changes that have happened in 7.8 and I can't seem to win. But what I do know is that currently the main form of carrying is Top adc mid jungle support for competitive and in solo que its ADC Top mid jungle though I tend to see more Tops carrying right now even in Solo. Find the champions you like to play most. Do you find that when you're getting ready to play you tend to want to pick bruisers/tanky champs? Then go top. Are you wanting to play mages/assassins then go mid etc. I personally focus on mid and top because I tend to do really well in the lanning phase however I stay away from bot because I don't do what my supports want or they don't do what i want. So once you find the types you tend to gravitate to the most then you can pick your role from there. I agree jungle is rough and right now its in a bad state. I liked it where it was farm and gank but now farming is useless and I am not for learning jungle at this moment. But {{champion:121}} sure is fun
Sandixcx (NA)
: >Can someone please explain to me the state that league is in. Worldwide
--.-- well played sir, well played
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Your last 20 games, you're 8-12 (40%). That isn't that bad as the game tries to keep you around 40-60%. You had a game on Talon where you went 18-1-5, where you not trying to push objectives or were you running around playing TDM?
out of my last 20 games that are shown in my match history i only see 4 wins out of 19 games since one was just practice roughly making it 20%. No I was pushing objectives as best I could while trying to save my teammates from bad spots. They were fighting a lot which made it harder to push. I value objectives over kills since that is how you win so I am not that Talon XD
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: Xerath hack
<removed> You can see the BS that is this glitch here
: Riot disable Xerath right now.
I was literally about to post this myself. I cannot believe that I am finding this out on youtube before Riot disables him. They to do well since i've started playing (end of season 5) but for them to miss something of this level is crazy! Welp its time to start banning this champ until he gets disabled because this is just stupid in so so so many ways. I hope they get to it ASAP because its just not fun to face be normals or ranked.
Porocles (NA)
: That sucks to hear. :/ Where exactly are you crashing, and what do you mean when you say that? Are you getting error messages? If you have any feedback as well, be sure to share it on the [client discussion](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/alpha-client-discussion) boards while the updated version is still in testing.
I do not know about him however I know I am having plenty of problems with this new client myself. It keeps crashing on me (often enough) sometimes before or after I pick my champ. In fact just a min ago i picked my champ got locked out and then they had to remake the game and I got punished for not being able to connect. Now i cant get awards (key shards) and it is super annoying to get punished because the client keeps freezing. This is not the first time this has happened. I like how pretty the new client looks but the crashing is annoying. If you watch Youtube it happens to plenty of the well known League Youtubers such as Redmercy. His client crashed in his D2 Promos like 2-3 times.
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: Respond to aggression...confused
Oh okay Kei143 I only play mid top and adc so I don't know anything to do about jungle. Thanks for that info!
: Respond to aggression...confused
I checked to see if I had gotten a message cause when my friends message me its yellow in game but there was no chat tab so I know it wasnt that and interesting Quaker. I didn't know if anyone else was experiencing this so I put up just to see what was going on. It could be nothing
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: Patch 6.11 Causing Ping (ms) Bug?
Man i sad to hear that this is affecting so many people. I just read what they had planned coming for the next few patches. I wish that they would start to let us know when they are aware of issues like this and have a projected date where it would be fixed. I mean I really want to play right now but with the ms issue its more frustrating than it is worth. I wouldn't be so annoyed if they simply said hey we are aware and have a team working on it to have it fixed in the next patch or two. I mean at least i would know they are working on it for sure and have a time frame instead of what they do which is let us know nothing.....
: I got the same problem since 6.11 i normally got 100 ping and every 50 seconds or 1 min it jumps to 400 or 300 im pretty sure its the client. Since i play other online games and they all good.
Okay. Im glad to know its not me but im sad to see that its not me either. Its gotten really annoying. I mean i was playing a game as mid Karma and by 14mins i had 104 cs and 4 kills and then got hit by the ping jump for the rest of the game causing me to lose my s rank...i really wanted my chest XD well i guess ill just play against bots or something until they fix it because its not worth it against other players when im constantly getting this issue.
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Tatrii (NA)
: Yeah I wish we could at least not get punished for it because losing 3 lp and waiting 5 minutes is getting old and it makes it to where I can't dodge if I need to.
I didnt know that we lose IP. It is completely stupid that we lose IP for that when its not our faults. We are getting punished for something that is out of our control but at least it looks like they are aware of the issue. I asked them if it is something that they are aware of and I just have to be patient. Granted I don't want to wait but as long as they are working on it that is all that matters.
Tatrii (NA)
: Client has made me dodge queue 4 times in the past week from crashes and I'm tired of it
I am having the same problem myself. I put in a ticket and they suggested that i put it on the board and they also said "I can't provide a timeline for when we might see a fix on this issue, but thank you again for the report." So it seems as though they are aware of this issue but I am highly annoyed. I mean this is what I sent them "So when i get in a "game" i have to select who to ban and who to play. However lately and I dont know why it keeps freezing on me. I can watch someones count down for banning or locking their character go to 0 and just sit there to the point that everyone gets booted since I failed to ban or lock in a character. I am getting really annoyed since its happening on a regular basis now. I love the game and with Sol being out i want to play him so much since hes so much fun. But its like getting the jack pot and some times it does it to me twice in a row or more. So then it hurts my record as a player and i get punished when it isnt even my fault. I then have to wait a half hour just to attempt to play the game. I uninstalled and reinstalled in hopes that would work after i realized I still had the problem after running the repair tool. I just want to play the game and this is getting very annoying :(" I mean i repaired it and it didnt fix it so i uninstalled it and reinstalled it and that didnt help. I wasnt having this problem until patch 6.5 and more noticeably in 6.6...i hope they fix it soon


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