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: I think Blood Moon Akali Splash is a step down from her previous one
I loved the old Akali bloodmoon skin so much. It is the first skin I actually paid full RP price for instead of waiting for a sale, it is the only one I bought a shirt of. and the only one I bought a wall art of. I considered this art to be THE BEST IN THE GAME. I am APPALLED at the change to her art! The new one has a completely different feel. The overdone makeup, the ridiculous clothes, the purple hair, and the crummy mask change. The only positive change was to the weapons, to actually match her bio. I think this is ridiculous an I am genuinely angry! I paid money for that skin and they changed how it looks. I want my old skin back or it refunded. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!
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: Rewards for positive play
So I'm pretty sure mine are positive - aside from when I'm with my friends - then they can get weird xD


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