: i am toxic in game to tilt the other team in making me win more XD I will do ur survey tho EDIT: Just finished it, these questions are so broad, and by left a game do u mean like for the rest of the match or just like quit and rejoin immediatly.
They are broad on purpose, I'm not trying to pinpoint any one thing, just get a feel for the experience of most players. You can interpret the questions how you want and answer based on that. Thanks for taking it.
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: Riot, since you clearly don't understand, let me tell you exactly what you're missing.
Oh my God, Tyler1 as an announcer, I would totally buy that XD
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: Outplayed me with the lagswitch
It sounds like you don't fully understand how a lagswitch works. If you are using one it affects YOUR connection to riot servers, which gives absolutely no advantage. If the game was hosted by a player or players, then a lagswitch would make a big difference, but because riot hosts all games on their servers, you can only dc yourself, giving your opponent an advantage. However, there are other methods of interfering with someone's internet connection, DDoS as one example. But you have to know the end users IP address, which is not very easy to get. In any case, you would need actual proof for riot to take any disciplinary action, and its not really their fault anyway. The most likely scenario is that you got unlucky, which sucks. Sorry about the game, but hey, you got a quadra. Thats something right?
: Climbing in ranked...never ceases to amaze
Lol I actually really like the idea of a certification you have to pass before you can play ranked.
: Right enough is enough.
What i think you are seeing here is a smurf playing malphite, and he has high mmr on a new account that is being leveled up that is being compensated for by the diamond player on the opposing team.
wizyD (NA)
I agree with your comment that jg + hard winning lane almost always guarantees the win. I started playing around with xerath support bot, poking like crazy and forcing people out of lane, and i found that winning bot lane, especially if jg came bot only once, i won 68% of those games (about 20 of them). I know this is a small sample size, but it seems significant. Its really hard to win a game where more than one lane lost laning phase.
: man im getting upvotes for the most useless of facts lol. sometimes i love you guys <3
I like the conditional "sometimes"
Quepha (NA)
: Play only 20 matches in ranked? Be surprised that your mmr and rank are still volatile? Cool, Cool This is why previous seasons had 10 placements without telling you your rank and then gave you a rank waaaaay below your mmr and of course people whined at the start of every season about being placed way below where they ended the previous season. The system simply can't have a very good idea of where you belong after so few matches so either you start out really low and work your way up or you start out medium/high rank and then have wild swings until you get more matches under your belt. The new system went with the latter due to positional rank (which is now gone) but in the long run it will level out.
Where are you getting 20 matches from? I've played over 130 ranked games this season? It cant figure out my mmr after 130 games? Doubt it.
Barcid (NA)
: Riven now still sits at a 56% winrate with a 60% on her mains
17 Riven players disliked your post lol, thumbs up from me.
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: Love The Game, Champions & Lore, But I Have To Quit Playing Regardless
Good for you man, go play something that makes you happy. I ask myself every time i play why i still play this game the way it is. I really dont enjoy probably 80% of the games I play win or lose, because its so miserable or toxic or boring. Too bad I'm addicted and don't have the resolve you do to just walk away and find a healthier game to play. Best of luck man.
Hotarµ (NA)
: No, most of the time game companies will put variants of words to be flagged by systems. Stuff like this tends to be the case for what developers try to censor/flag: >fuck fucc phuck fck fk I assume hate speech goes even more in depth with stuff like this. Just report them with the valid category and everything should work itself out. :^)
It would be great (that sounds kind of weird) if we could find the full list somewhere to see if there are missing ones.
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: Since the recent update i've had a very minor issue.
Exact same problem, and I have seen others posting about it too. No one seems to have a fix for it yet.
: Tryndamere should be listed alongside Garen/Yorick for low MMR Nerf
Have you ever played Tryndamere? Im serious, he has at least 5 incredibly hard counters in top lane that can absolutely shut him down. On top of that, correctly split pushing in low elo is probably harder than in high elo because your team doesnt know what they are supposed to be doing when you create pressure in a side lane. He currently has a 46.36% win rate in plat and above, and i know you are talking about low elo, but still. That win rate says something, hes not dominating the game. He's actually really below par as far as top laners go. So before you come preaching your nerf trynamere, do your research. Or better yet, play him a couple times and see for yourself. Also, he was just nerfed last patch, what more could you want?
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Jie Chen (NA)
: Matchmaking is broken.
that yasuo build though...next level
: [LOL] Every Single Jhin Player
All your videos are great, thanks for posting!
: Toxicity after the game. Why is it allowed?
Supposedly Riot can see pre and post game chat, but i had this exact thing happen a couple days ago. I reported it, made a note it was in post chat, and then kept an eye on the offender via op.gg to see if he had been banned. Nope, still playing. And before someone says he may have just got a chat restriction, this guy was throwing around the kill yourself language which i know Riot is strict on. So yeah... doesn't seem like there is much to do. Leave post game chat quickly i guess.
You are the second person i have heard of in this situation. My friend had his account hacked only once, and he went through the process of getting it back only to find it had been banned while it had been in the hands of the thief. He pled for a reversal, but they told him that once banned an account cannot be unbanned regardless of circumstances. Doesn't seem right to me. Really sorry man, I hope it works out for you, but i really don't have much hope.
Aimléss (NA)
: Ranked System is so BROKEN!
What about support mains, who never have (unless they stole them) kills? If they have to support a silver ADC and have a bad KDA because of it they then get punished by your suggested LP rework? Or worse, they abandon their ADC at the first sign of trouble to preserve KDA to make the best of a bad situation? I can understand the frustration but your solution isnt a solution.
Hysthiin (NA)
: Why the fucking fuck am I fucking playing against fucking diamonds. I'm fucking silver V.
I feel you, I had one where the enemy kha was challenger 1 last season and i was silver 1 (in flex). But flex mmr is different than solo q, and we ended up winning anyway. Now im gold and i can leave flex behind like i think most people are.


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