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: Best thing you can do to climb is take like a week off , just dont play at all , then reconsider your champ pool . I find the easiest way to climb is to play jungle usually cause if you get slightly ahead your laners will have a tendency to listen to your shot calling . Look at the god tiers junglers and learn one of them in normals . My one trick is nocturne , it works at any elo and it's amaziing to increase your map awareness as your ult is a semi global ult . give it a try ! You can check my build or some replays on my main account Add92 so you can see pathing , how to gank as noc pre-6 post-6 etc etc , let me know if you need any help , the basics to climb out of gold are fairly easy to understand and master bro !
Thanks for the advice, I'm going to try again and just play better, smarter, faster stronger. Together I'll work it out.
Add92 (NA)
: Ok so it's gonna sound harsh but it's not meant to be harsh just tough love. Anything from low silver to mid gold is the same level ( I won't talk about bronze cause idk how you can make it to bronze at all unless you int all your games ) . Same players with no awareness whatsoever , so even if you get matched with G5 in your games , the only difference is a nicer border . Also, if you still linger in silver elo after 300 games , it's not your team . it's you . It sucks I know but it's you . 40% of the game are unwinnable you can't do anything even if you're challenger your teammates will just throw too hard, 40% winnable whatever you do or don't do , your teammates go even or win , everything flows 20% you'll make the difference. Focus on yourself . Your macro , your csing , your champ pool , your matchups , your itemization , your laning phase , your wave management, your VISION SCORE which might be the most important thing and yet the most underrated . Most new players will be placed silver 2-3 after placements on a new account, and the monkeys are on your team but ALSO on enemy team and you have to capitalize on it. You wanna climb ? Play the god tiers champions well and play them often . I recently got a fresh account level 30 , got place silver 2 after going 8-2 placements , stayed in silver for may be 15 games give or take . Gotta accept the fact that half of your games you'll get the monkey on your team and you'll have to just deal with it . that's league at the moment especially in your elo Watch streamers a LOT , observe how they play, how they CS , why they just decided to push a wave , how they create a slow push . etc etc etc .
"I recently got a fresh account level 30 , got place silver 2 after going 8-2 placements , stayed in silver for may be 15 games give or take . " This account I went 8-2 and got placed Gold 5. I climbed to Gold 4 at one point, then for some reason I lost about 17 games ina row (yes I know it's a lot, I couldn't believe it either). The games I was playing before that were nice, there was good communication, nobody was flaming, people weren't trolling. Then one day, I go to play ranked, lose 3 games in a row. The next day same thing. I wasn't frustrated, infact a lot of the games went good but just got lost at the end. After this huge loss streak I ended up silver 1. I hit promos a few times but the promo games were insane and I think I got back to Gold 5 once but immediately lost a few games and got demoted. From there it was just troll team after troll team until I hit Silver 4. I kid you not, I was climbing in Gold at one point. My last game, I was doing good with Yi. We lost because 3 of my teammates chased an Alistar bottom, while the enemy walked up our mid lane and killed nexus turrets/nexus. Go watch it! It's ridiculous! There was nothing I could have done to win that game, and I went back to Silver 4 64LP. I thank you for the advice, but I honestly think I just took a few games too slack and got sucked into the endless void that is ELO HELL. My fault, but this account can't be saved at this point lol. Hopefully you're right, and I am shit, recognize my mistakes, and not waste my time grinding to Bronze on yet another account... but hey!! That wouldn't be any fun now would it? Where's the sense in that :D Have a great day sir!
: forget ranked....too many trolls, just play ARAM
Haha I might just do that! I honestly think there's more trolls than people actively trying to win games in ranked.
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: I was hard stuck s3-s5 for months, and I bet many others were also stuck aswell. The fact is I was bad. I facechecked every bush. I had garbage CS and garbage map awareness. I made 1v5 plays without thinking. I had horrible horrible mechanics. The fact is all of this is still true, just not as bad as it use to be.
I agree. All the little things can add up to a lot.
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