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Kazekiba (NA)
: Revert the spirit sword mechanic, bring back Vorpal Blade. Give his W to Irelia, its way healthier than hers anyway and has ALWAYS been "why is this not on Irelia?" Seriously they had an entire Ionian champion themed around spirit swords and ... Or if you really want the Galio treatment, remove the shield from Shen's R and buff the CD to 150 / 120 / 90 seconds (also a terrible idea, dont worry. I know.)
I agree the sword mechanic was a total miss. I was just focused on trying to balance the ultimate. Removing the shield would hurt but pro teams would still abuse the mobility. Similar to how they use teleport if the other teams top´s tele is on CD.
starfoxe (NA)
: terrible idea
Any reasons? Are you happy with the current state of shen? Do you have any alternative ideas?
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