: have any of you been married/been in love? because i have.. and if some ghost demon thing came and stole my wife/partners soul, i would dedicate myself to revenge also.. he's one dimensional, because that's the most realistic thing for him to be.. he doesn't NEED more than one single dimension..
I think my problem with Lucian is that (all my opinion, feel free to disagree) his lore doesn't age well. The only personality he has is his wife is dead, now he wants revenge, which is cool in theory. The problem is that he's been out for 5 years now (2013-08-22) and the only thing lore and other champs say about him is "Hey. ............. Sooo your wife's still dead, huh?" Now if Riot came out tomorrow with a story like the story for Riven and Yasuo, that would be cool. But the problem is that the Riven/Yasuo story didn't have a cool showdown finale because it didn't need one (Riven and Yasuo discovering the truth was the real conflict of the story), while Lucian's kinda needs a final fight with Thresh. To me, his story is a lamer version of Varus's old lore (haha yes, I'm still a little salty about that).
: Odyssey: Extraction
Riot, I have college. Why you doin this to me?
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Some of those Odyssey missions look semi troll; I can't wait to see whenever someone is going for the BoRK, Rageblade Malphite mission. xD
Well thankfully, it says that it can be on any difficulty. So you could just do the easiest difficulty for those missions.
Cosnirak (NA)
: Irelia was stat checky because her 3 basic abilities were all targeted and she could force fights easily because she could gapclose from pretty far away if the minion wave was right. Other champions being more stat checky doesn't negate the fact that she was so as well. I completely agree though that Kog is way too stat checky and it's a problem that needs fixing.
One thing that I would contest you on is that no Irelia ever used Q to dive unless they new they could kill. The reason is because (at least in lane) her Q would have a **max** cooldown of 6 seconds (not factoring cdr) with nothing to follow up with but autos with true damage. More often than not Irelia tried to **avoid** fights in the early game by zoning the enemy from the wave because her Q cooldown would be way too long to be reliable and was used more escaping than for diving.
: SOOO Janna can wear a bra and panty set as her main outfit
I don't really have an issue with her being sexualized itself (if that's the only problem I had with her then I would bother to complain about it), but I don't like the comparisons to other champions here. Janna is not made to be drop-dead strikingly hot like Miss Fortune or Evelynn. She is made to be graceful and beautiful which is completely different. That's like saying anyone in a bikini is more sexualized than some model in form-fitting clothes posing for the camera to show of their curves. That's a really odd comparison. If they redid Vayne's base splash art to look more like Kaisa, people everywhere would be really confused and probably annoyed because Vayne isn't designed to look like the drop dead smokin hot champions because it wouldn't add anything relevant to her character. This isn't to say that every character who's hot has to have a reason for being hot, but usually with good writing the fact that said person IS hot will be addressed in some way, even something as basic as a background character mentioning it. Also the comment that "they wanted to make sure people knew she was fully human" is nonsense. That's like Blizzard saying "uh guys we have a problem: people might think Pharah is a robot, so what we need to do is instead of giving her armor, give her a nice body suit with a plunging neckline so that way there's no confusion."
: What's up with the inconsistency in Veigar's staff?
It's probably updating splashes without updating models. The one who has this that I know more of is {{champion:11}}. The sword in his splash is not the same as the sword in his model, and it's a pretty obvious difference.
Well technically, the damage dealt is still 500 in your example. They attacked something that did 500 damage, and they got 100 hp from the damage that they dealt. The attacked object might only have 20 hp, but it still took 500 damage which reduced its health to 0. If Taco Bell made 500 burritos and gave them to 1 guy who could only eat 20 and ended up giving/throwing them away, you wouldn't say Taco Bell made only 20 Burritos. This is probably how it works in game.
: A goodbye letter
darn it man. We'll miss you!
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Rengar changes bugs and feedback thread.
Yeah, I just noticed a pretty big bug that hurts Rengar, and then it went invisible and started double hopping all over my team. Please fix this.
: they promised this in 2011 and then never came through because they would have to texture the side of the map you cant see which is too much effort for a small indie company :^) blue has had a higher winrate since the launch of the game and Riot has been ignoring it since then
Not really. There are other factors that can lead to this. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/infographics/patch-6-17-infographics https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/infographics/patch-7-17-infographics
Rioter Comments
: where and how was this available?
Why are you commenting on a 2 month old Help and Support post? https://na.merch.riotgames.com/en/radiant-wukong-figure.html
: Laughing Fish's 200,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
https://i.giphy.com/media/BF19rpaZL2IJG/giphy.gif Let us sing praises to the almighty Laughing Fish!
: It's official. Anyone who denies it at this point is just living in denial
If Mike is short for Michael then Bike is short for Bichael.
: +20 Q damage +200 range ulti +buffed MR
Nice job clarifying that the +20 damage only happens when Q is level 5.
: Jax's Lamppost
I don't think Jax is really narcissist. It's more of a prideful confidence because he's not overexaggerating his abilities and he's not playing it up. He's very upfront with his comments and doesn't have any reason to believe he can't back it up. Also, this guy just likes to fight, and he's been doing it for a long time. It's understandable that he would seem less than hunble, but again, he's not arrogant and can easily back up his confidence with action.
: Why Varus's new lore was doomed to fail.
How did you change the color of the text?
: Changes to an old and beloved champion. Varus: reasons and excuses
Another note that I mentioned elsewhere, the story is not bad, but it's not Varus. The only real reason the couple dynamic exists to to explain why Varus isn't transformed as drastically as Aatrox and Rhaast, which could just be easily explained that Varus prefers a more human body for agility or for shooting or whatever; it's pretty simple. Or (assuming old lore) we could say that since Varus (the Darkin, let's just call the human ValKai) and ValKai both want vengeance, the transformation is a mutual one as opposed to a complete takeover; Varus let's ValKai control the body for now until the Noxus threat is eradicated, but will take over once the other Darkin gather.
: Changes to an old and beloved champion. Varus: reasons and excuses
> 3:36 - The person speaking is from the Narrative Team. He's saying that the old story for Varus was "pretty linear". And the new one isn't linear? Every story needs some from of linearity, you're writing a story not an RPG, the current new lore also suffers from being linear. He also refers to it in a tone that sounds like a complete disregard to that story. Do you have any idea of the depth that goes for old Varus? He was a skillful and exceptional individual forced to make a decision between the village he lived in (and most importantly his family) and his duty as Warden. Trying to protect his family and the people in the village meant that the Corruption could escape and bring the world to ruins. Staying to guard the pit meant almost certain death for his family and everyone else he knew in the village. He was torn apart between the two options and chose to stay for the greater good losing everything he cared about in the process. He was left with nothing to lose and nothing to protect so he unleashed the corruption and gained new strength to hunt down the murderers of his family. An entire story about ideology, conflict of morals and fall from grace that could be greatly expanded, the Narrative team representative calls linear. I call bullshit. thank you.
Quepha (NA)
: It's nice lore, but it's not Varus. If Riot wanted to write a new character, then make a new character.
My thought exactly. Lore: not bad, but not Varus.
: ***
I don't have a problem with them being gay. My concern is that there's no reason for the couple in general. If the 2 were a straight couple, I would be "okay, but why?" The only real reason to have a couple dynamic is to explain why Varus doesn't change forms as drastically as Aatrox and Rhaast, which could just be easily explained that Varus prefers a more human body for agility or for shooting or whatever; it's pretty simple. Also, any kind of couple still wouldn't make any sense with the VO. A more compelling story would be, in my opinion, 2 people they have a family, family dies, he/she saves his/her lover/relative, Varus is born. Either both of them fuse with Varus or just the injured one does, leaving the significant other to become horrified. This would tie up loose ends, get the whole vengeance thing rolling, and be much more compelling. Also, side note, I didn't feel that Val and Kai have a compelling enough story for this type of thing. Even in the color story you can see that neither of them want any vengeance (after it ends), so it feels weird. "You almost killed my heartlight, I have no other choice now" ≠ "You killed my family, the whole village, and are about to raid and destroy my temple, I have no other choice now"
: Can they please stop killing characters and replace them with new ones
I actually really liked the new lore for Rammus. They gave a "hey this champ exists, cool" lore to the most blank and chill champ. Also, don't complain about Rammus being an Ascended or whatever, he was literally nothing before. And it's funny to think that Rammus is a big deal to some Shurimans, but Rammus himself is just "is it food? no? cool, cya".
Sukishoo (NA)
: Varus himself isn't gay. Valmar and Kai are, which make up the body that hosts Varus.
> [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=OmX5VE6K,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-30T21:43:38.184+0000) > > Varus himself isn't gay. Valmar and Kai are, which make up the body that hosts Varus. 2 gay dudes inside of another dude is pretty gay, dude. In all seriousness yes, but it's just weird how they have residual consciousness through the [power of love](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NMph943tsw) when Kayn is like "whatev".
: If you frame champ balance like this, stop talking about champ balance
Wuks (NA)
: Thank you, Boards Community. (& smol giveaway - Concluded!)
Tik115 (NA)
: Victorious Graves is the new Haunted Twisted fate
The color of the blast zone doesn't matter because it's already exploded. Even if you make the argument that someone couldn't see the blast zone, that's no excuse for not seeing the shell in the first place. Underworld Twisted Fate was completely different. His Q was hard to see, making it harder to dodge. Graves Q has stayed the same and it's only after the ability does damage does the color make it hard to see.
: Can someone explain how that got started lol.
here's the link. it's a really stupid funny post in hindsight. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4ydkjm/what_would_shyvana_do_if_ezreal_kissed_her_leg/ Also, Riot was very in on the joke and made a bundle for NA in the following days. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CqQAypQUMAAz9X1.jpg
Lit Corn (EUW)
: I mean in riot official website , Zed and Syndra are related to each other as " allies " so they obviously met at least once . Tho if you read their lore its not stated anywhere that they met . I mean they are at least allies , now are they in an actual relationship who knows , they both love power ( strength ) and want to become as strong as possible , so they have same goals , why not i guess ? tbh im not sure a whole lots of champs are actually confirmed to have relations with each other exept for {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} and {{champion:22}} {{champion:23}} most of the other are made up by fans , either for the meme or cause they seem logical {{champion:238}} {{champion:134}} ( ive actually seen some people saying {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} but hey im not really into this and wont chose either one or the other ) {{champion:99}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:43}} and obviously the most famous ones : {{champion:44}} {{champion:81}} , {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} , {{champion:157}}{{champion:92}} and they would have a baby : {{champion:17}}
You forgot {{champion:81}} {{champion:102}}
Veltox (NA)
: I think i've found an unwritten rule
It's because Wukong is public domain, so most MOBA especially ones from China will definitely include it.
Nyeriel (NA)
: Attempting to Reconnect - servers down?
same thing happened to me in Blind Pick.
Gubaguy (NA)
: Isnt any champion with auto resets powerful with fervor? Has anyone tried a fervor taric? Also i dont knwo whats going on, i jsut know it has something to do with worlds and dont care becuase it has to do with worlds.
I used to play Fervor {{champion:44}} with {{item:3025}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3065}} on Nexus Seige. It worked because I could outduel almost anyone, and the mana problems were negligible because recalls and teleports are so quick. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/NA1/237280976?champion=44
: What games are you playing?
Can't wait for monster hunter world.
: Why is Twitch's detection radius smaller than Eve's?
Because Twitch used to have stealth, not camouflaged. When Riot changed this, they needed to make it so that his camouflage range isn't the entire length of the lane, otherwise it's his identity becomes completely pointless. The fact that he's camouflaged now instead of stealthed is really important, because now you can punish an out of position Twitch who can't sneak away, whereas before you could just go invisible and recall at a bush. Also, Eve has always had that camouflage thing, so nothing about that has really changed.
Broporo (NA)
: That icon just wasn't included in the icons that count towards missions. There isn't exactly any specific reason as far as I'm seeing, it just wasn't included in the list since the icon itself isn't a "worlds" icon.
cool. Thanks for the reply. Have a blessed day!
  Rioter Comments
Destaice (NA)
: Things you shouldn't couple cosplay as.
: Hell pretty much anyone with a Stoneborn pact keystone can proc censer, even {{champion:12}} can proc it naturally.
Support {{champion:22}}: Stoneborn Pact with {{item:3504}}, {{item:3071}}, {{item:3033}} I've never been brave enough to try this, but this looks like hell to play against.
Thryale (NA)
: yeah, that's a good point. I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw those 3 options. I was like, "da fudge? why would anyone pick a situational 3 armor/MR when they could get double of BOTH for free"
Depends on who you're up against. If you're up against a Renekton, you're probably better off with the upfront armor rather than waiting 10 minutes after Renekton has already bullied you to death.
Raoul (EUW)
: What exactly is the drawback on ressourceless champions?
Many have drawbacks either in their stats or in their kits. Disclaimer: won't be touching on {{champion:421}} because I've never played her. For example, {{champion:23}} and {{champion:266}}, to make a long story short, feed or carry. While this applies to almost every champ, this is especially true for these guys. Even if {{champion:22}} feeds, she still has ways to provide vision, slows, and a massive stun: stuff other than tons of damage. Because their kits involve initiating a fight and not dying (Aatrox Q, Tryndamere E), they become pretty useless if they die before they get there or get insta-bursted. Both have to charge their passive changed to be effective, and if they get caught while its off, a lot of their power is gone. Both are terrifying and almost unstoppable when fed, yet barely leave a mark otherwise unless you let them scale into late-game because their base stats (especially Aatrox) are pretty meh. The drawback of {{champion:92}} is that she has way too many mechanics for anyone to just pick up and master in 5 days. Just look for Riven combo videos on YouTube. The amount of effort put into Riven to make her viable is far more than any other champ. And even then she's not viable enough for professional play because of how much can go wrong, especially if you get jittery onstage. If she does get mainstream pro play, it's because she's broken. A dismounted {{champion:240}} with his W on cooldown is begging to get dived. and since his W has about 14-8 seccond cooldown game, he has a very big weakness in the early game. That being said, his weakness is almost not exploitable when late game comes, so I'll give you that. He has a bunch of health, resistances, and shields for it to not matter unless he's in severe gold debt. If he does lose Skarl twice in a long team fight, he can usually retreat with his Q because those fights are around the bases or pits. {{champion:157}}'s kit was made for him to survive in the midlane, yet his mains realized he could go top too, sacrificing his op W against most champs for a much safer laning phase. Most people who pick him up will max his Q, but good mains know to max E first. it allows for much more mobility, making him a harder target to hit in a lane. imo, His main weakness is that Yasuo can't safely team fight. He can 1v1 5 people, but he can't 1v5 or 5v5. He like Riven has to rely on his ult to burst in team fights. If he can't get his ult off, he's useless especially late game. This was much harder on release, as there are currently 60 champs (including Yas) who have an airborne CC while there were only 38 before his release (11 out of the 21 champs since 2014 have an airborne CC). Have a good day!
: {{champion:62}} "I belong at the top" "Improve your skills, then come find me again" {{champion:268}} "THE ORDER IS GIVEN!"
: It says PVP modes. I can see a solid 5-man melee team winning in Nexus Siege.
> [{quoted}](name=RAMP Schmidtty,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MnZqdvH6,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-02T18:21:18.642+0000) > > It says PVP modes. I can see a solid 5-man melee team winning in Nexus Siege. or in ARAM if you get lucky
Rioter Comments
: So I just added every anime I plan on watching someday to my list. It came out to 350.
Word of warning. I know this because I **just** watched it. You won't get why _Cowboy Bebop_ is so good and beloved until you finish it (I know I didn't). I feel like it's similar to _The Dark Knight_: while the movie was playing I was casually thinking "wow this is good", but then the movie ends and you exhale and think "wow. this was **really** good" and now every movie you watch gets compared to it. While _Wreck-It-Ralph_ is one of my favorites and fun for me to watch, it's nowhere near as deep and thought provoking as _The Dark Knight_. Also, I personally feel like its the most re-watchable anime because each episode is perfectly crafted with lots of symbolism that foreshadows events, and it's **really** good at doing it (throwing out random numbers, something happens in episode 20 and you think "oh, that's what that one vague line in episode 12 was foreshadowing", so if you rewatch it, you can enjoy that moment in episode 12 even more). Also, I personally don't care what language people watch their stuff in (I think 'sub vs dub' a stupid argument and get frustrated when people think that anyone who watches the other is a lower class animal), but this one is really good in English. For me, I can connect with the characters much more easily in my native language. I've been to Japan multiple times (cumulatively, about a one and a half years) to be with family and volunteer at a school we own, and they broadcast American cartoons in both English and Japanese. I don't go over there and say "oh, these Japanese watching their American shows in Japanese, these uncultured swine, they need to watch it in English in order to understand and fully get it". But hey man, you do you. Watch what you want to watch in the way that you want to watch it, don't let anyone berate you for it, and don't berate others for it.
: Can Eve PLEASE have some AD scaling?
Only if {{champion:107}} can have his old W back and got full AP. But to be completely honest, I highly doubt they'll do it, or if they do it won't be nearly as effective. It's pretty obvious that they want her to go AP, as it's on every recommended page and they haven't touched her AD/AP scalings since season 4.
Rioter Comments
Fasmodey (EUW)
: I don't want to be that guy but I'm so disappointed
She's more of a succubus now, which I prefer over "hot, blue assassin chick". That form she has when people see her is to lure them into a false sense of safety. Also, it would probably make Shadow Evelyn dope. Right now she really looks like she went to a masquerade party or Mardi Gras.
Atuko (NA)
: Riot, for future reference, handing players icons is not proper compensation
Yeah, when I started, I liked icons because I could show off what I accomplished (like this one I got when I first started playing :-). Then as I've played for 2 years, I've realized that "Oh, now I have too many icons, and the one I currently use has lost its charm." For that reason, I know why they keep releasing icons, its a steady and reliable source of income. But I have enough icons at this point to just rotate them out when I get tired of looking at them.
Leetri (EUW)
: People hate and fear things that are different, and magical talking fuzzballs are pretty different.
this is cute http://cdn.movieweb.com/img.news.tops/NEJmxJLTg3I6NJ_1_b/Gremlins-3-Script-Rejected-Timezone-Rules.jpg this is terrifying https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/gremlins/images/1/17/MicrowaveGremlin.png/revision/latest?cb=20110818093813 this is creepy http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-a1thjKZ4n-g/UQ-qhDoI97I/AAAAAAAD_60/7DAcvHtY0NM/s1600/furby_galeriaApaisada.jpg
Ralanr (NA)
: I love it. Though I'm more interested in learning where this fear of yordles comes from. And I thought glamor was natural for them. Heimer made them? Did he make Poppy's so long ago?
If he did, it would be pretty strange. Before, it was implied that their appearance to most/all humans was because of their innate magical powers. However, in Tristanna's and Kled's color stories, they both appear to humans as crazy old people without any of this "glamor" (for those who argue that they did have them, I highly doubt Kled of all yordles would care about whether or not trespassers knew he was a yordle, as he would just kill them). I personally believe that some Demacians can see Poppy as a yordle because * 1) no one questions how an old lady is swinging a giant hammer, and * 2) no one asks why this old lady has been around for hundreds of years, Now I know these were made before the yordles had their magic appearance retcon their stories. Even so, there are only a couple ways Poppy's lore makes sense. 1. Poppy was much younger looking (teens to 30s maybe) when she approached Orlon, which is why he allows her to join the group and bestows upon her the quest of giving the hammer to the hero. And apparently Demacians are cool with an old lady carrying a massive hammer for hundreds of years and not questioning it. 2. Everyone could see her as a yordle because Demacia and reasons, which would mean that despite hating magic, the people are cool with magical creatures. 3. Only a select few can see Poppy as a yordle, such as Orlon ("for the first time ever, she would reveal herself to a human"), the little girl who compares her to the statue ("Look, Da. It's the slayer! The one from the statue!" PS, this is a really weird line, as the statue looks nothing like Poppy, but this girl somehow thinks Poppy looks like a 7-foot jacked-up dude, but whatever), and Galio. This would make sense as it is never stated than **no** human can see a yordle, otherwise there wouldn't be a term for their race. However this still suffers from the whole "chill with cool grandma" part. Anyways, the Donger probably didn't make a special "glamor" thing for Poppy (it probably wouldn't work anyway, as Ziggs barely caught fire and got revealed, and I'm pretty sure Poppy has been in more scrapes than Ziggs ever has), and Poppy's lore is in need of clarification.
: The Boards hate everything.
Yeah, wait a month or two and we'll be right back to Yasuo and Lee Sin.
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