Sukishoo (NA)
: It talked about changes including Early sales... >Everything eligible for weekly sales, early sales, or essence emporiums could be included in a sale
> [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8MFeOxV3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-29T17:56:29.779+0000) > > It talked about changes including Early sales... > > I must be blind. Thanks for the response. Patiently waiting now for Leona legendaries to come on sale.
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Andevar (NA)
: I’m still a very big fan of your chained champ theory. That’s probably the reason why Talon’s lore has been on hold for so long (even after they found it what to do with him).
: New Legendary skins: Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
When are you gonna release December sales schedule and November bundles?
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: Hey! Not in this case, but it's something I'm surprisingly aware of! There's a group chat with folks right now and they're sorting everything out. Sorry for the wait. ;-; {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Hey. It's all fixed now. Thanks for the help.
: Hi hi! I'll take a look on Monday. :)
Hello. You probably are the wrong person to pester for this issue but hopefully you can forward it to the right people. In April bundles the 'right to split push' has Void Bringer Illaoi included in the bundle. She wasn't included in the bundle advertisement on the website. Additionally it's only the skin and not the champion. Can you please clarify if this is intended or not? Interested to purchase the bundle but not so much is Illaoi is included.
: Why is there an Illaoi skin in the art of split push bundle?
I was honestly interested in purchasing this bundle till I went in game and saw it has an Illaoi skin included. I wish they would clarify it before the bundle expires. I would love to buy this bundle, lots of skins for champs I'm looking to play. But that Illaoi skin is just so not worth spending RP on.
Jinxalot (NA)
: Jinx? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
SG Jinx is Legendary. Legendary don't go on sale outside the early sales.
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JayJay01 (NA)
: What Smite to Take?
Green smite when you wanna play more supportive and help with vision. One thing to make sure is to get red trinket so you can counter enemy wards. Blue smite if your lanes lack CC. The slow will be a good CC to help secure a kill. Red smite if you wanna invade the other jungler alot or expect alot of invades coming for you. It will help you win the duels.
: January sales schedule
Snowday Bard please please.
: > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=G7K7se0j,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-12-13T22:58:57.990+0000) > > Please, we all know who's got the best set of abs in the entire lineup. > Wow...I feel ashamed to be on the Skins team and not know who these abs belong to. Please educate me....for science. This whole thread has me like
Drag race gifs. Yaaaaassss. Come thru Rito!!!!!
: Are these going to be random or do I have to play as the champions I want skins for?
They'll be most likely of the champs you played alot in the past few days of the opening of your shop. So grind the games of champs u want skins of
ampheon (NA)
: Will the immortal journey skins be available?
: I hope i get Star Guardian Ahri, Star Guardian jinx, and maybe a Jhin Skin :DDDDD
Both of those SG skins are Legendary. You don't get Legendary skins discounted in your shop.
: The new Star Guardian skins will be eligible for Your Shop starting December 12! Fingers crossed that you will get SG Soraka. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
SG MF please please pretty please. I would love to get that skin!
: Gotta say Lunar Revel Azir, or Santa Draven so I can go Santa Draven with my friend who has Santa Braum. Who wants some Draven? {{champion:119}}
You can't get Santa Draven. Skins available in the last 3 months aren't gonna show up in your snowdown shop.
iahim98 (EUNE)
: I hope for Snowday Gnar and Snowday Bard, Gnar cuz he is cute in his snowday outfit and Bard cuz pinguins + hot chocolate.
Same. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Snowday Bard.
: {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Completely off topic but I feel the Katana needs to be smaller for this emoji. I was like 'wtf is this riven emoji?!' only to realize seconds later it's Kata
: All right, I'll roleplay as Bard from now on. {{champion:29}} : "Could you stop going after the damn chimes?" {{champion:432}} : *Aggressive Musical Note* followed by an *ootay~*
I brought Bard recently. It's so hard fighting the urge to go collect the chime at enemy blue.
: Champion and skin sale: 11.28 - 12.01
Gravelord Azir!!!! My patience has paid off. Now SnowDay Bard please soon tyvm!!!
FeddyKen (NA)
: Hey that's awesome and all. But...why can't I buy the PROJECT skins atm?
Cuz they are releasing on 11/22
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: Why do gods in mythologies hook up with mortals more often then other gods
Cuz mortal booty is de best booty ;)
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Sparkle (NA)
: Runes Reforged Path Summaries
Do both assists and kills count towards takedowns or only kills?
: Nah, I'd rather look at this instead:
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Why aren't the Rune related skins coming on BE sale? I saw it earlier in a preview and was excited to get the Xerath and Volibear ones.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Tali has been out officially a year? Does not feel like so. Amazing skin though for any Tali player; would highly recommend getting it.
I know. I'm gonna be picking it up. The recall is gorgeous.
Azztarof (NA)
: Are we not getting a my shop for halloween this year?
We got one at the beginning of October so I don't think there's gonna be another so soon. Most likely 'Your shop' would make a reappearance on Snowdown Showdown or Lunar Revel.
: Actually they never did a discount for legendary releases before of this system, wtf is going on, legendaries are supposed to never go on sale ever
They have been going on a one time sale about 6 months after their release since about the start of 2016. Ultimate skins also go on sale.
Magearna (NA)
: I feel you. I've been waiting for Spirit Fire Brand to go on sale ever since it's release. It is finally our time :')
I was waiting for it myself but then Hextech Gods smiled upon me and I got the shard.
: Actually Project Leona was early this year, February early sales.
Was probably the regular sales. It can't be in early sales, she was released in 2015.
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
Maybe it's just me but climbing solo ladder is harder climbing in flex queue. The victorious ward skin should be available for all silver players, solo and flex.
Porocles (NA)
: Yup, I know! I've let interested parties know, but it may be a little bit to update today. I think it hasn't swapped over just yet to give stragglers a last chance for the sale before the swap. Hang tight!
TY for letting the correct people know and updating us. I wanna get Illaoi ASAP!
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: You can get them now, then buy the skin later. When you buy the skin, the border/chroma will be ready for you!
Since ur the only Rioter I see active in this thread do you know when the second set of missions will become available? I haven't gotten a new mission since forever and I have the worlds pass.
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: Janna Hotfix Context
Completely out of context but I'm curious as to how maple nectar would taste like.
: Tibbers Gets Better Skins Than Volibear
The only [skin]( Volibear would ever need.
: dont buy that skin, try buying deep terror, dark star, or thry for championship thresh, they are the best, and i own all 3.
I already got Dark Star from Hextech and disenchanted it so don't think I'll ever need another Thresh skin
: I agree with you but there is a emote mute button next to the champion with a smiley on it. It's suppose to mute emote including mastery emote.
So it's bugged?
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Kinjishi (NA)
: That's not really on sale, though. They are just available for purchase again. You could get a "deal" by purchasing a bundle, but there are no sales like the monthly 50% off sales.
Esports skins are never up for any discount. The only exception is getting lucky and getting it in 'My Shop'. I've been trying to learn Thresh and I got SSW on like 30% off.
: It takes forever to buy any champs that are 6300 though, it's a tad bit ridiculous, I mean, why are there never any IP sales? That would save me a ton of time and make me actually play more whenever the sales came around, because I refuse to buy champs with RP but I have been saving for the past 3 weeks playing whenever I can and I am only at 4600 IP
Queue with a friend. It gives more IP. It's only a small amount but it adds up to alot over games.
: I have been waiting for some Jax skins for a while now... Jax the champ hasn't gone on sale either... what's wrong rito?
He's only 1350 IP. You can easily get him, don't need to spend RP.
: this month by far has the most (good)epic skin discounts on it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
They've updated their sales to include alot of skins released last year. I'm looking forward to getting alot of these for myself.
: Sucks to be you B) I've waited forever for this skin and never gave up hope on getting that sweet discount.
Same. My friend got it in his shop though for 70% off. Lucky guy!
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