: Riot fucked up (again), and big time
i changed all the usernames of my accounts and i'm still unable to keep the same username i checked every server if it had a username like mine. and nope which ever were there got changed and i still cant keep my username its frustrating, i'm legit locked out of my account
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: Skin ideas
i thought about... dawn bringer and night bringer kayn. like a mix of too. if u go shadow u get dawnbringer and if u go darken u get nightbringer. or maybe the other way around i think its a pretty cool skin u know.
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: Patch 9.1 notes
Riot Please buff reksai Shes not useful and powerful as she used to be. I played her again checking to see her skills and such like is she still ok? but i realized she was as bad as ivern so weak in the jungle the healing is weak yet the attack is completely horrible think you should take a look at her :/
: Support for Windows XP and Vista Ending Soon
Dang, too bad i can't play league anymore on my square screen pc anything. Guess i'll have to buy a new one
: Why do I suck at PvP?
You can find a lot of smurfs around in the matches who are already players who got tons of experience in the game. It's sometimes best to stick with bot games until you get used to the controls, understand the champions and the items in the shop. By that time you will be able to play better. Most importantly play champions that doesn't require that much of skills like Garen{{champion:86}} the champion is basically clicking to attack so you don't have to worry about missing abilities and such.


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