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Varkul (NA)
: I'll miss you Zac...
It's crazy too, because the community has been trying all sorts of stuff to make him "work". His only spot left was support, and now that Yasuo isn't op the combo doesnt' even work lol.
AZ Frost (NA)
: Neeko's ult and Zhonyas (Ryze getting trolled by Riot)
IMO I hate that Ryze exists. He's a dull champion to play, have on your team (ints) and literally was only picked for his pocket root that took no skill to use.
: As a support, when do I back in relation to my ADC?
If he's a dumb ass and didn't shove the wave, shove then back. Or just keep soaking exp and gain levels, whoever gets 5 and 6 or better yet 11 nowadays wins the game.
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Nhifu (NA)
: I still hate the new Zilean
I forgot 99% of the players on here don't play ZIlean. You can literally dodge his bombs without even noticing he was aiming at you. The bombs don't stun or detonate when you stack them on the ground. The bombs don't prioritize the target you hit with the first one. The bombs don't detonate if someone has a bomb on them, and runs into another one (no stun) A zilean that plays backline and is "completely" safe, tends to be not where he's supposed to be - slowing players and peeling Then we take a look at Morgana the 0 effort mage that is "too safe" to play against. -stuns roots and does more damage. -offers more utility than Zilean does -can wave clear with half the mana Zilean uses Meanwhile Morgana can literally top, mid, bot, support While ZIlean is stuck pure support with 0 control over whether he wins or loses the game. But the Morgana Lux Neekos Brands can randomly ult and kill half your team. Hell even the Morgana bind hit-box is bigger than Zils bomb, with absolutely no-skill required to play. A Zil one-trick will take 2x the effort to play, while the Morg takes half as much and just blindly throws binds and people die. Zil is not good early game Zil is not good late game either, when people dark harvest reset through all of your resurrections and camp the idiot you revived because they flash away anyways. I can play morgana, tank all of your hits and 100-0 your ADC with no effort. Zil just gets laughed at 3 shotted and body camped.
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: or what if flash was removed? cause buffing other spells to be a resonable choice instead of flash on most champs would require to make the absurdly powerfull, mostly because flash can be used agressively and defensivly and both situations it's giving instant results makeing it easy judge wether you should use it. it's much harder to judge wether ghost will be enough to chase down you're opponent or wether barrier really shields enough damage to survive in a given situation.
I would love a flash removal, more all-in fights rather then 5 flashes and the fights reset because people are dodging ULTS with flash. Or flashing to Ult.
: Ivern should have his own jungle item
Try glacial augment and {{item:3030}} Awesome on him
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: Flash is really important for immobile champs though. If you took that away, now all immobile champions are at the total mercy of mobile ones. They aren’t now because you can flash to dodge say, Gragas body Slam, or Fizz’s Playful. Flashing to dodge Pyke’s stun is huge too.
But immobile champs are still . . at the mercy of mobile ones. . with or without flash? Imagine buffing exhaust, all of the mobile champs would cry lol
: But what if two somethings are as good as flash? What if flash was the weakest spell? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Riot thinks people enjoy flash plays.. we don't. People just abuse it with ults. Totally agree with you here though.
Critty92 (EUNE)
: What if all summoner spells were buffed so that they were as viable as flash?
This has been asked for since the day of league. It's never happening. Because as soon as we buff something to be as good as flash.. they use it with flash.
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Kubox (NA)
: I hate how much I like this current build on her thematically. In a weird way, the whole change into a dragon to play hit-and-run tactics as you try to burn the enemy to death feels so much more like a dragon than barrelling through the enemy team while hoping you don't get kited. I wonder if the idea couldn't be expanded upon in a proper rework that merges both playstyles.
It's a nice feeling hitting someone twice. Your poke in ult is literally better than Xerath poke lol
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: I've had 4 PEOPLE ragequit during my matches today. Are you punishing these people at all?
Nope, supposedly people typing hate speech over actually playing the game takes priority. Maybe it's time to just play league for what it is.. a casual game. **Avoid ranked** :P
: Oh but when I make a post about it taking over and being broken, entire community came down to downvote me and bury it. Who would have thunk an uninteractive build that can shoot safe E's and kill people with 1 skill on Shyvana?
It's not broken and taking over the game though? Like I want to be able to play Shyvanna as a pretty tanky champ. Not Ult in and die in 2 seconds lol
: It's very rare, but I do see _**On-hit Shyvana**_ from time to time if she's not going for the Full AP Burst build.
AP shyvana is "okay". On-hit is "below-average". And going on-hit with a squishy champ? We don't have Kayle's late game! :( It's kind of like Azir. He used to have an awesome late-game. Now he just gets 1 hit by all the dark harvest/comet set ups where people chunk him so much that he can't even participate in team fights.
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: Question for all the board : Which adc should be the strongest?
Caitlyn outclasses Jinx Ashe is top tier but not known about Sivir is top tier because she counters Cait / Lucian Xayah sucks right now, we only see her played because people can't accept change. She does piss poor damage now. Ezreal really isn't that good, his waveclear is god awful, and REQUIRES a mage support to damage / shred the wave for him (mage supports do good with Ez go figure) Let me reword that. Mage support is so strong that it tends to carry the Ezreal
: Problem isn't that nashors needs a buff, problem is most champs that can even use nashors tend to either only want the ap or the onhit. There are very few champions who can use both effectively.
It's a dead item, and we want to fix it. Why not fix a gimped item that is core to Kayle, yet we don't see those champs building it?
: Excuse me Riot, but how exactly am I supposed to do my ONE & ONLY job with this absurd damage creep?
: Gp q can crit as do barrels
Actually no. His barrels do damage from BASE attack damage. You just see big damage from Sheen / Triforce effecting the base AD of his Parlay onto the barrel. If he could crit with barrels they would range from 1-2k damage. The only time we see crit items work on GP is when he parlays PLAYERS.
Eedat (NA)
: There's like zero meta ranged top laners rn dafuq? Jayce maybe?
You literally don't even play the game anymore. Why are you on forums?
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Libido (EUNE)
: Shen Buffs? He has been 47% wr whole season 8, and season 9 aint looking better either. Sunfirecape buff only covered tiamant nerf.
They're afraid to buff tanks again.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 22
How about stop being lazy with patches? And actually trying to show the community that you guys still give a YASUO about balance?
: Riot is a disturbing company.
Mod please just ban this troll off forums. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Matchmaking
Take a break, you're prob just tilted. FYI; league of legends of today you literally can't talk to your team without them reporting you and trolling. <_<
: Let's make thresh manaless
Why not a Blitzcrank fix instead? If he misses a pull he essentially loses 50 hp from his shield.
: What is with all of these nonsensical pbe changes?
Nothing won't change if players keep playing the game. They could bring back tank meta and people would still play the game. They could remove every single item. Nerf Yasuo People would still play the game. Riot is 100% all about statistics. And currently there are no statistics to prove that their "changes" have any effect on the playerbase. If anything the changes are constantly bringing back newer players.
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Tower (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AnKKjbN0,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-02-27T05:20:53.351+0000) > > I once went 0/18 as ADC in a PvP match that lasted for 50 minutes. I was trying really hard to be useful to my team, but the enemy consistently focused me. I'm glad I wasn't banned for being bad at the game. This is precisely what makes OP's Post a bad idea. Riot can tell if people are 0-18 and trying or 0-18 and trolling. Riot can already see everything that happens ingame. This includes mouse click locations, keyboard button usage, ping, ms, click rate, screen pan patterns etc etc. Even if someone reported you and got your account looked at by the system, all the data of you trying to play counts towards revealing that report as false
But the players "raging" at the 0-18 player will get banned way before the 0-18 player will even be looked at.
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AnKKjbN0,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-27T04:22:03.423+0000) > > Who will review all these flags? Right, sorry, Rito is a small indie company, not one of the most successful gaming companies in recent times, and with only one game to their name to boot.
Riot's a shell of what they used to be.
: 15 deaths is hard to get? you must not play iron league solo queue.
TK576 (NA)
: Did Ezreal's main damage output get changed to magic?
People pay attention to that stuff?
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Yenn (NA)
: There needs to be some form of accountability for these idiotic balance changes
Yea I don't see the reason for making CONQ viable for almost every champ in the game. Now everyone runs CONQ + Ignite, on top of supports running Dark Harvest and blowing people up lol
Mawks (EUW)
: Gameplay mechanics that (really) need to stick to Mordekaiser
Great post, but wasted on Lolboards. Take this to Reddit
: Why I think Pantheon should be made a Juggernaut when (And if) he gets a VGU
The only thing people want from Pantheon is a "free" lane, that leads to roam pressure. Making him a juggernaut would just be another Sion.
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