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: Can We please rebalance irelia on being late game carry and nerf her early game.
but but the koreans! the top 5 players can use her so she MUST be okay :P
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: Can we give Sona better mana costs please
Sona needs a Q rework. An auto aim lock on ability that out ranges auto attacks with constant nerfs to her base health puts her at a strange spot.
: ornn is straight bullshit. His entire kit is % health damage and free tank stats.
Why is this downvoted? Ornn is literally pick or ban right now in pro play and diamond plus.. LOL He's so strong people pick him mid in pro scene.
: Remake vote needs to start at 1:30, if your ally isn't there when minions meet the game isn't fair
I think not buying items before 1:00 is remake worthy. Especially when you include teams invading etc. Hell this game needs to do an AFK check at 30 seconds... Just because of how random the load times are from game to game.
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