: Quarterfinals bracket set as SKT and C9 advance
: PrimeTime League - Worlds Finals
00:53 {{item:3070}} Puns too much
: Attending the Worlds 2015 Semifinals
I really hope that many Europeans attend the finals game too, even though there is no European teams left. I was watching the opening of the match and people cheered for the European teams and kept little silenced when Korean teams walked in. I am not saying that cheering for the local area team and favorite team is a bad thing; yet, I am just worried if many Europeans do not go to the finals games to cheer for Korean players.
: KOO Tigers crush Fnatic to claim a spot in Finals
Sorry, am I lost? I want to watch League of Legends World Championship not Legends Championship Korea finals.
: Worlds Tonight - Group Stage Day 4
So,,,, NA 7th > EU 1st? I don't get how C9 is doing so good in Worlds not in NA LCS. Also why Huni picked {{champion:157}} against {{champion:122}} ..
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