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Quepha (NA)
: Sol is strong. He's not popular because he's an AoE dps mage and that isn't very flashy and exciting to most players. Generally damage is AoE burst: you can frontload your damage to get big multikills Single target burst: assassinate a squishy target before they can respond Single target dps: you can melt any target given enough time and can either outduel or kite most champions until they die. AoE dps doesn't really score a lot of kills, it doesn't have big surprising flashy plays, and you aren't really good at dueling. But you still get a ton of work done in a team fight as you just constantly chip down every target on the enemy team. Karthus is in a similar position where he has a very high winrate as an AoE dps mage but still has a very low pick rate.
I thought Riot wants to make all their champions flashy and exciting. The only twinge of excitement I get is when I fire my ult. I really wonder how Riot feels about Aurelion Sol right now? How would they make him go into a bigger pick rate? Sol, I feel, is very selective depending on teams, sort of how I was told Kindred was as well. Idunno, I'm just sad to see such a beautiful champion very below pick rates. {{item:3070}}
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: Champion Q&A: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
1. Why didnt you let her ult do damage if it hit someone and knocked them aside? 2. Why does she hold a grudge against Azir? Wouldnt it be a good thing where he brought back Shurima from the sands? 3. What does she think about Nasus? Does she want to learn from him? 4. How will she be accepted in Piltover? How about Demacia? 5. Are you guys gonna give her a pool party skin? Like come on, her kit matches perfectly. 6. how can i become a rock mage in 5 months so i can throw rocks at people at new york comic con (cosplaying her) one last one, 7. If Taliyah and Taric talked more, what do you think their friendship would be like? {{champion:44}}
: New Champion Q&A: Jhin, the Virtuoso [COMPLETED]
1) What is Jhin's relation to Vi? Why isnt there any quotes directed towards Vi? 2) Other than to make them beautiful, are there flaws in each champion in his targets that were teased before his release? IE, Sona missing a voice, Vi not knowing she was from Zaun, Garen's brainwashing, Zed's shadowy thing? And why these champions? 3) What is with the name "Deadeye" that was going around within the files? What inspired this name or what is the true meaning? 4) Does he have a perfection complex because it seems like he isnt a perfect person himself, is he just getting a sadistic feeling out of making others beautiful in death? 5) How does he feel about Poros?
: Trials of the Poro
Can you make a lovely little wallpaper of this poro? <3 I can use another poro wallpaper. Cant catch a good shot of one. :C


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