: Champ Insights: Camille, the Steel Shadow
I wonder if the person who pitched this idea had gotten it from watching Gazelle in _Kingsman: The Secret Service_
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with WookieeCookie! [COMPLETE]
Hey Rory. This is more of a personal question (and probably even a bug) but at the end of season 5 I placed g3 and I never once got demoted even in the postseason. I had the gold 3 border to show for it. Now in season 6 I'm playing with a g4 border and it wasn't particularly bothersome, but I would at least love to have the correct border for all of my efforts. Is there a way to fix this?
: New champion select roundtable
So many people could just go around whatever assigned role you're given and still pick their own champ anyway. This doesn't solve anything. It just makes the pregame lobby look shotty.
Niddles (NA)
: Someone give this guy Plat status. Dedication is more valuable than skill.
Need I clarify that this was a completely sarcastic comment? (Oh, Nay-sus...)
: I was placed in Bronze, and I've played almost 4 years, I SHOULD BE ATLEAST PLATNIUM {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}}
Someone give this guy Plat status. Dedication is more valuable than skill.
: Ekko is a broken piece of S..t. I own him, I've stomped with him, and I now tossed him aside becasue he has the difficulty of garen. You dont NEED to hit your stun to completely blow people up. Just hit Q and E and win. Oh, whats that? You dont know how not to get caught out/engage on 5 people? Press R for the easiest escape of your life, plus it will f..king delete anyone nearby that was trying to ambush you.
Also, I don't know if you could count averaging 14.3 kills, 8.3 deaths, and 12 assists per game as "stomping" with a champ as broken as you claim Ekko to be.
: Dark Horses? {{champion:120}} Hecarim nerf confirmed
**Booty too stronk**
Koski (NA)
: Yasuo is a much easier character model to make a skin for. For instance, Jynx has a transforming weapon and a lot of normal moving, and high speed moving frames.
*Looks at Lou's Match History. Only Played 5 Games as Jinx in Ranked* #JinxMain {{champion:48}}


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