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wow hey thank you for coming into my post and rubbing it in
NightEfx (NA)
: Lost Hope on PBE
So I got a response. Here you go guys...view the awesome response i've gotten. That's awesome customer support btw. ****Hey Summoner, I can't really share the details as to how players are chosen for the PBE, but many of the parameters are often based on what we're testing. So, for example, if we're reworking Garen, we might look for players with an unusually high number of Garen games. This process is completely automated and new accounts can't be added manually. We also don't know when or even if individual players will be accepted. Let me know if you have any other questions! chinchan Player Support Specialist Riot Games****
Noctius28 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NightEfx,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=r1h0LJPv,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-11-02T21:19:35.991+0000) > > If you look at a lot of the people that respond to the posts saying they've been accepted. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but most are bronze..and I don't see that they play more than others or less but I don't understand it regardless. They say it's based off what they need testing on...but what exactly are they looking at... at this time they appear to want normal people, meaning rank is irrelevant, the only thing they seem to take into account is if you have ever been reported, maybe that's why you didn't get an account They also seem to favor people who try out alot of stuff, meaning if you have a 3 year old account with like 5 champs and 75% of your games are on Lee Sin then you're probably not gonna get in, since they want people that try new stuff So basically, be nice and don't main, then maybe you'll get in
I don't main anyone
: Hey NightEfx, I'd responded to the other thread because I had context behind the release of skins, as well as how the normal Harrowing event is being modified and done differently from other years. As for the PBE, I don't handle who gets accepted/rejected. However, who we accept depends on what we'd like tested. In general, we're looking for highly active level 30 accounts (but if there's something we're testing for new players, we'll be looking for active lower levels). If we're releasing a new jungler, we'd be looking for experienced jungle mains. In addition, we do consider a player's toxicity level when going through applications, so, if you're not a positive player, you'll be less likely to receive an invitation to the PBE community.
Who would I need to speak with because I'm very upset at this point and it's even more upsetting reading people who don't even play the game frequently get accepted within two weeks of applying. I mean c'mon let's at least be logical here because I feel and others I have talked to on the boards feel similar to me in being tossed scripted answers for a response here.
Rundus1 (NA)
: I feel your pain. I joined with Vel'koz and applied for a PBE the moment I hit 30 because i really wanted to be able to test stuff and give feedback and feel like I made a difference. I've reapplied every time they say anything about wanting more, I've never been banned or chat restricted, and I'm still chillin here waiting too. I'm told it's because I don't play enough ranked and they don't want people who get placed in s4 and just don't play any more ranked games, and that they want golds and plats, but I have a bronze 4 friend who applied and got in within a month of applying and 6 months of starting the game. It is so frustrating to not know how I can get them to pick me. Do I just binged ranked? Well my d1 friend did that and he never got accepted (its been two years for him). Do i behave well? Done. Maybe I just gotta main someone 5000 games and they'll call next time that champ is messed with? Idk about that one, but the champs I play a ton have been tinkered with a ton too recently and I never got a word from anyone about why I'm not qualified. I'd just like to a) know why I'm not qualified and b)know how I could get more qualified for later.
I sent an email asking why but of course never got a reply and when we do get answers, it's the generic oh this and that but never a direct respectful answer explaining to you the exact reason.
: I really wish they would release more data on how and why people are brought into the PBE. There really seems to be no logic to it.
That definitely seems right but at the moment I feel like it's all bs and lies.
: Hell my account has been suspended on 3 separate occasions and numerous chat restrictions but I got accepted. Go give it a shot.
This is why I feel like i'm being dicked around here. If that's the case then how is it possible that I haven't?
: just constantly apply thats how i got in
I've constantly applied over two years but at what point do you just get tired you know?
: You aren't missing much TBH. I got my account yesterday and I have yet to play. The login queue is about 30 minutes, the PBE starter bundle doesn't work so I have to buy every single champion and rune one at a time, which takes forever because PBE shop is extremely slow and laggy. Queue times are about 25 minutes, and they have ranked playlists up despite ranked not being available on PBE so that misleads a lot of players. Worst part is that I'm not even what you would consider an ideal candidate. I started League mid-season 4 (Braum release) and although I have received no disciplinary actions since April, I have had my account suspended not 1, not 2, but 3 times. I also submitted my first ever application less than 2 weeks ago. On top of that I spam teambuilder and play the same champions every game so my roster isn't even that deep (and they explicitly stated they look for people with large champion pools). Don't get me wrong i'm honored to have been accepted to the PBE program, but in all honesty you sound like you deserve PBE access more than I do.
I was just replied on a post by a rioter saying that toxicity affects applications but if you're saying that then I feel like i'm being lied to. I really do appreciate you saying that and thanks for writing that. I appreciate it.
Eggbread (NA)
: You can in fact get in. I am in.
I can't because after two years I still haven't been accepted, and they won't respond to me asking why in my specific case.
: Hey Xonra, There was a large volume of players logging in yesterday due to all the preseason changes being updated on PBE. This generally isn't the case on PBE, and there is usually only a login queue when something huge hits the PBE like these changes, or a new champion.
Since you're able to respond to these posts I might as well leave my concern because no one seems to wanna answer. I've applied two straight years and along with others have never heard anything back yet some players who rarely play league applied and got a pbe account within two weeks. Why is it we never hear anything even a reason as to why we haven't been accepted? I read a post where someone threatened to uninstall league over no harrowing skins this year and you guys responded. Really? Why is it that I cannot get a response on something like this? Why are players who have been applying for months on in not getting anything yet people who play once a week get it?
: I really wish they would release more data on how and why people are brought into the PBE. There really seems to be no logic to it.
If you look at a lot of the people that respond to the posts saying they've been accepted. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but most are bronze..and I don't see that they play more than others or less but I don't understand it regardless. They say it's based off what they need testing on...but what exactly are they looking at...
: well dude i have PBE i was on a waiting list for close to three years before i got it and i can honestly say it is not all that much different. sure everything is free ( well cost one IP ) but that is NOT what u go there to do. its designed so you can test the new stuff they come out with and report bugs and help them move stuff forward to live. and half the time the client is buggy or glitched cause its a big testing ground. and when ever something new comes out custom games are basically disabled from an overload of requests and you gtg into normal's for a 1/5 chance over 0.25 seconds you get what you want and then if you do get what u want there is a 1/4 chance someone will dodge on your side cause they didn't get it and a 1/5 chance someone on the other team is in the same position. it really is just a big shit show when something new comes out not to mention buggy and laggy due to a sudden uprising in activity on the server. and after about 2-3 weeks sometimes even a month after the release of basically anything cool the ques times start to climb up and your stuck waiting 4-5 minutes for a normal game cause everyone's had there fun and doesn't play on it anymore. bottom line don't get upset that your not getting accepted. i was in your position before i got accepted and when i did i finally got on logged in and was like " MAN THIS IS AWESOME " for like 1 day then it was just like...oh...and you lose the thrill it really is not that exciting unless you love bugs and reporting them to riot.
but at the very least you've had the experience to know that it isn't great am i right? it's the experience that counts not how great or bad it truly is.
: it's all about behavior aspects in the past of in-game matches. I know i won't get accepted because i had like 7 chat restrictions place on me before. I enjoy swearing @ myself, but i still get reported, hard not too when you screw up:(. #### WW.
i believe that when you say it
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: PBE signups
What's funny is that for three years i've applied and not seen a single approval. This is the second year i've read they are approving a big batch of people but...ummm..still no approval for me. I'll put in my application one last time..after that? yeah i'm just gonna look somewhere else
: PBE signups
Well this will be my third straight year applying...and i believe it will be my last year...after this i believe it hopeless to get accepted.
: Just remember that evaluating another persons' ideas takes mental processing power. To demand other people devote their own limited mental processing power to you and your ideas instead of their own play, especially if they werent very good and needed all their wits just to perform as pathetically as u say. You see nothing is free not even thoughts. Also remember that they have no idea who you are. Maybe youre a pro giving them the best advice ever or maybe you are a 6 year old who truly has no idea what hes talking about. You expect them to focus on that instead of playing? and GOD FORBIDE they have valid counterpoints to whatever you said and it turns into an argument
i agree with the point you made there
: 12 + Deaths in under 25 Minutes = Low priority Queue
i agree with this but low priority queue isn't the solution. It's gotta be something that works for both parties.
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Tsunday (NA)
: They actually accept people based on what they needed tested. Right now they are doing extensive testing on DJ Sona and they are testing the new Zilean rework. Both of these champions are support based champions. While looking through applications they look at your play history to see what kinds of champions you enjoy playing. People who play less than you and got in probably main support (or maybe mages) and probably have some history of playing Zilean/Sona. You haven't played much support this season and the 2 supports you played a lot of last season were fighter/tank melee supports with good all ins whereas Sona and Zilean are both ranged poke mage supports.
Well then that explains why for the past however many champions released or PBE cycles, I haven't been accepted then huh? I'm sure it flows way deeper than my champion pool. To be honest, I play every champion to get an understanding of them. I go from A to Z just to learn each champion more and more. In ranked, I play more of what I know but it shouldn't affect PBE testing. Who am I to judge on selection though. I just am highly doubtful I'll get selected.
: New Sivir skin
looks great
Kikirino (NA)
: Does the player's gender matter to anyone?
Gender doesn't matter. We all play the game and acknowledge each other by skill....or raging lol. However you see it.
: im so happy i got approved{{item:3070}} happyness
It's awesome and demoralizing to read all these comments on people getting accepted..over and over and over again. I looked up some players who got accepted and some barely play as much as I do.
luliman (EUNE)
: I've made an application when PBE appeared .... but i haven't got accepted and i'm not the kind of person that make 50 accounts to get accepted , but i rly wanna help with bugs and testing too :( too bad riot decides i can't{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
It does suck. I applied over a year ago and have applied constantly but never have been accepted. You know I saw someone who barely plays League get accepted and wanted to just give up.
: 5 Tips to Low elo players
I agree with everything.
NightEfx (NA)
: I've applied for over a year and haven't/won't get approved. I don't understand why but I mean I guess there are reasons.
I apply each month several times, even when I'm not playing League just to stay hopeful. Maybe later on in the future when I don't care as much i'll get approved but it seems that will either be unlikely or just not as great.
: Upcoming PBE application approvals
I've applied for over a year and haven't/won't get approved. I don't understand why but I mean I guess there are reasons.
Noraver (NA)
: Thank you Riot, really.
man that really is glad you got a legendary skin. i doubt ill get anything since i was super toxic this year. but good stuff
: So last night I've noticed that people hate Nightblue3.
It doesn't matter what people think of the streamers. If you watch him then it benefits you to learn his way of playing and also benefits him to get viewers. Streamers cannot sit there and please everyone. Everyone gets salty or feels a certain way about certain things and it's perfectly fine. I don't expect these guys who play to sit there and just control everything they say so people can like them. I've seen Wingsofdeathx get salty...Sickmotion..Imaqtpie..all of the streamers at one point or another have been a little salty. They are human just like us.
: Junglers don't like ganking top lane anymore
Wrong..wrong wrong and wrong. Junglers will gank any lane especially top is the position is correct. I think you might just being having a bad few games.
: if you're not following these easy guidelines, you will plateau at some point.
I signed in and had to post something on this. You nailed it on the head with this and I didn't even look up your stats or care much for what division you're in because you obviously have knowledge on the game to post this. I'm glad there are people like you who actually acknowledged this. Good job man
: i dont give 2 shits if u main ashe..
That's not right. We can pick whichever champ because if it was limited...riot wouldnt let us choose them. Don't be so uptight and worry about your champ not others.
: So I'm punished for having to fix another's mistake?
Yeah man i agree sometimes you have to dodge...but there's no fix to it yet. Trolls are just there..but there's not justifiable fix.
: Best way to win is to make the enemy team blame their jungler before your team blames you.
NightEfx (NA)
: This guy must not jungle much
oh well i just looked you up my friend. You are unranked.
: no, your job as a jungler is to afk farm while your team 4v5's for the first 10 minutes of the game. If anyone feeds, then that time is doubled. Cause jungling shouldnt ever require you to actually help your team. ohwait... if any lane is bitching that you haven't ganked for them, EVEN IF YOU PULLED A FAIL GANK, then you aren't doing your job. camping a fully extended lane? ward it, farm nearby camps and watch for counter gank. Pulled 2 great ganks in a row on 2 lanes but leaving bot lane to die for 20 mins? Either get your shit together and do your job, or just be sure the other lanes can compensate for a fed enemy adc. You can bitch and moan about your lanes not being LCS material, but at the end of the day since your not in LCS it's entirely your job no matter how far behind you are to unfuck any lane that isn't doing well. If you dont, you cant complain about lanes failing, because there was plenty you could do to prevent it.
: Honestly, I don't see your point. If ranked restricted people are trolling and being general asshats in normals they won't get back into ranked and be punished further. If that still doesn't stop their behavior, then them intentionally feeding, afk'ing and the like will happen no matter what happened. Now at least, people will only lose time (and maybe a bit of faith in humanity, but that requires some to begin with :P) and not LP. Essentially, I think you're confused on how ranked restrictions work exactly. 30 normal games completed are required yes, but if their behavior continues they're not getting back in, they're going to punished further. Like, for example, temporary bans as you suggested.
I'm glad to find someone who understands that simply complaining about it doesn't mean that it is a broken concept. I think people worry more about what they want than the overall larger picture. Trolls and afk happen in all game modes. That's a harsh reality of the truth yet people want to keep them in the mode that is not theirs? It is everywhere. Stop worrying about it and just report if it's that bad. End of story
: @nightefx. you don't read very well do you. he said just straight ban them from playing. its not a bad idea at all.
Hey guess what? Riot is doing what they're doing for a reason. I'm sure their reasoning is beyond some of you being mad at little points. @MAHNIGGUH no...and i very much don't care for your response. Deuces homie
: Why did you push new SR to normals and ranked when it's still a buggy mess?
NightEfx (NA)
: So you'd much rather have these people in ranked games ruining others game...not yours?
Because to be helps them understand their attitude was wrong in ranked. I like what riot has done. Because i actually play ranked...AND trolls and afkers can happen in any game mode. They are banned from ranked as a punishment...which punishments go further if they continue the bad attitude. Therefore ranked is one of the many punishments. If you further report them then they get banned. I dont see the issue with whats done here. Riot is doing what they can.
: Stop pushing ranked banned players to normal draft!
So you'd much rather have these people in ranked games ruining others game...not yours?
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
A four win ip bonus.......not four day but four win.....for being positive and trying to stray away from arguing with toxic people and putting forth an effort to not ruin others games.....a four win ip bonus? guys have got to be kidding me.
MrSc0tty (NA)
: Easy step by step guide to go from silver to gold
I expected to come and see something not disrespectful but..wasted my time.
: Reporting players Bug
this happens a lot
Rioter Comments
: This could be a great way to improve player behavior.
I agree with you. People abuse the report system like children yet the honor rewards are minimum or non existent
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