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67chrome (NA)
: Looks pretty solid. Only complaint I have is the utter lack of tone change on her skin, where you've got a lot of swanky color changes elsewhere. She just looks super straight and blocky with one color, adding gradients in pixel art can give the illusion of more organic shapes - making things look curvy, or even pointy, if you do it right. The balls on the edge of Sona's arcade board actually look a little round with the different colors - kind of wish you extended that elsewhere.
You're basically entirely right. The reason that the skin tones are so unvaried is that I'm actually working with a particular color palette; Perler fuse beads. I actually make the patterns I create with my son and iron the fuse beads; I have the finished versions of Ziggs, Vi, Leona v1, and the Hulk on our work table. Some day, we're going to live in the future of fuse beads and I'll be able to order fuse beads with arbitrary RGB values. Then I'll really go to town! Thresh'll be grateful. [Perler palette](
: SO I hate to be this person but like, can you post all the links here. I went to travel for work and somehow broke the links I had bookmarked. I need this is my life in the worst way though. So please?
Do you need the link to the megathread with the archive? Or the links to the individual threads? The megathread is [here](
67chrome (NA)
: Fiora vs. Yasou
+1 Very fine work.
: OP, I would like to talk to you about an idea/project! Do you use Steam, or could I add you on league to discuss via chat in a more streamlined manner?
I don't use Steam and I spend a surprisingly small amount of time logged into the LoL client (I spend fall less time playing LoL than I do making LoL fanart these days; I'm not sure how I feel about that). You can email me at nbarnes at gmail dot com, though.
Decrit (EUW)
: I don' t know, as long is just for art and not for use is fine, else it looks too much cluttered, mostly in the torso and in the center of the shield.probably try to swap a bit less palette in tight spots? dunno, i' m a newb and i might be wrong :D
You're quite right that it depends on what the purpose of the piece is. This one is primarily meant, actually, to be made with Perler fuse beads by my son and I, and secondarily to be shown to people on this forum. It is awfully busy in places, it's true. I currently believe it to be for the best. Leona v1.0 above doesn't really have a lot of detail or texture.
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amodude (NA)
: whoops, meant 100+... 1000 would be pretty hardcore lol.
Ah, I see. Like I said, I'm considering some in the 80 to 90 square range; that's where Street Fighter II was. We'll have to see, though. Right now, I'm having fun doing perler-sized work for my son and I to make together.
amodude (NA)
: lookin good, would you ever do a more detailed one, like 1000+ pixels?
I'm very new at pixel art, but my rather inexperienced thought is that 1000 pixel art is very different from 28x28 art like this. I'm becoming relatively comfortable doing this sort of thing, but 1000x1000.... that'd take skills of a different sort than I have or am learning. I am considering doing some work in the 90x90-ish range and doing some Street Fighter II styled pieces. But that's very much in the wishcrafting stage. I want to keep the small work coming out, since people seem to like it so much.
: I have! I actually requested an Arcade Sona. :3 I have the mega thread bookmarked, so I can keep track! I can't wait to see Arcade Miss Fortune!
*fanboy squee* Just remember, as an artist, I live and breathe feedback. ^_^
: YESSS! You did it! I love her! :3
Have you seen the other recent things I've posted? I rather liked the new Vi; so did my son, we finished the perler bead piece of it a few days ago, much to his delight. We'll be doing Leona next. In production; Fizz, Arcade MF
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: The black for the feet are each a pixel higher than the original :P I think "platform shoes" are more accurate.
In my head, they were higher tops on her big stompy combat boots. Interesting that you saw it differently, though. Perception is so much of how pixel art is read, and it's not always easy for the artist to see as others would.
: I see you gave Vi high heels. That's gonna make it hard to walk in the jungle.
Interesting, that wasn't my intent. What is making you see that in her?
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: OK Just, FYI, Fishbones in this? AWESOME! that is all, thx.
Oh, good. Fishbones was literally the last part of her that saw work, over and over, until I finally found something I liked. I'm so glad that it worked out for the audience. ^_^
: Summarize A Champ With A Quote
{{champion:9}} > The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror - Franklin Roosevelt --- {{champion:103}} >A fox is a wolf who sends flowers. - Ruth Brown --- {{champion:222}} > Some men just want to watch the world burn. - Alfred Pennyworth, *The Dark Knight* --- {{champion:10}} > For children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy. - G.K. Chesterton --- {{champion:106}} > The #1 Threat to Enemy Top Laners: BEARS! - Steven Colbert
: "Follow Discussion" option
Thread subscriptions were an old idea a decade ago. If Riot really wants this board technology to be the wave of their future, they should really get on that.
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: which thread!? Old tread or new thread?! I CANNOT WAIT!!!
This is the new The Thread. All new stuff will be coming here with the old stuff archived below. Pixel Vi is open in my editor AS WE SPEAK. Glove problems are slowly resolving into something I'm not humiliated to be associated with.
: Why does my Nocturne look so cruddy in comparison?
I did a lot of reading and research before starting on this project. There's plenty of resources out there for aspiring pixel artists. I'm not ashamed to say that I studied to the point of near-copying the work of better artists than myself when I was starting out. In time, I got to the point where I don't need to do that (much) anymore, though I do still refer to some of the best work I've collected when I need to figure out how to do something tricky (anybody know how to make Vi's gloves not look like blurs or blobs at this resolution? It's not being kind to me). I did a lot of digging through pixel art collections looking for examples (Pinterest was really rich for this, interestingly). was really good for advice and tutorials, as well.
yupster (NA)
: These are awesome! Would you ever animate them one day?
To be honest, probably not. My idiom is actually perler fuse beads; making patterns to assemble and iron together with my son. The palette is terrible because of the limitations of the palette of beads available, and the size is small because of the small size of the pegboards used. Maybe someday I'll expand my range of efforts, though. The League of Legend stick figure fights were BEYOND THE IMPOSSIBLE awesome. Maybe someday I could do pixel versions. *ponder*
: Just host the photos somewhere else and attach all of the links in a post.
Ah, excellent! Thank you very much.
: Love these! I'm just going to toss out the ideas of Arcade Sona, orrr Lux, 'cause they're my favorites. :3
Can you send Riotmail to Riot Girl? She squeed at the Caitlyn prototype and I want to make sure she sees the final version. And tell her to keep an eye on the thread; Jinx is seeing release candidates and Vi is in heavy production!
: [Pixel Art] I made more things
Hm. There doesn't seem to be a way in the new boards to attach an arbitrary number of attachments to posts, so I can't just archive old pics in the first reply. That _sucks_. Seriously, Riot?
: [Pixel Art] I made more things
Sept 21, 2014: Fortune doesn't favor fools. Arcade Sona returns to her spawn point. Sept 13, 2014: Added Leona v2.0 directly to the archive. Sept 7, 2014: Arcade Sona in, Thresh down to The Box Sept 3, 2014: Fear the coming of the Chain Warden. Also, bonus content: Vi 2.0! Mundo moved to archive. Aug 30, 2014: MUNDO GOES WHERE HE PLEASES. Vi moved down to the party room. Aug 27, 2014: Here comes Vi! Moved Jinx down to the crowd. Aug 23, 2014: GET JINXED! Moved Caitlyn down here to the archive. Aug 21, 2014: Posted Caitlyn. Added Ziggs, Diana, and Leona to old new things I made. [Ziggs]([Leona]([Diana]([Caitlyn]([Jinx]([Mundo]([Vi]([Thresh]( [Arcade Sona](
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: How do you make things bigger than without using more pixels?
I don't know what the function would be called in Paint, but in Preview (which I just use for some very basic image manipulation, it's quite primitive), it's 'Adjust Size'. You can change the size of an image, so I just increase it to something like 800 in the longest dimension. Done properly, it'll just scale up the image and it'll retain its 'pixelness' while appearing larger.
: I'm using Paint. Is there any way to soften the pixels as you did?
To be honest, I didn't intend to soften the pixels, in the larger version, at all. I just wanted it to be bigger so the forums would show it better. You might try looking for an 'interpolation' option, or something about anti-aliasing. I don't know Paint.
: How is your pixel thing so large?
I tweaked the Adjust Size... in OSX Preview until it did more or less what I wanted. The image itself is 800x717 or so; if you look close, you can see where the enlargement routine tried to soften the pixels. The actual pixel image is 29x26, more like your Noc there.
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: Woah awesome!
Hm, summoning ritual seems to have failed. Maybe needs more... Caitlyn?
: i like the thing you made!!
Red post! *squeeeeee* *dance*
: Funny Tribunal Videos!
Some of these are from Which is hilarious and sometimes horrible-and-hilarious (the one about the person's mom having cancer is horrible and made me laugh IRL).
: Can you do variation to Diana where its closer to in game colors? More green than black? these are definitely pretty cool as is though.
The problem there is that my idiom is actually perler fuse beads that I make with my son. The palette is SUPER limited. Both Diana and Leona up there are perler palette constrained (and I think Leona came out pretty well, all things considered). I don't really have access to the kind of very dark green that Diana has some highlights in. If you wanted to, you could work on making it come out as you'd like yourself. Go to the link and pick 'edit it' (the site is poorly worded in places; 'edit it' means 'copy it and work on the copy'). Then you can go to town all you please.
Rew711 (NA)
: I like the werewolf.
The sheet with the werewolf (and all the characters in it) aren't my work. I left if along with a link as a citation to the original artist of that sheet. It's really helped me a great deal as I learn the techniques.
: Make a pixel Leona and the summoning process will be complete.
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: Hell, even iVel'Koz Or eyeVel'Koz, because eye puns
> Hell, even iVel'Koz > > Or eyeVel'Koz, because eye puns Eye see what you did there.
Luukert (EUW)
: As a big Wukong fan I would love this skin :) ( Dark lord Wukong )
> As a big Wukong fan I would love this skin :) > ( Dark lord Wukong ) For parallels with Chosen Master Yi, shouldn't this be Shadow Chosen Wukong?
Anodesu (NA)
: -takes a deep breath- Okay I have like... four. I'll do them in order of when I made them. Voodoo Thresh Because Top hat. Robber Jinx (this one was done really quickly and i'm not fond of the full design, but overall I think the theme is what I was going for here. I need to try again) Hextech Elise (This one needs a second iteration of colour palletes and stuff, namely using purple and redoing the spider legs) Ghost (sunken Spirit) Nami Not sure how to make these actually images. REGARDLESS! I'm just happy that I get to share them!
> -takes a deep breath- > > Okay I have like... four. I'll do them in order of when I made them. > > Voodoo Thresh > > Because Top hat. +1 for Baron Samedi Thresh, would spend RP on
: Shinigami Thresh.
> Shinigami Thresh. +1, would spend RP on
: Is changing splash art/champ thumbnail pics a bannable offence?
Generally, harmless client modifications are the sort of thing that Riot doesn't spend a lot of time tracking down and policing. There's an active reskinning community for LoL. But I'd be careful to make sure to stay on the 'harmless' side of things, just in case.
Kikirino (NA)
: Can all forms of swear words get you banned?
I almost never punish for any of those except for Abusive. Maybe for Dyspemism, if it's part of a larger pattern of being abusive to their team, but an isolated 'OMG we got fucking rekt in that teamfight' isn't going to spur a punish vote from me. There are individual words that are triggers for automatic Punish votes for me (mostly racial and sexual prejudicial terms), but outside of those, I don't punish for... vigorous language absent of abusive contexts.
: Camera Angle for locked camera, when will this be addressed?
> Camera Angle for locked camera, when will this be addressed? > > NOTE: Any comments even hinting at Learn To PLay Unlocked will be reported for harassment as thats all it is when a locked camera player asks this question of Riot. If you don't like the real answer, nobody is going to be able to provide a satisfying one. The game is designed for unlocked camera. It was NEVER designed for locked camera. It's a learning tool for new players. You are expected to eventually adopt unlocked camera. If you do not, then you will be stuck with a UI designed for newer players that DELIBERATELY restricts the number of UI variables you have to deal with and the information you have to process.
Pharrøw (NA)
: All of Udyr's skins besides SGU will probably never see light except from the oddballs who don't want to regret their purchases. He needs a visual update. It's a shame his ultimate skin looks so spectacular and everything else is just left in the dust with horrific splashes and even worse models.
I actually quite like Primal Udyr. It's not SGU, but how could it possibly be? I'm happy to run old skool and let other people sport the new hotness.
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