: Ezreal is so strong right now, very safe lanung phase, Hugh burst, long range, free flash, duel scaling, high base damage. He really needed this nerf if not more.
Could have nerfed the AD ratio... Thats the problem.
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FâgLord (EUW)
: Riot, What the f*ck
This is great. Fuck shieds, and Fuck Tahm. Also while renek kinda sucks too, he could use the buff.
: ***
{{champion:131}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:246}} All of these champs only have skin tight clothes over their ass, breasts or both. And practicably every character you listed is going into battle with high heels. I'm not sure what you consider "skimpy" but its not just skin... To be clear tho, I don't have a problem with this. This is a game, and people don't like just looking at boring ugly characters all the time, we can go outside to do that. Both the male and female characters are very pleasing to look at, while not being total sluts, and that's all I ask.
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: Rengar’s Jump should be global
All assassins jumps are global in TFT
: How To Remove 99% Of Game Dodging. (non ranked)
These guaranteed roles won't even slow match making down. Dodging isn't THAT common and plus after people stop dodging it wont even mater. Bump so reds see.
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: AR urf
Half of the people want the game mode to just relax and mess around, where as the other half wants to test the limits of their mechanics and speed. Maybe riot should just have a Random option, and a Draft option.
Naenia (NA)
: Thank you. So when op requests blind pick ARURF, it technically already is because blind pick doesn't have bans either. Am I missing something? Sorry if this seems redundant but as I mentioned, I haven't had a chance to play yet. (btw, this is kind of a rhetorical question, so you don't really have to answer.)
blind pick Isn't random.
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: This option is good for the players, but it will significantly increase the queue time for everyone. Imagine 90% of players picking "Fill" but opting out support role. It will take forever to find supports for all of the teams.
People aren't stupid. Everyone knows Fill just gets you support. Right now fill is useless, because you can just chose to support. The only reason i do Mid/Top is because I don't want support, I would be fine with ADC or jungle, but sadly I cant just say "anything but support"
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: Thunderlords Decree "deals Magic damage to enemies in the area."
I've seen it hit more than one person. There are no additional particle affects, and the two enemy have to be touching.
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: Graves winrate is probably in the toilet because A. everyone is playing him everywhere, not where he's supposed to be played. B. When people say "Ekko OP" they mean you can faceroll your keyboard and get kills (his release...what a nightmare). When they say "Graves OP" you still have to know how to position, when to fight, and other ADC-centric skills to access his OP. My only complaint remains that I don't have mana pots and am salty over it.
RIP, mana potion. However, they did give all mages +50 mana at level one, and you can start the game with {{item:1004}} {{item:1004}} {{item:1004}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}}
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: End of game screen suggestion regarding transforming items
At the end of games I sometimes sell all my items and buy random stuff.
: %HP damage is fine. It's a good way to counter HP stacking on tanks. Mobility creep is a decent thing as long as mobility isn't a major portion of the kit. Having a dash isn't too bad, but making kits centered around it (Yasuo and Kalista) gets a bit odd.
Ill agree that kalista is really taking it to far. I'd like to see her a bit less mobile.
: {{champion:48}} This is my main champ, primarily in top or jungle. {{champion:122}} was my other main champion until the rework. At which point he's so different, so heavily banned, and (imo) so useless at what I used to use him for. So I don't play him too much. {{champion:50}} is my favorite mid. {{champion:44}} is my favorite support. {{champion:119}} My favorite ADC. What do all of these champs have in common? They hail from S2 or earlier, back before this mass mobility migration. All of these champions have limited tools to counteract such things. Admittedly this affects some more than others. But as I said, my main champion is trundle... So I genuinely ask you, what am I supposed to do? My favorite champ has a 0.25 second snare and a large, immobile snare zone / movement blocker (on a freaking 23 second cooldown). Those are the only tools which I have to close the gap. Yet all these champions with dashes can simply dash **THROUGH **pillar and turn it against me if I ever try to use it to get close. The same is true of %max HP damage. My only hope for ever getting in close is being tough and tanky, which is fine. Trundle's a phenomenal tank.. Until you implemented damage which scales with my stats. Doing more damage the tougher I get, effectively leaving me at the same survivability regardless of what I build vs said champion. Great, I just lost my only answer. So basically you're telling me that I'm fucked with my favorite champs, because they're outdated. I can't close the gap or get close to people to hurt them because they're too mobile, but if I try to build tank to weather the storm they have free % max health damage to kill me just as fast. Mobility creep is a problem because it removes chunks of the roster at a time, % max health is a damage because it punishes tanks for being tanky. It's as simple as that.
Funny how trundle has an above average win rate? %HP damage doesnt always mean they are good ta taking out tanks. just look at elise, shes no that good at killing tanks, but she has 2 % HP damage skills. But she lacks DPS, which is a much more important part. Heck master yi has no %HP, but he can murder tanks fast. And trundle is very mobile with his speed boost. Swain has the 10th best win rate in the game... Taric 24th, still really high up there. Draven 40th (thats still in top 1/3rd) All of these champions are clearly doing just fine. If anything, they prove that mobility ISN'T that good. Top 10 win rates. 1.Lux NO MOBILITY AT ALL 2.Malz NO MOBILITY AT ALL 3.Amumu 1 skill shot dash 4.Garen 1 Speed up 5.Ahri Mobile as heck 6.Brand NO MOBILITY AT ALL 7.Heim NO MOBILITY AT ALL 8.Skarner 1 good speed up 9.Ramus 1 good speed up 10.Swain NO MOBILITY AT ALL Only 1 has a dash they can use any direction. Mobility OP, am I right?
: Sunfire cape is completely overshadowed by Deadman's plate now.
My problem with {{item:3068}} (450HP/45armor) is its low stats. {{item:3143}} (400HP/60armor) slightly less HP, but WAYYY more armor. {{item:3742}} (600HP/50armor) nuff said. {{item:3056}} (300HP/50armor) has more armor, not bad HP and no one even really thinks of that as a main tank item.
: Let's never add true damage as a core aspect to future kits again
HitPoints counters true damage EXACTLY THE SAME it it counters magic or physical damage. Now %max HP true damage ... {{champion:67}} Not ok.
: mobility usually gives power to the mobile, while immobile champs have been getting their usual options (point and click skills) slowly taken away. I think it's too strong to be this common, especially when there arent meaningful trade offs for it Of course, the juggernauts were a step toward making immobile melees able to combat this, and look at how people reacted
I actually like skill shots better than point and click, since they are almost always given a range advantage, plus you can hit people that are in bushes that you can't see into. Sure mobility is good, but high damage and hard CC (which most old champions have a lot of) are also good.
Jbels (NA)
: What's important isn't that Mobility and %HP keep being added to the game, it's how irrelevant it's making older champions who didn't receive overloaded kits to help them survive this game (Overloaded =/= Overpowered)
a lot of old champions have AMAZING CC like amumu, galio, annie, alistar. and in my opinion CC is as good or better than mobility.
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Juicyman (EUW)
: Is Lamb too blue?
The bottom pic looks WAY better.
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darkdill (NA)
: Riot Police Leona
Why doesn't her outfit cover her cleavage? Like really, it covers her neck, stomach, shoulders, literally EVERYWHERE around her breasts, but then just leaves that spot open for no reason. I'm ok with a bit of sexy, but this just feels so forced. like really, did she just decide to cut a hole in her shirt or something?
: Why are you reducing the tenacity in the defensive tree?
: STOP thinking you have to have to have to have to Baron before the game ends PLEASE
Um, its quite rare to ever see anyone chose Barron over nexus. maybe in games that the players aren't level 30 yet....
: Kennen's ultimate does 630 (+120% AP) damage and stuns. Lux's ult does 500 (+75% AP) damage and has semi-global range, can also proc her passive for extra damage. Ashe's ultimate does 600 (+100%) magic damage and stuns for the longest duration in the game. What is your point? 500 damage is pretty standard for an ultimate in this game. Besides, if Ekko uses it for damage he can't use it to escape. It's really not overpowered, you guys are just overreacting...
500 damage is ok the 1.3 ratio ISNT OK. that's an AoE viegar ult that HEALS HIM as well, AND LETS HIM ESCAPE. plus, his is FAR more reliable than lux (how can only hit 1 or 2 people) or kennen (who only hits each person with 1 or 2 bolts)
Rioter Comments
: Apparently it resets time by 4 seconds. So if you messed up a teamfight you can go and play it again.
No, you blink to where you were 4 seconds ago. enemies are unaffected. CD's are unaffected, every thing but position are un affected. this is just a glorified LeBlanc W blink back.
: While I agree his cinematic was quite misleading, what makes him cocky? Anyways, I think his current kit is actually extremely fun, and his ultimate teleports him back to where he was 4 seconds ago, so there is a time component to it, and many people who have played him seem to agree that he is very fun and complex, but he is a typical Riot champion in general with on hit stacking mobility %HP damage. Still, I think the ultimate that everyone expected IMO could have been extremely hard to work with, and I could only see it working in really really niche cases.
His taunts and phrases seem cocky. Also, his ult is just a blink, back to where he was, nothing else get affacted by it. thats like calling LB's blink back, or zeds ult shadow "time travel" He could only affect people in a certain range, so i would t be so hard to work with.
: Wait, so you wanted him to be unstoppably broken without a chance of actually being added? You wanted a character that can delay games because he can just reset stuff? Please.
Delay game by a seconds... at most his ult can delay a game 4x7 = 28 seconds, oh no, the horror. He only gets limited resets. plus how is this broken? if hes in a losing fight, or the enemys are fed, it doesnt matter if he gets 4 trys, he will still lose.
: uhhh Ekko's injuries persist the reset in the video he doesnt get his hp reset i dont see his gold resetting or his mana his cds yes his ult will probably effect an area so if a champion leaves the area they will be uneffected by the reset
If he could reset time, and keep the gold, he would just wait and use hi ult when he has an easy kill, kill the guy, reset, and kill him again, and keep doing that 4 or 5 times, getting about 1500 gold. that would be insane OP.
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: There is a lot more to a champion than damage, which is all you seem to think matters. Bard has a ton of potential for setting up plays. Once I get mobility boots and my sightstone I'm usually roaming mid every time our lane is pushed up because he does it so quickly. You can get a lot of good angles for ganks on mid or the enemy jungle by using your E. People that are saying his Q is 'impossible' to get stuns on have no idea what they're doing. You hit the meep slow, the Q is extremely easy to stun off of. The biggest bullshit complaint I'm seeing is 'If Bard messes up his ult then x". I've had maybe two 'bad' ults so far. If you use his ult intelligently you won't fail it. Even if you snag a teammate with the enemy, you get a free Q stun when the enemy leaves stasis and your teammate can mop them up. People just need to start trying to find the good synergies for him. My duo partner and I love the Jinx / Bard lane. When I have my ult, kills are essentially free. If they don't flash the ult, they will get stasis into Jinx traps into Bard stun then they're usually dead. Your E change is extremely broken by the way. The ability is fine as it functions now, it offers an insane amount of gank potential that you can use all over the map as well as being a situational escape. Before you argue that, the reason allies move faster through the portal is so you can throw the Q backwards as you exit if the enemy follows you and you'll get the stun 99% of the time. You can build him several ways. Build him like a traditional support if you want with Mikael's. Build him like I do if you want with utility actives. {{item:3092}} {{item:3023}} are both great to use on him as they give you even more catch potential on enemies. Throw in aegis or frozen heart as well. TL:DR : Bard is kind of like a Janna. He doesn't offer damage to your team, he offers a ton of utility. People need to give it time to get used to him. His playstyle is a lot different than most supports and people need to learn when to roam and when not to.
I never said He needed damage. I said he needed scaling, a reward for performing well. And scaling, not necessarily damage scaling.
: Lux Redesign / Model Updates Concept Art
Oh come on, can't we at-least keep lux in armor. Not every female champs needs a skin tight suite. Keep the chest plate.
: Ahri completed 121 champs to go
I like watching long art sprees. The best part is looking at the first and last picture to see how much they've improved. (Note, you probably have more like 122~124 champions left, as they will release champions before you've finished.)
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