: How to remember to ward as a jungler
As someone who also wants to jungle better, I second this question!
: Why is the community Toxic? I have no idea. I only know why I'm ever toxic.
First of all, I want to acknowledge your courage in sharing so much of your story so publicly. You have my sympathy, and I actually agree with you on certain points, like Riot needing to change their blanket ban on discussing social issues on boards. I think you make a good point that we need to treat hate speech and discrimination more seriously than we do simple “flaming.” I also appreciate the Content Warning you included. However, I have to say that I don’t think the way you’ve chosen to express your thoughts is entirely appropriate. It comes down to what your intentions were, and whether this post was the best way to achieve them. Your tone comes off as very angry, which can be offputting. That doesn’t make your opinion any less important, but it pulls the focus away from the point you are trying to make, and makes it a bit too personal. I’m also a bit worried about your own well-being. You know perfectly well that the League community can be toxic, and your post will probably get backlash. If you were hoping for some sort of catharsis or closure, this was not the right move. I don’t know what exactly you need to help deal with your personal issues, but I guarantee the answer involves building a support network IRL. Lastly, from how you phrased your title and other parts of your post, it sounds almost like you are trying to justify your own bad behavior. I don’t think that is what you meant to do; my takeaway is that you wanted to give context to where that behavior came from, and draw a distinction between toxicity that comes from discrimination, hate, and a lack of empathy, and toxicity that is learned as a way to cope. This is a valuable distinction, but, again, I think the point gets lost. If your intent was to justify your own toxicity, I would remind you that no matter what you have gone through, nothing excuses bad behavior. People mistreating you doesn’t give you permission to mistreat them. It’s not fair, especially when people target you for being queer, a woman, differently abled, etc. However, ultimately you are the only person in the world who can deal with your own trauma in a healthy way, and so it is your responsibility before anyone else’s. I wish you the best of luck, and hope toxicity doesn’t get you down.
Aladoron (EUW)
: If you mention that you are a man, that's a stunt for attention as well, since nobody cares who you are. Play your best and win. That's the only thing I care about my teammates in LoL. Tell me a legitimate case when it's relevant to tell if you are a man/woman/helicopter to your team, and the point of it is not attention seeking! > If people want to mention their gender, they should be able to do so. They are totally able to do so. Everybody is allowed to write it in chat. If you start attention seeking with whatever reason, i'll mock you, no matter if you are old/young/man/woman/helicopter/streamer/youtuber/anything.
What you’re describing is a game in which in-game chat is used exclusively for talking about strategy and gameplay. This is neither realistic nor desirable. Some people want to use chat casually, and make jokes or mention the occasional non-League related thing. And in the process, gender might come up. There’s nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is mocking someone because they disclosed their gender.
: Oracle's Alteration Should Not Activate Boxes.
As a relatively new player, I can’t say that I’m the most knowledgeable about the mechanics of balancing a champ. However, as an aspiring AP Shaco player, I do feel these suggestions make sense. Boxes should be treated more like other traps. If giving counterplay to melee champs is that important, I think there are better solutions than just having the boxes auto trigger. One of my favorite things about Shaco is The versatility of being able to go AP or AD or hybrid, so it would be nice if AP shaco could get some love every now and then.
Ulanopo (NA)
: We had a fair bit of discussion about this before it was added to the censored word list and it's an interesting story - at least from my perspective - how we came to that decision. A member of the team said, basically, "I think that word gets used too casually on the Boards. It's always an insult and I always feel bad when I see it, but we let it slide. I'd like to revisit it." The immediate response was the old standby argument of how it's synonymous with slowing, hindering or delaying. Resistant to fire was also mentioned. There was some back-and-forth about innocuous uses that occur organically on the Boards (hint: they're really rare). That's when someone pointed out that the people arguing for keeping it had completely disregarded the "I always feel bad" part of the opening statement. That's when people had the light bulb moment of giving the consideration of peoples' feelings equal time. We talked about how there are plenty of easy replacements with much less pejorative context. We talked about how there are lots of words that people don't realize are offensive, mostly because they don't belong to the affected culture or they're just not popular any more. _(If you want an example of this latter idea in action, watch people seeing Django Unchained for the first time. You might be surprised at their reaction to the racial slurs, but that's really just a measure of how much things can and do change.)_ People missed it, but a couple other slurs or insults were also added to the list. People just haven't noticed because they're no longer in common usage. After a great deal of heated debate, we came to the consensus that it was okay to add that term to the filter and, if it ever became a problem, we would revisit it. I don't think that's likely, but I could be wrong. As for masking the word making it more difficult to know what was said, I don't see that as a huge concern. I think people will get it most of the time from the context and there's a benefit to getting people in the habit of just using the synonyms.
Thank you for the explanation and insight!
Aladoron (EUW)
: It's not about hiding. In a normal game nobody will know your gender. If you announce it, then that's already a negative point for you, which might lead to this. I have no problem with streamers as well, but when i join a game, and somebody is bragging about how good he is, and we should watch his channel, that's a negative point as well, and i will mock him for sure. I have no problem with vegans, but when people start pushing it in my face when i did not ask for it, then that will annoy me. If in LoL somebody knows you are a girl, you most likely announced it for attention.
That’s a complete double standard. The fact is, if a league player mentions that they are a man, no one would bat an eyelash. But the moment someone mentions they are a woman, that is seen as a stunt for attention. Ultimately, it’s just about allowing people to be open about themselves if they so choose. If people want to mention their gender, they should be able to do so.
Jo0o (NA)
: Individual word censorship on the boards.
Hot take: we should make the r-word zero tolerance on both the boards AND in game. It’s been used as a slur against those with disabilities. It should be treated as such.
: @Riot, Janna's Faith
I am HERE for this line of questioning and analysis. I haven’t dived too deep into lore just yet, but this makes me super curious about Janna.
ChunLii (NA)
: Please more short haired and medium haired men
I’m a bit skeptical of the claim that “most” women aren’t attracted to men with long hair, and even if it is true, there’s no rule saying champions have to be made attractive. I think it’s more important to just have champions covering a diverse range of looks. That way no matter what players like, they can find a champ that matches their aesthetic. However, now that it’s been pointed out, I’m surprised how many male champs have long hair. I guess it couldn’t hurt to have more short/medium length hair? Personally I prefer long hair, but I really care more about the styling.
: Sexism in League must stop
I completely agree. The people saying "why does anyone need to know your gender?" are completely ignoring the fact that players shouldn't have to hide their gender while they play.
: [Champion Concept] Ley'Eke the Void Parasite (Redesign)
This sounds hella cool. Honestly I would love a champ like this. I'm not sure how balanced the abilities are as they're written (I'm no expert, but it looks like they could be pretty op), but as a concept, it's super unique and adds a level of ally interaction that's pretty rare.
: So this is a tough one. On the one hand, sexual orientation/gender identity/etc. are *not* inherently seen as inappropriate. We don't remove posts for people identifying certain ways. What we *do* have to do is keep an eye on board trends and make often difficult decisions about what is appropriate given the board community. A thread for people to say "hi, I'm here, I'm part of the LGBTQ community, and here's another community I love that you guys should check out" is something I don't have an issue with. I understand that's your intent here, but we also have to keep in mind what the responses are like and -- sadly -- this sort of topic has proved to be a firestorm on the boards. I'd love to say we *can* have political/social discussions here, but I have not seen them treated respectfully in the past, so it's kind of a case of the repeated problematic behaviors making it so we can't have a nice thing. Since those threads are typically firestorms, we have to be extra cautious around threads that start discussing social or political issues. That's distinct from self-identification, and your thread definitely veered from the latter into the former. It didn't help that it included multiple statements about a love for specific genitalia, which isn't cool on the boards no matter what genitalia you may have and what genitalia you may like. Finally, use of the word "queers" can be problematic to some, and is often used as a slur. It's one thing to self-identify as that, and another to group all LGBTQ individuals as "queers," which is something that cuts a little close to a common insult. I totally get that it doesn't always mean that, and that some people love the term used in that way, but it gets difficult to enforce when we have to parse statements like "League of Queers" to judge whether it's antagonistic or not, and who gets to call who what under what circumstances. I'm not saying our policies around these things are perfect, but I do want to give you an idea of the fairly complex situation surrounding this sort of thing. I'll bring this post up to the team though. We're looking at some potential board changes in the future, and this discussion may be a good one to have again.
Thanks for the response! I respect that it’s not easy to manage topics like that, and you have no more control over what people will post than I do. I’m glad to hear that it’s on your radar.
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: More female black champs in the future?
I completely agree! I think that there’s still lots of room for improvement in terms of champ diversity. League has so much potential for unique character designs, so I would love to see more amazing women of color represented :) And as a gay man myself, I agree Neeko being queer is pretty flippin neat


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