: pretty sure mobile legends is owned by tencent, the chinese greedbois who own riot/league, thusly they're probably just plagiarizing from themselves
Tencent doesn't own Mobile Legends. Tencent actually sued the creators of Mobile Legends a while back. They do have a really close League ripoff for mobile devices tho
: I hate theories like "Braum doesn't exist." They're always debunked too. Despite me telling people countless times, that theory isn't correct, they always wait for riot to say it themselves. Nocturne isn't Zed. Jhin isn't delusional, the art is literally there in physical form. Braum is real. I can't believe the Braum isn't real theory is still a thing. Whether or not Braum is still alive is one thing, but saying he isn't real... these league theories get more annoying every day. What's next? Lulu is actually a meth head and pix isn't real? Like who actually popularizes these theories?
wait, jhin isn't delusional??
: Laughing Fish’s Birthday Spectacular: Come and get your free skins!
: It’s not a “damage meta” anymore. Damage has become the core aspect of this game.
Riot literally doesn't care. There's no point of discussing it. I'm almost 100 percent sure the balance team thinks this is the perfect Preseason and that all their goals have been met.
: Go above mastery. Achieve greatness. (Achievements concept)
I love these, but the client can hardly handle new additions and is still a laggy mess. It's unfortunate but the new client that was designed 'to set the foundation for future improvement' will likely not be able to support this, especially in potato mode.
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: We're also forgetting a crucial step: * After the buffs inevitably render the champion overpowered, and expose whichever serious gameplay issues they have (assuming they have them, which has been the case most of the time with recent designs), the fault is placed squarely upon the playerbase, many among whom explicitly opposed said changes. The whole "Gameplay knows balance" meme prevails, and we all move on to the next champion, blissfully ignorant of what actually happened. I remember when the Juggernaut Update launched, and players gave feedback on the different champions: initially, several of the reworked juggernauts were legitimately weak, and the players on PBE had made that known. As a result of this, RiotReperoir buffed Garen and Skarner, and for a time things were fine, as noted by those same testers. Very shortly before the patch cycle ended, however, another series of buffs followed, this time going _way_ overboard, and those champions ended up getting released in a severely overpowered state. Meanwhile, CertainlyT absolutely did not communicate with players at any stage during the PBE cycle, and released Mordekaiser's rework with a similar degree of gross overtuning. When players pointed out how these champions were ridiculously unbalanced, some to the point of severely affecting Worlds 2015, Riot chose to blame the PBE testers for misjudging balance, rather than themselves for a) implementing those balance changes in the first place, and b) for buffing those champions at a point where literally no-one had asked for more. Effectively, the entire meme of player feedback being useless on balance is founded upon a lie, one specifically designed to divert blame. So let's not make that same mistake again either. For sure, not everyone on here or the PBE forums is an expert at balance, but cases like these now routine hotfix-buffs are the kind of balance changes that many of the players here expressly do _not_ want, in large part because they tend to have a pretty bad impact on the game for the next few weeks. Even with our lack of expertise or direct access to data, we know that champions take time to learn, and so shouldn't be balanced around having a 50+ win rate from the get-go, especially if the champion in question is meant to be especially difficult. Gameplay did not want champions like Kai'Sa, Aatrox or Irelia getting hotfix-buffed, nor do most people here want the same to happen to Akali either. When Riot inevitably goes with the above and hotfix-buffs Akali, let's remember this and not blame the people who made themselves heard specifically to _prevent_ that from happening.
You're definitely correct. IIRC Riot has gone out on a limb at one point and stated that PBE balance changes aren't and shouldn't be significantly influenced by direct player input, but the playerbase is used as a scapegoat anyways, which is unacceptable.
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: can we make orange essence easier to get?
that'd be nice, but increasing the OE gains would literally bankrupt riot. of course that's not true, but that's how all the rioters are acting in regards to this situation.
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Aeterna (NA)
: /remake in ARAM
Made a post about this a couple days ago, some people think it'll be 'abused.' Not sure how, though, but alright.
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: {{champion:164}} _I will wait for you to be better._
{{champion:164}} _Awww....thinking for yourself must be difficult._
: My idea for a Lissandra passive would be for her to leave a trail of frost behind her, the trail boosts Allies movement speed by 12/18/24% when followed along, and slows enemies movement speed by 10/16/22%. Could obviously use fine tuning but the idea is basically a built in Elxir of Iron.
The problem with that in itself would be it's a built in Elixir of Iron; it's not very unique. Kind of like how Brand's passive was reworked because it was pretty much the same as a Rylai's/Liandry's build on other mages.
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: Riot I did an experiment on balance
Now, where was he whipping you? Because an evergreen branch to the bare face? Sounds painful.
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: Every time a champion becomes FOTM
I....I main Syndra. Well, at least, I did. Now playing her leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth because her play rate is so damn high.
: riot doesn't punish anything except toxicity if you actually think that works. i can afk 30 times in a row. and i won't get banned for one day. i will just get the stupid leaver buster. i can feed 20 games in a row. as long as i dont blatantly say in chat. i am intenting. you don't get punished. and even if you say it most of the time u wont get punished unless it becomes a big deal on reddit or forums then riot takes mesaures to hide how shitty their system is.
why in the. name of everything. that is holy. do you use. so many periods?
: > [{quoted}](name=MunchCrunchLunch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FAURq0Z8,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-09T03:38:32.021+0000) > > ???????????????? > > werent we nerfing that? http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2314214019/230990992?tab=builds&participant=10 Even if Graves was level 18 when he had these two items (he wasn't), the scenario you are describing is impossible. Warrior is 60 AD, as is youmuu's. If he were level 18 this would give him 222 AD. To do 500 unmitigated damage with an auto attack, Graves would need to be level 18, hit all four bullets on an enemy champion, and have about 251 AD. At level 18 he would have about 30 flat armour pen with his first two completed items. Let's assume you were like level 12. You would have 53.6 base armour, with runes 62.6. A theoretical youmuu's and warrior level 18 Graves with his 222 AD and his 30 armour pen would do about 331.335 damage, since his pen would bring your armour down to about 32.6. Now, this is all bullshit of course. The Graves was obviously not close to level 18, which means his AD was lower, his armour penetration was lower, and the AD ratio on his auto attacks was lower. So in actuality he did a good deal less than 331.335 damage per auto to you specifically. I'm too lazy to calculate the Assassin, Double Edged Sword, and potentially oppressor modifiers, but frankly they don't matter. He's not dealing near five hundred damage per auto to you with two items. So like, why are you lying? Oh, and what is that AD garbage on your rune page as Master Yi? Run attack speed marks and quints.
: Who are the women in the trailer that he kills?
I'm pretty sure that the first was Vi and the second Sona. The video ties in with the small ARG that took place before Jhin was released, which involved Zed, Sona, Garen and Vi (3, 4, 5, 6).
Chrio (NA)
: The fastest way to get downvoted is to say
I think the real fastest way to get downvoted would be to say
Rendath (EUW)
: A 2000 hp windwall won't really change anything about how annoying it is. My suggestion: every projectile blocked reduces the time it has left by 0.5s. Also, while we're on Yas, if his windwall blocks veigar's ult, then veigar's E should bloody well stun yas when he ults someone through the event horizon...
Yasuo's ult is considered a blink in the game ~~for some reason~~, so if you wanted event horizon to stun yas when he ults through it, things like {{summoner:4}} and ezreal's arcane shift would have to do the same. Though I don't disagree with you that it _should,_ it'd involve changing a pretty core mechanic so I dunno


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