DemoBama (NA)
: 1) Yes, the Aa thing is meant to imply that he is a Darkin, but not in the same way as Aatrox or Kayn/Rhaast, He's meant to be someone who's trained in blood magic, like Vladimir, and has taken up a Darkin name to show that he's a threat **(Originally i was going to have him be the Offspring of a Darkin, but that's dumb and i change my mind)** 2) The Ultimant is not meant to have a Cost, it's kinda the same with Ionian Champions who use Stamina/Energy But if giving it a cost helps, even if it uses health, then i think i'll reconsider 3) I suppose having the Starting Pool being smaller and increasing with Large Monster and Champion kills would be a good idea 4) Think of it like Mundo; Even if he's low on health, he can still cast his abilities without cost I like the ideas though, i'll rewrite some stuff later, so, thanks for showing interest and giving feed back, i appreciate it
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Always happy to help!
DemoBama (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Votraa; The Blood Seeker
Overall I like the concept, and I think there's definitely some characteristics that could be seen in game. With that said, I did have two questions: With the double aa thing, were you intending Votraa to be a Darkin? What's the blood cost on his ultimate? I didn't see one. Lastly, I've got a couple of suggestions: 1. I think the blood pool mechanic could use a little love. I personally would reduce the starting blood pool and while killing minions and champions restores charges, I believe large monsters and champions should grant additional max charges to help him scale and sustain. 2. If you want him to spend health while out of blood, I would change it to consume a portion of current health, as we don't want him to potentially kill himself. :) 3. Not having seen a cost on the ultimate, I believe it should use a large portion of the blood pool, or have a large flat cost. Perhaps killing an enemy with this ability will also restore missing health? Additionally, I think an execute is possible if they are below the threshold and also have a bunch stacks of **Morbid Scars**. Just some thoughts. Hope this helps!
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: First, as an easy "fix" for the name, you could change it to "Gildethaarn" or something to better mesh with current Darkin names. I believe omitting the "u" is also preferable, since "gild" seems more appropriate for a lord than "guild" (could also be "gyld" of you want it to look more archaic). For the passive: he gains AD based off of his bonus health, or his maximum health? I also think his autos while in Darkin Rage should heal for a flat amount in addition to the 2% missing health. What's the area shape of his Q? And in any case, isn't it a bit too close to Aatrox's Q2>Q3 in terms of looks and effect? Does his E have passive and active components? or is every third basic attack an AoE knockup that shreds armour? I really like the ult concept (cross between Odyssey Malphite, Ornn, and Gnar), and I think it should should scale with AD as well has maximum health. However, considering the rest of the kit being more of a "raid boss" juggernaut design, I don't know if this kind of massive gap-closer-with-CC would lead to healthy gameplay.
Thanks for taking the time to read through my concept! I'll address each of your points in the same order you asked. For the name, I totally forgot about the Double A's lol! I think that could be a nice change. Perhaps I'll change the name.... For the Passive, his AD bonus is based on bonus health, but because health typically comes in values of 300~ or more, the rate at which he gains AD is quite small, to avoid him being a dominating tanky adc. For the Q, his first activation is a small circular area around him. The second activation is a small circular area in front of him (wherever targeted). For his E, it seems in my proofreading that I forgot a couple words. Yes, he has passive and active components. While a passive knock-up might be nice on a champion, it does not belong in this Darkin's kit. "Upon activation," he will damage and knock up all enemies nearby in a large, circular area around him. I understand your view on the ultimate, as I pondered several different ideas on how it would work. But, if I were to change it, I would likely adjust his bonus damage to be based on either his missing health instead of max health (since that's what he'll build) or AD (which scales with passive and comes with items). Then, perhaps, I would add him gaining **Darkin Rage** after the ability, so he can capitalize on the missing health component. But, I haven't really decided. In the meantime, I will be building on ideas suggested by others like yourself, and perhaps reintroduce him in the future! Thanks for taking the time to read this again, I do appreciate it. Feel free to check out some of my other concepts!
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: Sorry for being a Buzz Killington but the heart just pumps blood through the body and doesn't influence or control emotions and feelings, your brain does that not you heart. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
> [{quoted}](name=Orgrimmen,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=T1gl1AAE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-12T05:13:46.010+0000) > > Well then, self proclaimed Buzz Killington, can you explain why both Ahri and Eve's charms are displayed with hearts? Hmmm? Also, consider that while Voltor is a robot, he is never explicitly stated to be a smart or even well built one. He simply observes and thinks: These people have hearts. These people are happy. I do not have a heart. I am not happy. Ergo, having a heart makes you happy. This is well stated. While I am aware of basic anatomy, this is a fictional game with fictional characters. Additionally, if you read his story, Voltor was an abandoned creation. He had no parental figures to guide him, teach him, or even care for him. Everything he's learned ihas been of his own experience and across his own lonely journey. He's seen the homes of others and the joy they may hold, and understanding that he is different, and without a heart, impacts him so. Thus, his drive to find a way to partake in this experience and improve his own quality of life; disregarding the costs.
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: Passive: Blind spot Reveals blind spot of an enemy that allows you to do bonus damage and cast Shh (crossbreed between Shaco's and Fiora's passive). When you're unseen enemy is full of openings that will allow you to cast Shh. Shh: Can only be casted while enemy turn his back on you or when you're unseen (stealth, in bush or blinded enemy). You blink behind enemy (like Katarina's E) dealing bonus magic damage and silence target for 1 sec if target is beneath 20% max HP. And for Copycat something like this. Places copy of himself near location that taunt near enemies. After receiving two basics or one ability shot or after 1.5 sec will erupt in bright light blinding all enemies in area that are face turned to image for 0.5 sec. Use this as escaping tool or offensive tool. Reposition as the name suggests will switch position with targeted near Ally that is face turned to you. Ultimate could be Scorpion chain move skilshot that if hits enemy will stun for /0.6/0.9/1.2 sec and when target is beneath 50% max HP you get second cast that will switch places with stunned enemy . Idk 🙄
Nice! This a really cool idea! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this post. I find the revamped passive and Q very impressive, and I'm very grateful you took the time to come up with this and share. I think this is something worth implementing. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
cupcaker (NA)
: sounds busted af like meta breakingly busted like, whoever lanes against him will probably RQ
Changes here and there can make Blink not so busted, as I am willing to address (see first comment). My biggest concerns is making it playable, and seeing if Riot and the community would approve. Whether RQ happens or not is a bit underrated, since it can happen with any champion. Designing a champion with burst damage, blinks, and being slippery is one thing, but the player's skill (knowing how to play as their character against their opponent) ultimately becomes the determining factor. However, I do appreciate your concern for the health of this champion and for the game.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >Passive - Shh… : Every 12 seconds, Blink’s next attack will deal bonus magic damage and silence the target for 1.5 seconds. This cooldown can be refreshed once every 30 seconds by entering brush. >Q - Blind Spot: In close range, Blink will impale his target, dealing magic damage and stunning them for 1 second. When distanced from his target, Blink will warp behind the target to strike, dealing less damage and shortly blinding them instead. Killing an enemy champion with Blind Spot refreshes the cooldown for Sh... . Honestly you have a cool concept on your hands but these two need to be changed. Silences on assassins will never work (See: Kassadin) and are very unhealthy because it removes all counterplay. Blinks are also unhealthy, such as the one old Talon had. Otherwise, looks good!
> [{quoted}](name=Hotarµ,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=A19M3wTa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-06T23:40:40.768+0000) > > Honestly you have a cool concept on your hands but these two need to be changed. Silences on assassins will never work (See: Kassadin) and are very unhealthy because it removes all counterplay. Blinks are also unhealthy, such as the one old Talon had. Otherwise, looks good! Thanks for the input! I knew this champion was a little more out of my comfort zone and certainly on the not-meta side of things, let alone for other players who play assassins hard, but I feel a few tweaks here and there can meet the needs of the game and its players! Here's what I'd revise thus far: **Shh...** will now apply the debuff from Irelia's ultimate instead (can't recall the name), preventing basic attacks. This may be beneficial to both sides of the fight. As for **Blind Spot**, I think I'll leave the teleport in effect, but remove the Blind. The only other true blink-attack I can recall is Katarina's E. This still allows Blink to engage his enemies without having to waste his ult or a flash, since his **Copycat** and **Reposition** have shorter ranges than most. I hope you can see where I was thinking of taking this, and maybe you'll find this edit easier to play with and against.
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: Q is a fire wave or? Btw really inspiring concept.❤️
> [{quoted}](name=blueyedmonkey123,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=4AdZfEYf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-06T18:08:29.772+0000) > > Q is a fire wave or? Btw really inspiring concept.❤️ Yeah, pretty much just a spray of flames in a target direction, emanating from his blade. Wish I could draw it out, but I'm not THAT creative.... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Train Conductor Ornn
Here's an idea that can work for the Forge passive: Instead of the anvil, he know has a workbench, where he uses his mallet (and not the fierce hammer) to put together a wooden toy train. There can be up to four different trains (like a large/small steam engine, subway, bullet train, etc.). THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For his Recall, he paints said train (each one has a different paint job), AND he puts it on a little railway with a tunnel and he silently watches it go round and round hearing it go choo, choo! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Braum would NEVER put a poro in a guillotine.... EVER!!!!!
No more Mr. Nice Braum. >:) Just the fact the shield looks like it's grinning and about to chop the Poro sends shivers down my spine as I look into Braum's red eyes. I will say that I would like to see this skin in action, I wonder what the ult would be...
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: I like this but the ability to move the mouse directly over a nearby champion eliminates misses with the ult. This also would not be like Lux's ult but more like an instant single use jin ult on steroids with global range. I LOVE what you did with W my only issue is the R. Perhaps with more tweaking it could be seen without the perception of being overpowered. Overall i am intrigued by the concept idea of this champ and how it uses a resource still. Thank goodness it's not another kat (no resource and only cooldown). EDIT: i realize now what your ult is most like. The ult of Caitlyn.
The ultimate will be changed in an update later tomorrow. The biggest change will include a miss factor. I realize that now I've just been a doofus and haven't been stating my idea correctly. In the update, it'll be closely related to this: R: There will be a channeling time of 2 seconds to assemble the rifle, and a 2 second delay to charge and fire the shot. However, there will still be the factor that once the shot is fired, there will be no delay of contact if an enemy is in the way. If there is an enemy champion in the line of fire at the time the 2 second charge is up, they are hit. This then brings forth the player's sniping skill because again, it is an extremely thin hit box. It's got to be fired at the right place, at the right time.
Terakali (NA)
: So... Slightly different Rumble Passive Jhin Q except cutting out the middle man (literally) This one's actually pretty good Better Vayne Q Lux ult on steroids I mean, it's not the worst thing I've seen, and I can definitely see a champion like this in League, but I see Riot nerfing him into the dirt within a week or two.
"Rumble passive" - wanted to use Heat, yeah, but didn't want to use bonus effects because its an adc that'll already have an advantage; didn't need to add insult to injury "Jhin Q" - I didn't want to have the ability bounce; it's a ricochet, and the bolt splits into three and hits nearby enemies dealing less damage whereas Jhin can deal increased damage for every unit it kills W - Thanks! That took some work. "Better Vayne Q" - Not what I was going for, but hey, I hate "Lux ult" - Not exactly. I see the comparison, but Ace's ultimate takes a bit more skill to plan out. It's at least half the width of lux's ult, and deals a bit more damage, but players have to plan out when they will fire because of the channel and limited time to fire, and it stops at the first champ hit. Honestly, we'll just see what Riot will do with this; but the more people talk about it, the more likely they'll spend more time developing it.
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: I Want to Know More About Ranked
Thank you for your responses. I am pleased to see that there are players who take this game seriously enough to one, enjoy its aspects, and two, take time to help out others who are interested and inexperienced. I appreciate the time you took to listen and contribute, and perhaps we'll meet again in-game.
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TM50 (NA)
: I want a cosmic clown shaco or a star guardian shaco skin
That's like asking for a Hello Kitty Rengar. XD
: Great question! I'm gonna go with saying that Runes and Masteries should not have to change. I would like to think that these bonuses will apply to the champions that Genisys influences, and the masteries that are activated will benefit himself and the allied champion. These bonuses should be at a reduced effect to avoid overpowering the Influenced champion.
I'm gonna add to this by using a few examples: Similar items- If the Influenced champion and Genisys have an item(s) in common with passive effects, only one should take place (for example: Hexdrinker magic shield only apply once and no doubled effect or anything). Similar masteries- Like Thunderlords, I'm gonna say it can only be activated once for the Influenced champion, but if Genisys has it, it can be activated while Influencing the Tower Remnant. But other masteries that increase lifestwal, permanent health, or provide shields or bonus damage I think would be fine to stack onto the Influenced champion (in most cases not Tower Revenant), but at a reduced effect because we don't want to overpower the champion (it would be like having double items, masteries, and runes on top of boosted stats from the Q. I want to have a champion that can fight from the sidelines but keep the playing field equal for the lack of presence; not have 3 champions and a busted 4th. Runes- Runes should double up on the Influenced Champion, but at a reduced effect for them and the Tower Revenant. This will likely mean that's Tower Remnant will have to be adjusted to compensate. Sorry if I wasn't clear!
: Just anther thing, how do summoners affect him or masteries or runes for that matter :D
Great question! I'm gonna go with saying that Runes and Masteries should not have to change. I would like to think that these bonuses will apply to the champions that Genisys influences, and the masteries that are activated will benefit himself and the allied champion. These bonuses should be at a reduced effect to avoid overpowering the Influenced champion.
: so does he replace a jungler or a support? because if its the support he cant easily "roam" because ally ADC will get bullied out and destroyed
Sorry if that was confusing! I'm going with replacing the jungler. This will allow instant presence in a lane to provide support to laners. It will leave the jungle wide open, but that gives laners that want the buffs a little extra edge in the start of the game. Also, Genisys' passive allows him to get moderately frequent updates on the enemy. Adc's are some of my favorite champs, and so I would hate to take away their support. Also, we've all had moments where we need the jungler, but he/she is somewhere else. I feel this could help that out. Thanks for your feedback! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: We need a Dunk Master Illaoi skin
New dunking skin needed. Enough said bro. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Achievements/ daily missions
Personally, I think that would be cool. I mean, there is VainGlory on mobile and Smite on Xbox, which are other games very similar to league that provide these options that help boost the player experience (in my opinion). Part of it is that with playing certain challenges or earning achievements, these games offer you ICE or Gems, which are their versions of RP. I know that this may cut out some of Riot's profits (being able to play for RP rather than go and buy some), and I love that they added the Loot system which helps players get characters and skins easier, but I feel this could help out players that don't have the money but still want to fully enjoy the game. It will help keep them engaged. I already know a few friends that own all the champions, but don't have all the skins since the majority cost upwards of $10.
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sunden12 (NA)
: Who was your first champ bought?
First champion I ever purchased was Master Yi. {{champion:11}} The next three I bought as they came out, as I really picked up on their style and dominant roles in the game (at the time, granted, but they are still pretty strong even now). 1 - Jinx {{champion:222}} 2 - Yasuo {{champion:157}} 3 - Vel'Koz {{champion:161}} I currently main Vel'Koz, with my next top pick as Yasuo, and my last one as Jinx.
: Interesting passive, dont know how liable it can be in real game. it's Olafs R in a passive form? His kit, no offence, looks really generic. An empower, an initiater and an AOE clear. His R is interesting, and i think could be used to further better his kit. Unlike Zed using his own shadows, maybe your champion can do something with the shadows of others? think about it, my word isn;t law XD {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks for the response! For the passive, it is similar to Ragnarok, but my goal was to change the way CC affects him as well as how it should be used to correctly counter him. Being the big, bulky character I've been designing, that would also set up long animations and casts, which normally would easily be interrupted. What I thought could be unique was making him quite sturdy, even when facing death. For the kit, it may look generic, but what I was hoping to make new was the following: The Q allows increased basic attack range the more stacks built, unlike Aatrox's ult or Kayle's ability. The W draws in like Diana or Viktor, but also grants a shield. The E is simple, but it's the ranged component that gives him an edge. The ult, massive range. I cannot figure out the numbers, but it's supposed to be huge. I cannot emphasize. More like an execute. Here's what I feel ties it down: the mobility granted from the passive. It allows a little kite, a little engage, and for sure extra mobility to guarantee his abilities land. For example, the basic combo would be use the W, step while casting the Q, and another step while casting E and hopefully you get the stun. Lastly if they still can outmaneuver, surely they can't escape the range of the ult. Anyway, I do have another concept of this same champion underway that is tailored more to the idea of controlling other people's shadows. Its coming a little slower with Illaoi having her E and Mordekaiser's ult, but we'll see! Again thanks for the response! And what would you like to see in someone that controls other people's shadows? What would you expect?
: Project: Draven
Not Draven. Not Project. ... Project Draaaaaven. XD
: CHAMPION CONCEPT: Wyll, the Netherlord [Asking for Feedback]
My apologies: I don't believe the sample images were shared in the original post. Mine Other
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: When I saw Star Guardian Jinx...
I honestly didn't know it was Jinx until I looked through each character in the lineup. T.T
: I could see Urgot getting it as an April Fool's skin. However, Urgot is blacklisted from getting skins because he too damn ugly and needs a VGU.
: > [{quoted}](name=NiteStrykr,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=21aibda0,comment-id=0000000000000001000000000001,timestamp=2016-09-20T17:30:03.450+0000) > > You know, I was thinking the same thing. Or better yet, add more champs to the Forsaken lineup (Jayce's skin from last year) and make them the villains the Star Guardians are battling against for peace and happiness. To be honest, after having Darkstar Thresh and Varus, I could have seen them being the main enemies if it wasn't for the girls killing off the void champs.
If Riot goes with the the Dark Star theme, then by all means. Curious though as to what champs they may add to that regime. Otherwise, (being a Jayce main) I do hope they continue the Forsaken skins.
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